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HUD Messages[edit]

Shown to a player that inputs a move using a technical command (236L, for example) instead of the shortcut-style command (such as 5S). This also includes Skybound Arts.
Combo Messages

Note that all of these messages include the announcer accompanying the text message with a voiceline saying the same message;

  • Great - Shown to a player after finishing a combo that dealt 2000 damage or more.
  • Excellent - Shown to a player after finishing a combo that dealt 4000 damage or more.
  • Marvelous - Shown to a player after finishing a combo that dealt 6000 damage or more.
Shown to a player who has opened up a guarding opponent using a physical attack. This means that any forms of grabs will not make this message appear.
Shown to a player when they hit an opponent performing a move while it is in startup frames. Note that some moves are in counter-hit state even during recovery.
Shown to a player when they hit an opponent while they are in recovery/active frames of any move, be it a normal, special move, or Skybound Art.
Shown when an attack crushes another.
Guard Crush
Shown to a player performing a move that guard crushes, such as Vaseraga's 22L~H.
Combo Limit
Shown to a player performing a combo when the combo limit has reached it's peak, which you can find out more about here
Shows to a player performing a move that has a form of armor on it.
Shows on the side of a player performing an invincible move. Will also show on Skybound Arts that have invincibility.
Shows up on a player's side that has recovered from a soft knockdown. Does NOT show up if the player decides to not tech the soft knockdown at all.
Shows on the recieving end of a player who is undergoing a hard knockdown. Shows up the moment the player has fully collapsed on the ground.

Finding content on Twitter[edit]

With the ease of posting videos and discussion to twitter, it can be helpful to know how to track this information down. Each character in the game has a specific hashtag which people should aim to use when posting tweets for ease of searching. The current list of these hashtags is as follows:

Katalina #GBVS_KT
Charlotta #GBVS_CL
Lancelot #GBVS_LN
Ferry #GBVS_FR
Lowain #GBVS_LW
Ladiva/Fastiva #GBVS_FT
Percival #GBVS_PC
Metera #GBVS_MT
Vaseraga #GBVS_VS
Beelzebub #GBVS_BB
Narmaya #GBVS_NM
Soriz #GBVS_SO
Djeeta #GBVS_DJ
Zooey #GBVS_ZO
Belial #GBVS_BL
GBVS Smallicon.pngGranblue Fantasy Versuse
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