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Press L/M/H to perform normal attacks.

Depending on the current state of your character (standing, crouching, jumping, close to opponent), your character will do different attacks. As a general rule, L attacks are weak and fast, H attacks are strong and slow, and M attacks are between the two.

Note that the normals will change depend on the distance of you and your opponent.

Sweep & Overheads[edit]

All characters have two universal attacks:

  • Press GG2.pngU to perform a sweep, which must be guarded against low
  • Press M+H to perform a overhead attack, which must be guarded against high.

Unique Actions[edit]

All characters has another set of normals which is performed by pressing a specific direction and U.


To perform a normal ground throw, press L+U while next to the opponent.

Throws are a special type of attack which is unblockable, making it a good option to open your opponent up.

Throw Invincibility[edit]

Opponents can not always be thrown. Below is a list of situations when the opponent cannot be thrown:

  • While the opponent is in hitstun + ?? frames after.
  • While the opponent is in blockstun + ?? frames after blockstun ends.
  • While the opponent is knocked down + ?? frames after.
  • During the opponent's jump startup.
  • Ground throws will miss airborne opponents.
  • Some attacks are throw invincible, which is noted in the Frame Data.

Command Throw[edit]

Command throws are a special type of throw (usually a Skill) that can not be escaped even if you input a throw break. In order to escape these type of throws, you must either:

  • Jump if it's a ground command throw
  • Not be in the space that they hit if it's a command throw that hits in the air

Command throws are more powerful than throws at breaking the guard of opponents who simply block but they usually pay the price by having more recovery when they miss, making them easier to punish.

Priority of Strike vs Throw vs Command Throw[edit]

When two strikes hit each other, either a clash happens or both characters get hit, but what happens when throws are added to the mix?

  • Throw vs Strike: The throw will always win.
  • Normal Throw vs. Normal Throw: A Throw Break occurs
  • Normal Throw vs. Command Throw: The Command Throw will always win.
  • Command Throw vs. Command Throw: Both throws whiff for that one frame. Meaning a Command Throw with more Active Frames will win in the end.


Katalina using one of her skills.
By pressing a specific direction and S, you can perform a Skill.

Skills are attacks that have unique effects and properties. A list of your character's Skill are presented under the HUD, once the input is recognized, that Skill will be activated and will be rendered unusable until the cooldown has passed.

In addition, you can also press M or H at the same time, to change the property of the Skill.

Technical Commands[edit]

Instead of using the S Button as a shortcut, button inputs for activating skills, skybound arts, and super skybound arts can be entered manually. The skill's cooldown will be shorter when activated by technical commands.

Skybound Art/Super Skybound Art[edit]

Skybound Arts[edit]

Gran using his Skybound Art. What force!
Skybound Arts (SBA) are attacks that are even more powerful than Skills, cost 100% SB Gauge, and can be activated by inputting GG236.pngS or GG236.pngGG236.pngH.

Note that some characters might have more than one Skybound Arts.

Super Skybound Arts[edit]

Gran using his Super Skybound Art. Look at how menac-- er, cute Lyria looks with him and Bahamut!
Super Skybound Arts (SSBA) are even more powerful than Skybound Arts.

To perform this Super, your health must be at 30% or lower, and your SB gauge is at 100%. Your lifebar and SB Gauge will turn blue and your character's icon will flash white when you meet the requirements.
Then the Super Skybound Arts can be activated by inputting GG63214.pngS or GG236.pngGG236.pngU.

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