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Game Version Date Notes
Ver.1.00 February 6, 2020 Asian launch version.
Ver.1.11 March 3, 2020 Bug fixes, Beelzebub and Narmaya added to the roster.[1] North American launch version.
Steam Ver.1.12 March 23, 2020 Fixed issues with keyboard controls at the beginning of a match. Other bug fixes.
Steam Ver.1.13 March 26, 2020 Fixed keyboard issues introduced by Ver.1.12.
Steam Ver.1.14 March, 30, 2020 Fixed an issue where, under specific conditions, a "Connection was lost" message was displayed in the ranked match standby menu and players were unable to join ranked matches.
Ver.1.21 April 7, 2020 Buffs/nerfs, Bug fixes, Soriz and Djeeta added to the roster.