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GGACR Sol Badguy Nameplate.png
GGAC Sol Portrait.png
Defense Modifier x1.03
Guts Rating 1
Weight [100] Medium
Stun Resistance 60
Prejump 3f
Backdash Time 16f (1~>8f invuln)
Wakeup Time 53f (Face Up) / 49f (Face Down)
Movement Options Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Ground Dash (Run)

normal P normal K normal S normal H normal D
Sol normal p.png
Sol normal k.png
Sol normal s.png
Sol normal h.png
Sol normal d.png
ex P ex K ex S ex H ex D
Sol ex p.png
Sol ex k.png
Sol ex s.png
Sol ex h.png
Sol ex d.png
slash P slash K slash S slash H slash D
Sol slash p.png
Sol slash k.png
Sol slash s.png
Sol slash h.png
Sol slash d.png
reload P reload K reload S reload H reload D
Sol reload p.png
Sol reload k.png
Sol reload s.png
Sol reload h.png
Sol reload d.png


Sol Badguy is a hard hitting, close to mid range character with a variety of odd moves that make him deceptively tricky.

Sol thrives in the opponent's face with fast pokes, moves that go under others, and the best Dragon Punch period. His high/low mixup is very poor, but his tick throws, frame traps, and abundance of meter give him plenty of other tricky tools and means of opening up the opponent. Outside of his optimal range, he has some other decent midscreen tools, too, such as his f.S which is very fast for its range, and 5H which covers a good amount of space with an excellent hit/hurtbox ratio. Sol also has some very notably unique tools: several low profile options (including dashing), a normal which has zero recovery frames, unexpected burst of (partial) invincibility on many moves (including backdash), and several normals which can be cancelled during their recovery frames.

Though his main BnB, Sidewinder Loop, requires character specific precision, his combos generally deal high amounts of damage and are very freestyle. This makes Sol terrifying to defend against once he gets in and opens up the opponent for a beefy combination. But in order to get to those combos, Sol players will need to extend beyond the basic DP/Command Grab mixup into more layered mental territory, and/or learn to become so wild as to be impossible to predict.

Lore: Guilty Gear's original poster character and creator Ishiwatari's nod to the lead singer of his favorite band: Freddie Mercury of Queen.
Voice: Daisuke Ishiwatari, Jouji Nakata

GGACR Sol Badguy Icon.png Sol Badguy is a hard hitting, close to mid range character with a variety of moves that make him deceptively tricky.
Pros Cons
  • Top shelf close range tools, defensive and offensive: 5K, Volcanic Viper, and Wild Throw.
  • High damage, meterless combos that knock down.
  • Strong Counter Hit tools and Frame Traps with full screen conversions.
  • Rather simple to pick up early on, with a workable midrange toolkit.
  • Several normals have cancel windows extended into their recovery frames.
  • Unique airborne hurtbox, making Sol particularly difficult to combo for some characters.
  • Poor conversion outside of close range without meter.
  • Struggles against zoning; must play patient or risky to get in.
  • Subpar meterless mixup options outside of command throw.
  • Limited blockstring pressure options.
  • Requires solid execution, height management, and matchup familiarity for Clean Hit Combos.

Unique Mechanics[edit]

Clean Hit[edit]

Some of Sol's moves change properties depending on how they hit the opponent.

Sol's damage output comes from Clean Hits, which involve hitting the opponent at a position specific to the move in question, the opponent, and the opponent's position.

Four moves deal clean hits: Sidewinder, Grand Viper, Bandit Bringer, and Force Break Fafnir. Landing a clean hit with any one of these changes the effects of the move:

  • Sidewinder: Doubled untechable time. Damage increases with the number of clean hits per combo. The cornerstone of Sol's most damaging BnB.
  • Grand Viper: Increased untechable time, leads to a full combo. Launches higher. Has no forced prorate.
  • Bandit Bringer: Floats slightly higher, increased untechable time. Comes with no forced prorate.
  • Force Break Fafnir: Floor slides as opposed to regular knockdown. Full conversions near the corner.
    • Force Break Tyrant Rave: Does not have a clean hit, but gains a damage boost based on clean hit count similarly to Sidewinder.

Clean hits are always optimal. They lead to better combo extensions in every instance. The damage bonuses to Sidewinder and Force Break Tyrant Rave allow Sol to deal over 50% damage to the opponent off of one conversion.

Clean Hit Diagrams can be found here:

Guilty Bits Character Intro

Normal Moves[edit]

Note: Frame data for normals is as follows, x[x] where x is the move normally and [x] is the move in Dragon Install.

Ground Normals[edit]

GGAC Sol 5P.png
GGXXACPR Sol 5P-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
10[12] Mid CSJR 4[3] 4[2] 6[4] 0[+4]

Standard jab, overall a pretty niche tool in Sol's kit. Useful for frame traps, tick throws, etc.

  • Occasional poking tool and pressure starter. Even on block. Very safe.
  • Better than average startup. Can tag a lot of beefier moves during their startup or cooldown.
  • Clutch Anti-air, but lacks the vertical coverage of 5K/2H.
  • Strong burst bait tool due to its overall low recovery time.
  • Whiffs on crouching Millia, Faust, and May. Leads to whiff > throw setups.

Establishes offense. Gatling into it from 2P > 2K, if the opponent has been conditioned to block high in reaction to standing animations.

Additional Frame Data: 80% proration (no proration in DI).
Gatling Options: 5P, 2P, 6P, 5K, 2K, c.S, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 6H, 5D, 2D

GGAC Sol 5K.png
Only I get to push buttons.
GGXXACPR Sol 5K-1-Hitbox.png

1st hit (frames 3-4)

GGXXACPR Sol 5K-2-Hitbox.png

2nd hit (frames 5-6)

GGXXACPR Sol 5K-3-Hitbox.png

2nd hit (frames 7-10)

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
14x2 Mid SJR [SR] 3[2] 2,6[1,4] 13[7] -7[-1]

Poster child for one of the most effective normals in the game and one of Sol's scariest options.

  • Excellent hitbox, large active window, and one of the few normals in the game that comes out on frame 3.
  • Very strong Anti Air: reaches well above Sol's head and is somewhat disjointed.
  • Lets Sol grab punishes and poke out of pressure where most characters can't.
  • Works as a frame trap tool after Sol does a safe poke.
  • Preferred normal to OS with Sol's throw.
  • Note: a large chunk of the cast can crouch under the second hit, especially when hit or blocked from farther out.

Does it all: Anti-airs, pokes, catches backdashes and jump-outs, gets out of jail. On air hit, 5K is confirmed from with 2H or a j.P/j.K into a standard air combo > VV for knockdown. On air CH, 5K has enough hitstun to combo to Sidewinder from an IAD j.S or j.D with stricter timing.

Gatling Options: 6P, c.S, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

GGAC Sol cS.png
Punish and Frame Trap Starter
GGXXACPR Sol cS-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30[28] Mid SJR 5[3] 2[1] 12[10] 0[+3]

Your main punish starter with some stealth quirks that make it good in pressure.

  • The most common starter for Sol's meterless and non-counter hit combos.
  • Can be gatling'd into from all of Sol's lower level buttons, so also useful mid combo as a confirm/filler.
  • 0 on block, for pressure resets, tick throws, etc.
  • Recovers quickly enough that 5K(1) > c.S lets you confirm a hit or a burst.
  • Leans forward during startup, letting Sol move past some hitboxes depending on spacing (e.g. Dead Angles)
  • Notably gatlings into and out of 6P. 5/2/6P or 5/2K to delayed c.S can also work as a frame trap.

Leads to confirms like Dustloops, Sidewinders, and tk.Bandit Revolvers. Mid-corner combo against airborne opponents, can be jump canceled into a j.D for a high damage Sidewinder or Dustloop. In the corner, you'll usually start your loops with c.S > 6P.

Gatling Options: 6P, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

GGAC Sol fS.png
Your go-to spacing tool
GGXXACPR Sol fS-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30[28] Mid SR 7[5] 1[1] 24[14] -11[0]

Extremely fast for its range, f.S is good for establishing offense in neutral.

  • Frame 7 startup which hits slightly farther out than round start distance. Beats out many other pokes at range.
  • Gatling into 2S makes f.S 2S pressure very safe and lets Sol make his way in.
  • Confirms into 5H or FB Fafnir from max range, gaining positional advantage or some moderate poke damage.
  • For meter, converts at a decent range leads to 5H > Fafnir, can go into Tyrant Rave for some extra damage.

Be careful, Sol extends his hurtbox on the first frame. Due to only being active for one frame, it's easily backdashed, but can be preemptively canceled to 2S to make it safer.
Gatling Options: 2S, 5H, 2H, 6H, 5D, 2D

GGAC Sol 5H.png
Counter Hit > Pain
GGXXACPR Sol 5H-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40[44] Mid SJR 11[6] 2[1] 26[13] -9[+5]

Slower, long ranged poke and combo tool that leads to big damage on counter hit.

  • Big range and completely disjointed. Difficult to contest at range.
  • Combos into Grand Viper up close or from a long-range counter hit, leading to Sidewinder Loops.
  • Confirms into (FB) Fafnir to let Sol get in from midscreen.
  • Can frame trap out of 6P's extended cancel window.

On CH against standing opponents, leads to Instant Air Dash > j.S > stuff > Sidewinder Loop, Confirms into Bandit Bringer against most crouching opponents, though Grand Viper remains the most reliable combo afterward. 5H goes into IAD j.P or j.K against airborne opponents, or after a confirm of xx > 6P > 5H when the 6P is landed somewhat close. Just don't get predictable with airdash pressure.
Gatling Options: 2H, 5D, 2D

GGAC Sol 5D.png
The Great American Unblockable
GGXXACPR Sol 5D-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
17[20] High R 24[18] 3[2] 24[12] -13[0]

Tied for fastest 5D in the game, but with awful range.

  • Sol's only grounded overhead.
  • Leads to significant damage and a knockdown, especially with an Impossible Dust.
  • Horrid range and very unsafe. Keep meter on hand to cancel it.
  • Counter hit state for over half the duration.

Don't get predictable. 5D's range is only slightly farther than Wild throw and it is highly telegraphed. The DI version, however, is significantly faster, and even on block.

Additional Frame Data: Knocks down face up on CH. In CH state from Frames 1-30.

GGAC Sol 2P.png
GGXXACPR Sol 2P-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
8 Mid CSR 5[3] 4[2] 4 +2[+4]

Strong all around short range tool. Plus on block.

  • Starts pressure, tick throws, and can be used to mash out.
  • +2 on block for easier confirms.
  • Safe to 95% of reversals when done meaty.
  • Can be OS'd with [2P]~5K/c.S/2H for confirms and baits.

2P mostly sees its use as an oki tool and pressure starter. It is occasionally used in relaunches, OS'd with 2H or c.S to bait bursts.

Additional Frame Data: 80% proration (no proration in DI).
Gatling Options: 5P, 2P, 6P, 5K, 2K, c.S, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

GGAC Sol 2K.png
Use in Wild Throw
and empty jump setups
GGXXACPR Sol 2K-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12[14] Low SR 6[4] 3[2] 8[6] -1[+2]

Sol's fastest low and main low poke.

  • Tags people standing or attempting to fuzzy jump.
  • Gatlings into 2H for a Grand Viper conversion.
  • Good for quick tick throws at -2.
  • Frame traps into 6P or a late c.S/f.S.
  • Strong natural frame trap in 2K > 2S.

Fairly standard low poke tool, but active enough to serve as a safe meaty. Can still net 200 damage off of this by converting to 2D > FB Fafnir.

Additional Frame Data: 70% proration (no proration in DI).
Gatling Options: 6P, c.S, f.S, 2S, 2H, 5D, 2D

GGAC Sol 2S.png
Save your strings
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25[24] Mid SR 10[7] 3[2] 8[5] +3[+7]

Very good ranged normal for ending strings and baiting buttons.

  • Decent range, fairly active, very disjointed, low recovery time, +3 on block.
  • Ends poke attempts and short blockstrings safely.
  • Works as a meaty or a fake out oki normal.
  • Strong low reaching poke due to hitbox/hurtbox ratio.
  • Links into P and K normals and c.S on late hits.
  • OS: 5P/2P/2K > 2S is a natural frame trap on block, will combo on hit. Also works if delayed from 5K.

Discourages button pushing when properly spaced. Opens up avenues for tick throws, frame traps, burn frames on oki, etc. Timing 2S ambiguously on oki especially is very tricky to defend against and can give you information on the opponent's mindset.

Gatling Options: 5H, 2H, 5D, 2D

GGAC Sol 2H.png
(Re)launch all day
GGXXACPR Sol 2H1-Hitbox.png

(frames 8-9)

GGXXACPR Sol 2H2-Hitbox.png

(frames 10-11)

GGXXACPR Sol 2H3-Hitbox.png

(frames 12-13)

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
36[40] Mid SJR 8[5] 6[3] 26[13] -13[+3]

Large, disjointed, high reaching hitbox which gives you a day and a half to confirm on counter hit.

  • Beats many moves and scores CH due to the strong hitbox. Trades in Sol's favor most of the time.
  • Main relaunch tool in Sol's BnB.
  • Free combo on counter hit. Burst safe if you jump forward out of this.
  • Fast enough to combo off of level 1 buttons.
  • Special cancel window extends into its recovery frames.
  • Can be OS'd with 5P/2P to bait bursts mid combo.

Works as a slower but stronger Anti Air than 5K, and late frame trap tool. Can be a nightmarish meaty if they feel like rolling the dice.

On counter hit, a Bandit Bringer will convert, and will whiff and recover if they burst. 2H is strong, but don't whiff it.

Additional Frame Data: Knocks down face down on CH. Floats on CH (untechable for 60F) (DI version doesn't float). 90% proration.
Gatling Options: 5D, 2D

GGAC Sol 2D.png
Get down, make love
GGXXACPR SOL 2D-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28[30] Low SR 7[5] 3[2] 20[13] -6[+4]

Amazing; arguably Sol's best normal which does it all. Your best friend.

  • Mid ranged, low profile sweep which goes under goes under 80% of moves in the game, even in pressure.
    • Can go under bursts, Stun Edges, Johnny ranged pokes, other sweeps, etc. Will even score counter hits against some jump-ins.
  • Special cancel window extends into its recovery frames.
  • Free combo on counter hit.
  • Near-corner conversions into FB Fafnir when too far for regular meterless juggles to work.
  • Can combo to Clean Hit Grand Viper on normal hit against Jam, Bridget, Millia, and Kliff.
    • Further applies to May and Baiken near the corner, or if 3 or more hits precedes the 2D.

Leads into Bandit Revolver RC for a conversion. CH leads to Gun-Flame > FRC, mashless Grand Viper, or Gun-Flame > FB Fafnir to Sidewinder Loop. Also does a strong, unburstable kill combo by going straight into Tyrant Rave ver.Beta.

Additional Frame Data: Additional Frame Data: Knocks down face down. Frames 4-23 [3-15] low stance. 90% Proration.

GGAC Sol 6P.png
Bullying 101
GGXXACPR Sol 6P-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 Mid SR 11[6] 3[2] 20[10] -9[+2]

Prime launcher and counter hit fishing button, 6P beats out many poke attempts and confirms from nearly anywhere on counterhit.

  • Mid level hitting gut punch which beats many standing buttons. Blows back on hit.
  • Top-shelf frame trap button. Gatlings into and out of many normals.
  • Main launching tool in the corner.
  • Can be cancelled at any point during its recovery.
  • Clutch Anti Air.

One of Sol's main tools for conversions, and vital in frame traps due to moderate startup and many gatling options. However, it loses to many lows and low profile moves, pay attention to your spacing and timing. Despite this, with the rewards, you should expect to be using this move a lot.

Additional Frame Data: Knocks down face up, face down after wallbounce. Frames 1-8 [1-4], Frames 14-21 [8-11] upper body invincibility. Frames 9-13 [5-7] above the knees invincibility. Wall bounces on hit (untechable for 30 frames). 90% proration (no proration in DI).
Gatling Options: c.S, f.S, 2S, 5H, 2H, 6H, 5D, 2D

GGAC Sol 6H.png
Exercise judgment unless you want to get dizzied.
GGXXACPR Sol 6H-Hitbox.png

First hit (Frame 13)

GGXXACPR Sol 6H-2-Hitbox.png

First hit (Frame 14)

GGXXACPR Sol 6H-3-Hitbox.png

First hit (Frame 15)

GGXXACPR Sol 6H-4-Hitbox.png

First hit (Frame 16)

GGXXACPR Sol 6H-5-Hitbox.png

First hit (Frame 17)

GGXXACPR Sol 6H-6-Hitbox.png

Second hit (Frame 18)

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32x2[40x2] Mid SR 13[8] 5,1 30[16] -14[+2]

Occasional ranged button, High risk high reward Anti Air. Not particularly strong by itself.

  • Decent stun and damage, but ends your combo without meter.
  • Leads to murderous damage on air counter hit.
  • Cancel window lasts until the end of recovery for late frame traps.
  • Can be used in Dragon Install for higher Dizzy damage combos.
  • Pushes Sol's hurtbox pretty far forward, CH state for the whole move.
  • Has a difficult confirm into Grand Viper if it counters on the first hit.

6H will get counter hit very easily if used poorly. It is more difficult to contest in the air though, so air CH confirms lead to Bandit Bringer. Be very cautious about using this move.

Additional Frame Data: Dizzy modifier x1.5. In CH state for entire duration.

Air Normals[edit]

GGAC Sol jP.png
GGXXACPR Sol jP1-Hitbox.png

(Frames 5-7)

GGXXACPR Sol jP2-Hitbox.png

(Frames 8-12)

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
13[12] High, Air CSR 5[3] 7[4] 4[3] -

Fast, general use air normal with a very active hitbox, and which shrinks Sol's hurtbox. One of Sol's best.

  • Beats out a lot of larger jump-ins due to speed and hitbox/hurtbox ratio.
  • Good for airdash pressure due to its gatling options.
  • Can let Sol sneak past some Anti Airs due to the hurtbox change.
  • Staggered self cancels can be used to bait bursts.
  • Easy, if scaled, confirms off of things like Gunflame.
  • Leads to Burst safe, character specific Sidewinder Setups.

Works as air-to-air, air-to-ground, and anti-air. The Hurtbox shrinkage can let you do lower crossup setups. Vital in Sol's difficult HJIAD combos. Deceptively excellent.

Gatling Options: j.P, j.K, j.S, j.H

GGAC Sol jK.png
Break a Leg
GGXXACPR Sol jK-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22 High, Air SR [cSJR] 6 6[3] 17[12] -

Almost purely horizontal. Better defensively than offensively.

  • Useful for covering air backdashes or air-to-air out of a backwards jump.
  • Mostly for filler in SW loops, especially when scaling is too high for j.S/H/D to connect.
  • Occasionally useful in airdash pressure.
  • Will whiff on some crouchers.

Most useful in airdash pressure when making the opponent guess between a gatling to j.P or j.S. Works sparingly if intentionally whiffed mid-string into land > grab, or late after a j.P to catch them trying to hit buttons. Try not to whiff it.

Gatling Options: j.P, j.S, j.H

GGAC Sol jS.png
Your premium safe jump tool.
GGXXACPR Sol jS-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28[25] High, Air SJR [CSJR] 9[6] 3[2] 23[12] -

Jump-in of choice.

  • Hitbox mainly below and in front of Sol. Mostly for safe jumps.
  • Primary combo tool for Sidewinder Loops
  • Occasionally works as a crossup out of a backwards airdash.
  • Leads to, and works as a fuzzy guard tool, converts against non-short characters with meter to RC.

Passable hitbox. Primary jump-in if they're not prepared to 6P. Landed as a crossup, converts into land > c/f.S > 5H > Fafnir. Try cancelling into an RC'd VV while airborne to go for something tricky, like VV RC airdash j.S.

Gatling Options: j.K, j.H, j.D

GGAC Sol jH.png
Stone Cold Crazy
GGXXACPR Sol jH-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 9-14

GGXXACPR Sol jH-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 15-18

GGXXACPR Sol jH-3-Hitbox.png

Frames 19-22

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
24x2 [20x2] High, Air SR [SJR] 9[8] 6,8[4,4] 0 -

0 Recovery frames. Weird hurtbox. Lingers for forever. Psuedo-God Normal.

  • Active for fourteen frames. Sol is free to act the moment it ends.
  • First hit is above Sol's head, making it better for rising air-to-air when necessary.
  • The shrunken hurtbox can make this outright impossible to Anti-Air with some moves.
  • Links into any jumping normal on hit.
  • Hit meaty and high enough off the ground, Sol can airdash immediately afterwards for an airdash mixup.

The hurtbox makes this move very difficult to contest in any regular fashion. The lingering hitbox is very useful for Sidewinder conversions. The recovery makes opponents tear out their hair. One of Sol's most used air options.

Additional Frame Data: Untechable on air hit for 17F (doesn't apply to DI version).

GGAC Sol jD.png
GGXXACPR Sol jD-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 9-11

GGXXACPR Sol jD-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 12-15

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 High, Air SJR 9 7 10+5 after landing -

Trust in the Dust.

  • Large, damaging move with abnormally high untechable time.
  • Fullscreen conversions on counter hit due to wallbounce.
  • Loops into itself, for the titular DUSTLOOP.
  • Particularly strong in the corner, can convert into late Sidewinders for optimal damage.
  • Launches on hit, useful in airdash combos.
  • Can lead to a fuzzy guard setup, can be the fuzzy guard attack against Potemkin, Eddie, Johnny, Anji, and Justice.

Partially responsible for Sol's obscene damage output. Sometimes works with 5 in a row in one combo.

Launches on hit, making it useful in airdash combos. Optimal in all of Sol's combos when used properly.

Additional Frame Data: Blowback on normal hit (untechable for 27F). Wall bounces on CH (untechable for 54F). Additional 5F landing recovery. 90% proration.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw
GGAC Sol throw.png
Rushing Headlong
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 43 pixels - - - - -

Average throw. Unspectacular unless done in the corner.

  • Standard range, and only knocks down 25% of the cast by itself.
  • Stronger when OS'd with 5K, and sometimes c.S.
  • Leads to free conversions in the corner against the other 75% with 5K.
    • Bandit Revolver loop leads to 15-20% damage, more meter, and knockdown.
    • Sidewinder Loop does similar damage with [5K > j.P > j.K/S] or [5K > 6P > 2H > j.S/D] > SW.

Compared to Wild Throw, it's faster, safer (when OS'd), and is a reversal, but doesn't have WT's conversions or knockdown.

Additional Frame Data: Knocks down face down (character specific). Floats on hit. 50% forced proration.

Air Throw
GGAC Sol airThrow.png
So I got my handgun,

And I blew 'em away

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 88 pixels - - - - -

A decent air throw that knocks down.

  • Knocks down by itself, giving plenty of time for oki.
  • Can convert from anywhere with meter.
  • Doesn't lock the opponent's burst, but is absolutely burst safe unless done right off the ground.
  • Converts similarly to regular throw in the corner with 5K > BR/SW Loop/whatever, or (f.S) > FB Fafnir from midscreen or near the corner for a knockdown and some decent damage.

Additional Frame Data: Knocks down face up. Floats on hit (untechable for 60F). Dizzy modifier x1.5. 50% forced proration.

Dead Angle Attack
GGAC Sol 6P.png
Piss off!
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 All R 11 3 25 -14

Average, unsafe guard reversal.

  • Easier to use than poking or DP'ing through a gap, but still easily punished.
  • Uses 6P animation, so it can still be low profiled.
  • Can convert in the corner on counter hit or if hit on the last active frame.
  • Loses to very low profile moves (Grand Viper, Stroke the Big Tree, etc.
  • Overall subpar compared to Sol's other defensive options.

Additional Frame Data: Knocks down face up. Frames 1-13 invincible. Frames 14-33 invincible to throws. Frames 14-23 upper body invincibility. Wall bounces on hit (untechable on ground hit for 28F). 50% proration.

Special Moves[edit]

Gun Flame[edit]
GGAC Sol 236P.png
They call him Mister Fahrenheit
Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Normal 50,42,30,30 All F 21 9x2,6x2 total 50 -3

Ground hugging flame projectile integral to Sol's pressure and oki game.

  • Very active move which covers space in front of Sol to about midscreen away
  • Strong oki tool which forces to the opponent to either respect or reversal.
  • Will cover Sol's approach when FRC. This FRC also resets pressure and Sol's position when done close enough.
  • Does high damage in combos, especially in the corner.
  • Can be jumped over, but the FRC lets you react and catch them.
  • Counter hit state for the entire duration, making the FRC vital. Note: When GF is cancelled into, the FRC window will be delayed mid-string due to hit/blockstop.
  • Advanced tech: Gunflame can be combo'd into against a grounded, crouching opponent, by cancelling into GF from a level 5 move, FRC'ing it, and linking an, at slowest 5F normal before the Gunflame goes active.

Very useful tool when used properly. Must be spaced closely to prevent jump outs and allow Sol back in safely mid pressure, but sharper opponents will recognize and reversal through this.

Additional Frame Data: Gun-Flame: floats on hit (untechable for 28F). CH state till end of recovery. Chip damage x2. FRC timing 14-15. Flame appears on frame 19. Damage, Active, and Level vary depending on which of the 4 flames hits. Flames appear on frames 21,31,39 and 42. Gun-Flame can only hit once.

Dragon Install 60 All F 20 6 7 +7

Regular Gunflame on roids. Has a massive hitbox, and will combo into itself.

  • Significantly larger and slightly faster than regular Gunflame.
  • Covers an anti-air angle and makes pressure coverage faster and safer.
  • Plus on block for better pressure resets.
  • Easier to use for chipping out.
  • The FRC is moved to right as it goes active, changing its use.
  • Just fast enough to combo out of grounded, crouching, Lvl.5 hits.

Great for scaring opponents in the corner, or catching bad jump out attempts. Mixed in with DI's other tools, it becomes stronger when spaced out.

Additional Frame Data: Gun-Flame (DI): Floats on hit (untechable for 40F). CH state till end of recovery. Hit stop 6. Chip damage x2. FRC timing: 21-22. Flame goes through other projectiles.

Gun-Flame (Feint)
GGAC Sol 214P.png
GGXXACPR Sol 214P-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
8 HL R 13 2 31 -9

Fake Gunflame. Has a hitbox for some reason.

  • Can make some bigger moves safer on block, or trick the opponent into thinking that you'll Gunflame.
  • Can be whiffed to build meter from afar.
  • Used sparingly, can frighten opponents at the end of blockstrings into another setup.

Not particularly useful with the hitbox attached, as it's counter hit state for the entire move. Best used when farther away for ambiguity. Killing with this OTG is extreme disrespect.

Additional Frame Data: CH state till end of recovery.

Volcanic Viper
623S/H (Air OK)
GGAC Sol 623S.png
Watch what happens
when you stick your hand
in an open fire
GGXXACPR Sol 623S-1-Hitbox.png

S: 1st hit (Frames 7-9)
H: 1st hit (Frames 5-6)

GGXXACPR Sol j623S-1-Hitbox.png

j.S/H: 1st hit (Frames 5-6)

GGXXACPR Sol 623S-2-Hitbox.png

S: 2nd hit (Frames 13-23)
j.S: 2nd hit (Frames 10-18)
H/j.H: 2nd hit (Frames 10-27)

GGXXACPR Sol DI-623S-1-Hitbox.png

DI All: 1st hit (Frames 7-9)

GGXXACPR Sol DI-623S-2-Hitbox.png

DI S: Hits 2/3 (Frames 11-16)
DI j.S/H: Hits 2/3 (Frames 12-19)

GGXXACPR Sol DI-j623S-2-Hitbox.png

DI H: 2nd hit (Frames 10-63)

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground Normal S 20,36 Mid R 7 3(3)11 21+10 after landing -28

The greatest. Ever.

  • God DP with a massive hitbox. Blows through just about everything.
  • Can be canceled into the followup kick on whiff to mix up Sol's recovery timing. Converts to knockdown about 95% of the time.
  • Leads to a full conversion if the first hit is RC'd, or if the 2nd part counter hits.
  • Tied for the slowest version of the move at 7F, but with some of the most invulnerability.
  • Note - all grounded versions: must be jump installed in order to airdash or double jump on RC.

Breaks through even the smallest gaps. Safe when RC'd on the first hit. Must be given enough space, or be blocked when you can't RC in order to be completely baited. Using the knockdown kick sets up oki, but on whiff/block, the followup puts you in CH state.

Additional Frame Data: VV S: Frames 1-9 invincible. Frames 10-13 invincible to strikes. Airborne from frame 10 on. Floats on hit (1st hit untechable on ground hit for 28F, 2nd hit untechable for 26F). Can follow-up to Knockdown from frames 24-40. Sol is crouching during landing recovery.

Aerial Normal S 36,24 All R 5 2(3)9 10 after landing -

Easy air combo ender.

  • Straightforward air knockdown tool.
  • Also works as a DP in the air, but is air blockable without FD, and is only strike invuln.
  • Has the most leniency into combo'ing into the followup kick.
  • Completely cuts Sol's air momentum when you RC the first hit, leading to airdash mixups or continued strings on block.
  • Can convert to longer combos if the first hit is RC'd.

Note: the momentum cut on RC will make Sol fall straight down. You can TK this move and RC it immediately, and with some very tight timing, you can tag an opponent with a quick overhead before you hit the ground...

Additional Frame Data: Air VV S: Frames 1-9 invincible to strikes. Floats on hit (1st hit untechable for 36F, 2nd hit for 27F). Can follow-up to Knockdown from 19-35. Sol is crouching during landing recovery.

Normal H 20,36 Mid R 5 2(3)18 29+8 after landing -43

Massive DP version. Eats up the sky.

  • Big Anti-Air callout, unrivaled in combined speed and vertical reach.
  • Slightly faster and more damage than the S version.
  • Similarly converts if the 1st hit is RC'd or the 2nd part counter hits.
  • Can be difficult to punish if done with running momentum: some characters lack the means to reach Sol without meter.
  • Leniency to the followup is slightly more difficult, and must be delayed a bit.

Additional Frame Data: VV H: 1-6 invincible. 7-11 invincible to strikes. Airborne from frame 7 on. Floats on hit (1st hit untechable on ground hit for 28F, 2nd hit untechable for 36F). Can follow-up to Knockdown from 28-44. Sol is crouching during landing recovery.

Aerial Normal H 46,26 All R 5 2(3)18 10 after landing -

Situational air knockdown tool with slight more damage.

  • Higher reaching aerial VV, not as high as the grounded version.
  • Also air blockable without FD.
  • Lacks the same leniency to the followup as the ground H version.
  • Similarly to j.SVV, cuts air momentum when RC'd on the first hit.

Additional Frame Data: Air VV H: Frames 1-9 invincible to strikes. Floats on hit (1st hit untechable for 38F, 2nd hit for 36F). Can follow-up to Knockdown from 32-44. Sol is crouching during landing recovery.

Dragon Install S 20x3 Mid R 7 3(1)4,2 21+10 after landing -19

Weaker version of VV, but has some altered utility.

  • Similarly strong hitbox, but cannot cancel into knockdown.
  • Same speed as regular SVV, but slightly less damage overall.
  • All three hits must be FD'd if airborne.
  • Overall not the strongest version, but usable.

Additional Frame Data: VV S (DI): Frames 1-9 invincible. Frame 10 invincible to strikes. Airborne from frame 10 on. Floats on hit (1st hit untechable on ground hit for 28F, 2nd/3rd hit untechable for 30F). Sol is crouching during landing recovery.

Dragon Install H 60,18x9 Mid R 7 3,54 36+10 after landing -78

The hype machine. One of the meanest moves in the game.

  • Absolutely massive wall of hitbox. Reaches to the top of the screen.
  • Does double dizzy damage (1st hit), takes a buttload of health, and can still convert to knockdown.
  • The 1st hit does 60 damage and GB -1: one of the single strongest combo starters in the game on RC.

Use by itself with meter for a skyrocket. Despite the excessive hitstun, knockdown can become impossible to connect on too many hits due to gravity scaling, so avoid ending longer combos with it.

Additional Frame Data: VV H (DI): Frames 1-9 invincible. 1st hit floats and causes knockdown. All other hits cause float (untechable for 60F) and have hit stop 0. 1st hit dizzy modifier x2.0. Can follow-up to Knockdown from frame 63. Sol is crouching during landing recovery.

Aerial Dragon Install 20x3 Mid,any x2 R 7 3(2)2,6 landing 10 -

Similarly weaker version as DI-SVV, but the first hit is air unblockable.

  • Also doesn't cancel to knockdown.
  • First hit being air unblockable can win you air-to-air wars.
  • Fully invincible compared to normal air VVs being only strike invincible.

Will work if they don't FD while air poking in blockstrings, but otherwise you should use with meter if you want to convert.

Additional Frame Data: Air VV (DI): Frames 1-9 invincible. Frames 10-11 invincible to strikes. Floats on hit (1st hit untechable on ground hit for 28F, 2nd/3rd hit untechable for 45F). Sol is crouching during landing recovery.

Volcanic Viper -> 214K
GGAC Sol 623S214K.png
Now shown: Deceptive hitbox
GGXXACPR Sol j214K-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16 High R 12 4 10 after landing -

Used after VV to score a knockdown, or delay your descent.

  • Deceptively large hitbox. Can tag players pressing the wrong button.
  • Delays Sol's fall, throwing off an opponent's punish timing.
  • Use wisely on VV getting blocked/whiffing, as Sol is put in CH state.
  • Hits overhead, but won't tag anybody this way.
  • Will occasionally hit players pressing a button after VV.

Note that against heavyweight characters, Knockdown will whiff after some grounded versions of VV, depending on whether it was normal or counter hit. Know your matchups!

Additional Frame Data: Plummets on hit (untechable for 30F). Sol is in CH state while falling. Sol is crouching during landing recovery.

Grand Viper
GGAC Sol 214S.png
The loudest move,
for the loudest game

Frame Data for Maximum # of Hits

GGXXACPR Sol 214S-1-Hitbox.png

Hits 1-7 (Frames 17-41)

GGXXACPR Sol 214S-2-Hitbox.png

Last hit (Frames 62-64)

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
8x7,32 Lowx7,HLF R 17 4x4,2x2,5(20)3 37 -21

The ultimate callout, likeliest move in the game to blow out your speakers.

  • Extremely low profile on frame 1: goes more than 75% of moves in the game.
  • Leads into ridiculous amounts of damage on Clean Hit from anywhere on stage.
  • Number of hits changes depending on how many directions/buttons are pressed during the move.
  • Horribly unsafe on block/whiff. Cannot be RC'd if the current hit did not make contact.
  • Can go under bursts, which can score a powerful reset in the corner, but can be suicide midscreen.

Strong tool which requires finesse and recognition to use properly. Can go under things mid-pressure and lead to very damaging conversions. Has some of its best conversions near the corner, and can work midscreen with little/no mashing based on the opponent's character. Don't miss.

Additional Frame Data: Frames 1-4 above the knees invincibility. While advancing, Frames 5-16 invincible above the feet. Advancing part: 1st-6th hits are untechable on air hit for 26F. Causes 24F of hit stun on a standing opponent. Hit stop 6F. Dizzy modifier x0.25. 80% proration. 7th hit of the advancing part floats on hit (untechable for 28F). Hit stop 6F. Finishing hit (the uppercut) floats on hit (untechable for 42F, 64F for Clean Hit). Listed frame data is for a Grand Viper that does the maximum number of hits.

Bandit Revolver
236K (air OK)
GGAC Sol 236K.png
Boy you'd better begin...
GGXXACPR Sol BR-1-Hitbox.png

First hit (Frame 9-13)

GGXXACPR Sol BR-2-Hitbox.png

Second hit (Frame 24-25)

GGXXACPR Sol BR-3-Hitbox.png

Second hit (Frame 26-27)

GGXXACPR Sol BR-4-Hitbox.png

Second hit (Frame 28-30)

GGXXACPR Sol BR-5-Hitbox.png

Second hit (Frame 31-32)

Version Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Normal, Ground 24,36 Mid R 9 5(11)9 2+7 after landing -3

Knockdown tool, and catches players upbacking/fuzzy jumping without FD.

  • Primary knockdown tool out of BnBs.
  • Leads to a safejump setup.
  • Hits players in the air who don't FD.
  • Minute startup invul can make it a psuedo-reversal.

Keeps opponents grounded, though will get thrown if blocked standing. Can go through some moves, to the surprise of many. Use caution: the second hit is unsafe on hit if the opponent is grounded.

Additional Frame Data: Frames 1-3 invincible to strikes. Airborne from frame 9 on. 1st hit floats on hit (untechable for 26F). 2nd hit plummets and causes knockdown on air hit. Auto jump installed. Sol is crouching during landing recovery.

Normal, Air 22,20x2 All RF 6 3(14)4,2 12 after landing -

Combo filler for high meter gain, and tool for shooting across the stage.

  • Converts stray air hits into longer combos.
  • Loops from 5K and c.S, mainly for corner carry.
  • Builds a decent amount of meter on hit, especially when it hits three times.
  • Can be FRC'd before going active to propel Sol forward.
  • FRC also used to extend aerial pressure strings or set up mixups.

Main conversion tool out of farther hitting j.Ds where SW Loop isn't possible. When close to the opponent, can be tk'd to start a longer combo. Tends to have more utility between moves than as a move by itself.

Additional Frame Data: 1st hit floats on ground hit (untechable for 24F). Untechable on air hit for - 2nd hit: 32F, 3rd hit: 28F. FRC timing: Frames 6-8. Attack level is 1 on block. Sol is crouching during landing recovery.

Dragon Install, Ground 20x3,50 Mid*3, HF R 7 3,3,3(9)9 3+7 after landing +3

Stronger hitting version of BR with flame effects. Last hit strikes overhead.

  • Easier looping tool which doesn't require a tk.
  • Larger active window which will catch jumpers.
  • Catches players low blocking if they're not paying attention.
  • Knocks down with a bit of pushback for ending combos when DI is about to run out.
  • Easy looping and conversion tool in DI.

Additional Frame Data: Frames 1-3 invincible to strikes. Airborne from frame 9 on. Hits 1-3 float on hit (untechable for 26F). 4th hit plummets on air hit (untechable for 26F). Auto jump installed. Sol is crouching during landing recovery.

Bandit Bringer
GGAC Sol 236Khold.png
... to get those crazy notions
right out of your head
GGXXACPR Sol 236K-Hold Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50 High, Air RF 32 6 9+4 after landing +1

Level 6 move. Button check and big, slow overhead. Slightly plus, big damage combo tool.

  • Goes over a lot of things very, very slowly.
  • Large ground bounce makes conversions extremely easy.
  • High damage, especially in combos. Works best off of Gunflame FRC in the corner, works off of crouching CH 5H against most of the cast.
  • Plus 1 on block, must be punished alertly.
  • Has a Clean Hit, with no forced prorate.
  • Occasional FRC use leads to unusual mixups.
  • Can also be RC'd on contact if Jump Installed for an airdash mixup.
  • Fun Fact: Bandit Bringer will clean hit on crouching Kliff and Zappa, but Faust can crawl under it.

BB can be backdashed, IB'd and thrown or combo'd against, and some characters can just 6P it. It's a bit risky: use BB sparingly, not frequently.

Additional Frame Data: Frames 1-3 strike invincible. Airborne from frame 9 on. Causes ground bounce on hit (untechable for 50F, on Clean Hit for 80F, on CH for 152F). FRC timing: Frames 18-20. 66% proration. Startup of 32F to hit crouching opponent (tested on Sol). Sol is crouching during landing recovery.

Riot Stamp
GGAC Sol 214K.png
You shouldn't use this move,
but you will
GGXXACPR Sol RS-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 High, Air RF 9 after reaching wall - 3 after landing -4~

Silly overhead transport attack. Awful move, except when it's amazing.

  • Hits on frame 14 when cornered.
  • Airborne on frame 1, gets you out of dodge when used properly.
  • Doesn't lead to anything on hit, but full conversion on midscreen counter hit.
  • Can be FRC'd right before it goes active to fake into a low.
  • 6P bait. Don't do it fullscreen or you're going to die.
  • Starts higher off the ground the further you do it from the corner. Some characters can crouch under it even if point blank.

Done with discretion, it'll get you out of jail and might lead to a combo. Hilarious when it works. Otherwise horrendous. Be careful or you're going to get counter hit and you're probably going to lose.

Additional Frame Data: Airborne from frame 1 on. Wall bounces on hit (untechable for 28F). Sol is not in a CH state until the active frames start. FRC timing Frames 9-12 frames after reaching the wall. Auto jump installed. Attack startup is 9F after Sol reaches the wall. Startup of a Riot Stamp done when Sol is right next to the wall is 14F.

Wild Throw
GGAC Sol 623K.png
The bane of blocking
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30 70 pixels - 4 1 - -

Great command grab. Sol's main mixup tool.

  • Average command throw range, but very fast.
  • Full, damaging conversions from anywhere on stage.
  • Has burst safe setups with FB Sidewinder, with free easy resets if they take the bait.
  • Also has character specific, meterless burst safe setups.
  • Only in CH state for a short segment of its recovery.

Makes people wince when it lands. Meterless conversions can do 25%-55% damage. Usually followed with dash (2H) > j.D > SW loop.

  • Some meterless burst safe followups include:
    • IAD j.S > Sidewinder > (empty jump) SW loop
    • 2H > late j.H/Burst Throw OS
    • late j.H/block OS > SW loop

Additional Frame Data: 1-14 Sol is in CH state. Whiff animation: 35F. 55% forced proration.

GGAC Sol j236H.png
GGXXACPR Sol j236H-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 9-10

GGXXACPR Sol j236H-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 11-12

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
35 *1 High, Air R 9 4 13 after landing -

The reason you play Sol. Big flaming punch, staple combo move.

  • Wallbouncing air punch with ludicrous damage output.
  • Requires precision: must Clean Hit in order to continue combos.
  • Consecutive Clean Hits raise the base damage of following Sidewinders in a single combo.
  • Large hitbox to hurtbox ratio, and fully wallbounces on Counter Hit: occasionally useful in neutral or as a punish.
  • Correct use leads to high damage, knockdown, and slight corner carry, from anywhere on screen.
  • Can usually be looped 2-3 times midscreen, or 2-5 times near the corner, and still retain knockdown.

Standard SW loops repeat [j.S/j.H(1) > SW] x N. The jump direction is character and screen-specific, and will usually require some improvisation on top of practice. Empty jump Sidewinders also work, and do more damage as well as being burst safe. Bring the pain.

Additional Frame Data: Wall bounces on hit (Clean hit untechable for 56F). Sol is in CH state while falling and in landing recovery. Dizzy modifier x0.5. 70% forced proration. Sol is crouching during landing recovery.

  • Clean Hit Diagrams can be found here:

Clean Hit Diagrams

GGAC Sol 41236D.png
Your long-range,
melee combo tool
GGXXACPR Sol 41236H-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 Mid R 19 3 27 -13

Slow, lunging punch. Gets Sol in more safely when combo'd into.

  • Max range conversion tool and situation reset.
  • Staggers on hit while moving Sol forward, putting him closer to his optimal range.
  • Cancels into FB Tyrant Rave for bigger damage with only 25 meter.
  • Leads to bigger confirms with an RC.
  • Knocks down on air hit.
  • Can frame trap (with a wide window) due to its startup.

Most useful for getting Sol in from a faraway hit. Can combo afterward if the opponent is asleep and doesn't shake out of stagger. Slides on counter hit, but the recovery is far too high for a conversion. Not great in neutral. Exercise caution: fast mashers can recover from stagger fast enough to recover before Sol.

Additional Frame Data: Staggers opponent on ground hit (Max 42F). Knocks down opponent on air hit (untechable for 24F). Slides opponent on CH (untechable for 56F, slides for 40F). Can cancel into Tyrant Rave from 20~25F. Forced prorate 70%.

Slam (Kudakero)
During Dragon Install, j.214K
GGACR Sol j214K.png
Vertical Riot Stomp
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 High, Air R 17 12 10 after landing +3

Quick, plus overhead that is +R and Dragon Install exclusive. Opponents not familiar with the matchup often forget that this move exists.

  • Relatively quick, hits 20F when tk'd.
  • Low crushes and floor bounces for a full conversion.
  • Plus 3 on block for continued pressure.
  • Bounces higher based on the opponent's height when hit.
  • Loops into itself or out of j.D.
  • Bounces them backwards slightly, can be useful for pushing them away as Dragon Install is about to end.

Additional Frame Data: Ground bounces opponent on hit (untechable for 55F). Prorates 80%. Frame Adv is based on performing Knockdown as fast as possible from standing (startup 20F).

How to score Clean Hits: For Grand Viper, hit with the point of the hilt. For Sidewinder, hit with the far end of his arm. For FB Fafnir, hit with the upper part of the fist. For Bandit Bringer, hit with the end of the blast. Opponents must be airborne except with FB Sidewinder and sometimes Bandit Bringer. Hitstop from a Clean Hit is 27F.

  • 1: Damage of a Clean Hit Sidewinder is 35 + 25 * (# of Clean Hits). Force Break Sidewinder automatically adds in 1 Clean Hit.
  • 2: Damage of Tyrant Rave is [25 + 30 * (# of Clean Hits)] * 3 + 84.
  • 3: On hit, the opponent gains Tension Gauge and Burst Gauge based on 70% of the damage value.

Force Breaks[edit]

FB Fafnir
GGAC Sol 41236D.png
GGXXACPR Sol 41236D-Hitbox.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 Mid R 11 3 17 +7

Throw Invincible sucker punch. Much stronger version of regular Fafnir.

  • Fast, lunging strike which knocks down.
  • Has some invincibility on Sol's front leg, can low crush.
  • Beats throws until startup.
  • Slides on Counter Hit or Clean Hit (works from 6P or 2D, or against jump out attempts).
  • Knocks down at ranges too far for any other conversions.
  • Slide converts to full combos a little over half the screen away.
    • Leads to f.S 5H IAD combos, slight mash Grand Viper, or dash up relaunches, spacing dependent. Very useful as a delayed Frame Trap tool.
  • Note: will whiff against crouchers off of max range 5H, due to opponent hurtboxes.

Additional Frame Data: Throw invincible frames 1-11. Knocks down opponent on hit (untechable for 40F). Slides opponent on Clean Hit (untechable for 80F, slides for 28F). Inflicts 26 frames of blockstun. Can cancel into Tyrant Rave from 12~18F. Forced prorate 70%.

Tyrant Rave
Fafnir -> 64D
GGAC Sol 46D.png
25% supers, welcome to the USA
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25x3+84 *2 All - 3+1 33 35 -6

Big damage combo ender and chip kill move.

  • Large hitbox, multi hit move which is extremely difficult to contest. Sacrifices knockdown.
  • Big combo ender off of Fafnir for only 25 meter.
  • Damage increases with Clean Hits, makes for a powerful damage ender after even only 2 reps.
  • Converts to 5K in the corner off of short combos.
  • Double chip damage for chip kills.
  • Strong for closing out rounds or scaring opponents due to damage output.

Even simple combos in the corner such as xx > [6P > Fafnir] * 3 or looped GF FRC BB into Fafnir > TR can do over 270 damage.

A max range FB Fafnir into this midscreen will whiff, but the last hit will land if they burst. Can lead to airthrow tech traps in the corner if they tech afterwards.

Additional Frame Data: Unburstable (burst is disabled the moment Tyrant Rave starts), Dizzy modifier x0, Chip damage x2. 1st-3rd hits have initial prorate 80%. 2nd-4th hits can pass through projectiles.

FB Sidewinder
GGAC Sol j236H.png
A deal you can't refuse
GGXXACPR Sol j236H-1-Hitbox.png

Frames 9-10

GGXXACPR Sol j236H-2-Hitbox.png

Frames 11-12

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 *1 All R 9 4 13 after landing -

Guaranteed Clean Hit Sidewinder. A godsend.

  • Identical to regular Sidewinder, but will Clean Hit regardless of how it hits the opponent.
  • Gives Sol easier, and otherwise impossible combo conversions.
  • Hit from max range, it becomes burst safe.
  • Works as a punish on non-counter-hit as well.
  • Scales harder than regular Sidewinder for lowered damage output.

Starts or maintains Sidewinder Loops that might have otherwise been impossible, netting clean hits from afar while being burst safe at farther ranges. Works for all sorts of burst safe setups. The damage difference is fairly negligible later in combos. Never drop a Sidewinder Loop again.

Additional Frame Data: Wall bounces opponent on hit (untechable for 56F). Guaranteed Clean Hit. Sol is in CH state during landing recovery. Hitstop 27F. Forced prorate 70%. Note: *3

How to score Clean Hits: For Grand Viper, hit with the point of the hilt. For Sidewinder, hit with the end of his arm. For FB Fafnir, hit with the upper part of the fist. For Bandit Bringer, hit with the end of the blast. Opponents must be airborne. FB Sidewinder will automatically Clean Hit, regardless of opponent's position. Hitstop from a Clean Hit is 27F.

  • 1: Damage of a Clean Hit Sidewinder is 35 + 25 * (# of Clean Hits). Force Break Sidewinder automatically adds in 1 Clean Hit.
  • 2: Damage of Tyrant Rave is 25 + 30 * (# of Clean Hits) * 3 + 84.
  • 3: On hit, the opponent gains Tension Gauge and Burst Gauge based on 70% of the damage value.


Tyrant Rave ver.Beta
GGAC Sol 632146H.png
What sold the Wii version
GGXXACPR Sol 632146H-1-Hitbox.png

1st hit (Frames 6-8)

GGXXACPR Sol 632146H-2-Hitbox.png

1st hit (Frames 9-16)

GGXXACPR Sol 632146H-3-Hitbox.png

2nd hit (Frames 33-34)

GGXXACPR Sol 632146H-4-Hitbox.png

2nd hit (Frames 35-38)

GGXXACPR Sol 632146H-6-Hitbox.png

2nd hit (Frames 39-40)

GGXXACPR Sol 632146H-7-Hitbox.png

2nd hit (Frames 41-47)

Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
80,60 Mid R 5+1 11(17)15 31 -15

High, immediate damage cash out.

  • Big hitbox reversal option. 1F post flash, so if they're dashing at you they're boned.
  • Knocks down full screen, untechable wallstick near the corner.
  • Combos into 5K when you're in the corner, and Grand Viper from a bit farther out.
  • Done from 2D or 5H as a punish, you get a quick, unburstable combo unless they burst immediately.
  • Can be done to bursts on reaction to blow through them for a big reset.
  • Pushes the opponent out fairly far, can be difficult to punish.

Hard to punish on the pushback, but can be tagged between hits. Has its plusses but TR is generally an inferior reversal to VV RC. RC'in the first hit on block can lead to mixups like dash in Wild Throw.

1-8 strike invincible, 1st hit knocks down opponent, 2nd hit wall sticks opponent (untechable for 80F, sticks for 32F), Dizzy modifier: 1st hit: x0.25, 2nd hit: x0 Chip damage: 1st hit: x1.5, 2nd hit: x2.0. 2nd hit is RCable provided the first attack hits or is blocked, 2nd hit can pass through projectiles. 2nd hit has 70% forced proration.

Dragon Install
GGAC Sol 214214S.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - 19+1 - total 20 -

Ride or Die Super. Go all in. If you run out of time, you'll have to pick a god and pray.

  • Acts as a reversal and screen freeze, giving you time to react with its 21F of strike invul (first 19f are full invul).
  • Sol's mobility spikes to extreme levels.
  • Almost every move becomes faster. 5K becomes the fastest normal in the game at 2F (but loses its jump cancel).
  • Conversely, every move becomes much safer (5D becomes 18F and is 0 on block instead of -13).
  • Sol gains access to Slam, an extremely fast and safe overhead.
  • S and H normals have their recovery cut enough that other normals can be linked after dashing.
  • Can be combo'd into and out of if done from 6P.
  • Lasts longer with lower health (~6.5 seconds to ~10.5 seconds).
  • H Volcanic Viper becomes the Hail Mary.

The negatives:

  • Goes into a long recovery animation when it ends by time.
  • Drains all of Sol's tension and cuts his tension pulse when it ends.
  • Ends if Sol is knocked down (this is actually preferable to ending by the time out).
  • Additionally puts Sol close to Negative Penalty and being Dizzied (does not apply if DI ends with Sol being knocked down).

Frames 1-19 invincible. Frames 19-21 invincible to strikes. During DI, tension increases at a rate of 0.1% per frame. DI cannot be used during DI. DI duration: base time of 360F + 1F for every health point below 210. Dragon Install duration drains during hit stop and super freeze. Recovery animation: 36F total, CH state throughout. Tension reduced to 0, negative penalty effect, tension gain lowered, Sol takes extra dizzy damage, and has a lower dizzy rating.

Dragon Install 2nd
GGAC Sol 214214S.png
The same as unplugging
your controller.
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.

Could win an award for the worst super ever designed. Significantly worse than regular Dragon Install since comes with added drawbacks.

  • Costs a full bar for over six times the startup with no invincibility.
  • Lasts the entire round, at the cost of draining your life until it hits 1 pixel.
  • Kills your tension gain and doesn't gradually build it.
  • Drains your health faster than you can deal damage.
  • Actually favorably has an extremely obtuse input to ensure that you don't get it by accident.
  • Awful. Don't even try.

Requires 100% tension. After the super-freeze, will Install even if hit. Install mode is permanent. Tension gained is 20% original value. Health steadily decreases.

Instant Kill[edit]

Napalm Death
in IK Mode: 236236H
GGAC Sol IK.png
You suffer, but why?
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Fatal All - 7+8 12 26+1 after landing -22

Goodbye Meter.

Notable Players[edit]

Name (English/Japanese) Color Location Common
Contact Status Notes Example Play
Uki enter Japan A-Cho - Retired to Xrd Strong, aggressive player with some wacky setups -
Kishitaka enter Japan A-Cho - Retired Balanced player with strong, high-end conversions Link
Hossa (Sub) enter Japan A-Cho - Active Nutty Justice player using Sol on the side -
NOB enter Japan Mikado - Retired to Xrd Straightforward player focused on neutral -
012 enter Japan - - Retired Patient, Strong combo game player j_P0 Link
Roi enter Japan A-Cho - Retired to Xrd Overextending player with good conversions Link
Kusoru enter Japan - - Retired The one and only Troll Badguy. Crazy to the extreme. AC Footage


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