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Originally released in 1998, Guilty Gear: The Missing Link introduced the world to an eclectic cast of characters as well as a number of unique game mechanics like the infamous Instant Kill. Guilty Gear was an ambitious game that broke new ground in many ways and helped establish the air-dasher genre loved by many today. Although Missing Link is significantly different from the popular sequels that followed—+R, Xrd, and Strive—it laid the core philosophy to which those games adhere to.

That said, this game is what many of the mainline FGC consider to be "KusogeFrom the Japanese "クソゲー", meaning "shitty game"Kusoge are games which are highly broken in the literal sense. Kusoge often function poorly, and lack polish, and usually have extreme mechanics/balance. Kusoge is both a term of endearment and an insult, depending on the context.". Most characters have infinites, some have multiple types of infinites, some characters are borderline incomplete, others are ridiculously over-tuned. Guilty Gear is a game with many flaws, and it should be appreciated for its flaws, not in spite of them. Polished and inoffensive games exist, and this game is for when you want unabashed insanity.

Learning Guilty Gear

It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the mechanics of Guilty Gear: The Missing Link, especially teching and Instant Kills. The information there can help you avoid getting robbed by nonsense.

Playing The Game

The PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch releases of Guilty Gear: The Missing Link do not include online netplay. If you wish to play online, using a streaming software such as Parsec is the best choice. If you wish to play offline, consider the Nintendo Switch version for portability, or the PC version for modability.

If you do play on PC, it is thoroughly recommended that you grab the Training Mode mod from the Missing Link Discord.

  • The PC port's framerate is tied to the refresh rate of the monitor and thus requires you to limit the game's FPS to 60 in your graphics card control panel.
  • The resolution must be set to a 4:3 resolution with Side Panels turned off or else sprites might not display properly with the training mode mod.

Finding matches can be difficult, so it is recommended that you join a Discord community for it. It is highly recommended that you play with a wired connection to ensure a playable experience.


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GGML Potemkin Icon.pngGGML Chipp Icon.pngGGML Sol Icon.pngGGML Axl Icon.pngGGML Millia Icon.png
GGML May Icon.pngGGML Kliff Icon.pngGGML Ky Icon.pngGGML Zato Icon.pngGGML Baldhead Icon.png

Unlockable Characters

To unlock Testament and Justice you must defeat each of them respectively in Arcade Mode.
To unlock Baiken, beat her in Arcade Mode. To reach the Baiken fight, beat Arcade Mode as either Sol or Ky without using any continues. After the credits roll, the fight vs Baiken will begin. The player can lose the fight and continue an infinite amount of times.

About Guilty Gear
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Release Dates:
PSX Japan.png: May 14th, 1998
PSX USA.png: October 31st, 1998
PSX International.png: 2000
PS3 - PS1 Classics Japan.png: May 31st, 2007
PS3 - PS1 Classics International.png: August 6th, 2009
Switch International.png & PC Steam.png: May 16th, 2019
Guilty Gear Series
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Tier List

Missing Link has an underdeveloped metagame, and has never had a large competitive scene.

Unordered within tiers.

A link to Tarkus' matchup chart can be found here.