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Sol's mixup game is centered around frametrap pressure and airdash okizeme. Pressure is already covered in detail in the Strategy page. Once you have scored a knockdown you can apply the following mixups on the opponent's wakeup.

Example routes[edit]

Midscreen knockdown[edit]

  • 236P (FRC), IAD over their head, ADB j.236S/j.D/land
  • 236P (FRC), IAD high/low/throw
  • Crossup 236[K]
  • 236[K] (FRC) high/low/throw

Corner knockdown[edit]

Sol's corner okizeme becomes much scarier, as his already fearsome pressure now converts on hit into a powerful Dustloop combo from a j.D, 2K, Wild Throw etc., ending in a knockdown and looping the situation from the beginning.

  • Airdash forward, j.S
    • j.S hits: gatling into j.D and combo into Dustloop
    • j.S is blocked: gatling into j.H, land, Wild Throw/pressure string
    • j.S connects: land, 2K and confirm into Dustloop on hit or pressure string on block

Fuzzy mixup with multiple overheads, lows and throws.

  • Airdash forward, j.H (hits twice)
    • j.H hits: land, 2K
    • j.H is blocked: land, Wild Throw/pressure string

j.H hits twice, leading to further mixups based on how early you time it.

  • Airdash forward, late j.H (hits once)
    • j.H connects: land, 2K
    • j.H is blocked: land, Wild Throw/pressure string

Having j.H hit once will catch players expecting to block two high hits, thus you can make them block high once and land for a low confirm or a throw.

  • Airdash forward, early j.H (whiffs)
    • land, 2K
    • land, Wild Throw
    • land, pressure string

Similar concept to above.


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