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Combo Notation Guide
7 7 8 8 9 9
4 4 5 5 6 6
1 1 2 2 3 3
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example 236GGD.png becomes 236GGD.png.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
~ = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
j = Jump
sj = Super Jump
dj = Double Jump
IAD = Instant Air Dash
CH = Counter Hit
(HJC) = High Jump Cancel
(JI) = Jump Install
(RC) = (Red) Roman Cancel
(YRC) = Yellow Roman Cancel
(PRC) = Purple Roman Cancel
[ ] = Hold input.
(X) = X is optional.
[???] xN = Repeat ??? N amount of times.
[X] or [Y] = Perform series of actions X or Y.

MC = Mist Cancel
Zweikasu = Refers to hitting with the first portion of Zweihander only.
LV[1/2/3] [Low/Mid/High] = Refers to Mist Finer Level 1/2/3
If you have notations that are not listed here but are necessary, feel free to add them as you see fit.

Combo List

Combos are color-coded by level. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Note that these categories are not necessarily defined by executional difficulty, but also by how situational or strategically specific they are. Beginner level should get you started and able to experience his general gameplan. Intermediate will fill in the inevitable holes that will come about as you play. Advanced will expand your options at given situations.

"Ground String" refers to basic ground string starters, such as 5K > 5H, or 5K > 2S. Point Blank 5K > 5H or 5K > c.S > 5H are good places to start if unfamiliar.
Damage Values are all calculated on 1.00 defense modifier, from 5K > 5H starter
For details on Air Combos, Enders, and LV2 High Loop theory, see the Combo Theory section.
For details on what to do after mist, refer to Mist Unblockable Basics.

Midscreen Combos

Level 1

Basic meterless ground combo for levels. After the coin, you can follow up with various OTGs. Dash (c.S >) Coin is probably the most stable. c.S will work as long as you're close enough, but there are some ranges where only Dash Coin will work.
  • 6P > j.P > j.K > j.S > dj > j.K > j.S > j.H > Air LV1 Low Video Example
Basic anti-air combo. Can omit j.P depending on height / character weight. j.KPS is also fine.
  • (5K/c.S >) 2D(1) > Coin > 5P > LV2 High > etc
Situational starter into optimal route. Only works if very close to the opponent when doing 2D.
  • Any Poke or Ground String > RC > Dash 2D > Coin > 5P > LV2 High Video Example
For converting from far pokes with meter.
  • 6K (CH) > 6H > Coin > 5P > LV2 High > Coin > dash Air Combo > Ender Video Example
Basic 6K counterhit starter. If they are too close, 6H can be replaced with another normal such as c.S, or omitted entirely for stability.
  • Zweihander YRC > land c.S > Coin > 5P > LV2 High > etc Video Example
Basic combo from Zweihander starter.
  • ... > LV1 Mid > RC > (wave) Dashx2 > Coin > 5P > LV2 High > etc
Advanced LV1 RC confirm.
  • 5K > c.S > 2D(1) > Coin > f.S (> 2H) > LV2 High > etc
Advanced close confirm. Great route, but only works on AX, JO, MA, PO, SL

Level 2

  • Ground String > LV2 Low > 6K > Air Combo
Basic midscreen meterless damage combo. For when you are too far for better routes. This combo is included for completeness, but you should generally only do this combo if you absolutely must.
  • Ground String > LV2 Low > Dash > (2P/c.S >) Coin > 5P > LV2 High > Coin > Dash Jump > j.P > j.K > j.S > dj > j.K > j.S > j.D > Zweihander Video Example
Basic midscreen LV2 route. Spacing specific. If you are too close initially, you may dash under them accidentally. See LV2 High Loop section for extentions and modifications. Can replace the normals before or after Coin depending on character, weight and spacing. After Coin, if far enough, replace 5P with f.S (>2H). For extreme stability, just omit the 2P and go straight into Coin. If you are close enough to the corner, go for dash air combo into Zweikasu. If you are not, end with j.H knockdown. You can get the Zweihander knockdown even if your back is to the corner against most characters, so long as you time your dash jump correctly. The key is to let your dash nearly complete and then jump, in order to get close enough for the Zweihander to connect. 152~159 dmg
  • Ground String > LV2 Low > Dash > 2D > Coin > f.S (>2H) > LV2 High > Coin > dash (j.S >) j.H Knockdown OR Dash Jump > Air Combo > Ender
Advanced midscreen LV2 route when you are too far for dash 2P/c.S to reach. Does not work on PO, JO, LE, BE, FA, EL
  • 5K > 2D(1) > MC > (2P >) 5K/c.S > 5H > LV2 High > etc
Advanced midscreen route using 2D Mist Cancel. Saved one coin compared to confirming into LV2 Low. Somewhat spacing specific - will not work from very far ranges. On heavy characters, use 2P. 2P is also 1 frame faster than 5K, so it can be used to reduce difficulty. In some cases from far distances, f.S (>2H) can be used to pick up off the 2D.
  • ... > LV2 Mid > Dash x 2 (> 6H) > Stance Dash Treasure Hunt > (Pickup >) Coin > c.S > etc
Essential Dash Treasure Hunt route. Refer to How To Do Mist Stance Dash Treasure Hunt section for details on inputting and how to Pickup off of it. Works anywhere on the screen, but at ~40% screen or closer to the corner, the combo will lead to the corner, thus this route can be considered to have very strong corner carry. If the combo leads into the corner, continue with c.S > Air Combo > Zwei. Connecting the 6H is optional, but gives more damage. Dash x 2 > 6H may not work at all ranges, depending on both character / spacing. Wavedash x 2 rather than Dash x 2 will improve the effective range of landing the 6H > TH.
  • ... > LV2 Low > Stance Dash Treasure Hunt > (Pickup >) Coin > 5P/c.S > LV2 High > etc
Treasure Hunt pickup from LV2 Low. Situational route when you accidentally confirm to LV2 Low instead of Mid. Useful for sideswapping.
  • ... > LV2 Mid > (Dash) 6H > SDTH > Coin > Coin > c.S > j.DSDD > Zwei
Works on: BE, CH, EL(2+ hits), IN, JA, KU, KY, LE(hard), MA, RA, RV, SI (hard), SO. Refer to How To Do Mist Stance Dash Treasure Hunt section for inputting and comboing off of Stance Dash Treasure Hunt.

Level 3

  • Ground String > LV3 Low > dash c.S > Coin > 5P > LV2 High > Coin > Dash Jump > j.P > j.K > j.S > dj > j.K > j.S > j.D > Zweihander Video Example
Basic LVL 3 Low conversion. Same basic recipe as LV2 basically, except that LV3 bounces them towards you, making things much easier. At far range, you can omit the c.S/5P and just do LV3 Low > Coin > LV2 High for simplicity and burst safeness.
  • ... > LV3 Mid > Dash > Dash > (6H >) Stance Dash Treasure Hunt > 2S > Coin > etc
Refer to How To Do Mist Stance Dash Treasure Hunt section for inputting and comboing off of Stance Dash Treasure Hunt.

Midscreen Throw

  • Throw > Coin > LV2 High > Coin > Dash j.PKS > dj > j.KSD > Ender Video Example
Essential throw combo. If starting from half screen or closer, can generally end with j.D > Zweihander knockdown into unblockable. Lightweights tend to require more specific timing on the coin. If you are having trouble connecting j.D > Zwei, try extended your forward dash longer before jump cancelling. Mastering this will allow you to connect the Zwei even away from the corner.
  • Throw > Dash j.PSH
Basic combo into knockdown. Followup with Dash 2K Coin or Mist YRC. Good for when you are far from the corner and don't want to do the above route.
  • Throw > Air Combo
When you just want damage and a knockdown. Basic air string example: j.KS dj KSD > Ender
  • Throw > Coin > (dash) j.S > j.H
Character specific combo leading to unblockable or LV3 from anywhere.
  • Throw > Coin > j.S > Air LV2 High > Land > Coin > (Dash) 6K > dash j.KS > dj.KSD > Zweihander
Advanced throw combo leading to unblockable. More corner carry than the basic one.
j.S: IN, MA, VE, JC, CH, SO, AX, FA, JO(can also use j.KS), SI(j.S or j.SD), SL(j.D), KU(j.D), PO(j.D), LE(j.KS), MI(j.KS), RA(j.KS), KY(j.PS), JA (j.PS), RV(j.SD), BE(coin 6K j.D LV2)
On some characters, replace the first j.S with j.D. Adjust /shorten the final air string according to height in order to get your Zweihander knockdown (lights especially). With the right spacing and timing on the second Coin, you can do a dashing 6K in order to get more corner carry. Very character specific, however.
  • Throw > Coin > j.S > Air LV2 High > Land > Coin > 6K > dash j.SHD > Air LV2 High > Mist > 2K OTG
Advanced corner carry that ends in OTG mist setup. Works on: SO, CH, SL, AX, PO, MA, IN (do not delay final LV2), VE (delay 6K), FA/SL/KU (j.D), MI (j.PS), RV (j.SD, delay 6K, delay LV2 High), JO (strict),
For characters this route does not work for, see the below route.
  • Throw > Coin > j.PS > Air LV2 High > Land > Coin > dash j.KSHD > Air LV2 High > Mist > 2K OTG
VS EL: Throw > Coin > j.PS > LV2 High > Coin > Dash j.KSHD
VS JA: Throw > Coin > j.PS > LV2 High > Coin > held dash j.KSHD
VS JC / RA / LE / JO: Throw > Coin > j.KS > LV2 High > Coin > Dash j.KSHD
VS IN / MI: Throw > Coin > j.D > LV2 High > Coin > Dash j.KSHD
VS PO: Throw > Coin > 2H > j.SD > Coin > dash j.KSHD

Corner Combos

Level 1

  • 2H [Blocked]> falling LV1 Mid > Coin > f.S > 2H > LV2 High > etc
Situational combo from low height LV1 Mid in the corner. This is either hitting because you did a mist previously on them at LV1, or the LV1 Mid hit them raw as a frame trap etc
  • ... > LV1 Mid > RC > (wave)Dash x 2 > c.S > Coin > c.S > etc
Situational starter to extend from a LV1 Mid combo in the corner

Level 2

[NOTE: All instances of Dash x 2 can be replaced with Zweihander Transport for simplicity]

  • Ground String > LV2 Mid > Dash x 2 > c.S/5H/6H > Coin > c.S > j.D > MC > j.D > Zweihander
Basic LV2 Mid corner combo leading to unblockable. If they are too light or you want to extend, you can do j.D > MC > j.S > dj > j.SD Zwei, or j.D > MC > j.S > > dj > j.D > MC > j.D Zwei. . 170 / 182 / 199 dmg.
  • Ground String > LV2 Mid > Dash x 2 > c.S / 5H / 6H > Coin > c.S > j.D > MC > j.S > dj > j.D > MC > j.D > Zweihander KD Video Example
Basic essential 1-coin corner combo. If j.DSDD doesn't work, try j.DSSD. For max damage, j.DD double jump j.DD. Against FA, PO, BE, KU, use the below combo instead. 188 / 199 / 216 dmg
  • Ground String > LV2 Mid > Dash x 2 > 2H > LV1 High > Coin > j.DSDD > Zwei Video Example
Alternative 1-coin corner combo for FA, BE, PO, KU. 211 dmg
  • ... > LV2 Mid > Dash x 2 > c.S / 5H / 6H > Coin > c.S > j.DSDD > LV2 High > Coin > dash j.DSDD > Zweihander Video Example
Basic optimized 2-coin combo. Does not work on lights. Can omit portions of the air combo for simplicity. VS Light characters, shorten the first air portion to j.DD. 195/208/221 dmg
  • ... > LV2 Mid > 6H > Coin > 2H > LV2 High > Coin > dash j.DSDD > Zwei Video Example
Alternative 2-coin combo. Good burst safe starter and fairly universal. Spacing on the 6H is somewhat specific, though, so be sure to adjust by walking (or dashing) while they are tumbling. 218 dmg
  • ... > LV2 Mid > Dash x 2 > c.S > Coin > c.S > [j.DD] OR [j.DHD] > Air LV2 High > Land > Mist > 2K > Coin Video Example
Advanced corner route ending in Mist > OTG 2K > Coin. Mainly works on mediums / heavies. can replace c.S with 5H or 6H, but can affect stability. jDHD works on MI, JA. 174 dmg
  • ...> LV2 > Coin > dash 6P > j.DHD > Air LV2 High > Land > Mist > OTG 2K > Coin Video Example
Burst safe universal variant of above. Does slightly less damage. Works on: EL, SO, SI, CH, JO, MI, IN, SL, FA, BE, JC, JA, VE, ZA, LE, MA, RA, RV, KU (j.KDHD), AX(j.KSHD), PO (j.KDHD, very strict). Doesn't work on: KY. 173 dmg
  • ... > LV2 Mid > (dash) Coin > dash f.S > 2H > Air LV2 High > etc Video Example
More burst safe variant of the 2-coin route. Can simply land > Mist > OTG 2K > Coin after the Air LV2 High on many characters. Delaying your air LV2 High is suggested if going for that ender. If you are too far, try Dash Coin > (walk forward) f.S. Point blank this route may be difficult on some characters, try walking back slightly before doing Coin. 194 dmg
  • ... > LV2 Mid > (Dash) 6H > Mist Stance Dash Treasure Hunt > 2S (or 2P/2K/5K/c.S) > Coin > c.S > j.D > Zwei
Essential Stance Dash Treasure Hunt Combo. Refer to How To Do Mist Stance Dash Treasure Hunt section for details on inputting and how to Pickup off of it. If the [Stuff] string is more than 3 hits, becomes unstable after the pickup. Air string can be extended (j.DSDD etc) if starter and proration allow. 226 dmg
  • TK Air LV2 Low (Overhead) > land > Delay 6H > Mist Stance Dash Treasure Hunt > etc
Refer to How To Do Mist Stance Dash Treasure Hunt section for details on inputting and how to Pickup off of it.

Level 3

Note: You can generally follow the LV2 starter recipes with some slight adjustments to work at Level 3.

  • Ground String > LV3 Mid > Dash x 2 > 6H > Coin > c.S > j.DSDD > Zweihander Video Example
Basic LV3 starter combo. Basically the same as the basic LV2 starter. Works on SI, JO, MI, CH, BE, AX, ZA, PO, LE, MA, RV, KY. Use Dashx2 > c.S vs SO, JC. For all other characters, omit the normal before Coin.
  • Ground String > LV3 Mid > Dash x2 > 6H > Coin > c.S > j.DD > LV2 High > Coin > dash j.DSDD > Zweihander
Advanced LV3 starter combo. Basically the same as the advanced LV2 combo.
  • ... > LV3 Mid > Dash Mist > 5K or 2K > 2D > Coin (> Coin)
LV3 starter that leads to another meterless unblockable, but sacrifices damage
  • ... > LV3 Mid > (walk forward or back) 6H > Coin > 2H > LV2 High > Coin > dash j.DSDD > Zwei
Advanced LV3 starter combo. Need a good sense to space the first 6H, but universal and burst safe. Does slightly less than the dashx2 6H route.
  • ... > LV3 Mid > Mist > Coin > Coin > Dash 5K > 5H > MC > f.S > 6H > Treasure Hunt
Very spacing dependant LV3 Mid combo. Can reset with another LV3 mid instead of ending with Treasure Hunt. Can Mist YRC after TH and then unblockable, allowing the 2nd mist to stick mid-combo afterwards.

Corner Throw

  • Throw > dash j.PSHD > Zweihander
Extremely stable Zweikasu knockdown from corner throw. Works on everyone. When you are already at LV2 and just want an unblockable. Some of the characters with skinny air hurtboxes require somewhat tight timing for this combo, however.
Basic throw combo leading to LV2 unblockable. Can add another j.D on some characters.
  • Throw > Coin > j.SHD > [Zweihander] OR [LV2 High > Land > Mist > OTG 2K > Coin] Video Example
Better Throw combo into LV2 + Mist. They can air tech after the coin hit, so be prepared accordingly. On Potemkin, after first j.D, MC into 2nd j.D. On ZA / SL / BE / VE / LE / KU: Coin > j.D > MC > j.D > etc
  • Throw > [j.D > MC > j.H > MC > j.KD > land] x 2 > [dash j.D > MC > j.HD > Zwei] or [j.D (MC > j.H) > LV3 Mid > land > Coin x 2 > dash 2D(1) > Mist]
Advanced LV3 Throw Combo. Works on SI, KY, ED, FA (Need confirmation)

Combo Theory

Air Combo and Ender Explanation

A basic air combo filler looks something like: j.K > j.S > dj > j.K > j.S > j.D > Ender. Many combos will often use / lead with j.P to lift the opponent higher. An example air combo on a heavy character: j.PKS > j.PKSD. j.P combos into j.D, so you can even add it to the end of an adlib combo such as j.KS > dj > j.KPPPD > etc.

(j.K >) j.S > j.H > j.D is the ideal route, and should be aimed for once you have the basic air combo theory down, but j.S > j.H is somewhat height specific relative to the airborne opponent. the j.H > j.D ender also improves stability to connect to Zweihander or convert to Air LV2 High > land Mist > OTG 2K Coin ending routes.

j.P > j.S is a useful air gatling for transitioning into this route from a double jump. For example, on Sol Midscreen: Throw > dash j.PKS > dj > j.PSHD > Ender.

Note that j.P > j.S will cease to combo at heavy proration, so do not attempt to use this gatling far into a combo.

There are a few basic ways to end your air combo. The main emphasize is to score a knockdown.

  • j.D > Zweihander 1 hit - very reliable in the corner, but situationally works midscreen. The hitbox for the second hit of Zwei occurs around Johnny's midsection and downward. Connecting the Zweihander when the opponent is slightly above Johnny is a good guideline (but not too high, or Zweihander 1st hit will whiff). If you are having trouble connecting j.D > Zwei midscreen, be sure to extend your dash on the dash jump preceeding the air combo. Time your actual jump late as possible to get as much forward movement first.
  • (j.S >) j.H - is a hard knockdown if performed low enough to the ground. Usually used when too far from the corner for j.D > Zwei
  • (j.S >) j.H > Air LV1 Low - allows you to knockdown at heights where j.H is techable. Only works if you are at LV1 obviously. Very spacing specific. Often used after a 6K hit at LV1. Example: 6K > j.KS > dj >j.KSH > Air LV1 Low
  • j.D > Air LV1 High - Does not knock down. Do this ender when you have no other options.
  • j.D - tech chase option. Usually used midscreen when at LV2 already.

Any combo that ends in either j.H or Zweihander leaves them in a long OTG state. You can generally follow up with Dash > 2K/2S > Coin or Dash > Mist > YRC, provided you are close enough. Off of a midscreen far Zweihander knockdown, you generally do not have time to followup with an OTG.

LV2 High Loop Theory

If a combo leads into, or starts from (Air) LV2 High, one can choose to do one of the following:

Coin >

  • ... Dash Jump > Air Combo > Ender - leads to unblockable. Fundamental route. Best if you are close to the corner.
  • ... (Dash) 2H > LV2 High - Loops into another rep. Air LV2 High bounces much less than the ground version, so use this to be able to go for Coin > Dash Air Combo even when you are very close to the corner already.
  • ... Dash Filler > Zweihander (Ground) - good for when proration makes a followup air combo unstable or too far from the corner to get an Air Zweihander knockdown / don't want to spend extra coins
  • ... iad j.D > dl Air LV2 High - alternative rep for air LV2 corner carry.
  • ... 6K > Air Combo - for when they are too far for Dash Jump
  • ... Dash (j.S >) j.H or iad j.H - ends the combo into knockdown. Best when you don't think you can reach the corner. The j.S is optional for dash jumping, but often necessary for OTG'ing afterwards into coin.

Backdash > Coin > LV2 High - for when you are too close to the corner, which will cause the Ground LV2 High to bounce over or on top of you.
Air Combo - for when you just want to take the damage / knockdown.

How To Do Mist Stance Dash Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt super ONLY pops them high in the sky if you are in the middle of Stance Dash (Mist Stance 66) when performing it, and they also must be in a non grounded state. Here are some basic techniques to do this. Note that this is generally one of the more execution heavy techniques in Revelator Johnny's arsenal. If you're new to Johnny, make sure you have all the bnbs down first before working on this.

NOTE: For these examples, I use P as the button for entering mist stance, but you can also use K. Use whichever is more comfortable for you.

Doing SDTH from neutral is very easy. Simply input 63214[P]66S OR 632146[P]6S You must do it somewhat quickly or the command interpreter will forget.

However, due to hitstop, performing SDTH from a move such as 6H will need a different kind of input. If you input it as above, with the timing of a typical special cancel, your Mist Stance entry will be delayed (due to hitstop), making the super input not come out. Here are two main ways to input 6H > Stance Dash Treasure Hunt:

1) 6H > 214[P] > 6321466S - everything here must be input very quicky to work, but if you have very fast hands, this is quite consistent.
1b) 6H > 214[P] > 6321464S - Same but backdash

2) 6H > delayed 63214[P]66S - in order to avoid the issue with hitstop, by delaying the entire input, you can still use the same technique as doing it at neutral. If TH isn't coming out, you must delay more or speed up your input. If TH isn't combo'ing, delay less. You can also do things like slow down only part of the half circle input, and speed up the later half, to change how long and when your buffering starts, to your preference. My recommendation for this input method is to wait until you see the 6H physically make input before beginning to buffer the motion. Alternatively, you can use method 4) in order to give yourself a natural delay.

3) 6H > delayed 632146[P]6S - similar to method #2

4) 6H > 4 OR 2 OR 6 > 632146[P]6S OR 63214[P]66S - this method is basically method 2/3, but by adding an extra directional input before the treasure hunt input, you create a natural delay that aligns well with the delay needed for hitstop. This method can also psychologically help you make your input cleaner, and helps avoid missing diagonals.

Comboing off of Stance Dash Treasure Hunt

If cornered after SDTH, the basic recipe is Stance Dash Treasure Hunt > [Normal] > Coin > c.S > j.D > Zweihander

(If your hitcount before SDTH was less than 5 hits, you can generally do a full j.DSDDZ after c.S.)

The normal used to pick up is usually one of the following: 2P, 5K, 2K, c.S, 2S, 2D. Choose based on preference and character. 2S is recommended to try first.
In some cases based on weight and proration, combo'ing after Coin > c.S can become awkward. You can choose to do > Coin > 5P/c.S > 5H > Zweihander if the air route feels unstable and you are spaced properly for the Zwei to 1 hit. Be aware with some characters that if you do the pickup normal too early, c.S will whiff after coin. In this case, be sure to delay your pickup normal so they are low enough. Longer air combos can be done after the pick up, but are very character dependent and specific to how many hits before Treasure Hunt. c.S > j.D > Zweihander is very universal, though.

Below is the suggested Normal and followup for each character, assuming 5 hits before Treasure Hunt, aka 3 hits before Mist Finer. Remember that other normals will work for other characters. Below is simply the normal found to be most consistent and stable.

  • ... 2S ... j.D > Zwei - MI, JC, CH, RA, AX, LE, JO, RV, SI, SO(j.DDZ)
  • ... 2K ... j.D > Zwei - SL, IN, VE
  • ... 2P ... j.DD > Zwei - BE, ZA, EL(j.DSDDZ), PO(j.DSDD)
  • ... 5K ... j.D > Zwei - MA(j.DS dj DZ)
  • ... Coin > c.S > j.DSDD - FA, JC
  • ... Coin > Coin > c.S > j.DSDD - Works on many characters. Check combo section for full list of characters this route works on. Recommended on JA and KY.
  • KY - Coin > c.S > j.D is inconsistent beyond 4 hits. Instead, use: 2S > Coin > c.S > 5H > Zwei
  • JA - similarly, with Jam, use ...2K > Coin > c.S > 5H > Zwei

If midscreen: Stance Dash Treasure Hunt > [Normal] > Coin > 5P/f.S > LV2 High > etc

Video Examples

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-e
Click [*] for character's frame data
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