Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

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Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2
GGXRD-R2 Logo.png

Developer: Arc System Works

Arc System Works (Japan)
Aksys Games (North America)
PQube (Europe)

Genre: 1-on-1 2D Fighting Game
Release Dates:

Japan (Arcade): 3/30/2017
Japan (PS3/PS4): 5/25/2017
North America (PS3/PS4): 5/26/2017
Europe (PS3/PS4): 5/26/2017
Worldwide (Steam): 6/1/2017

Guilty Gear Series

Preceded By: Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-
Followed By: Guilty Gear -STRIVE-

Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 is a standalone expansion for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-.

REV 2 features a short list of minor system changes, significant changes to the game's visuals and camera, and changes ranging from minor to drastic to each member of the cast. On top of changes to the system and characters, REV 2 also features two new additional player characters: Answer and Baiken. The game was initially released on the SEGA RingEdge 2 arcade board with ALL.Net P-ras MULTI and Aime support, and is also available on PS3, PS4 and Steam.


GGXRD-R2 Answer Icon.png GGXRD-R Axl Icon.png GGXRD-R2 Baiken Icon.png GGXRD-R Bedman Icon.png GGXRD-R Chipp Icon.png GGXRD-R Dizzy Icon.png GGXRD-R Elphelt Icon.png GGXRD-R Faust Icon.png

GGXRD-R I-No Icon.png GGXRD-R Jack-O' Icon.png GGXRD-R Jam Icon.png GGXRD-R Johnny Icon.png GGXRD-R Kum Icon.png GGXRD-R Ky Icon.png GGXRD-R Leo Icon.png GGXRD-R May Icon.png GGXRD-R Millia Icon.png

GGXRD-R Potemkin Icon.png GGXRD-R Ramlethal Icon.png GGXRD-R Raven Icon.png GGXRD-R Sin Icon.png GGXRD-R Slayer Icon.png GGXRD-R Sol Icon.png GGXRD-R Venom Icon.png GGXRD-R Zato-1 Icon.png

New Characters[edit]

  • Answer is Chipp's dutiful secretary and is a ninja dressed in a business suit. He can throw business cards and teleport to their location or cause shadow clones to attack from their location. He can also set scrolls in the air and do various moves when hanging from them.
  • Baiken returns from the XX series. She is a ronin with one eye, one arm, and a grudge against That Man for creating the Gears that killed maimed her and killed her family. Baiken's unique ability is to cancel her guard into attacks for free, forcing opponents to attack her in more unconventional ways.

Universal Information[edit]


For a list of changes from Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- see the Change Log.

In January 2018, Arc System Works released Version 2.10. See the Version 2.10 patch notes for details.

Tier Lists[edit]

Tier lists are made to give a general idea of the character strength. They do not decide the strength of the character, and do not decide who can or will win a given match. Tier lists help act as a basic point to understand which characters have more matchups in which they are advantaged against another character piloted by another theoretically equally skilled player. Opinions vary on exact placement of characters, but REV 2 is generally agreed to balanced enough that characters considered weaker can still succeed.

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Main Page Feature complete. Future additions are fluff/optional. 8/8
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Controls Covers all of the essentials. Could benefit from information on advanced input techniques 4/5
Frame Data Appears that all necessary frame data is present 10?/10
Patch Notes Complete lists of patch notes and changes with links to official and translated sources 5/5
Movement Needs explanation of IAD, jump heights, and character jump arcs 5/8
Offense Some images are from Sign and formatting is a little messy 7/8
Defense Some images are from Sign and formatting is a little messy 7/8
Damage Untech Time Scaling is copied from XX AC 6/8
Attack Attributes Needs the layout to be adjusted for readability, 7/8
Gauges Building Bursts links to XX AC's burst mechanics 5/6
Miscellaneous Explains a few glitches and oddities 2/2



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