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Combo Notation Guide
7 7.gif 8 8.gif 9 9.gif
4 4.gif 5 5.gif 6 6.gif
1 1.gif 2 2.gif 3 3.gif
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example 2.gif3.gif6.gifD.png becomes 236D.png.
> = Proceed from the previous move to the following move.
, = Link the previous move into the following move.
-> = Cancel the previous special into a follow-up special.
|> or ▷ = After landing.
j = Jump
hj = High Jump
IAD = Instant Air Dash
CH = Counter Hit
MC = Mortal Counter
(JC) = Jump Cancel
(HJC) = High Jump Cancel
(JI) = Jump Install
(RC) = (Red) Roman Cancel
(YRC) = Yellow Roman Cancel
(PRC) = Purple Roman Cancel
[ ] = Hold input.
(X) = X is optional.
(N) = Attack must deal N amount of hits.
[???] xN = Repeat ??? N amount of times.
[X] or [Y] = Perform series of actions X or Y.

Rensen = [4]6S
Raiei = 623K
Rashousen = 41236H
TKB = TK Bomber
Bomber = j.623H

Combo List[edit]

  • All damage values are damage dealt to Sol unless the combo cannot work on him, in which case the character with the closest defense modifier is used.
  • Damage values listed for combos with interchangeable combo parts assume the highest damage variation unless otherwise stated.
  • Multi-hit normals that use their maximum amount of hits in the combo do not require specification (eg. 6K > 2S (HJC) j.S is equal to 6K(2) > 2S(2) (HJC) j.S(2)).
# Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes
_ *** *** *** *** *** ***

Ground Combos[edit]

# Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes
_ 5K > c.S > 2D > [4]6S Any 102 All [1] Very Easy Axl's most stable ground BnB combo. Gives a knockdown from Rensen.
Start charging Rensen before 2D, preferably the whole time.
_ 2K > c.S > 2D > [4]6S Any 68 All [1] Very Easy 2K version of ground BnB, but worse damage because of 70% proration.
Hits low, so use as a reminder for opponent to block crouching.
_ 6P > c.S > 5H > 2D > [4]6S Any 147 All [1] Very Easy Most damaging version of ground BnB for pointblank range.
Not very useful outside guaranteed ground punishes (because of 6P).
_ 5K > 2D > [4]6S Any 85 All [2] Easy Compact version of ground BnB for ranges where c.S and 5H can not connect.
Less time for Rensen charge than in longer BnBs, try starting with [4]K.
_ 2K > 2D > [4]6S Any 55 All [2] Easy Compact 2K combo for literally "low" damage.
_ 5K > c.S > 5H > 2D > [4]6S Any 131 All [1] Very Easy The full BnB from 5K for pointblank range, knocks down.
_ 2K > c.S > 5H > 2D > [4]6S Any 87 All [1] Very Easy Heavily prorated (ie. bad damage) version of the "full" BnB.
_ 5K > 3P > 2D > [4]6S Any 98 All [3] Medium Compact 3P route confirm with decent range.
Start charging Rensen immediately after inputting 3P.
_ 3P > f.S > [4]6S Any 96 All [3] Medium A hitconfirm for normal hit 3P.
Doesn't work on counterhit 3P; continue with f.S > 2S instead.
_ 5K > c.S > 3P > 2D > [4]6S Any 116 All [3] Medium Full 3P route for pointblank range, not very practical (low damage).
_ 2P > [4]6S Any 70 All [2] Easy Combos on much longer range with counterhit 2P.
Normal hit 2P requires slightly closer than round start distance to combo.
_ 2P > f.S > [4]6S Any 96 All [3] Medium 2P confirm for distance where 2P isn't an optimal poke to do.
2P > f.S doesn't input in c.S distance; mashing S during 2P's pushback is recommendable.

Anti-Air Combos[edit]

# Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes
_ (5P) > 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 166 All [2] Easy The BnB anti-air combo from 5P or 6K, no knockdown.
j.D and Bomber can whiff if the opponent is too high in the air.
_ 6K (JC) j.6P > j.6K > Bomber Midscreen 121 All [3] Normal 6K route when you're too far for connecting into 2S.
Use (HJC) at high altitudes, notably on light characters.
_ (5P) > 6K (HJC) j.6P > j.S(1) > j.6P Midscreen 107 All [3] Normal Outdated route for long-range 6K, usable in rare cases where j.6K would whiff.
jS(1) and last j.6P can whiff depending on opponent's hurtbox type.
_ 2S (JC) j.K (JC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 140 All [2] Easy Easy and stable choice for a lower altitude 2S confirm.
_ 2S > TK Bomber Midscreen 82 All [3] Normal Less damage, but secures an easy knockdown.
Knockdown may require delaying the Bomber.
_ 2S (HJC) delay j.D, j.6P > Bomber Midscreen 126 Medium [4] Hard High altitude 2S into good damage and knockdown.
Connecting j.6P requires hitting j.D at around same height as opponent.
_ 2S (JC) j.D, j.6P, 5P > 6K (HJC) j.6P > j.6K > Bomber Midscreen 180 Most [4] Hard Low altitude 2S into great damage and corner carry.
Less stable route after 6K for more damage: (JC) j.6K > j.H > Bomber (186)
_ 2S > TKB, 5P > 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 210
Light [3] Normal Light characters' float can trade the knockdown for extra damage.
_ 6P > c.S > 2S > TKB, 5P > [4]6S Midscreen 161 Medium [3] Normal Good for horizontal approaches (IADs), knocks down.
Trades less against pre-emptive attacks than 2S, but doesn't reach nearly as high.

Air to Ground/Air Combos[edit]

# Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes
_ IAD j.S > j.H, 5K > 2D > [4]6S Any 122 All [2] Easy Connects a succesful IAD j.S into compact ground BnB.
You must be high enough to allow j.H become active before landing.
_ IAD j.S > j.H, c.S > 5H > 2D > [4]6S Any 156 All [3] Normal IAD j.S into full ground BnB.
You must be very close after landing to connect all hits.
_ IAD j.S > (j.P), 5K > 2D > [4]6S Any 98 All [2] Easy For when you are too close to ground for j.S > j.H to work.
j.P reduces damage, use only when j.S hitstun isn't enough.
_ IAD j.S > (j.P), c.S > 5H > 2D > [4]6S Any 136 All [3] Normal Low-altitude IAD j.S into full ground BnB
Linking c.S is hard without being really close to ground on j.S(2) or j.P.
_ IAD j.H > j.D, (66) 5K > 5P > 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 198 All [3] Normal Launches the opponent for huge damage, but is risky on block because of j.D.
Great for punishing stuff, eg. IADing over Gunflame or Slidehead on reaction.

Counterhit Starter Combos[edit]

# Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes
_ CH 623K, 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 184 All [2] Easy Similar to throw BnB, but lacks the damage proration.
6K can whiff depending on range/character (use 66, 5K > 5P instead).
_ CH 623K, 66, 6P > c.S > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 195 All [3] Normal Quite universal route for good damage.
6P can whiff or cancel into f.S if you hitconfirm too late or lack run momentum.
_ CH 623K, 5P > 6K > 2S > TKB, 5P > [4]6S Midscreen 194 Medium [3] Normal Knocks down. Use run 5K > 5P to connect easier on some characters.
_ CH 5H > 5D~8, j.D > j.D > j.K (JC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 173 All [4] Hard CH 5H > 5D cancel for ones with quick reflexes.
Cancel window of 5H is really short, so actually confirming into 5D is hard.
_ CH 5H > 5D~8, j.D > j.D > j.6P > j.K (JC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 177 All [4] Hard CH 5H into Dust for slightly more damage.
_ CH 6P > 623K, c.S > 5P > 2S(1) > TKB,
5K > 2S > TKB, 5K > 2S > TKB
Corner 218 Medium [4] Hard Huge damage with a knockdown if you can predict the CH.
CH 6P at almost middle of stage is enough to carry the opponent to corner.
_ CH 5H > 5D~6, j.D > j.D > j.D, 6P > c.S > TKB, 5K > 2S > TKB Corner 197 Medium [4] Hard CH 5H into Dust in corner for big damage and knockdown.

Roman Cancel Combos[edit]

# Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes
_ c.S > 5H > 2D > [4]6S-8 (RC)
delay, IAD, delay, j.D, 6K > 2S > TKB
Midscreen 195 Medium [3] Normal RC combo from Rensen which works really universally. Knocks down when timed right.
Whiff a 5H after RC for the delay timing and do j.D late for more untech time.
_ 623K (RC) 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 154 All [2] Easy Throw-like combo with RRC proration.
6K can whiff depending on range/character (use 66, 5K > 5P instead).
_ 623K, delay (RC) 5K > 5P > 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber, Midscreen 157 All [3] Normal Raiei RRC route that is easy to hitconfirm for normal hit only.
Delay prevents wasting meter in case of counterhit by RC'ing late.
_ 623K, delay (RC) 5K > 5P > 6K > 2S > TKB, 5P > [4]6S Midscreen 155 Medium [3] Normal Raiei RRC into knockdown with time for normal hit confirm.

Overdrive Combos[edit]

# Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes
_ c.S > 5H > 2D > 2363214H Midscreen 216 All [2] Easy Easy and damaging close range punish with decent knockdown.
Good against low health (OD minimum damage, 7 hits).
_ 2P > 214214S, 66, 6K > c.S > 5H > 2D > [4]6S Any 158 Most [3] Normal Long-range convertion with Kairagi, much easier with CH 2P but isn't mandatory.
Buffer 214214 after 2P and hit S after a visual confirm of ground hit (or block, it's +11).
_ c.S > 5H > 2D > 214214S,
c.S > 5P > 6K(1) > 2S > TKB, cS > 2S > TKB
Corner 212 Medium [3] Normal Corner Kairagi confirm for great damage and tension build.
Use 5K > cS > TKB as stable finisher on thin hurtboxes (Ky, Venom, Zato etc).
_ c.S > 5H > 2D > 214214S,
3P > fS > 2S > TKB, 5K > 2S > TKB
Corner 204
Light [3] Normal Corner Kairagi confirm for light characters.
Use delayed Bomber to knock down.
_ cS > 5H > 2D > 214214S,
c.S > 6P > cS > 2S > TKB, 5K > 2S (JD) jS > jH > jD, 2S > TKB
Corner 200
Super-Heavy [3] Normal Corner Kairagi confirm for super-heavy characters (Pot, Kum, Bed).

Dust Combos[edit]

# Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes
_ 5D, 8, j.D > j.D > j.K (JC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 121 All [2] Easy The basic Homing Jump combo.
Can be stopped at last j.D for corner wallstick.
_ 5D, 8, j.D > j.D > j.6P > j.K (JC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 125 All [3] Normal Tiny additional damage with slightly stricter cancel timing.
_ 5D, 6, c.S > 5H > [4]6S-2 Midscreen 84 All [2] Easy Homing Dash into midscreen knockdown.
_ 5D, 6, j.D > jD > j.D, 6P > 2S > TKB, 5K > 2S > TKB Corner 144 Medium [3] Normal Corner Dust into damage and knockdown.
_ 5D, 6, j.D > j.D > j.D, 6P > c.S > 2S > TKB, c.S > 6P > 2S TKB Corner 134 (Pot) Super-Heavy [3] Normal Corner Dust route for Potemkin, Haehyun and Bedman, ends in knockdown.
_ 5D, 6, j.D > j.D > j.D, 6P > c.S > 2S > TKB, c.S > 2S TKB Corner 148 Heavy [3] Normal Corner Dust route for Leo & Johnny with knockdown.
_ 5D, 6, j.D > j.H > j.D, c.S TKB, delay 5K > c.S > TKB Corner 138 (Elph) Light [3] Normal Corner Dust route for light characters.
To reduce height for knockdown, do first j.D ASAP, and delay 5K.

Throw Combos[edit]

# Combo Position Damage Works on: Difficulty Notes
_ Throw, [4]6S Midscreen 69 All [1] Very Easy Puny damage, but burst safe and universally knocks down.
_ Throw, 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 113 Most [2] Easy The BnB throw combo, doesn't knock down.
2S(2) either easily or completely whiffs on some characters.
_ Throw, 66, (5K) > 5P > 6K > 2S (HJC) j.H > j.D > Bomber Midscreen 116 Most [2] Easy Alternate version of throw BnB for different hurtboxes.
Works well on Ky, Zato, Venom, Jam, Jack-O, etc.
_ Throw, 6K > 2S > TK Bomber Midscreen 93 Most [3] Normal Basic TKB combo for knockdown.
Knockdown on lights (notably Elph) requires a very strict delay.
_ Throw, 6K > 2S > TKB, 5P > [4]6S Midscreen 113 Medium [3] Normal More damage and a far knockdown for IAD j.S safejumps.
_ Throw, (66,) 6K > 2S (vertical JC) delay j.S > Bomber Midscreen 99 Light [4] Hard Midscreen route for knockdown on lights.
Use microdash on Jam and Jack-O.
_ Throw, 66, 5K > 5P > 2S (JC) delay j.S > Bomber Midscreen 99 Elph [4] Hard Most stable knockdown route for Elphelt.
_ Throw, 66, 2H, 5K > 5P > 2S, delay j.S(2) > j.H > j.D,
2S, j.H > j.D > Bomber
Midscreen  ??? Millia [4] Hard ??? Stylish Millia-specific combo.
_ Throw, 66, 5K > 2S (JC) j.S > j.H > j.D, microdash, jump j.S > j.H > j.D,
jump j.S > j.H > j.D, jump j.S > j.H > j.D, 2S > TKB
Midscreen 115 Potemkin [5] Very Hard Full corner-carry Dustloop with a knockdown.
The first 5K must be hit as low as possible.
_ Throw, c.S > 2S > TKB, c.S > 2S > TKB, 5K > c.S > TKB Corner 136 Medium [3] Normal Basic 3-rep Bomber loop. Knocks down.
Mind the link timing after landing recovery of Bomber.
_ Throw, c.S > 2S > TKB, c.S > 2S > TKB, 5K > 5P > [4]6S-2 Corner 139 Medium [3] Normal Alternative ender for the Bomber loops.
_ Throw, 6P > TKB, c.S (JC) j.D, j.6P, 2S > TKB, 5K > 2S > TKB Corner 143 Medium [4] Hard Flashy AMR route for knocksdown + damage.
6P is replaceable with c.S, but makes jD whiff on Ky, Zato, Venom.
_ Throw, c.S > TKB, c.S > TKB, c.S > TKB Corner 128
Light [3] Normal Simple 3-rep loop for lights. Knocks down.
_ Throw, c.S > TKB, c.S > TKB,
c.S > TKB, 5K > 2S(2) (JC) Bomber
Corner 146
Light [4] Hard 4-rep loop knockdown for any light.
Requires strict timing to connect everything, finish with delayed Bomber.
_ Throw, delay c.S > TKB, c.S > TKB,
5K > 2S(1) > TKB, 5K > 2S(2) (JC) Bomber
Corner 145
Light [4] Hard 4-rep loop knockdown with slightly more leeway.
Delayed c.S lowers height for knockdown. Doesn't work on I-No, May.
_ Throw, 66, c.S > TKB, c.S > TKB,
5K > 2S > TKB, 5K > c.S > TKB
Corner 144
Light [3] Normal Easier variation for slightly less damage, works on all females.
_ Throw, (66,) 5P > 6K(1) > 2S > TKB,
5P > 6K(1) > 2S > TKB, c.S > [4]6S-2
Corner 126
Super-Heavy [4] Hard Reliable 2-rep loop on super-heavies.
Microdash on Kum, dash longer on Bed to connect TKB easier.
_ Throw, (66,) 5P > 6K(1) > 2S > TKB, 5P > 6K(1) > 2S > TKB,
c.S > 2S (JC) j.S > j.H > j.D, 2S > TKB
Corner 126
Super-Heavy [4] Hard 3x TKB + j.SHD filler = almost 50% meter gain.
On Bedman, ...5K > 2S > (JC) j.S... is more consistent.

Instant Kill Combos[edit]

# Combo Position Works on: Difficulty Notes
100% (X) > [4]6S~8, (RC) 66, Activate, IK Any All [2] Easy Easiest way to IK with 100%, though vulnerable to bursts.
IK attack has great range, so the dash can be left quite short.
100% Throw, 6K > 2S > TK Bomber (RC) airdash, land, 66, Activate, IK Any Light [3] Normal The pre-RC part builds lot of meter, so you don't have to be quite 100%.
Be prepared to block their burst during/after Bomber RC part.
100% (X) > Kairagi, 66, Activate, Throw, IK Corner All [3] Normal Safe from bursts once you connect the Kairagi.
Works midscreen on Sol, Sin, May, Slayer, Axl, Leo, Johnny.
100% (X) > 2H (RC) 66, Activate, Throw, IK Corner All [3] Normal Same as above but without the burst safety before throw.
50% 5D, 6, Activate, IK Corner All [2] Easy If you land a corner Dust, this is an easy confirm.
Vulnerable to bursts since you have to be close.
CH, 50% CH 5H > 5D, 6, Activate, IK Corner All [4] Hard A great use for the CH 5H confirm if you have mastered it.
CH, 50% CH 6H, Activate, IK Any All [4] Hard Activate quickly after the 6H recovery (avoiding 6H RRC).
CH, 50% CH [4]6S-8, Activate, IK Any All [5] Very Hard The CH Kyokusa must be quite meaty to leave enough time.

Combo Theory[edit]

TK Axl Bomber Loops[edit]

Bomber loop is an umbrella term for Axl's combo routes that are done near the corner on aerial opponents.
The basic structure can be divided into three parts:

  • Starter: the move that initially launches the opponent in the air: ground throw, counterhit Raiei/6H/6P/3P, antiair confirms, Rensen-up/Benten/Rashousen RRC, 2D > Kairagi, Rensen YRC, and j.D.
  • Relaunch: a string of normals eventually canceled into a TK Bomber that links into another relaunch (hence "loop") or the ender.
  • Ender: the final part that secures a knockdown (or something else like damage or positioning when prefered).

Bomber loops lead to big damage, huge tension gain, and most importantly a knockdown, so learning them is by far the most the most important step in becoming a better Axl player. In most cases loops have 2-4 relaunches (aka "reps"), light characters getting more reps with less normals and heavy characters getting less reps with more normals to compensate for the untech time, gravity, and pushback scalings.


Relaunches are most commonly done with:

  • (5K, c.S, 6P, 5P, or 6K) > 2S or 2S(1) > TKB
  • (5K or 6P) > c.S > TKB

5K and c.S are the most stable normals in relaunch strings, former because it has the fastest startup and great hitbox, while latter because it has good damage, good hitbox, and decent startup. Normals like 5P and 6P (and even 6K) have their specific uses, but their hitboxes are much smaller/thinner so they can whiff easily on some characters causing fatal combo drops. 2S is the best normal for going into TK Bomber since it cancels from all relevant relaunch normals, has a great hitbox with a second-hit vacuum, and both of its hits have additional untech time (making delayed Bombers possible). Unfortunately 2S(2) can whiff in longer combos (3 reps or more) on many vertically thin hurtboxes (eg. Ky, Venom, Zato, I-No), which means 5K > c.S > TKB is a more stable finisher, though getting a knockdown with it can be harder depending on the situation.
While relaunches are most commonly finished in Bombers for the loop to work (ie. to link into another relaunch or ender), there are also other options; filler parts such as c.S (JC) j.S > j.H > j.D and c.S (JC) jD, j6P can also give enough untech time to link into the next part while doing better damage than common TKB strings, but they are much more weight/hurtbox specific.


There are several different ways for finishing a Bomber loop:

  • Final TK Bomber - This is the universal, stable ender for a knockdown, though it requires proper height control during the combo (especially on light characters).
  • Rensen-down - Does slightly more damage and gives a knockdown with crossup potential (eg. Raiei, IAD j.H/j.D), but connecting into it is quite character specific with different hurtbox types.
  • Sickle Storm - The biggest damage and a guaranteed knockdown, but not really worth meter unless you can kill with it (which usually requires the Burst OD version).
  • Fullscreen pushback - By utilizing an aerial string with back-jump cancel and j.6P, it is possible to push yourself to the opposite corner for a Haitaka setup.
  • Damage - When finishing the opponent, going for an easy j.K (JC) j.H > j.D > Bomber can be a good choice, though high Guts rating can make it pointless (where multiple hits from Rensen-down would be more effective).

Height Control[edit]

The balance between lifting the opponent high enough for more reps and hits (ie. damage), and finishing low enough for a knockdown from the ender is something you have to learn by practice and experience, especially from random antiair starters where the pickup height and amount of hits isn't identical each time (unlike from throw starters).
Ways to control the combo height for a knockdown and optimal damage:

  • Extend the relaunch by adding normals for higher height and more damage, eg. 5K > c.S > 5P > 2S > TKB (5 hits before Bomber)
  • Shorten the relaunch by reducing normals for lower height and better untech time scaling, eg. 5K > c.S > TKB (2 hits before Bomber)
  • Delay the relaunch for lower height: very useful on high altitude antiair starters after the first rep when there is still plenty of untech time.
  • Delay the last Bomber after the second hit of 2S (aka "delayed Bomber"): important method for securing the knockdown, especially on light characters.
  • Choose between different relaunch string normals:
    • 5K, 5P, and 6P hit aerial opponents on their first active frame, so they tend to increase combo height.
    • cS and 2S have 7F and 8F startups but can take few frames longer to reach aerial opponents, so they tend to lower the height.

j.D Combos[edit]

j.D has properties that make it special as an air normal: big damage, big untech time, and wallsplat. These features allow air combos to be extended in spectacular ways. If you hit with a low altitude j.D, you may recover fast enough to link into 5P, c.S, 2S, or even a microdash j.S.
Examples of j.D usage:

  • IAD j.H > j.D which continues into BnB antiair combos for big damage.
  • j.D, j.6P link (now also known as "Axl Makes Revolution" thanks to Kaon) which can be used really diversely in both corner and midscreen (antiair 2S, Benten/Rensen-up RRC, corner throw, etc).
  • j.S > j.H > j.D, aka "Ghetto Dustloop". Connecting the whole thing is very hurtbox and weight specific, but it is the most damaging type of combo filler (CH Raiei, midscreen/corner throw, etc).
  • 5D, 6, j.D > j.D > j.D which combines the special properties of 5D (free cancel window) and j.D (long untech time + wallsplat) for the most efficient corner Dust combo starter.

Video Examples[edit]

Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2e
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