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GGXRD-R Bedman Portrait.png

Defense Modifier: x0.98
Guts Rating: 0
Weight: [96] Heavy
Stun Resistance: 60
Prejump: 3F
Backdash Time 23F / Invul: 1-11F
Wakeup (Face Up/Down): 24F / 30F

Movement Options
Floaty 8-way Airdash
Teleport-type Backdash
Guard-point forward dash


Bedman is a tricky and versatile character who thrives when he can engage his opponent on his own terms with backup from his unique Deja-Vu mechanic. Whenever Bedman does a special move he leaves a seal on the stage which can be used to create shadowy duplicates that mimic the special move that created them. These can be used for zoning or lockdown with terrifying effectiveness but can be destroyed by his opponent's attacks.

His variety of movement options, solid normals and boomerang-style projectile gives Bedman the ability to play evasive until he can set up Deja-Vu and take control of the match, but if he's caught off guard his defensive options are limited. Even when he's on offense, without backup from Deja-Vu his rushdown is much less dangerous. Overall, he's a character that wants to frustrate his opponents until he can find an opening to exploit.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Strong zoning options when properly set-up.
  • Possesses both a unique 8-way airdash and a guard point teleport dash that can make it difficult to predict his movements.
  • Strong mix-up game and good pressure that can reset into itself.
  • Best walk speed in the game complemented by decent ground pokes.
  • Has a rewarding throw game that is complemented by his fast walk speed.
  • Very bad defense. His 6P is unreliable and his Dead Angle Attack is the worst in the game, his reversal super can be thrown out of, and his counter-teleport dash is not instant.
  • Limited neutral and pressure if he cannot get Deja Vu seals out.
  • Air movement is not fast.
  • Limited mobility on the ground, can't move as fast as others.
  • Large and wide hurtbox.
  • Weak damage until properly set-up.

Normal Moves[edit]

GGXRD Bedman 5P.png
Is this a headbutt or a... Bedbutt
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 Mid 6 4 6 ±0
  • 90% combo proration.
  • A decent standing poke. Primarily useful as a fast anti-air that has decent horizontal range.
  • doesn't have a large extendable hurtbox like his other normals, so it's good for defending yourself from possible incoming attacks (like Slayer 6H).
  • Can be used to stop people from jumping out of pressure
  • Whiffs on crouching characters.

GGXRD Bedman 5K.png
Low invulnerable poke.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22 Mid 8 3 15 -4
  • Has Low body invulnerability from frames 5-13. Can be used to hit many characters out of their low hitting moves (like sweeps or 2Ks). Can avoid Potemkin's slidehead as well
  • Good frame trap if delayed canceled after 2P.
  • On counter hit, can combo into 6H.
  • On normal hit, can combo into cS/fS or 5H.

GGXRD Bedman c.S.png
The butter of all breads.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Mid 6 3 11 ±0
  • Fast startup and has a tall and far hitbox. One of Bedman's best normals.
  • One of the few normals that combo into both hits of 5H. Bedman's strongest combos will start from this.
  • Also is one of his best throw option selects due to how high it hits and it being even on block. Inputting 6+S+HS will have Bedman either throw the opponent if he's close enough to them, or perform c.S if they are either airborne or just barely outside of throw reach.

GGXRD Bedman f.S.png
Decent poke
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
36 Mid 9 2 19 -7
  • Good reach and hitbox. Your fastest move for the reach, but doesn't typically lead to much. Can be useful to get guaranteed punishes in some situations.
  • As a round starter beats many opposing pokes.
  • On counter hit or crouching opponents, you can combo into 2H.
  • Jump Cancelable for juggles off of corner throw.

GGXRD Bedman 5H.png
Swing everywhere. Maybe I'll hit them.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28×2 Mid 12 3(3)3 18 -4
  • Both hits are special cancel-able. but only the second hit is jump cancel-able.
  • Hits far and high up, but the hitbox is angled so it's not impressive against crouching opponents.
  • Depending on how far it hits, you want to either combo into Task B, 2H, or 2D. Opponents that are hit far away will be hit by 2H. Opponents close up can be hit by Task B.
  • 2nd hit vacuums grounded opponents in. This is important for Bedman's longer combos.
  • Can jump cancel second hit on grounded opponents into j.D for a near instant overhead, but opponent can blitz-shield or DP if they expect it. You can always just jump backwards and FD to bait that.
  • Solid for punishing backdashes due to the far reach and long active frames of this move.

GGXRD Bedman 2P.png
A man's best friend is a mash-able 2P
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 Mid 5 4 7 -1
  • Bedman's fastest normal and subsequently his most important defensive normal. Hits low enough to hit all crouching opponents, but has a reasonably high hitbox, all while slouching Bedman's hurtbox as well.
  • Combo into 2K, 2D for a knockdown.
  • Can whiff on Eddie if Eddie is not using an attack, 2K is a more reliable answer.

GGXRD Bedman 2K.png
No longer gatlings into 5H.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
15 Low 6 6 8 -2
  • 70% combo proration.
  • Bedman's fastest low attack. Good reach.
  • Can combo into cS,5H(1),Task B if done close. Otherwise, combo into 2D for a knockdown.

GGXRD Bedman 2S.png
As low as the bed will get.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30 Low 12 3 11 ±0
  • Long range low, but slow startup
  • Can combo into 5H, but not at max distance.
  • Can combo into 2H, but only if 2S is a counter hit or if the opponent is crouching.
  • Very useful to play footsies with since it hits so far and is even on block with its' fast recovery.
  • This is also Bedman's best low profiling move. Bedman can use this to avoid many air attacks or high hitting moves.

GGXRD Bedman 2H.png
Poke at them from three different spots of your choosing.
GGXRD Bedman 2H diagram.png
Just don't whiff.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
2H 40 Mid 15 14 29 -24
1H 45 Mid 15 14 25 -20
3H 35 Mid 19 14 33 -28
  • There are 3 variations of this attack. 1H will always come out next to Bedman. 2H will come out at the half way point between Bedman and the edge of screen he's facing. 3H will come out at the far end of the screen, but it has a limit of one character's width away from the very end of the screen if Bedman is full screen away.
  • 2H/3H are long range pokes that are slow but can catch your opponent by surprise. The pegs that come up do not have hurtboxes but are still physical attacks. This means they can be blitzed and Bedman will be rejected, and they can be reversed by Axl from any range.
  • Can hit opponents far away who are attempting something full-screen.
  • Special cancel-able and jump-cancel-able on block or hit. It's a good way to get a Task A on the screen.
  • Very punishable on whiff. Bedman is in counterhit state during recovery, so it's important to have meter to YRC and react if you see that it will whiff.
  • Can be YRC'd during startup or actives, giving you more than enough time to YRC it on whiff.
  • 1H launches on normal hit and combos into Task C for good damage and knockdown oki. A lot of Bedman's strongest combos involve hitting both hits of 5H and comboing into this move.
  • 2H/3H launches on counter-hit and airborne hit. On counter-hit they can be confirmed into good combos from anywhere on the screen.
  • Excellent ender in blockstrings due to range and jump-cancel-able.

GGXRD Bedman j.P.png
Good and fast air to air poke.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
14 High / Air 6 6 9 -
  • Bedman's most reliable air-to-air move. Hits very far for how fast it is. This will be your most useful air normal.
  • Cancels into itself, even on whiff. You can rapid fire this normal in the air regardless if you're hitting the opponent or not.
  • Very useful air normal to airthrow OS with.

GGXRD Bedman j.K.png
Your best air-to-ground normal, but still meh.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
18 High / Air 9 6 21 -
  • Bedman's best air-to ground normal. This is mostly used when combined with an air dash to hit a grounded opponent.
  • Cancels into j.P and j.S for more overheads if you have the air time.

GGXRD Bedman j.S.png
The move you'll learn to love after a neutral tech
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 High / Air 10 8 22 -
  • Bedman's farthest hitting horizontal normal. This is one of the most important air normals in your arsenal.
  • Very strong in combination with his 8-way dash to control real estate on the screen.
  • One of your best air moves to go for after an air tech.

GGXRD Bedman j.H.png
No one likes blocking this.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
14×6 High / Air 13 12 24 -
  • Hits a total of 6 times, all of the hits are overhead. Becomes very tricky to block when Bedman is getting close to the ground since you can quickly go for 2K when you land.
  • Not very good as an air-to-air move, but it has long active frames. If you're attempting air throws, it's not a bad option select, but it's better to go for j.P or j.S.
  • Very useful move to whiff when going for empty air dash into low attacks.
  • Also good for cranking up the Opponent's RISC meter if they don't choose to FD this move. However it will fill Ravens pain-gauge instantly if he stances this.

GGXRD Bedman j.D.png
No one blocks this on reaction
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50 High / Air 11 8 24 +6
  • Instant overhead on the entire cast. Very important part of Bedman's mix-up.
  • Bedman can convert into a combo only if he has Deja Vu assistance, Red Roman Cancels it, or if j.D is a counter hit.
  • Bedman can air dash downwards j.K to combo if j.D is a counter hit.
  • The momentum after j.D can also be altered if Bedman holds forward, backwards, or neutral after he connects with j.D
  • Can also be used in some air combos to knockdown airborne opponents if they aren't high up in the air (around slightly shorter than super jump height)

GGXRD Bedman6P 2.png
Used to be a reliable anti-air.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 Mid 9 6 21 -13
  • Anti-air that hits fairly far above Bedman.
  • Can combo into cS into Task C or just go into Task C raw.
    • This restricts followups on hit with cS having very short range. Going straight into task C is more reliable, but depending on character and height they might be able to tech in the middle of task C and punish Bedman.
  • Hurtbox extends on first active frame so this move is prone to trade against almost anything.
  • [2.1] 6P now has a lot of untech on CH allowing strong combos on trade making it a bit more useful again, granted the move you trade with doesn't knock you down on CH.

GGXRD-R2 Bedman 6H.png
Sting like a bee
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
6H 24,18 Mid 18 3(7)3 21 -5
  • Bedman's new 6H trades crossups for offense. Can gatling from 5K and 6P to create a 4 frame frame-trap that can catch mashes. Both hits are special cancelable, allowing you to create some damaging combos as well as overwhelming pressure. Can only be linked into from a counter hit.
  • Combos from counterhit 5K and 6P.
  • If either hit is close enough, you can combo into Task B.
  • Can cancel either two hits into specials, so you can replay Déjà Vus after either hit. Task B Déjà Vu is a very strong option after this. You can also do Task A, but be careful of opponent's low profiling sliding moves (like Ky's Stun Dipper, Elphelt's 2H, Sin's Elk Hunt, Chipp's Alpha Blade, etc).
6HH 18,24 Mid 10 3(11)5 14 ±0
  • Pretty much a button dedicated to returning to neutral as it has +0 frame advantage and puts you and the opponent at half screen distance on block.
  • On hit it causes them to go flying about 3/4 screen into a knockdown, giving you ample time to throw out a Task A/A' and start your offense all over again.
  • Consider this option if all your cancel options after the first two hits of 6H might be too easy to deal with for your opponent. Doing the full 6H sequence is safer than doing the first two.
  • If the whole sequence is juggling off of an airborne opponent, you can potentially pick them up with cS or 2P without it being an OTG hit. Opponent has to be a fairly light or mid weight class and it's preferred that the 6HH hit raw as opposed to being off of throw.
  • [2.1] First hit can now be special cancelled.

GGXRD Bedman 2D.png
Catch their feet.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Low 12 6 12 -4
  • A basic sweep. Good reach, but very slow. Don't poke/swing with this since 2S is superior in nearly every way. Has identical start up, double the active frames of 2S and only completes 4f slower. Reaches farther than 2S and knocks down.
  • Easy to combo into from a variety of normals.
  • Combos into Task B. If done far away, Task B will otg and they can air tech. You use 2D to score a knockdown so make sure you secure it.

GGXRD Bedman 5D.png
Lots of reward if you hit this in the corner
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 High 26 7 12 ±0
  • Slow and short range but surprisingly safe on block.
  • Bedman's only standing overhead. j.D however is far faster.
  • 5D can lead to very powerful combos and set-ups in the corner. The rewards are very weak if done midscreen.
  • The hitbox on this move goes surprisingly high up vertically.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
GGXRD Bedman GroundThrow.png
Throw often to scare your foes
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0,10×10,0 Ground Throw: 75250 1 - - +64
  • Bedman's throw range is decent, but his fast walk speed makes throws even more dangerous.
  • Midscreen throws gives good corner carry and plenty of time to set up a mixup.
  • He needs to Red Roman Cancel midscreen to get a combo.
  • Terrifyingly effective in the corner, he can combo using f.S or 5K without meter. Corner combos usually net ~100ish damage + 1-2 djv seals.

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
GGXRD Bedman AirThrow.png
Come on and slam and welcome to the jam!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0,60 Air Throw: 210000 1 - - +24
  • Bedman's air throw leaves him next to the opponent at a large frame advantage, allowing a good mix-up.
  • Now ground bounces a little, allowing you to RC and combo with 2P,cS,6P, or 1H.
  • Bedman is tied for the best range on regular airgrabs in the game.

Dead Angle Attack[edit]
Dead Angle Attack
GGXRD Bedman 5K.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 All 8 3 32 -21
  • 1~10 Full invulnerability, 11~17 Foot invulnerability.
  • Bedman's Dead Angle uses his 5K animation. Vertical hitbox is poor, so make sure your opponent is not too high if you choose to dead angle.
  • Because of Bedman's lack of defensive options, this is a good way to get opponents off of you.
  • Beware as it only has a hitbox in the tip of Bedman's feet so it can whiff on opponents who are very close to you!
Blitz Shield Charge Attack[edit]
Blitz Attack
GGXRD-R Bedman BlitzAttack.png
Get to the point
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Uncharged 50 Mid (15-48)+13 3 20 -2
Max Charge 50 Mid 50+13 3 20 +5
  • Standard Blitz Attack

Special Moves[edit]

Task A[edit]
Task A
236P (air OK)
GGXRD Bedman TaskA.png
Here, catch
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 35×2 All 18 90, until return Total 49 -5
Air 35×2 All 18 90, until return Total 49 -5
  • A slow but annoying projectile that hits twice, once on the way forward and once on the way back
  • On the way back, the projectile tracks Bedman's position, allowing you to manipulate it's return route.
  • Grounded Task A goes generally straight, but air Task A will fly at a downwards angle, making it useful to hit crouching opponents that the grounded Task A otherwise whiffs on.
  • The ball disappears/returns to Bedman if Bedman is hit or if he's put into blockstun. It also disappears preemptively if it hits on the way back.
  • To successfully place a Task A seal with this move, Bedman has to finish the attack without being hit or Roman Canceling with the seal appearing at his current location.

Task A'[edit]
Task A'
236K (air OK)
GGXRD Bedman TaskA.png
GGXRD Bedman TaskAdash.png
The next dimension to your mix-ups. This is where the fun begins
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 35 All 37 - Total 70 +9
Air 35 All 37 - Total 70 +9
  • Works like Task A, except the startup is much slower
  • On hit or block, Task A' will cancel whatever Bedman is currently doing (unless it's an overdrive) and teleport him to where the ball made contact with the opponent. If the ball hit the opponent from behind, Bedman will be behind the opponent.
  • On hit you use c.S, 2K, or 2P to convert.
  • On block you are at significant frame advantage so you can either safely push them out with 2P or go for a mixup
  • To successfully leave a Task A' Deja Vu seal, you must have successfully finish the attack without being hit, which leaves a seal at Bedman's location.
  • Being put into blockstun while the head is out will preemptively cancel the head's flight, returning it back to Bedman.
  • Unlike Task A, Task A' can be Roman Canceled after the head is thrown while still generating a Deja Vu seal.

Task B[edit]
Task B
236S (air OK)
GGXRD Bedman TaskB.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 14×4 All 12 4×4 26 -13
Air 14×3 All 12 6,6,4 Until Landing + 8 -5
  • A good combo ender. Easy to combo into from a variety of hit confirms.
  • Instant air Task B recovers much more quickly than the ground version.
  • Air Task B YRC will retain a lot of momentum of the move, so it's a great way to get out of corners once you've gained altitude.
  • To successfully place a Task B seal with this move, Bedman has to finish the attack without being hit or Roman Canceling, with the seal appearing at the end of the spin.
  • [2.1] Drills forward much faster than before allowing combos from further ranges against more characters.
  • [2.1] Bedman recovers a slight distance away from the opponent, also in the corner. He recovered pretty much point blank on hit in previous versions.

Task C[edit]
Task C
236H (air OK)
GGXRD Bedman TaskC.png
It's raining (bed)men.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 30×2, 10 All, High / Air, All 11 8(17)10,10 13 -2
Air 30,10
High / Air, All 21 Until Landing,10 11 ±0 [+3]
  • [ ] Indicates high in air
  • One of Bedman's typical combo ender, good damage and knockdown.
  • Hits overhead on the way down. If done close to the opponent, the falling portion will cross-up the opponent.
  • Surprisingly safe on block, but risky to throw out on block nonetheless as it's not very hard to 6P / block in the air and punish.
  • It has a very wide crossup hitbox (both air and ground version) but you need to RC to combo from it.
  • To successfully place a grounded Task C seal with this move, Bedman has to finish the attack without being hit or Roman Canceling, with the seal appearing upon landing.
  • Alternatively, to place a aerial Task C seal Bedman need simply to start the move, as the aerial seal is placed at the end of the startup frames.
  • [2.1] Task C YRC doesn't lock Bedman to one direction in the air anymore, will now turn towards opponent.

Déjà Vu[edit]
Déjà Vu
214P/K/S/H(Air OK)
GGXRD Bedman DejaVu.png
This is where things get confusing
GGXRD Bedman DejaVu2.png
Four different seals are possible, based on the four special moves that Bedman has.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Task A
38×2 All 29 90,54 Total 30 -
Air Task A
38×2 All 29 90,56 Total 30 -
Task A'
42 All 48 - Total 30 +9
Air Task A'
42 All 48 - Total 30 +9
Task B
18×4 All 23 16 Total 30 +28
Air Task B
18×4 All 23 16 Total 30 +28
Task C
36×2, 10 All 30 8(17)10(6)10 Total 30 -
Air Task C
36, 10 All 28 Until Landing (6)10 Total 30 -
  • [ ] Indicates high in air
  • All of Bedman's special moves place an seal on the stage that allows him to "replay" the same special move from that position, creating a phantom of himself to do the corresponding attack.
  • Commonly abbreviated as DVA / DVA´ / DVB / DVC for combo notations.
  • Each seal lasts for 421F normally. The seals can be attacked by the opponent however, which will eliminate the seal immediately. If the seal is on cooldown it can not be hit.
  • Bedman poses for 30F on the ground, 42F+8Landing in the air, frame data listed above is for the attacks themselves. Attack starts 6F after Bedman poses.
  • On use of any Deja Vu, the seal enters a cooldown phase where it disappears and can't be activated again until it reappears. If Bedman is hit during the cooldown, the attack will be immediately halted and the seal will not return unless manually placed again.
  • Deja-vu phantoms always auto-correct towards your opponent, even if the attack that created the seal was facing the other direction
  • Works very well for meaty and oki setups, as YRC'ing any Deja Vu will still summon the phantom. You can YRC immediately or delay it if you wish.
  • If used in air, Bedman will be unable to perform any air action for 20 frames unless you YRC.
  • You can not Deja-vu a Task B or Task C if either seals are on cooldown. You can however combine Task B or C with Task A.
  • [2.1] Air Deja-vu now has a minimum air height requirement, so you can not TK Deja-vu.

Task A

  • If the Task A that spawned the seal was done in the air, the Deja Vu version will follow the same ground sweeping pattern.
  • Doesn't track Bedman's position on return. Instead, the Deja Vu version will return to the seal from where it originated.
  • Just like the normal version, if Bedman is put into blockstun while the Deja Vu version is active, the attack will immediately halt. Unlike getting hit however, the seal will reappear once more.

Task A'

  • If the Task A' that spawned the seal was done in the air, the Deja Vu version will follow the same ground sweeping pattern.
  • Doesn't track Bedman's position on return. Instead, the Deja Vu version will return to the seal from where it originated.
  • Unlike like the normal version, if Bedman is put into blockstun while the Deja Vu version is active, the attack will continue until the end, making this extremely useful for extended pressure, but only if Bedman blocks early after using the Deja-vu. If he blocks later it dissapears.

Task B

  • Deja-Vu Task B is the fastest of his Deja Vu replays, it hits 4 times and has a large hitbox. Very useful for space control and lockdown.
  • Deja-Vu Task B has the shortest cooldown of all his Deja-vu attacks, allowing you to harass/lock-down with it very effectively. Extremely oppressive in the corner.
  • Only the last hit knocks down on hit. You can have seals placed in a way that you will get 3 hits off the Deja-Vu and not get a knockdown.
  • Attack continues even if Bedman is put in blockstun.

Task C

  • Deja-vu Task C covers a huge amount of vertical space and is extremely oppressive in the corner.
  • Deja-vu Task C can be blocked high or low. Not a overhead.
  • Attack continues even if Bedman is put in blockstun.

Air Movement[edit]
Air Movement
GGXRD Bedman AirDash.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Air Hang - - - - Total 45 -
Air Movement
Hang > Direction
- - - - Total 25 -
  • Bedman lacks a traditional air-dash, what he has instead is a 'floating' state from which he can dash in any of 8 directions.
  • This is the most important part about Bedman. Learn it and learn it well.
  • Input 8 then 2 for a downward air dash or 87 for and up+back airdash, etc.
  • When you connect with j.P, j.K, or j.S and you haven't air dashed yet, you can cancel it directly into his air movement without needing to tap 8 first. Just press the next direction you which to air dash towards quickly after the normal connects.
  • After dashing a direction Bedman goes in a straight line with fixed movement speed before he starts falling normally, but slower.
    • For example, doing superjump into hover then going down (28~8 > 2) will have Bedman start descending fast then descending slower. If he goes from hover to dashing forward he will float forward horizontally for some frames before falling slowly to the ground at an angle.
    • Using a attack or FD-blocking after starting a hoverdash will cancel this and make Bedman fall faster or at a different angle much faster.
    • jH is therefore commonly used to fall faster as a mixup between doing 8~8 > 3 jK or 8~8 > 3 jH 2K because of it's slow startup, making Bedman fall to the ground before the attack activates.
    • Knowing how and when to control his air-movement like this is key to high level Bedman play as it allows him to get full combos off fullscreen CH 3H, mixups, safejumps and general air control.
  • Bedman has a minimum hover height from the ground. He can never hover if he's too close. Superjumping lets him reach hover-height a few frames faster.
  • Bedman can not airgrab after he has hovered in the air, only before.

Ground Movement[edit]
Ground Movement
GGXRD Bedman CrouchWalk.png
Fastest walking speed in the game. He also has a backwards and forwards crawl.
GGXRD Bedman Dash.png
Auto Guard Dash. Teleports behind opponent on successful auto-guard.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Crouch Walk
1 or 3
- - - - - -
- - - - Total 32 -
  • Bedman has the fastest walking speed in the game.
  • Bedman can crawl forward and backwards with 3 and 1 respectively. He gains tension as quickly as his walk when he crawls.
  • Bedman's forward dash has guard points on frames 3 to 14.
  • Forward dash works like a parry. On successful parry, Bedman will teleport behind the opponent. He is fully invincible during the teleportation and can't be punished afterwards (he can block meaties after teleport).
  • On successful guard point parry, Bedman can YRC to cancel the teleport and punish the guarded attack, similar to Potemkin hammerfall YRC.
  • Bedman can guard point virtually anything. Projectiles, normals, and even overdrives. Bedman will still be vulnerable to throws, command throws, and unblockables (Like Potemkin Slide Head).
  • Due to its fast startup it can be used as a pseudo reversal in the middle of loose blockstrings to escape oppressive situations.
  • The parry dash is especially effective against slow or stationary projectiles, for example Zato's drills or Potemkin's flick.
  • [2.1] Forward dash can be jump cancelled during guardpoint frames. This does not extend the guard point frames as Bedman is vulnerable during prejump frames.
    • This new forward dash can be used to do his jD instant overhead from further ranges.
    • Like Slayer the prejump frames can be cancelled by doing a special, keeping Bedman on the ground.


Sinusoidal Helios[edit]
Sinusoidal Helios
GGXRD Bedman SinusoidalHelios.png
GGXRD Bedman SinusoidalHelios2.png
Real Bedman hours, hit that snooze button if you're up.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
All 6+8 2×6 Total 39 +11
  • Frame 1~15 Strike Invul.
  • Bedman's only real reversal option
  • Limited horizontal range, since it has slow startup it's an ok reversal at best: very safe on block but opponents can usually YRC their actions to block in time. Hard to whiff punish.
  • Be wary that it can be thrown out of if opponent is close enough as it's only strike invulnerable. On wake-up don't ever try against Potemkin!
  • Can be used in corner combos for good damage, usually comboed into from 5H's 2nd hit, 1H or the high air version of Task C.
  • On-hit, you can do a short juggle combo. If the opponent is cornered, it will wall splat, allowing a 5D follow-up!
  • BURST version is fully invulnerable.
  • The hits are considered as projectiles so Jack-O aegis will completely nullify this.

Hemi Jack[edit]
Hemi Jack
GGXRD Bedman HemiJack.png
The Sheep Lord demands a sacrifice.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0,15 Unblockable 17+183 536 Total 59 -
  • Summons our Savior, the evil, black, giant, Sheep that will appear above and behind the opponent. It takes a few seconds for our new Lord to awaken and begin homing towards the intended sacrifice.
  • The Sheep God will always appear above the sinner relative to their vertical position, thus denying any attempts to combo into him.
  • The Sheep Lord is too great for manual labor and refuses to smite non-believers who are on the ground, preferring to loom over their shoulder until they come to him in the air.
  • The great Sheep disappears if Bedman is hit but not if Bedman blocks. You must please our Sheep overlord by not getting hit. Play cautiously, fellow believer, and the Sheep shall grant you salvation.
  • Non-believers can attack and knock away the Sheep. Their efforts are not fruitless however, for the Sheep can only sustain 3 strikes.
  • The Sheep Lord has a timer before He gives up chase in frustration. As a worshiper, it is your duty to present our Sheep Lord with a sacrifice as swiftly as possible. Do not make our God wait.
  • The Sheep does not believe in damage, and thus only does 10 damage. However, the true wisdom of our God lies in dizzy damage. Our Sheep lord deals massive amounts of dizzy damage, that will guarantee dizzy on raw hit. You can combo into our Sheep Lord, but the dizzy damage he graciously provides to us will be scaled as well. Our Lord does not like to share, and prefers the entirety of the opponent to himself.
  • When the Sheep Lord catches his victim he rewards his follower by teleporting him in front of it.
  • Out of all the Overdrives in the game, our Saviour is, quite sadly, actually the weakest and worst use of meter for Bedman.

Instant Kill[edit]

Theatre of Pain
in IK mode: 236236H
GGXRD Bedman TheatreOfPain.png
GGXRD Bedman TheatreOfPain2.png
GGXRD Bedman TheatreOfPain3.png
I give this movie two thumbs up
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
DESTROY All 9+12
8 27 -18
  • [ ] Indicates during Hell Fire
  • Uses the animation of his 6H, but does not teleport like the old 6H traditionally did. Very poor range all around. You'll never combo into this.
  • Landing it will have Bedman show his opponent an embarrassing or regretful memory. He then proceeds to pop-off as usual.
  • You have a lot of methods to land this with the use of Deja Vu combos, 5D, and Sinusoidal Helios. Remember your opponent should be in instant kill state if you want to combo into this
  • Comboing into it from Hemi Jack's dizzy is NOT an option, it places you too far from the oponent to use it before the player mashes out of dizzy state. If you have full tension in IK conditions, use Roman Cancelling Deja Vus or Blitz Shield instead.


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