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During wakeup situations Johnny is generally looking to keep his opponent locked down. Due to having limited high options, he is generally not looking to do a mix up directly after the knockdown. Without meter his goal is to use a meaty to get them to block, and then go for a throw or continued pressure.

When Johnny has more resources however his oki game changes significantly. He can use coins to make his pressure safer, use tension to set up unblockables, and with LV2/3 Mist Finer he has access to better high/low mixups.

Oki Options[edit]

Meaty Attacks[edit]


  • + Very safe
  • + Beats most wakeup options
  • + Always gives Johnny big frame advantage when blocked
  • + The opponent can't use FD to push you out
  • - Uses a resource, a coin on every wakeup is not sustainable


  • + Easy to make it meaty and leave yourself plus
  • + Good reward in the corner
  • - Slow enough to be reactable
  • - Not much reward midscreen


  • + Good frame advantage when mist cancelled
  • + Starts good combos with 2D>coin
  • + Disjointed hitbox can beat/clash with some reversals
  • - Can be difficult get into the space where it will beat both reversals and backdashes


  • + Puts Johnny airborne and counter hits any reversal throw
  • + Builds up RISC gauge
  • + Has good follow up options even at level 1
  • - Slow startup and low active frames
  • - Loses to reversals and backdashes


  • + Fast recovery and longer reach make it safe against some reversals
  • + Recovery also makes it a good way to bait Dead Angles
  • + On block it's +2, allowing for a frame trap/ tick throw
  • - Highest initial proration of Johnny's normals at 70%

5H or 6H:

  • + Best frame advantage for grounded normals when mist canceled
  • + High damage combo starters, especially on counter hit
  • + Easy to get in range
  • - High pushback, you will have to do a pressure reset immediately if this gets blocked
  • - Fairly low reward at LV1


  • + Highest damage air normal
  • + Longer hitstun makes it easier to combo from as opposed to something like j.K
  • + Will cause a stagger on counter hit allowing for bigger combo starters
  • - Harder to set up a safe jump on most knockdowns due to Johnny's floaty jump


  • + Can sometimes be your only option for a meaty if they get knocked down full screen
  • + If it does hit meaty it can remove its normally bad -1 frame advantage
  • - Can lose to a well timed throw if you get to close
  • - Low reward if it hits at LV1 compared to the other options

Zweihander YRC[edit]

Zweihander YRC is one of Johnny's best Oki options. It's safe against most reversals, leads into a good high/low mixup and can be done from almost any range.

Refer to the Strategy section for how to perform Zwei YRC and the mixup afterward.

Bacchus Sigh (Mist) Unblockable[edit]

NOTE: Unblockables now behave different. The following section can be used as a guide for how to setup hard knockdowns, but following up off of unblockables is very different as of Rev 1.1

The most common setups leading to a mist unblockable are:

  • 1) off an Air Zweihander One Hit AKA Zweikasu
  • 2) from a j.H performed from a low enough altitude
  • 3) Air LV2 High > land Mist > OTG 2K Coin - see OTG 2K Coin post tech section for details.
  • 4) off of a Treasure Hunt knockdown.

Compared to other versions, Johnny's mist spawns much farther behind him and travels slower. As a result, you generally MUST YRC in order to meaty the opponent In addition, because it travels so slowly, you may need to add additional normals before you release your mist finer in order to buy time for the mist to attach. Also be aware that Mist Finer can be Blitz Shielded by the opponent even when they are misted.

Example Routes[edit]

Meaty routes[edit]

  • coin>dash>c.S/throw - (coin>dash is generally plus enough to do a frame trap/tick throw mixup)

  • coin>dash>2H>MC>j.K - (coin can also be used to simply setup other moves more safely)

  • 2D(1)>coin - (this lets you get back in if blocked, and starts good combos if it hits)

  • 2K>c.S>5H - (hold back during the 2K>c.S chain to be safe against most reversals, and still continue the string if blocked)

Zweihander YRC routes[edit]

After Zwei YRC is blocked -

  • -Airdash>j.KPK
  • -Land>2K
  • -j.P/j.K

The fire from Zweihander causes quite a bit of blockstun on its own. And this gets almost doubled by the YRC slowdown. You can land and go for frame traps with nearly any ground button. Going in for a throw here could also work if timed correctly.

If Zwei YRC hits -

  • -Airdash>j.KPD>Land>5H
  • -Land>coin>5k>LV2 PMF

By waiting a little bit after Zwei YRC hits, you can avoid the 80% forced proration of YRC. Time your attack to hit after the dark screen disappears and you will be able to do a full damage combo.

Mist routes[edit]

Knockdown > Mist YRC > 5K/2S/2H/5H > Mist Finer - Single normal into Mist Finer

  • Will beat mashing, upback, and attempting to block or wait. Can also beat most reversals and dead angles if spaced far enough away (2S).
  • Loses to Blitz (still must choose high or low). Loses to some reversal + YRC (allows them to escape, but not punish you).
  • Depending on distance and character, you can potentially option select against backdashes, but it is not universal, and usually requires you be in range of reversals.
This is your basic unblockable starting point. If the opponents cannot deal with this option, keep doing it. Also a good option when you know the opponent has no options.

Knockdown > Mist YRC > Coin > 2S > Mist Finer - Coin into single normal into Mist Finer

  • Will beat mashing, upback, blocking, waiting, backdashing, single blitz. Fairly reversal safe.
Loses to Blitz into Blitz. You are not vulnerable for getting your coin Blitzed but your followup normal can be Blitzed.
Use this when you're scared of the opponent's wakeup blitz, or backdash.

Knockdown > Mist YRC > Coin > Coin > 2S > Mist Finer - Double Coin into single normal into Mist Finer. Generally too far away for most normals other than 2S

  • Same as above, but opponent must blitz three times. Expensive use of coins, but best used when you definitely need the damage.

Zweikasu RC > Mist > Coin > etc

  • Zweikasu RC has massive untech time, allowing you to fully recover from mist and meaty. Since Mist normally requires a YRC for a guaranteed followup, this is effectively spending an extra 25 meter for added advantages.
  • Generally gives you enough time to reposition yourself to an optimal range as they get up, so you're very safe against reversals, and also down bursts.

Knockdown > Mist > YRC > Forward Jump > Air Zweihander YRC > falling j.H (or whatever you feel like) > etc

  • Great against reversals (keeps them blocking even if they YRC), blitz, backdash, basically everything. Saves coins, but uses meter. Use accordingly.

Additionally, here are some strategies that you can also incorporate. These are not guaranteed, but are equally strong options when you have the read on your opponent. Try them out and see which ones work for you.

  • Mist > No YRC > 5K/2H/etc - Good for when you think the opponent is either going to obediently sit there, letting you save some meter. Also very useful for when you're hard reading a reversal. If you know the opponent is going to jump, aiming for the jump with an airthrow or a 2H can also be very useful against opponents who are extremely afraid, as you save meter, and put them in the same situation again. This is also great when you know they're going to burst your unblockable, as the situation will either lead to an airthrow (unburstable) or potentially a far out 2H which is difficult to burst.
  • Mist > YRC > Wait - Use to hardbait wakeup Blitz / Reversals. Often following up with 2H will be hard for an opponent unless they were mashing / immediately jump out. Do not use on opponents who dedicate to upback. This option is best used against opponents who commit heavily to hard answers against your mist unblockables.

Choosing an Oki Route[edit]

  • As Johnny you should generally always be applying pressure after you get a knockdown. This can be especially important against characters you need to lock down such as zoners (Venom, Dizzy) or characters who can escape easily (Millia, Chipp).
  • Some knockdowns are better than others. An air Zweihander knockdown will generally give you enough time to reposition and do anything you want. A low height j.H knockdown however will give you less time to reposition in most cases.
  • Be aware of how much meter your opponent has when they are waking up. Blitz and dead angle can be very useful to keep Johnny away. If your opponent has an invincible reversal, they are much more likely to use it when the have 50% tension to Roman Cancel it.
  • Some characters don’t have any reversal outside of their supers. Keep this in mind, as it means you can go for more aggressive Oki options against them when they are under 50% tension.
  • If your opponent is low on life and you have a lot of coins, feel free to use them on wakeup. Most of Johnny's combos only require 1-2 coins to do significant damage. Just keep measuring your opponents health against your remaining coins, and spend them accordingly.
  • Similarly if you have meter to spend, using it to make your Oki better is always a good option. YRC can be used to set up unblockables, option select against backdashes, and even just to mess up the opponents reversal timing.

Video Examples[edit]

Mist Unblockable Example


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2e
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