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Ky Kiske
GGXRD-R Ky Portrait.png

Defense Modifier: x 1.03

Guts Rating: 2

Weight: [100] Medium

Stun Resistance: 60

Jump Startup: 3F

Backdash Time 16F / Invul: 1-9F

Wakeup (Face Up/Down): 23F / 21F

Movement Options
Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run
Balanced - Slight emphasis on zoning



After leading the Sacred Order of Holy Knights to victory against Justice and ending the crusades, Ky was haunted by the commander gear's last words that challenged his rigid ideals. His former conviction in his concept of justice shaken, Ky contemplated the true meaning of justice during his search for the new commander gear, and his many clashes with his lifelong rival Sol Badguy. After fostering a forbidden relationship with Dizzy and giving birth to a son, Sin, Ky was pressured into becoming the puppet leader of Illyria by the United Nations under veiled threats to his family. Charismatic, skilled, and possessing a deep belief in hope, Ky currently rules as High King of Illyria. The weight of his position has broadened his view, and he has lost some of his zeal in his ruling years. He feels regret for his failures as a father and husband, having sacrificed much for his duty as king. Despite his kind heart and collected royal demeanor, he still possesses an unwavering sense of justice, and is prone to outbursts of emotion. Some doubt his abilities and think him unfit to rule, but many others adore him for displaying such human behavior.

Gameplay Overview

Ky Kiske fulfills the role of a simple and well rounded character. Ky performs best at midrange with a variety of useful pokes at his disposal, but he has tools at every range thanks to his Stun Edge projectiles. He uses his fast and long reaching f.S to tame opponents and threaten them with high damage counter hit combos, and rounds out his spacing game with 2S, 5HS, 2K, and 2D. From well spaced pokes, experienced Ky players can cancel into Stun Dipper to secure knockdowns from afar. Frustrated opponents that jump at him will find themselves dealing with his above-the-knees invulnerable 6P and extremely long reaching 2HS. When he finds himself further away from the opponent he can use his Stun Edge projectiles to harass them, either covering his approach or playing keep away. After securing a knockdown, Ky can safely set up okizeme using Charged Stun Edge, then apply his strong pressure game by lacing in low attacks, frame traps, throws, and pressure resets with 6HS and 6K to wear the enemy down. To turn the tide, Ky can use his exceptional Stun Dipper to slide under pokes and projectiles and score knockdowns, utilize his overhead Greed Sever to attempt to catch the opponent slacking on defense, or spend Tension to use his fully invulnerable reversal, Ride The Lightning. He is a character that can rapidly switch between keeping the opponent away and turning on the offensive. His balanced movepool has a tool for every situation, though he lacks specialization in any one role. While some are quick to assume Ky is a painfully basic character, he has many tricks and tools in his arsenal that round out his game plan. In Xrd Ky was given the addition of "Grinders" (see Durandal Call below) which further augment his abilities. Using Grinders, Ky can create projectiles to strengthen his zoning game, okizeme, and combos. In short, Ky excels at playing the neutral game, knocking opponents down from grounded hits, setting up safe okizeme, and creating strong pressure.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • Strong neutral game with fast and far-reaching normals that reward hits with knockdown and damage, and long range projectiles useful for zoning and anti-zoning.
  • Strong projectile okizeme.
  • Pressure that utilizes many lows, rewarding frame traps, and opportunities to reset pressure.
  • Has a tool for every situation, including two strong anti-airs, and two reversal attacks.
  • Grinders augment both his neutral and okizeme potential.
  • Ease of use and focus on fundamentals make him a great choice for beginners and masters alike.
  • Basic throw/frame trap focused mixup, requiring reads and conditioning to successfully break an opponent's defense consistently.
  • While he has a tool for every situation, he can be outclassed by specialists.

Durandal Call and Fortified Projectiles

Powered up projectiles

Ky can use specific attacks (5D, j.D, 236D) to summon small floating portals called Grinders that last for 3 - 4 seconds. Shoot a projectile through a Grinder and it will power up into a Fortified state. Fortified projectiles give Ky more versatility in his gameplay. Stun Edges become full screen sword-beams for zoning, Charged Stun Edges become a large, long lasting sword projectile for okizeme, and Sacred Edge becomes a massive full screen blade, slamming the opponent to the wall for combos.

Normal Moves

GGXRD Ky 5P.png
8 Mid 5 4 5 +1

GGXRD Ky 5K.png
12 Low 5 8 7 -5

GGXRD Ky cS.png
28 Mid 7 2 18 -1

GGXRD Ky fS.png
It is perpetual, it keeps the country clean
28 Mid 10 6 19 -11

GGXRD Ky 5H.png
42 Mid 10 6 12 +1

GGXRD Ky 6P.png
30 Mid 9 5 15 -6

GGXRD Ky 6K.png
Pressure reset and frame trap
32 Mid 19 2 11 +4

GGXRD-R2 Ky 6H.png
Be Plus Or Be Dead
30x2 Mid 23 6,(8),2 6 +11

GGXRD Ky 3H.png
Golf, a gentleman's game
35 Mid 15 4 25 -12

GGXRD Ky 5D.png
Creates a grinder
25 HF 28 13 11 -5

GGXRD Ky 2P.png
6 Mid 5 4 4 +2

GGXRD Ky 2K.png
14 Low 5 4 6 ±0

GGXRD-R2 Ky 2S.png
25 Low 9 2 15 -3

GGXRD Ky 2H.png
There is no true escape
28x2 Mid 11 1,4 20 -7

GGXRD Ky 2D.png
Active for a year and a half
30 Low 7 12 12 -10

GGXRD Ky jP.png
6 HA 6 6 6 -

GGXRD Ky jK.png
Air f.s
16 HA 7 4 12 -

GGXRD Ky jS.png
28 HA 7 3 21 -

GGXRD Ky jH.png
38 HA 13 4 23 -

GGXRD Ky jD.png
It's time to STOP
40 All 38 13 25 Total + 8 after landing -

Universal Mechanics

Ground Throw
Ground Throw
GGXRD Ky throw.png
60 Ground Throw: 75250 1 - - +49

Air Throw
Air Throw
GGXRD Ky AirThrow.png
No-fly zone
60 Air Throw: 192500 1 - - -

Dead Angle Attack
Dead Angle Attack
GGXRD Ky 6P.png
25 Mid 12 3 24 -13

Blitz Shield Charge Attack
Blitz Attack
GGXRD-R Ky BlitzAttack.png
50 Mid (15-48)+13 3 Hit: 11
Whiff: 20
-2 50 Mid 50+13 3 Hit: 11
Whiff: 20

Special Moves

Stun Edge
Stun Edge
GGXRD Ky StunEdge.png
GGXRD Ky StunEdge2.png
Durandal Call Coconut
30 All 10 Until Corner Total 46 -10 40 All ~+9 3 - +8

Charged Stun Edge
Charged Stun Edge
GGXRD Ky ChargedStunEdge.png
Large Coconut
GGXRD Ky ChargedStunEdge2.png
Large Stationary Coconut
20x3 All 38 Until Corner Total 69 +14 20x6 All ~+9 59 - +18

Air Stun Edge
Air Stun Edge
GGXRD Ky AirStunEdge.png
Air Stun Edge
GGXRD Ky AirStunEdge2.png
Fortified is a beam
33 All 21 Until Ground Total: 41 + 14 after landing +2 33 All 21 Until Ground Total: 41 + 14 after landing - 43 All ~+9 3 - - 43 All ~+9 3 - -

Vapor Thrust
Vapor Thrust
623S/HS (air OK)
GGXRD Ky VaporThrust.png
Never forgive a Shenanigan
48 Mid 9 3 32 + 9 Landing -30 48 Mid 11 4 35 + 9 Landing -34 48 All 9 3 9 After landing -

Stun Dipper
Stun Dipper
GGXRD Ky StunDipper.png
12, 32 Low, Mid 5 14(7)3 26 -15

Greed Sever
Greed Sever
GGXRD Ky GreedSever.png
30 High / Air 19 14 5 + 11 Landing -13

Split Ciel
Split Ciel
GGXRD Ky SplitCiel.png
Summons a grinder
40 Mid 15 3 15 -1


Ride The Lightning
Ride The Lightning
632146HS (air OK)
GGXRD Ky RideTheLightning.png
Thunder and sparks, in the heart of the dark
36x5 Mid 10+1 42 18 -22 36x5 All 8+1 42 Until Landing +6 After Landing -

Sacred Edge
Sacred Edge
GGXRD Ky SacredEdge.png
GGXRD Ky SacredEdge2.png
The lightning strikes, cracking the night
27x5 All 4+3 Until Corner Total 36 +7 100 All ~+1 3 - +6

Instant Kill

Rising Force
in IK mode: 236236H
GGXRD Ky RisingForce.png
GGXRD Ky RisingForce2.png
They are modest to greed, generous to the truth of the world, when the heart is peaceful the seven seas cry!
DESTROY All 9+12 4 30 -17 DESTROY All 5+12 4 30 -17


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