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Leo Whitefang
GGXRD-R Leo Portrait.png

Defense Modifier: X1.00
Guts Rating: 3
Weight: [98] Slightly Heavy
Stun Resistance: 70
Prejump: 4F
Backdash Time 16F / Invul: 1-9F
Wakeup (Face Up/Down): 28F / 26F

Movement Options
Double Jump, 1 Air Dash, Dash Type: Step


Leo is one of the three “Allied Kings” of the Allied Kingdom of Illyria. He is a long time acquaintance and rival to Ky Kiske; and they fought together during the Crusades. In battle, his combat capabilities and leadership are said to be rather outstanding, something that he prides himself in. Due to his disorderly way of speaking, he might seem like an open-hearted man, but he’s actually rather conservative. He's proud and a sore loser, but he's also a hard worker, always willing to put in a little more effort. He created his very own dictionary, and privately enjoys adding people and incidents to the definitions of existing words. (For example, his sister's name is recorded under "devil.")

Leo Whitefang's moveset revolves around close-ranged pressure and his unique Brynhildr stance, where he turns his back on the enemy. In this stance, Leo loses the ability to guard or jump normally, and all of Leo's normal attacks are changed.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Strengths Weaknesses
  • High damage.
  • High effective health.
  • Very good defensive options including two meterless reversals which beat crossups..
  • Beastly up-close pressure game that can increase RISC quickly.
  • Numerous throw invulnerable moves which make attempting a defensive throw against Brynhildr Stance very risky.
  • All BnB combos also knockdown or lead into advantageous Brynhildr Stance, so picking between damage or knockdown is never an issue.
  • Numerous buttons which are + on block.
  • Reliable Instant Kill combos.
  • Has arguably the best super in the game, Stahl Wirbel which is +8 on block, and on hit leads to BIG damage.
  • Poor movement options
  • One of the weakest characters at long range.
  • Very weak zoning tools.
  • Relies heavily on Brynhildr stance and close range pressure.
  • Some of his best offensive tools can be interrupted on reaction or on a guess.
  • Very poor anti-airs.
  • Large hurtbox.
  • Long Startup on non-backturn buttons.
  • 4f jump startup.

Normal Moves[edit]

GGXRD Leo 5P.png
Knock knock it's time to block.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 Mid 6 5 7 -2
  • Can cancel into 5P, 2P, or 5K even on whiff from frame 12
  • Good for an occasional anti-air
  • Good horizontal and vertical range for a jab. Better range and damage than 2P, but slightly slower. Cannot be crouched underneath, but is negative on block, so generally Gatlinging to 5K or c.S is recommended.
  • Hit confirming 5P at max range will cause 5K to Whiff.

GGXRD Leo 5K.png
Lion Skip
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16 Mid 8 5 6 +1
  • 8-12F Foot invincible
  • A good medium range poke. Leo lunges forwards with frame advantage on block. Slow for a 5K, but the foot invincibility, range, combo options, and safety of 5K make it a good move to throw out during pressure.
  • Should be gatlinged to c.S practically always on hit. If you delay the S input slightly, you can usually combo into c.S instead of f.S, which is better for Leo's combos and offense.
  • Because 5K is a bit slow, Leo relies on jabs instead of 5K to beat the opponent's fast moves. The opponent can also throw Leo out of 5K.

GGXRD Leo c.S.png
Say yes to high damage.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 Mid 7 2 13 +2
  • Mostly combo filler. On ground hit, combos to 5H, 6K, and rekka. On air hit, jump cancel to j.K or j.S for an air combo.
  • Frame advantage on block can be used to frame trap or tick throw.
  • This move is only 2f slower than Leo's fastest normal and provides large damage on counter-hit, making it a high-reward choice in scramble situations.

GGXRD Leo f.S.png
Many brave souls have died trying to punish this move.
GGXRD Leo fS-P.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
f.S 34 Mid 10 6 19 -11
  • Leo's primary mid-range poke. Primarily used to transition into pressure on block with gatlings to 6K, 6H, 2D, or 5H.
  • Only combos to 2D, 2H, and Leidenschaft Dirigen on normal standing hit without Roman Cancel. On crouching or counter hit, combos to 6K, rekkas, and 5H.
  • Has no hurtbox near the tip, making it an excellent max range poke. Much weaker up close because of long 10f startup
  • f.S (whiff) 2S reduces frame disadvantage to -6 on block.
  • Can activate f.S~P guard point from frame 17.
  • Also can cancel into 5H (on whiff!) from frame 17. Attempting to whiff punish this move is trickier than most because of Leo's guard point and whiff cancels.
  • High/Mid Guard Point 1-37~77F.
  • Can cancel into 5H/6H/2H upon Guard Point activation and from 27F onwards on whiff.
  • Can be held to prolong Guard Point from 47F up to 77F, with 14F of recovery after you let go of the button.
  • Guard Point doesn't work against Overdrives and Instant Kills.
  • CH state during entire move

GGXRD Leo 5H.png
You're not safe over there.
GGXRD Leo 5H-P.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
5H 42 Mid 15 6 [3] 16 -3
  • Vacuums.
  • Huge range poke that combos into a knockdown. Anti-airs, hits behind him, and leads to huge damage on counter-hit.
  • [ ] value is for Leo's back sword.
  • Inputting H(or holding) on 24~26F causes transition to Brynhildr stance, transition starts from frame 27.
  • Stance transition is 11F long (last 1F can be canceled into any action other than walk).
  • Can go into 5H~P from 25F.
  • High/Mid Guard Point 1-37~77F.
  • Can cancel into 5H/6H/2H upon Guard Point activation and from 27F onwards on whiff.
  • Can be held to prolong Guard Point from 47F up to 77F, with 14F of recovery after you let go of the button.
  • Guard Point doesn't work against Overdrives and Instant Kills.

GGXRD Leo 2P.png
"Did I remember to polish my nails?.."
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
10 Mid 5 3 10 -3
  • Leo's fastest normal. Occasionally used to start chains in blockstrings.
  • Can cancel into 5P, 2P, 5K even on whiff from frame 9.

GGXRD Leo 2K.png
Good stretching exercise too.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 Low 7 5 8 -1
  • Leo's fastest low attack. A standard low kick used to start combos from a low attack.

GGXRD Leo 2S.png
Who needs RANGE when you can hit BEHIND you?!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
26 Low 10 3 7 +4
  • Leo's best low starter. Leo has significant frame advantage on block and the ability to gatling to 2H for a combo. At close range, you can link a 2P into a confirm as well.
  • Fairly poor range. Does actually hit behind Leo.
  • Small hurtbox in front of him.
  • Low profile can be used to avoid many pokes, like Johnny f.S or Jack-O f.S

GGXRD Leo 2H.png
Pretty satisfying
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
44 Mid 10 8 26 -15
  • Combo filler, used to combo to rekkas when slightly outside c.S range on standing opponents. Fast enough to combo from 5K, 2K, and 2S.
  • Slow startup and high reward anti-air with lots of active frames.
  • Low horizontal range makes it very situational for any use during pressure.
  • Floats on counter-hit. On ground counter-hit 2H is completely untechable, making it Leo's best meterless starter when counter-hit is guaranteed.

GGXRD Leo j.P.png
Don't even look at me, peasant.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
8 High/Air 5 2 9 -
  • Downward angled chainable on whiff jumping jab
  • Not a great air-to-air because it doesn't hit above Leo.
  • j.P chains are burst safe when used properly.

GGXRD Leo j.K.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
34 High/Air 10 14 21 -
  • Leo's best jumping attack against opponents beneath him. Leo's shallow jump makes his j.K a constant threat at midrange. However, the hurtbox on this move makes it easy to consistently anti-air on reaction for most characters.
  • Huge amount of active frames make j.K a very strong jump-in attack. However, it has a significantly long 10 frames startup, so it's best to throw out j.K early and gatling to j.H or j.S.
  • Can be double jump cancelled for combos or offense. j.K leads to better damage in combos than j.S generally because j.K is only one hit, while j.S is two hits.
  • Has a very small inconsistent crossup hitbox that works best on large characters.

GGXRD Leo j.S.png
Swords are for punching, right?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
24*2 High/Air 7 3(1)3 18 -
  • Leo's best attack against opponents above him.
  • Short range requires precise timing in air to air exchanges.
  • Typically, using j.K in combos instead of j.S will lead to more damage because j.K does more damage per hit. However, j.S will combo in situations where j.K won't because j.S is faster. j.S is generally more consistent in juggles than j.K.

GGXRD Leo j.H.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
42 High/Air 11 3 20 -
  • Leo's farthest reaching horizontal attack. Hits exactly where the animation shows. Can be crouched underneath unless done very close to the ground.
  • Combo filler. Normally used to end a combo by cancelling into Siegesparade.
  • Hurtbox is smaller than j.K with more horizontal range, making it a better air to air poke.

GGXRD Leo j.D.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
18*3 All 22 4,4,4 Until Landing+8 +3
  • Divekick-style attack. Advantage is higher when j.D hits lower. Can be followed up with grounded combos if landed extremely low to the ground or on counter-hit.
  • High untechability allows for additional followups after hitting an airborn opponent. Can also be cancelled into Siegesparade to combo.
  • Can be used for limited mobility purposes.
  • YRC'ing j.D later into its animation preserves the momentum from j.D. Immediate YRC stalls Leo in the air, effectively causing him to float for a brief moment. You can use these momentum shifts to mess with an opponent's anti-air timing but some anti-airs will still connect anyway.

GGXRD Leo 6P.png
Y'all mind if I ASTRAL PROJECT
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
38 Mid 13 4 20 -5
  • Has a hit of armor for non low-hits from frame 5-13.
  • Blowbacks on both air and ground hit. Combos to 236H on normal hit, but can whiff on opponents hit too high.
  • Useful for tanking through linear ground approaches such as Slayer's Mappa Punch.
  • Unlike most 6Ps this move has no upper body invuln. That means that usually it's best to get this move out early to avoid getting hit twice or before the armor begins.
  • Be wary that multihit buttons can usually beat you. Also be cautious that fast jumps are capable of hitting your armor and land blocking due to the slower startup.
  • Lack of gatlings and no jump cancel makes it a risky button on block.
  • Unlike similar armor such as Potemkin's Hammerfall, you can not yrc when your armor is triggered. Your opponent still can.
  • Inadvisable to counterpoke at range with, as the opponent can special cancel off the hit on armor, pulling back their hurtbox and likely causing 6p to whiff.
  • In Rev 2.1, 6P's active frames will now appear 2f after hitstop if it armors through a move, allowing it to beat multihit normals with extended hurtboxes, though gatlings or special cancels that pull hurtboxes back will still cause it to whiff.

GGXRD Leo 6K.png
Absolutely no hugs.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30 Mid 15 3 10 +4
  • The throw invincibility and frame advantage makes 6K a strong meaty. 6K is important for Leo's pressure, but is risky to do outside of setups and blockstrings.
  • On counter-hit, staggers the opponent. Combos to 5K.
  • On crouching opponents, f.S > 6K > 5P allowing Leo to extend combos.
  • Often used to hit-confirm off c.S and to pressure off 2S or far S since it leads to a knockdown but isn't risky like 5H.
  • Combos to 236S rekka.
  • Dashing 6K can be YRC'd to cover significant ground.

GGXRD Leo 6H.png
"Just throw it"
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50 Mid 24 2 12 +5
  • Slow attack with frame advantage afterwards.
  • Can be interrupted since it's slow. Because of the vacuum from 5H and Leo's limited options after the opponent blocks a 5H, interrupting a followup 6H is fairly easy because it's telegraphed.
  • On grounded hit, 5P and 2P combo. On counter-hit, 5K combos.
  • On air hit, ground bounces. Can follow up with 236H or dash 5K for a combo midscreen. Follow up with (hold H) > bt.S > bt.214S in the corner.
  • 16~25F foot invincible.
  • Inputting H(or holding) on 30~32F causes transition to Brynhildr stance, transition starts from frame 33. Stance transition is 14F long(last 1F can be canceled into any action other than walk). Static difference on stance transition is -3.

GGXRD Leo 5D.png
Pretty safe
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22 High 25 3 12 -1
  • Standard slow overhead Dust attack. Safe on block and has a good amount of range.
  • Leo's only overhead outside of stance.
  • Useful combo extension tool from RC on grounded opponents.

GGXRD Leo 2D.png
"Is that a low or an overhead?"
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 Low 12 6 16 -5
  • 5~19F Foot invincible
  • 7-17F Lower Body
  • 5~21F Throw invincible
  • Slow low attack that has throw and low invincibility throughout its active frames. 2D has decent range and can go underneath moves like Elphelt's 5H, but does not low profile like most sweeps and cannot be buffered into specials.
  • Can be used as a surprise low after 5H, 2H, c.S, f.S or 2S to catch someone attempting a defensive throw or jump away. 2D is only slightly unsafe on block unless it's very close, but its frame disadvantage will usually end Leo's offense when blocked.
  • At max range from 2S or f.S versus standing opponents, 2D is the best way to end a combo into knockdown since 5H won't combo
  • Can be RRC'd for a significant combo on hit.
  • In the unlikely event of an air CH, can follow up the combo with dashing 5K.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
GGXRD Leo GroundThrow.png
Let me clear your throat for you!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0, 60 Ground Throw (85750) 1 - - +54
  • Transitions into Brynhildr stance at the end
  • Gives plenty of time to set up offense
  • Can combo from RC or high RISC forced counter-hit

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
GGXRD Leo AirThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 Air Throw (192500) 1 - - -
  • Standard air throw. Requires RRC to combo from.
  • Leo's low jump arc and higher jump startup can make landing air throws trickier than other characters or even impossible depending on the situation.

Dead Angle Attack[edit]
Dead Angle Attack
Blocking is scary.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 All 12 4 22 -12
  • 1~15F Full invincible
  • 16~19F Throw invincible
  • Fairly easy to low profile and relatively slow too. Consider trying to H Eisen RC instead.

Blitz Shield Charge Attack[edit]
Blitz Attack
GGXRD-R Leo BlitzAttack.png
Optimal round ender
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Uncharged 50 Mid (15-48)+13 3 20 -2
Max Charge 50 Mid 50+13 3 20 +5
  • Just like everyone else, can be used defensively to interrupt the opponent.
  • Can be jump cancelled into from f.S for weird pressure strings.
  • Uncharged combos to 6H in corner
  • Can be used in combos to steal Burst gauge. Useful points: after Stahwirbel, after H Eisen RC j.D whiff, after bt.D in corner, after 5D6 in corner

Special Moves[edit]

Graviert Wurde[edit]
Graviert Wurde
GGXRD Leo GraviertWurde.png
GGXRD Leo 46H.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
S 16*2 All 10 31 36(46T) -8
H 16*4 All 35 Until Corner (72T) +11
  • Frame advantage displayed is assumed to be at point blank range
  • Leo's charge projectile. H version disappears if Leo is hit, and both versions can be YRC'd before or after the fireball comes out. If YRC'd after startup, the fireball stays out on screen.
  • The S fireball is a fast two hit attack used for harassment and to break through the opponent's fireballs. The YRC point is very early, and Leo can convert a hit from the fireball into 5H using the YRC flash.
  • The S fireball does not disappear when Leo is hit, usually saving Leo from a tougher punish. The fireball must still completely come out however.
  • The H version is very slow and has very long startup. It can function as an offensive shield for Leo. On YRC, Leo has extreme frame advantage if the opponent blocks the fireball.

Eisen Sturm[edit]
Eisen Sturm
GGXRD Leo EisenSturm.png
Flash kick!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
S 36,32 Mid 5 2,12 26+12 after landing -32
H 43,30,28 Mid 8 2,12(11)6 30+12 after landing -54
  • Highly unsafe charge reversal. Cannot be PRC'd.
  • S version is 1~4F Full invincible. Note that the invincibility runs out right before the move is active, which causes S Eisen Sturm to trade or lose against other attacks. This can be useful to trade with some projectiles, like Zato Mawaru and Elphelt Pineberry!
  • S version can be used as an early anti air. If the second hit counter-hits, Leo can dash up 5K for an air combo.
  • First hit of S Eisen is a hard knockdown, always.
  • H Eisen Sturm is the most invincible meterless reversal in Revelator. The charge input makes it simple to interrupt many strings. H Eisen Sturm is a strong anti-air, but is very unsafe on block.
  • All three hits of H Eisen Sturm have high untechability. This guarantees that Eisen Sturm is always safe on hit, regardless of how many hits connect, even as a long combo finisher.
  • RC the second hit for a highly damaging combo.
  • If the third hit of H Eisen Sturm counter-hits the opponent, the opponent ground bounces, allowing a combo in the corner.

Kaltes Gestober Erst[edit]
Kaltes Gestöber Erst
GGXRD Leo Erst.png
GGXRD Leo Zweit.png
GGXRD Leo Dritt.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Erst 24 Mid 15 3 12 -1
  • Leo's rekka style attack. On standing opponents, only combos from c.S, 5H, 2H, 6H, and 6K. Safe on block, but negative.
→Zweit 25 Mid 11 [12] 4 [5] 14 -3
  • Follow-up to Kaltes Gestöber Erst. Only combos consistenty on grounded opponents.
  • [ ] values are when Leo crosses behind opponent
  • Depending on spacing, will usually go behind the opponent. Going behind opponent puts Leo in Brynhildr stance. If Zweit goes behind the opponent, it needs to be blocked as a crossup if Kaltes Gestöber Erst is instant blocked or if Zweit is delayed by Leo.
  • If the opponent instant blocks Zweit, it can be unsafe. Also, if the opponent instant blocks Kaltes Gestöber Erst, then a follow-up Zweit can be thrown or Blitz Shielded.
→Dritt 40 Mid 14 5 21 -7
  • Followup to Zweit that knocks down on hit. Exits Leo from Brynhildr stance.
  • Unsafe on block, but can be slightly safer from farther away because it hits late in the active frames.
  • Zweit > Dritt is never a true blockstring on normal block. However, Zweit can be used as a high-risk option to counter-hit predicted attempts to interrupt or punish Zweit.

Kaltes Gestober Zweit[edit]
Kaltes Gestöber Zweit
GGXRD Leo Zweit.png
Don't abuse it
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 Mid 24 [26] 4 [5] 14 +1 [+2]
  • Different startup and recovery than the 236S follow-up with the same input.
  • [ ] values are when Leo crosses behind opponent. Going behind opponent puts Leo in Brynhildr stance.
  • Typically used as a cross up attack and combo tool. Also low profiles some attacks. Can always be thrown as Leo passes through, which makes abusing 236H risky.
  • Requires RRC or counter-hit to continue with a combo on grounded opponents.
  • Can also be used as a full-screen dashing attack to cover space, but hitting Leo out of Kaltes Gestöber Zweit is very easy, so this move should not be abused.
  • Can be used to juggle aerial opponents, and even combo off Leo's backturned super midscreen. However, followups from Kaltes Gestöber Zweit only work if it hits the opponent very low to the ground, which can be difficult to set up. If Leo hits an airborne opponent from behind, bt.S combos.

GGXRD Leo Siegesparade.png
Air combo ender and popular suicide method
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16,24,10 All 13 Until landing + 6 24 -13
  • Leo's typical juggle ender. Combos from j.K, j.S, and j.H, but only at medium levels of proration.
  • On hit, Leo transitions to Brynhildr stance with +3 frame advantage, allowing for further offense. Siegesparade does not knock down, but instead forces the opponent to recover on the ground next to Leo (often referred to as a re-stand).
  • If Siegesparade's first hit connects, the next two hits are guaranteed and the opponent will be pulled in towards Leo. The opponent cannot even burst after the first hit connects!
  • The third hit of Siegesparade only activates if the second hit connects. If the first hit misses but the second hit connects, Leo will still transition to stance, but the opponent will not be pulled in. If you attempt to cancel a move into Siegesparade and the opponent techs out before it connects, the third hit will still come.
  • Can be RC'd into a limited value grounded combo extension.
  • Can be used as a crossup or to attack an opponent directly below Leo, although highly unsafe on block or whiff.
  • Leo is in a dangerous counterhit state during recovery on block or whiff.

Brynhildr Moves[edit]

Brynhildr Stance[edit]
Brynhildr Stance
[H] or 6[H]
GGXRD Leo BrynhildrStance.png
Autopilot engaged!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Stance - - - - - -
  • Static difference on entering stance
    • blocked 5H: -3
    • blocked 6H: -3
    • Throw: +54
    • blocked Kaltes Gestöber Erst→Zweit: -3
    • blocked Kaltes Gestöber Zweit: +2
    • Siegesparade: +2
    • blocked Leidenschaft Dirigen: -18
  • Cannot block
  • Cannot jump, except from bt.P jump cancel
  • Jump canceling, RC, or getting hit exits stance
  • Normals and movement are changed while in stance
  • All specials and overdrives are still available in stance
→Backdash - - - - 17T -
  • Can go through opponent
  • Last frame can be canceled into any action except front or back walk
  • 1~13 Full invincibility. This is enough to evade moves like Volcanic Viper completely.
→Frontdash - - - - 17T -
  • Can go through opponent.
  • Last frame can be canceled into any action except front or back walk.
→Cancel - - - - 12T -
  • Exits Brynhildr stance. Used for safety (so you can block again!) or corner combo reasons.
Stance > P
GGXRD Leo btP.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30 Mid 7 4 12 -2
  • 1~10F Low profile
  • 1~8F Throw invincible
  • Leo's stance anti-air. Low recovery, large hitbox, and small hurtbox make bt.P a strong anti-air.
  • Chained from bt.K to increase damage and give time to hit-confirm.
  • Jump cancellable on hit or block.
Stance > K
GGXRD Leo btK.png
Linguini ankles
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16 Low 5 3 7 +2
  • 1~6F Throw invincible
  • Leo's only low attack in Brynhildr stance, and also his fastest normal in stance. Frame advantage and speed make it a very good option while Leo is backturned. Throw invincibility forces the opponent to respect Leo's options up close.

Stance > S
GGXRD Leo btS.png
Get your point a cross
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Mid 6 6 14 -1
  • Combo and footsie tool. Stance mixups typically lead to bt.S > rekkas on hit or block for safety.
  • Deceptively decent range. Leo can poke with bt.S and convert into rekkas at midrange.
Stance > H
GGXRD Leo btH.png
The circle of life
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 High 18 4 9 +6
  • Leo's stance overhead. Leads to absurd damage in the corner with Tension. Is *not* throw invincible. Slow startup makes it interruptible.
  • Significant frame advantage on hit or block. Links to bt.S > rekkas.
  • On normal air hit, plummets the opponent for a knockdown.
  • On air CH, ground bounces for a followup.
  • Often hits on frame 20, not 18, on crouching opponents
Kahn Schild[edit]
→Kahn Schild
Stance > D
GGXRD Leo KahnSchild.png
Hit me with your best shot
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0,60 Unb - - 37T -
  • Strike invincible 1-2F. Counters from 3-20F. Is in counterhit state during recovery.
  • Rejected for 60F if done from a distance. Leo recovers in time to combo into bt.S or 632146S, depending on range.
  • Reflects projectiles back at opponent (except Elphelt grenade). Leo gets some recovery invincibility if he rejects a projectile.
  • Counters everything except throws, Slayer's Undertow and Elphelt's charged rifle
  • If activated within range of the opponent, the counterattack is guaranteed, even if the opponent was attempting to block. For example, if Faust blocks nearby while a bomb explodes during bt.D, Faust gets countered.
  • Will catch counter both Blue and Gold Bursts. Because Leo cannot block during Brynhildr stance, bt.D is Leo's best way to punish a baited burst.
  • During stance offense, bt.D is typically used to force the opponent to stop hitting buttons and respect Leo's other options. Bt.D will beat Bursts, Overdrives, invincible uppercuts, and Dead Angles. However, Leo can be thrown or counterhit punished on whiff, making bt.D risky if they're ready for it.
  • Leads to high meterless damage in the corner. Midscreen, Leo can get a small meterless juggle, or spend Tension to convert. Character-specific followups on medium and light characters are strong.
  • Has low recovery for how active it is. Slower attempts to punish with a strike will probably be caught by a follow-up bt.D.
  • Can only YRC the first portion (third?) of the move. It's possible to YRC and get hit out of a counter that would have worked if you hadn't used YRC.
Kaltes Gestober Dritt[edit]
→Kaltes Gestöber Dritt
Stance > 214S
GGXRD Leo Dritt.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 All 14 5 21 -7
  • Exits Brynhildr stance
  • Causes ground tumble on counterhit. This is unique to the stance version only.
  • High damage and absurd amount of untechability makes 214S a highly useful combo option in stance.
Stance > 214H
GGXRD Leo Blitzschlag.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 High* 27 1 29 +36~+3 (Stagger)
  • Staggers/Guard crushes opponents blocking while standing (Max:65F,Lv.1:44F,Lv.2~MAX:32F)
  • Upon hit, applies ground bounce effect(lands face down)
  • Exits Brynhildr stance
  • Can RC on block for a prorated "unblockable" combo starter
  • Leo can low profile some attacks while Blitzchlag is active


Stahl Wirbel[edit]
Stahl Wirbel
Stance > 632146S/D
GGXRD Leo StahlWirbel.png
Where was he carrying that giant thing?
GGXRD Leo StahlWirbel2.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
130 [162] All 5+(104)+0 - 24 +8
  • This may be overall the best super in the game. Extremely fast, good damage, +8 on block, and allows a full combo as long as Leo is close enough. This is one of the sources of Leo's amazing damage in backturned because he can easily confirm Stahwirbel and follow with a full air combo.
  • Cannot be blocked after the super flash unless the opponent was already blocking or is farther than 1/3rd of the screen away
  • Does have some travel time to cross the screen - it is not instant from full screen. Its hitbox is basically the entire screen, but it is possible to avoid at super jump heights.
  • On Counter-Hit, sends the opponent on the longest untechable air launch in the game. The CH state is actually inconvenient for Leo because he can't chase them faster than they fly midscreen, and in corner it takes up valuable combo timer seconds.
  • Projectile lasts until it goes out of screen.

Leidenschaft Dirigen[edit]
Leidenschaft Dirigent
GGXRD Leo LeidenschaftDirigen.png
Weapon X!!
GGXRD Leo LeidenschaftDirigen2.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
26*4,60 Mid 10+(40)+1 8(15)11(14)8(10)8(36)11 28+13 after landing -18
  • 1~14F Full invincible
  • Inputting or holding H while landing causes transition to Brynhildr stance (same recovery time).
  • This super has very high projectile invincibility, allowing Leo to blow through most anything within 2/5 screen distance. Can be used to escape many otherwise strong oki setups.
  • Because of its high projectile invincibility, it's completely burst safe in corner or against grounded opponents. If the opponent bursts the hit before Leidenschaft Dirigen, the first hit of the super will whiff but then they will take the full damage anyway! This makes it great to use when the opponent has burst and Leo just wants to knock them down into the corner. If an airborne opponent bursts midscreen, the opponent will still whiff but Leo will miss after his second hit, which actually can put Leo in a punishable situation.
  • It is possible to low profile the first hit of this super with moves like Jack-O 2K or Sol 2D. H Eisen is a better option versus moves like these.

Instant Kill[edit]

Windrad des Weltraum
in IK mode: 236236H
GGXRD Leo WindraddesWeltraum1.png
Got 'em!
GGXRD Leo WindraddesWeltraum2.png
GGXRD Leo WindraddesWeltraum3.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
DESTROY All 9+(30)+18
6 32 -21
  • [ ] Indicates when match point for you, opponent in Hell Fire state, and you have 50% Tension
  • 9-32F Full invincible [5-27F Full invincible]
  • IK Mode Activation: 73T [5+(63)+5]
  • Uses the animation of his Kaltes Gestöber Erst.
  • In Hellfire, can combo from: bt.D RC, bt.D in corner, CH Stahwirbel in corner, CH 2H, CH bt.214S in corner, & 5D6 in corner. Can be optimal when the opponent could burst a normal combo.


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