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General Tactics[edit]

Use equipped f.S to poke your opponent on the ground and j.s in the air to control space.

On counter hit, hitconfirm into daruo(623P) and start a juggle.

Perform a combo and bring your opponent to the corner, set up your swords and maul your opponents to victory.


4PPP xN > f.s (frame trap to catch people mashing, f.s will counter hit inbetween the gap, and allow you to confirm into daruo)


KPP / 2KPP blockstring into overhead, canned mixup 2KPK low option instead. KP>2D if they expect an overhead, with a low option.

c.s>2D> special cancel or jump cancel into 623P/214S/214P/214K

Tips and Tricks[edit]

in order to break one of her tekken strings, input 4(back) while pressing a button. For example:

If you input 5PPP, she will do her 5PPP string.

However, if you input 4PPP, Ramlethal will instead do the first jab 3 times instead.

Green daruo(enhanced daruo) can be performed by hitting P within 3 frames of hitting the 3(down-foward) input so you would want 623P to be an ideal dragonpunch input.

If you become too used to hitting green daruo, you can force an inperfect daruo by hitting the same motion, while inputting P+HS to get an imperfect daruo. This is mostly useful for combos on females/light weight characters.

She has on offensive throw optionselect if you do not want to use her command grab(236K). This OS is done by inputting 6P+HS, which will give either a throw or 6P( the fastest forward input normal ramlethal has).

This OS can also be done in the air with jP+HS, and instead of 6P gives her j.P if you're in the air.

You can OS her wakeup super via proximity as well. The input for this would be 2363214 K+S, which will option select between Faultless defense and her explode super based on proximity.

Fighting Ramlethal[edit]

Whenever Ramlethal sets a sword, there is a certain amount of startup before the sword becomes active. If you're in neutral, be sure to hit the swords before they hit you. The hurtbox for the swords are the circular familiars she has, you'll want to either run up and 5P or jump and press P to hit the familiars.

Ramlethal's swords will also go away if she blocks, be sure to keep the pressure on. Do not allow her to setup swords.

Be sure to understand her tekken strings, as they have pre-determined follow ups. Learn them.


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