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Sin Kiske
GGXRD-R Sin Portrait.png
Defense Modifier: x 1.04

Guts Rating: 1
Weight: [100] Medium
Stun Resistance: 60
Prejump: 3F
Backdash Time 24F / Invul: 1-12F
Wakeup (Face Up/Down): 30F / 21F

Movement Options
Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run, Command Leap


First introduced in Guilty Gear 2: Overture, Sin is the happy-go-lucky son of Ky Kiske and Dizzy, who fell in love after the events of Accent Core. Due to the Gear blood he inherited from Dizzy, Sin developed extremely quickly after his birth; with Ky ruling a nation and Dizzy in stasis, Sin's rearing was entrusted to bounty hunter and fellow Gear Sol Badguy. Under Sol's tutelage, Sin accompanies him across the world in search of bounties, carrying most of their equipment along the way. Sin is slowly warming up to his father, and with his mother out of the picture for the moment, he looks up to Sol as a mentor and father figure. In battle Sin utilizes lightning magic, which arcs wild and red due to his Gear heritage; he also possesses a battle standard that he brandishes as a makeshift pole arm. He isn't the most well-spoken kid and can be cocky at times, but he has a big heart and tries to improve his shortcomings one at a time.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Low barrier to entry: easy BNBs and straight forward game plan.
  • Good pokes with a balance of speed and reach.
  • 6P is one of the best of its kind.
  • Great long ranged specials (236H, 236K) which have great reward with either CH or meter that are also usually safe.
  • High damage/reward on average with meter.
  • Has solid okizeme, with an easy way to setup safe jumps.
  • Can special cancel his specials with the use of his unique resource, food meter. This allows for strong pressure when he has food.
  • Hawk Baker is a decent DP.
  • Very strong backdash with large amounts of invulnerability that travels a long distance.
  • Must manage food by eating. Eating safely requires either meter, a knockdown (which probably also require calories) or at the very least a lot of distance.
  • Generally easy to burst during the damaging part of his combos.
  • Stronger combos and mixups usually require 50 meter and/or calories.
  • Limited gatling paths, resulting in rather predictable pressure without calories. Although he has the ability to cancel specials into specials, you are limited by how much calories you have.
  • Oki from meterless air conversions aren't strong either.
  • While DP is safe on block due to special cancels, it has a poor hitbox, slow startup and requires calories to keep safe.
  • 30f face up wake up timing.
  • Close range buttons are on the slower side.

Unique Mechanics[edit]


Sin Kiske has a unique meter called Calories which is a replenishable resource that is used to cancel specials into other specials.

Sin starts each round with 10,000 Calories (with a maximum of 16,000). Every time Sin uses a Special attack (with the exception of 214+P/K and 214+HS) he will burn 1,000 Calories. One can cancel Special attacks into other Special attacks by burning an additional 1,000 Calories. One must use Sin's special Still Growing (214H) to refill Calories.

Normal Moves[edit]

GGXRD Sin 5P.png
Loser's bracket is that way, kid.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 Mid 6 2 8 +2

Fast poke; cancelable into itself, a special, and a jump as well. Decent anti-air when opponent is too close to 6P. Chains into 5H on standing and for anti-air confirms.

Oddly the normal with the most gatlings for Sin, but very hard to actually apply in pressure since it whiffs on crouchers.

GGXRD Sin 5K.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16 Mid 7 3 12 -3

Jump and special cancelable. Small hurtbox on the non-kicking foot can go over opponents as they mash 2P/2K at the right distance and timing. Can also avoid low pokes at further ranges, but might not hit them due to a relatively short range. Has a large number of gatlings while also having a slightly larger window to chain into them, when compared to his other normals, all of these making 5K one of his better normals during pressure.

In neutral, notably Sin's fastest button for ranges further than 2P and c.S, but closer than f.S and 2S. Also why it can be useful as a throw install option besides 6P+H. Keep in mind 5K can easily be low profiled.

Also useful in combos in situations you would use c.S, but don't want to risk getting f.S instead, due to distance, which can happen during sideswap or juggling combos.

GGXRD Sin cS.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32 Mid 7 3 15 -4

Fast startup, along with being jump and special cancelable. Forces crouching on hit. Mostly combo filler. Can antiair unexpectedly due to its hitbox but don't rely on it.

GGXRD Sin fS.png
The people's poke
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Mid 9 3 18 -7

Good poke, especially with 50 for 236H RC afterwards. Similar in functionality to 2S, except 2S hits low profile moves and has lower recovery. However, f.S has slightly more range and doesn't lose to moves that have feet invulnerability.

Forces crouching on hit, which give you a little bit more time if you're trying to confirm into 236H-HHHH. Can confirm into 236K on CH.

GGXRD Sin 5H.png
For knocking down opponents outside of 2D range
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25, 35 Mid,Low 11 3(15)3 24 -8

2 hits: first is mid and jump cancelable, second is a low. Special cancelable on both hits, and knocks down on air hit. Really solid combo filler/ender on either hit, setting up some of Sin's stronger oki. Combos from 2H. Combos from 5P, 5K, and 2S, but only combo if the opponent is standing and if you are close enough. When used as a combo ender, it is usually best to cancel the first hit into 214H to restore calories safely and maintain pressure.

Due to its high hitbox, can unexpectedly catch people jumping during pressure when trying to bait raw throw inputs, although it's generally better to throw install with 5K or 6P in those situations. Can be used as an antiair for jump-ins directly above you, but due to its startup and recovery, it's not recommended. Airthrow or j.K instead, blitz, or even 6P before you consider using this to antiair.

As of version 2.1, the second hit has some vacuum properties, which has opened up some new combo potential, but ultimately not changed the functionality of the move.

GGXRD Sin 6P.png
No jumping allowed
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Mid 9 6 18 -10

Special cancellable and low profile (below midsection) until active frames. The low profile is actually rather average for a 6P, the thing that makes this 6P one of the best 6Ps in the game is its impressive hitbox in front of Sin. Chain into c.S>5H>... when enemy is caught low enough from anti-air. On CH can combo into Bull Bash with the right height and if close enough. Occasionally you can link into 5K/c.S>5H... on CH if they are not too far away from you. As of Rev 2, you don't get anything off of an anti-aired very high and deep jump-in on normal hit.

Due to its long range and having low profile properties as mentioned earlier, can even be used to counterpoke ground normals with a high hitbox. Confirm into (f.S)>236H>236H-HHHH or (f.S)>236K if close enough.

GGXRD Sin 6H.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
38 Mid 15 4 13 +2

Floats opponent on hit along with being special and jump cancelable. Frame advantage on block. Can be gatling into from 5H(1) and 3K(crouch). Slides you forward for a critical 623S or air combo. Hits all crouchers. On female characters, you can link 2P afterwards on normal hit, which is only possible on other weight classes on CH. Also combos into itself on CH.

Awkward to use in neutral as Sin's hurtbox travels forward during the move along with a large startup. The hitbox isn't as great either. Can be used to whiff punish/block punish things with a lot of recovery however, and it is one of his best starters, so it will hurt a ton if you can combo into red 623S.

GGXRD Sin 5D.png
Smack 'em into next week.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 High 29 2 15 -3
  • 80% proration

Universal overhead. Slow startup, but safer than other Dusts. Sin gets access to simple charged beak driver loops using the wall version and a techable air combo from the upwards version. The only way to fully knockdown meterlessly from 5D8 is to do a small (3 hits max) air combo ending in j.D (ex. j.H > j.S > jump cancel > j.D), which makes 5D6 probably the go to in most situations.

Basic 5D6 combo is 2H(3)>236K>623S>214S>214H. Can continue further for more meter build/damage if you have the calories. Also goes into Charged Beak Driver loops.

GGXRD Sin 2P.png
Mash to your heart's content.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
6 Mid 5 4 4 +2

Sin's fastest starter. Quick and cancels into itself and specials. This is also what you use to extend combos after R.T.L in some situations. Frame advantage. Great for stagger pressure and tick throws, and great as a meaty.

GGXRD Sin 2K.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
18 Low 7 2 9 +1

Worst proration of Sin's lows and fairly slow for a 2K as well, but serves its purpose. Forces crouching on hit which will cause 2K>5K>3K>6H to combo because of crouching state.

Decent for stagger when used alongside 2P. Also used for basic leap oki mixups, via empty leap low. When used in this way (or a meaty), it can be a little challenging to space it just out of the enemy's throw range, but it is possible to do so.

Has an interesting ability to be delayed chain into 2H.

GGXRD Sin 2S.png
The people's poke 2: Electric Boogaloo
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
27 Mid 9 4 15 -5

Not a low, but otherwise a great poke. Similarly to f.S, this is great to confirm into 236H with 50 meter or 236H-HHHH without. Can confirm into 236K on CH.

You'd use this instead of f.S when you need something that beats low profiling moves, such as certain 6Ps and slides/sweeps. It also has a little bit less recovery than f.S, although slightly smaller range.

GGXRD Sin 2H.png
Half a combo on its own
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28x2,16 Mid 11 2,2,2 34 -17

Slow, 3-hit launcher type move. Not a great anti-air, so best used as a punisher. First two hits force standing, third hit floats the opponent. All hits are jump cancelable. Builds a lot of RISC if opponents do not choose to FD.

Can be used as a frame trap if delayed chained from 2K, as mentioned earlier. However, do note that if you get FD'd out from 2K, or if they backdash in between 2K>2H, you will get punished if you whiff 2H as it has immense recovery.

If you have the reactions for it, you can react to people bursting as they get hit by 2H, especially on the ground(you can tell they have bursted if they rise up from the ground before the third hit)

GGXRD Sin 3K.png
Axl's 3P except better
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22 Low 11 4 12 -2

Low flag poke. Staggers on CH, only gatlings into 6H which is plus on block and all special moves; 3K into 6H is a blockstring only contestable if your opponent uses a invul reversal. When spaced well, be used as a meaty to make reversals whiff and you can mix between special cancelling 3K, jump canceling the 6H followup into j.D, or simply pressing the frame advantage of 6H.

Another great property of 3K is that is has a disjointed hitbox, which can be useful against moves such as slides and low pokes if you predict these coming. You need to predict them most of the them as the start up is on the slower side.

GGXRD Sin 2D.png
Your best low
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Low 10 6 8 0
  • 90% proration

Universal sweep. Long reach and moves Sin very slightly forward. Seems to also shift his hurtbox back before the active frames come out(?). Neutral on block means it's a decent pressure tool. It is common to see 2D used in normals>2D>236K>236H for BnBs. Otherwise, 2D is a tool to knockdown the opponent without using food meter and safely eat.

Links universally into 2P on CH or meaty. Can also link into other normals on CH, but somewhat character specific.

GGXRD Sin jP.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 High, Air 6 6 6 -

Fastest air to air poke. Above average reach and hitbox to hurtbox ratio for a j.P, though there are faster j.Ps out there. Very good for hitting opponents above or at the same height as you, not so much for opponents below you.

GGXRD Sin jK.png
Your most rewarding anti-air
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20 High, Air 8 3 24 -

Possesses crossup hitbox. Pops opponent up while keeping them close. Since GGXRD-R2 no longer causes wallstick.

On CH, gives a very long untechable fall/knockdown, giving a lot of time to convert into combos. This property makes it a valid choice for air-to-airing people above you for CH fishing.

GGXRD Sin jS.png
The people's poke: Air edition
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 High, Air 9 6 19 -

All-purpose, long reaching air normal useful for both jump ins and air to air situations, possessing a lot of horizontal range. Often used as a safe jump out of leap after a grounded Beak Driver knockdown.

The downward portion of the hitbox can be somewhat modest, so it can easily be anti-aired with low profiling moves in general despite being his staple jump-in, or even crouched under if done very early during a jump or IAD.

GGXRD Sin jH.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
32,16x3 High, Air 9 3,2x3 12 -

Overhead for a maximum of 4 hits, but with low hit/blockstun. Can be used as an instant overhead, but you need RC for a stable confirm, or a high amount of RISC built up on your opponent to combo into j.214S. You also need to be rather close for j.H to hit them in this fashion.

An interesting property of j.H is that the first hit is off a higher attack level than the other hits, while also having a vacuum effect. This is used in several different cross up mixups where you would be able to combo into j.214S or even 2H.

Surprisingly annoying to antiair with some characters when done at certain heights, although you will be forced to chain into j.D before you land to avoid being thrown upon landing if they were to just block it, or on normal hit if not done low enough to the ground, which would be the height you usually should have gotten antiaired anyway if your opponent has solid antiair options. The chain into j.D can be difficult for players to deal with as you can choose which hit of j.H to cancel into j.D (although opponents can always just upback it). Can be difficult to convert into a combo when used in this fashion however, as you need to commit heavily into j.214S on the first hit of j.H, which also only combos on CH.

You can also convert into a combo with 2P, 2K, and even 5P (forced standing on hit) if done from the right height.

GGXRD Sin j6H.png
Level 3 hitstun and vacuums? Yes please.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
36 High, Air 11 4 20 -

Pulls the opponent towards you on hit. Also vacuums on block as long as they block it on the ground. Can be used in side switch combos and hard-to-react-to crossup mixups where you pull them out of the corner.

Due to it's great horizontal reach, and great reward on CH, can also be a very potent normal to throw out while in the air. Very awkward to confirm if you get a normal hit with it in on an airborne opponent however.

Do note that even at the lowest height, all crouchers do not get hit by it and it's easily low profiled.

GGXRD Sin jD.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 High, Air 18 2 18+5 after landing -
  • 80% proration

Can be done instantly off a jump as a 22 frame overhead, including jump start up. Can confirm into j.214S, although you need to be close for this to work. Otherwise, you need meter to confirm into j.236236P. This move completely halts momentum during jumps/leaps until which it will return to normal, which can be useful after doing an IAD j.H cross up to convert into better combos with RC (j.H~D RC j.6H), since your air momentum will completely halt if you RC j.D before recovery frames. This can also be done using j.214S RC however, and is arguably easier to do with.

The halted air momentum also makes it great to sneak it an extra overhead during air gatlings on a grounded opponent, similar to I-No's own j.D. Ground bounces on counter hit, which is easier to convert off of on the way down as opposed to on the way up from a jump. Can also be used to bait throws during leap oki by doing it right before you land, which also is plus on block if you do it at a very low height.

This is also one of Sin's only ways of getting guaranteed knockdowns midscreen from air combos meterlessly in Rev 2. j.D won't provide strong oki as you will land fairly close to them with no time to eat afterwards, but the option is there.

Oddly, j.D can be jump cancelled on block or hit, although you won't get to use it very often, except for certain j.D knockdown setups.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
GGXRD Sin GroundThrow.png
Your best reversal
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0, 0, 60 Ground Throw: 75250 1 - - +55

Throw with 65% proration. RC and dash or leap after them to combo midscreen. Otherwise, it knocks the opponent far enough where eating is safe. Since Sin can easily crank guard gauge, throwing the opponent when the opponent's gauge is high enough will allow you to combo from this without meter.

Also leads into Charged Beak Driver loops in the corner with RC, which leads to a lot of damage off of a throw if you are able to do them (at least 5 Charged Beaks in a combo).

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
GGXRD Sin AirThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0, 60 Air Throw: 192500 1 - - -

Universal anti-air with 65% proration. Like his ground throw it knocks opponent far enough to eat safely.

Can convert into a combo on RC, although you usually still need to have an airdash available to do this as well.

Dead Angle Attack[edit]
Dead Angle Attack
GGXRD Sin fS.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 All 9 2 24 -12
  • 50% proration

Fast for a DAA and with good range (shares the animation of f.S), but only active for 2 frames. Significantly safer than R.T.L.

Blitz Shield Charge Attack[edit]
Blitz Attack
GGXRD-R Sin BlitzAttack.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Uncharged 50 Mid (15-48)+13 3 20 -2
Max Charge 50 Mid 50+13 3 20 +5

Universal Blitz Charge attack.

Special Moves[edit]

Calorie Gauge[edit]
Calorie Gauge
GGXRD Sin CalorieGauge.png
Calorie Gauge at 10,000 calories (top) and empty (bottom)
GGXRD Sin Hungry.png
Starving will cost you 95 frames.

Treat your calorie gauge like a baby. If it isn't full, it will cry and so will you.

  • Sin starts each round with 10,000 Calories (with a maximum of 16,000).
  • Every time Sin uses a special attack (with the exception of 214+P/K and 214+HS) he will burn 1,000 Calories.
  • You can also cancel special attacks into other Special attacks by burning an additional 1,000 Calories (ex. 623+S > 236+K will burn a total of 3,000 Calories)
  • If you hit 0 Calories when doing special Attacks, you will be forced into a hunger animation for 95F after the special Attack.
  • Use 214H to refill Calories
  • Starving will cost you 95 easily reactable and punishable frames that can no longer be PRC'd to save you.

Hawk Baker[edit]
Hawk Baker
GGXRD Sin HawkBaker.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30 [35] Mid 9 2 45 -33
  • [ ] are for critical hits
  • 60% [65%] forced proration
  • Burns 1,000 Calories

Invincible until active frames, but can be a relatively unreliable reversal due to its small hitbox and small amount of active frames. When used against moves with disjointed hitboxes, Hawk Baker will tend to flat out lose, or trade at best. HOWEVER, it can also be cancelled on block into other specials to make it safe, provided you have the calories. You pretty much always want to be cancelling it into a different special, even on hit, as it is massively unsafe otherwise.

Although Sin can reversal Hawk Baker against safejumps while having special cancel options to keep himself safe (236K/236H/214P or 214K), advanced safejump OSes will be able to make Hawk Baker whiff, in particular, landing proximity block OSes. Not every character have easy access to these however, so they have to resort to hard baiting it, unless Sin is low on calories, or has no meter.

This move is a staple for many of Sin's combos as it is useful when cancelled with 236H, 236K, or even leap. Has a CRITICAL HIT effect when used point-blank, causing the opponent to shine red and increasing the untech time.

Beak Driver[edit]
Beak Driver
236H (air OK)
GGXRD Sin BeakDriver.png
GGXRD Sin AirBeakDriver.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 36,32
Mid 11-33
2(1)6 29
  • [ ] values are charged version
  • Burns 1,000 Calories

The infamous Beak Driver.

Due to its sheer range, relatively fast start up and mostly disjointed hitbox on the 2nd hit, it's clear why this special alone makes other characters think twice when playing the ground game with Sin, as on CH (2nd hit) or with 50 meter, it translates into a full combo which hurts with the right amount of calories. On top of that, if blocked, Sin still has to ability to special cancel. This move used to be extremely low committal, but with an added 8 frames of recovery, whiffing it either by misplacing it or by a well timed jump by the opponent is no longer an alright situation.

Note that each hit of Beak Driver have slightly different properties.

The 1st hit is much shorter in range and not very active. The hitbox is pretty much centered on Sin while it is active. It also is relatively easy to low profile, as it doesn't actually hit a lot of characters when they crouch. The first hit also has projectile cancelling properties. The 2nd hit, which comes out on frame 14, is much further in reach and more active. The hitbox of the 2nd hit gradually gets harder to low profile towards the tip. Although it doesn't cancel projectiles, most projectiles disappear on hit so it still deals with most projectiles well. Finally, on CH, this hit wallbounces the enemy which allows Sin to convert into a full combo with his leaps.

If the 2nd hit CHs, you can buffer 214 as Beak hits to confirm P/K on reaction to leap. With 50 meter, the most optimal combo is for him to RRC and then dash 6H > Hawk Baker > ... . Closer up on normal hit, it can convert into a knockdown with Elk Hunt, but if further out, the only option is to continue the combo with is 236H~HHHHH. The uncharged version is also the standard combo ender as it gives knockdown which allows Sin to eat safely, or leap in for oki after.

Sin also has the ability to charge the move, which can delay the startup of beak, potentially ruining timings of your opponent's approach/whiff punish attempts. After a certain amount of time Beak Driver is held, it becomes the charged version upon release, massively increasing the hitbox of the 2nd hit and making it extremely difficult to low profile, if not impossible. This version also has massive blockstun (more than lvl 4 attacks), making it hard to punish if you eat after. Despite the recovery frame change to the uncharged version in 1.03, the charged version still maintains the same recovery frames it had before, retaining its +4 on block while being hard to punish on whiff. On top of that, it does more damage and wallsticks in the corner, which allows Sin access to his more damaging combos. It even can loop into itself (usually up to 2~3 times, but more is possible with microdashes) if you manage to get them at the right height to trigger the wall slump state.

Generally, you don't get to convert off of charged beak hits unless they wallsplat, but you do get to eat afterwards, at least twice while keeping yourself safe. However, the 2nd hit still does wallbounce on CH, so the same conversions you get off of Beak Driver 2nd hit CH is still possible.

Air 40,36 - 9 3,6 17/Landing 6 -
  • Burns 1,000 Calories
  • Causes wall bounce

Used in corner for wall bounce loops after j.D > j.214S starter. Deals slightly more damage than grounded variant. Used in some midscreen combos by cancelling into during the rise of Leap. No longer knockdowns but still knocks them away. Corner crossups from this move's ability to pull them out of the corner are available if you're creative. Can also poke enemies out of the sky from a reasonable distance in which most moves would not. TK'ing can be used to catch jump outs from pressure. Cannot be charged.

Ending corner combos in low height air break drivers, either through TKs or earliest air beak out of leaps leaves a small enough gap in the corner for you to cross them up.

I'm Sure I'll Hit Something[edit]
I'm Sure I'll Hit Something
HHH... during Beak Driver
GGXRD Sin ImSureIllHitSomething.png
When you don't feel like doing a combo.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
15*5,18*3,21*3,24*2,35 All 8 [2(2)]*N 23 -10
  • Burns up to 5,000 Calories

Staff Rain Omega/Stabby Stab, whatever you want to call it. On hit, gives knockdown if all 5,000 calories are spent (as of Rev2.1, it will always knock down on aerial hit). Good for causing chip or cranking the guard gauge after a blocked 236H, although unsafe on block and not burst safe. Going into this from 236H doesn't have the extra cost of canceling a special into a special, and ends up costing 6,000 calories. Up to 13 hits, not counting the first two from Beak Driver. Use this to burn through opponents' guts when their hp is low and you have the calories.

This move also tends to give your opponent a ton of meter on hit during combos while building their burst meter back quickly, although it is the most damaging combo ender you can do from a lot of normals at max range.

Bull Bash[edit]
Bull Bash
GGXRD Sin BullBash.png
Do not fall asleep
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
60 High 31 6 32 -19
  • Burns 1,000 Calories

Long range overhead attack; Air unblockable if not FD'd. If you hit with the tip of the flag when the opponent is airborne it does ~10% less damage, but bounces them higher than if you hit with the middle of the flag. This move is best at controlling space, catching late jump/IAD attempts, or keeping the opponent awake during a blockstring.

However, it is far too slow to ever mix someone up with, and opponents can always react to it if they have not done anything with high commitment. Most characters can even avoid it completely by double jumping, and everyone can Blitz or backdash it on reaction.

If Bull Bash is blocked and then RRC'd, IADing afterwards with j.S/j.K will still be a true blockstring.

Useful when combo'd into charged beak driver in the corner and the combination of the two moves can destroy the opponents when they make an unfavorable burst in between. Also leads to Sin being quite + as a combo ender into eat, if Bull Bash is done from a height high enough to ground bounce into untechable knockdown.

Elk Hunt[edit]
Elk Hunt
GGXRD Sin ElkHunt.png
Always works, except when it doesn't
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30 Low 15-21 6 11 0
  • 85% proration
  • Burns 1,000 Calories

Low profiling slide used in neutral, as combo filler, as a frame trap, or as a blockstring ender, though it's now even on block. Floats the opponent on hit and on CH allows you to link into (microdash)2P/5P/c. S, depending on how it hits. Cancel into beak driver for knockback and knockdown in the corner and midscreen. In the corner, is useful when chained into 623S for corner confirms off of 623S's critical hit.

A strange property of Elk Hunt is that it has variable start up and travel distance, which changes depending on how close Sin is to an opponent during start up. What happens is that Sin accelerates until he comes within a certain proximity of the opponent. Once he is close enough, only then the active frames come in.

This is why Sin is practically always +0 on normal block as it rarely, if not, never ever hits meaty from distance alone, unless if done from full screen. It is also why f. S/2S>Elk Hunt is very distance dependent to combo. The distance you end up with after an opponent blocks Elk also can change subtly depending on how far away you were before it hits.

The mixture of its variable startup is also why it tends to lose to other lows and slides rather easily from a distance, even if you started Elk Hunt very early, as Elk Hunt can go up to 21 frames in start up if done from max range. This property can also make it lackluster at chasing backdashes.

Also be careful of opponents catching onto you doing it too often in neutral even though it is safe on block, as preemptive neutral jumping can translate into a punish. Getting Elk Hunt IB'd forces you on the defensive as well or force you to spend even more calories to keep yourself safe/frame trap which may not pay off.

GGXRD Sin Leap.png
You thought this combo was over?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - - P:19
  • The P version vaults you upwards
  • The K version thrusts you forwards

Doesn't use any of the calorie gauge, even if canceled into from another special. Useful for surprise gapclosing, punishing, or making specials safer without using calories, as well as general positioning. You maintain your airdashes after a leap, and if you jump install you can double jump as well. You can control the arc by holding 4 or 6. Backwards airdash after a leap are useful for his neutral game and baiting anti-airs and blitz attack. Can be canceled into other specials while rising.

Note that any specials with the exception of Charged Beak when canceled into leap is actually easily antiaired or even air to aired, so the pressure reset you get from leap cancelling is not 'real'. Holding 4 can be used to bait sloppy antiair attempts however.

Still Growing[edit]
Still Growing
GGXRD Sin StillGrowing.png
Lunch break!
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - 40 - 17 -
  • Restores Calories
  • If Calorie Gauge is below 10,000 you will recover the difference to return it to 10,000 (starts out at giving 1,000 at 25f before giving the other 9,000)
  • If Calorie Gauge is above 10,000 you will recover 3,000 (maximum stock is 16,000)

Has a decent amount of recovery, so you generally want to use it after a knockdown or when you push them far away with a blocked special. Can be YRC'd but will only fill 1,000 calories unless you YRC much later.

Vulture Seize[edit]
Vulture Seize
GGXRD Sin VultureSeize.png
For when you really need more tension
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 All 14 6 Until landing + 10 -
  • Burns 1,000 Calories

Aerial combo fodder into Air Beak Driver, as well as confirming off of rising/fuzzy overheads. Can also be used in gimmicky airdash crossups and even after the first hit of crossup j.H. Can also be used as an anti-anti-air against weaker anti-airs or sloppy anti-air attempts if done from a height, as on CH it converts into a combo easily. It is unsafe on block however, and awkward to confirm without a CH unless you are extremely low to the ground.

The air momentum halting property can also be used in a similar fashion as j.D RC after j.H, which actually can be easier to perform for some players.


632146H (air OK)
For the love of God, do not throw this out in neutral.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 50 [62] Mid 10+1 12 47 -40
Air 50 [62] All 10+1 12 Until landing + 32 -
Ground Followups
R.T.L > Direction + H
Air Followups
R.T.L > Direction + H
  • Entering a direction (8-way) with HS allows you to continue the attack in that direction (possible 2 times after initial hit)
  • Can only do a followup attack if the previous hit actually touched the opponent

Full invul until the hitbox appears if done with Burst, otherwise invul only starts on frame 4. Can provide corner carry and knockdown depending on how you use your charges. Good use for when you need this to kill in your combo and you can even combo off of this in certain cases. If blocked, try to steer away using another dash to be less punishable. On whiff, you lose the benefit of steering it.

An annoying property off R.T.L during clashes is that you WILL cancel into other moves even if you intend to use the additional charges, so keep that in mind.

Voltic Deign[edit]
Voltic Deign
236236P (air OK)
GGXRD Sin Voltic Deign.png
Sin's only projectile
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 27*5 Mid 26+2 - Total 37 +60
Air 27*5 Mid 10+4 - Total 31 -

Slow projectile that hits 5 times. Fast recovery after usage, along with slow movement speed make it only ideal for okizeme set ups, or using it as a shield to approach behind when close. It also proves useful during pressure, where he should throw this move out and immediately eat to refill lost meter then keep his pressure going. A gimmick for long range use is to use it full screen while covering the aerial height with air Beak Driver if they jump. Aerial version shoots it at an angle similar to Ky's air Charged Stun Edge in previous GG games but has far less startup and can be followed up an airdash for combos.

The aerial version can be pretty powerful when jumping in. On hit it translates into a combo, whereas on block it allows Sin to pressure them or go for a mixup (while building RISC if the opponent doesn't FD). If the opponent is attempting to anti-air, most anti-airs will get beat. However they probably can interrupt the start up with an air-to-air or choose to get out of there if they were not committed to anti-airing, as they are not forced to block it.

Unlike most other projectiles, this will always hit the opponent 5 times, regardless of how many hits it has tanked.

Instant Kill[edit]

in IK mode: 236236H
GGXRD Sin Raiden.png
GGXRD Sin Raiden2.png
Local Boy Destroys Entire Mountain Range to Kill 1 Person.
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
DESTROY - 9+12
6 34 -23
  • [ ] Indicates when match point for you, opponent in Hell Fire state, and you have 50% Tension
  • Invulnerable: 1-17 All
  • Uses the animation of the first hit of his 2H.
  • This move is only practical if you manage to stun the opponent long enough to get it out or when the conditions to combo into IKs are met.
  • The startup attack also happens to be one of the most disadvantageous hits for an IK on block, tied only with Millia.


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