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Elphelt Valentine
GGXRD Elphelt Portrait.png

Defense Modifier: x1.00

Guts Rating: 0

Stun Resistance: 60

Jump Startup: 3F

Backdash Time: 13F

Backdash Invincibility: 1-9F

Movement Options
Double Jump, 1 Air Dash, Dash Type: Run


The happy-go-lucky Valentine sister of Ramlethal. She's cute, funny, caring and a great fighter as good as or even better than her sister. Elphelt is a versatile character who has multiple weapons to get her opponents at any position. She's cute and pretty on the outside, but when it comes to fighting she is a Terminator.


  • Versatile neutral.
  • Strong pressure with plenty of options and mixups.
  • Great and safe okizeme including many reliable unblockable setups.
  • Very high damage.
  • Easy and rewarding confirms.
  • High tension gain.
  • Easy execution.


  • Unreliable reversal.
  • Numerous character specific combos.
  • Gameplan and useful tools are heavily matchup dependent.

Normal Moves[edit]

GGXRD Elphelt 5P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
9 Mid CSJ YRP 5 3 5 +2

Jab. Self, jump and special cancelable. It's quite fast but it doesn't hit crouchers except Potemkin and Bedman. The hitbox is actually the rose that Elphelt is holding and only that which makes it quite awful. The active frames end as soon as the rose is dropped which doesn't seem to be that much. Because of those properties, 5P is quite bad for either neutral, offense or defense. Only thing good about it is its pushback but there are still better choices for stagger pressure. Mostly a combo filler.

GGXRD Elphelt 5K.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
14 Low SJ YRP 7 4 5 +1

Standing low. Jump and special cancelable. Pretty good proration for a low. Unlike most 5K though, it's not that great for footsies and should be only used during pressure or for mixups. The small pushback and the decent amount of active frames makes it a great pressure starter and the main move you will jump cancel for YRC mixups like j236P YRC>jS/5K.

GGXRD Elphelt cS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
24 Mid SJ YRP 5 5 18 -6

Jump and special cancelable. VERY fast and a great starter. Hits even opponents at the top of their jump but has no invul. The hitbox behind her is pretty good too so if they cross you up, there are high chances that they will get hit. The vertical hitbox allows to hit everyone at the peak of their jump except Chipp. What makes this move awesome however is when it's used with the 6H+S OS which allows you to either throw on the first frame or hit at the 5th frame with cS. It allows to beat clean some fuzzy like land low meaty/airdash high ones as they will get thrown if they meaty or get stuffed by cS if they airdash. Particularly reliable AA despite having no invul. It also doesn't have any proration and got good gatlings making it one of your best ground starter. The recovery is also quite small which makes it really hard to punish on whiff. Definetely one of her best and most important normal !

GGXRD Elphelt fS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Mid SJ YRP 9 5 16 -4

Jump and special cancellable. Good poke in terms of range, damage and speed. Also, unlike most characters, Elphelt can always combo off it and get a knockdown even at max range. Against standing opponents, you will rather go for fS>5Hx5 while you will pick fS>2H against crouchers. You won't be able to crouchconfirm fS>2H though with fS as a starter. fS>214K works on both standing and crouching however as long as they aren't too far. fS doesn't prorate and leads to pretty good corner carry if you got 50 tension to RC whatever you will do after for great damage. It can however be low-profiled by certain moves so don't be too predictable with it.

GGXRD Elphelt 5H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20, 18x1~4 Mid S YRP 11, 9(2~5) 1 28, 26(2~4),33 -12

Special cancelable only for the first hit. Whiffs on every crouchers even Pot. 5th hit hard knockdown on ground and air hit. Longest reaching normal. A great normal that reaches half-screen and stuff a LOT of things in neutral. Extremely fast for the range it covers and the 5 hits alone do 76 damage(Sol). With an RC, you can corner carry, get big damage and still have your knockdown which is quite easy considering the 5 hits for hitconfirming it. In several matchups, getting around it can be a pain for the opponent so make sure to watch your spacing and throw it out sometimes to annoy them. It can easily be low profiled by some moves and on block, the opponent can crouch block to make it completely whiff allowing them to get in(Difficult to whiff punish it on the ground.) However, the YRC window frame is particularly lenient and seems to go up to the end of the active frames. Add the fact that it's self cancelable and with 25% tension, you got a huge window to YRC it for safety and potentially punish the opponent if he tried to low profile it.

To make it easier to understand: Mash the hell out of 5H if you got 25 tension or more. If it whiffed, YRC it and react to what your opponent is doing. Don't worry, you will have more than enough time.

Keep in mind however that despite triggering pineberry and looking like a projectile, it is considered to be a normal attack and will thus lose against any projectile. Also, it extends her hurtbox by quite a bit. Roughly half of the hitbox is actually her hurtbox. The vertical hitbox isn't also as big as it looks like so it will only beat IAD but any other kind of air approach will make it whiff. Overall, a very strong neutral tool that becomes a nightmare for your opponent if you have 25% tension or more. It's possible to use an OS with it thanks to the lenient YRC window which is 5H>214K~YRC. If 5H whiffs, you will get a YRC. If it gets blocked or it hits, you will do 214K instead. Unless you're quite close, 5H>214K on block is + and 5H CH>214K combo even at max range allowing to get a knockdown.

GGXRD Elphelt 6P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
24 High S YRP 23 4 22 -12

Overhead. Special cancelable. Faster than Dust but obvious animation. Bad proration and big pushback. Can't gatling into anything so you're always going to special cancel it. Can link 6P>236H>SG-P if you're point blank but Stagger recovery lvl2 is enough to shake out of it and block it in time. Tensionless, your only option is to do 6P>214K for only 54 dmg(Sol). With 50 tension, you will usually go the 6P>214K RC route but because of the bad proration, you won't get much. An overhead that you will throw out once in a while to surprise your opponent but that's it.

GGXRD Elphelt 6H.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
50 Mid S YRP 15 10 30 -21

Special cancelable. Knockdown. Ground bounce on CH. Huge normal that covers a wide area above and before her with quite a lot of active frames. Can be used as a preemptive AA or as a poke. Very dangerous on whiff with a relatively bad YRC window. However, it's an attack level 5 move so canceling it into 236H makes it + on block and canceling it into 236P makes it slightly -. Throw it out in neutral only if you're certain it will hit or be blocked. Pretty cool rewards on counter hit. On normal hit, you only get a knockdown. It also looks like Elphelt is airborne while doing it. This is not the case and you can be thrown so don't use it to bait throws.

GGXRD Elphelt 5D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22 High - YRP 24 6 16 -8

Faster than average but punishable on block. Use it with caution.

GGXRD Elphelt 2P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
8 Mid CS YRP 4 2 7 +1

Jab. Self and special cancelable. Elphelt's fastest normal in normal stance. Range is shorter than average but the pushback is also much shorter making it a decent stagger pressure tool. Also what you're going to mash if you have to in defense against pressure resets but because of its range, it's not that great.

GGXRD Elphelt 2K.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 Low S YRP 5 5 6 -1

Low. Special cancelable. Normal with the worst proration. Worse damage and hitbox than 5K. Quite fast but nothing else interesting about it. Gatling into 5K however which allow you to have 3 lows in a blockstring (2K>5K>2D for example) if you ever need it against players who likes fuzzy jumps a bit too much.

GGXRD Elphelt 2S.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
26 Mid S YRP 8 6 18 -10

Special cancelable and staggers on CH. fS and 5H are great moves but their biggest weakness is that they can be low-profiled. 2S is here to be used against those moves. On CH, the stagger allow you at any range to do 2S>5Hx5. On normal hit though, you don't get much out of it unless you're very close or the opponent is standing. Another thing to mention is that from the last active frames to a bit before the recovery ends, Elphelt's hurtbox becomes really low allowing to make a lot of moves whiff. Because it doesn't starts during the startup frames however, it's not really something you will rely on. The hitbox also is much lower vertically than it looks like so keep in mind that it loses hard to aerial approach and thus, shouldn't be used as an AA. In some matchups (Ky, Sin and Zato mostly) this is your main ground poke as fS and 5H is too risky against them and can be easily low profiled.

GGXRD Elphelt 2H.png
Slide under stuff then hit them
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22x2 Mid S YRP 18 3 (3) 3 18 -4

2 hit sliding normal. Special cancelable. The sliding effect is enhanced if you do a microdash before inputting 2H making it your best way to low profile certain moves. It's slow but it's an attack level 5 meaning that cancelling into 236H make it + on block. 2H>236H>SG-P got no gap making it one of the best way to switch into shotgun stance outside of okizeme situation. Again, it's slow. You can be thrown and hit out of it quite easily and the hitbox isn't as great as it looks like so be careful with that in neutral. In pressure, you can very easily frame trap with it by using strings like fS>2H and cancel 2H again into 236H for even more frame traps which makes it a very useful normal for Elphelt's pressure game. On counter hit, pops opponents off the ground, close enough to be followed by cS. First hit on CH is untechable but the second one will make it air techable. 2H(1) CH>shotgun loops in the corner generally leads to hilarious damage and tension gain.

GGXRD Elphelt 2D.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
36 Low SJ YRP 8 6 18 -10

Low. Jump and special cancelable. REALLY fast for its range and can be used for ground footsies. Knockdown on both normal and counter hit but you can combo into 214K for more damage and corner carry. The fact that it's jump cancelable make it great and safe for pressure. 2D>jP done quite close combo on May, Millia, Chipp, Faust and Potemkin allowing for big damage tensionless. It's possible to do 2D>jS if you're closer. Best way to abuse that is when you get a crouching confirm to go into ...>cS/fS>2H>2D>air combo for high damage and a knockdown.

GGXRD Elphelt jP.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
10 High CSJ YRP 6 6 9 -

Overhead jab. Self, jump and special cancelable. Can be used as an air-to-air but its range is worse than most jP and it can be stuffed very easily. Its downward hitbox make it better for airstring or 50/50 like jS>jP/5K.

GGXRD Elphelt jK.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
18 High S YRP 8 6 15 -

Overhead. Special cancelable. Damage is okay but hitbox is worse than the animation makes it look like. Mostly combo filler.

GGXRD Elphelt jS.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 High SJ YRP 7 5 16 -

Overhead. Jump and special cancelable. By far Elphelt's best air normal. Hits above, before, below and even behind her ! Useful in every situation, got great gatlings, very nice damage, insane speed and recovery, important combo filler and a lot of active frames. Don't hesitate throwing it out in most air situations and press jP afterwards to make it easier to hitconfirm it. On air hit, either try to see if you're low enough to do a relaunch with jH/jD>2P or just go for a basic air combo.

GGXRD Elphelt jH.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
34 High S YRP 10 6 18 -

Overhead. Special cancelable. More range than jS but less versatile. Important recovery. Only reward you will get out of it is just a knockdown as you need a specific height to do jH>jD. Untechable for 20f on normal hit.

GGXRD Elphelt jD.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
38 High S YR 11 3 29+5 landing -

Overhead. Special cancelable. Very good air-to-air but long recovery. Use it mostly in matchups were the opponent can get some kind of space control from the air like Venom or Ramlethal. Or against people who believe that Guilty Gear should be played like Mario Bros.

If used on a rising jump, the recovery is so long you won't be able to do anything until you land so it's better to use it while falling. However, you can do high jump>rising jD and be able to airdash before you land either to get in or run away. Untechable for 30f on normal hit.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
GGXRD Elphelt GroundThrow.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- Ground throw - R 1 - - -

Long recovery so you can only get oki in the corner; if you press 6S+HS, you'll do c.S in case your throw doesn't reach. The hitstun on it is massive so RCing it leads to great rewards and corner carry. In the corner, you can RC it and go straight into shotgun loops or if you have 100 tension and the opponent is in hellfire, do throw>RC>IK mode>236236H for an unburstable instant kill combo.

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
GGXRD Elphelt AirThrow.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- Air throw - R 1 - - -

Gets a knockdown right next to you so oki is possible. Can be RC'ed for an air combo.

Dead Angle Attack[edit]
Dead Angle Attack
GGXRD Elphelt 6P.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- Mid - - 9 4 18 -8

Same as 6P; has fast startup; good reach and hitbox; hard to punish because the DA pushes you away from the opponent. Elphelt's most reliable defensive option with tension.

Special Moves[edit]

236P (air OK)
GGXRD Elphelt Pineberry.png
GGXRD Elphelt PineberryThrow.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - Y - - 19 -
Overhand Throw
4P (air OK)
0,40 - - YRP 10 - 23 -3 [+7]
Underhand Throw
0,40 - - YRP 10 - 23 -3 [+7]
  • Once you input the command, you have 3 seconds until the grenade explodes.
  • You can either do a lower throw (2P) or a upper throw (4P, air possible).
  • When the grenade is thrown, it has a hitbox until it reaches the ground but deals 0 damage on hit.
  • If you don't throw the grenade in 3 seconds it'll self-destruct on Elphelt.
  • All Elphelt gun normals (5HS, jD, SG-H, Sniper shot) can activate the explosion early by hitting the grenade when it's being thrown and the explosion's damage is bigger than it'd be when self-destructing on you.
  • Throwing the grenade when the timer is at or under 1 second make it a level 4 move allowing Toss>Explosion to combo if the timer is under ~0,5s.
  • Doesn't disappear on block or hit forcing your opponent to respect it and try to get around it once tossed.

One of her most important special and the core of her okizeme game. The pineberry is so useful that it should be tossed everytime you get a knockdown as the toss will always hit them on the first frame. The fact that it doesn't disappear on hit allow to punish several reversals on whiff, hit or block. Not only is it great for okizeme but it also is an important part of her unblockable setups (more details below).

In neutral, it becomes one of her best tool for space control and is extremely strong when tossed with a YRC in most matchups. The toss will clash with any projectile it will meet but the explosion will still happen. Neither the toss nor the explosion prorate allowing both to leads to solid damage.

Finally, j236P stops momentum which allows to bait AAs, be useful in combos or allow some great 50/50 mixups with j236P YRC.

Bridal Express[edit]
Bridal Express
214K (air OK)
GGXRD Elphelt GroundBridalExpress.png
GGXRD Elphelt AirBridalExpress.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Ground 45 All - YRP 14 12 12 -5
Air 40 All - YRP 26 Until landing 3 After landing +10

Ground version:

  • Moves forward. Blows the opponent away and knockdown. Useful for corner carrying. It can be punished at point blank but it's still + if it's blocked on the move's last active frames and/or at the tip of the hitbox.

Because of those properties, the ground version can be really annoying to deal with thanks to his big hitbox and the fact that it's + with the right spacing in neutral situations. In pressure, it can be a frightening way to reset pressure if you use it in a blockstring as far as possible and can be a frame trap while still being +. Do not abuse it however because it's dangerous on whiff and your opponent might try to FD your last normals resulting in you landing before him, ready to be punished. It's Elphelt's main way to deal with opponents who abuse FD however if they do it early in your blockstring.

Air version:

  • Moves downwards; its startup is slow but also hard to punish; since it stops air momentum for a bit before actually descending on the bouquet, it can be used to bait antiair moves accordingly.

Close to no landing recovery on it so on block, you will pretty much always be +. Do NOT abuse it however because you can easily airthrow/stuff it on reaction. The +10 value only concern j214K touching the opponent's feet which makes it the highest frame advantage you can get off the move.

You can also get a safe jump with the air version with something like 2D ender>high jump>air bridal express. Impossible to combo afterwards without a CH however. Can sometimes crossup too on block but you need a very specific angle.

Stance Moves[edit]

Miss Confire[edit]
Miss Confire
GGXRD Elphelt MissConfire.png
GGXRD Elphelt MissConfireReticule.png
Unblockable when reticule becomes big
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - Y - - 27 -
P/K/S/H after Ready
- YRP 3 3 47 -14
46S during Fire
- - - Y - - 39 [27] -
D after Ready
- - - Y - - 27 -


  • You can't move while in the rifle stance.
  • Once in the stance, a target appears and you can freely move the target by pressing any directions.
  • To cancel the stance, press D.
  • By pressing any button (P, K, S or HS) other than D, Elphelt shoots with her rifle. Rifle shots are air unblockable (need FD to block it).
  • When the target stays in place for 0.4 seconds, you get the level 2 shot; the target increases in size and the next rifle shot becomes an unblockable move.
  • Even if you RC while in rifle stance, she stays in the stance - however, it moves the target right onto the opponent.

46S: Miss Confire - Reload

  • After shooting once, you need to input 46S in order to be able to shoot again.
  • If you take too long to reload Elphelt leaves the rifle stance automatically.
  • By pressing 6 and S at the same time, you get a "Perfect Reload". The window for the Perfect Reload is 2 frames between 6 and S, and needs to be done not right after shooting, but after waiting a little bit. By successfully performing a Perfect Reload, Elphelt swings and reloads her rifle MUCH FASTER than normal, letting you shoot again sooner than usual. To be more specific, a normal reload has 23f of recovery while a perfect one is 11f

Comment Despite looking particularly good on paper, the scope is actually quite slow compared to the speed of most of the cast and the faster characters can be really tough to properly hit on reaction. Usually, it's something you will use with a hard read. You can also YRC to make it easier to aim with it. Main problem however is that the level 1 shot gives relatively poor rewards and entering and/or leaving the stance have a rather important recovery making it a low reward/high risk options. Level 1 shot is pretty much something you will use once in a while against characters like Venom or Ky to make them stop zoning so it's a relatively situationnal neutral tool.

Level 2 shot is completely unblockable and is used in very specific okizeme situations with the pineberry. Please check the okizeme section at the bottom of the page for more details. Unlike level 1 shot, level 2 shot actually got 70% initial proration.

Miss Travailler[edit]
Miss Travailler
GGXRD Elphelt MissTravailler.png
GGXRD Elphelt Fire.png
Stand still for powered up shot
GGXRD Elphelt Thrust.png
Fast, frame trap
GGXRD Elphelt Roll.png
Crossup and evasion tool
GGXRD Elphelt Launch.png
Anti jump, moves forward
GGXRD Elphelt Demolish.png
Command grab, slow but scary
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - Y - - 14 -


  • Every normals in Shotgun stance change. The specials are all the same however except that 236H leaves Shotgun stance.
  • You CANNOT jump,throw or enter IK mode in Shotgun stance but you can do anything else like blocking, crouching or dashing.
  • Getting hit in Shotgun stance makes you leave it.
  • Any kind of RC in Shotgun stance will keep it unless you did SG-H>RC.
  • Not moving or performing any action in Shotgun stance makes you enter a power-up mode that will enhance SG-H's damage, range and properties characterized by a red aura.

Moving or crouching after entering power-up mode will immediately cancel it and you will have to stay idle again to get it back. Every normal in shotgun stance except SG-H will keep the power-up. Performing SG-H during power-up mode will do the enhanced version called Powered SG-H and will cancel power-up mode right away.

Comment Unlike Rifle stance that is purely situationnal, Shotgun stance can be used in both neutral and offense and allow her in the corner to get one of the highest damage output in the game. It also allows her to have a very strong pressure in the corner that is quite hard to disrespect and leads into big rewards.

46H after SG-H
- - - YRP - - 17 -

Nothing really special about it. It can only be used right after SG-H and allow you to keep being in shotgun stance without SG-H's recovery to end and pressing 236H again. Still quite important as it is a move that will be used often in shotgun loops. In order to reload as fast as possible, it's better to press 46H right after doing SG-H which is mandatory for normal SG-H loops.

Fire or SG-H
H with Shotgun
20(far),35(close)[35(far),60(close)] Mid - YRP 3 [1] 1 [1] 31 [29] -2 [+5]

The most important Shotgun stance normal and possess 2 versions, normal SG-H and powered SG-H. The value in [] concern the powered-up version. All version got the same pushback on block, hit or whiff and isn't affected by faultless defense. Both version are also considered to be projectiles and will cancel any projectile that hit once (except overdrives). 46H has to be done right afterwards if you want to keep shotgun stance.

Normal SG-H 3f normal. Extremely fast for its range. When done quite close, will give you a hard knockdown. Got no special properties when done a bit farther. Generally a combo filler that is used either at the end of SG-P strings for a knockdown or looped on air hit for more damage.

You can loop {SG-H>46H}xN during corner pressure if you want to and it's actually possible to hit you out of it. However, the hitbox is so big that mashing out of it becomes a big risk. Past a certain distance however you won't get a knockdown and will need a RC to combo afterwards. Main reason why you would still keep looping it however is because of the chip damage, the ridiculous tension gain it gives and the fact that the pushback isn't affected by faultless defense. If the opponent intends to block and wait for you to end up too far to loop it, you can do SG-S and reset pressure for more loops.

Powered SG-H 1f normal but considering that you need to not do anything for a few frames in order to reach power-up mode, and the fact that it only gatlings from SG-H, it's not really important. Only one word is necessary to describe this move: Ridiculous. Ridiculous damage, hitstun and hitbox. Midscreen, you won't really get much out of it aside from a knockdown. In the corner however, if done close enough, you will get a 35f wallsplat on normal hit and a 71f long one on CH allowing to loop powered SG-H into each other for huge damage. This allows her to reach one of the highest damage output in the game.

Powered SG-H can be particularly strong during pressure too and an easy and low risk way to finish off an opponent with low health. It deals 8% chip damage alone (ignores guts rating) and removes 20% tension if the opponent FD it while being +5 on normal block.

Thrust or SG-P
P with Shotgun
18 Mid CS YRP 3 3 6 +1

Arguably the best 3f normal in the game. SG-P got a great hitbox and damage for its range while still being +1 on block with a small pushback making it the best move for stagger pressure in the game. However, the only combo that you will get out of it will generally be SG-P xN>SG-H which deals average damage. Thankfully and despite its speed, SG-P doesn't prorate so RCing the final SG-H allow to get some great damage. The main reasons why you should this move is mostly for tension gain and you can use SG-D if you notice that the opponent respects too much for some corner carry midscreen and high damage in the corner.

Roll or SG-K
K with Shotgun
- - - Y - - 24 -

Despite being a roll, this move got some invuls instead of low profiling certain attacks. It is also affected by dash momentum so you will generally use it with a microdash. This move is the sole reason why the opponent has to be very careful when dealing with Elphelt's shotgun in neutral situations as she will be able to whiff punish pretty much anything with an SG-H CH and it only has 8 vulnerable frames. You will mostly use it in reaction against projectiles in some matchups. Any other situations will generally require a hard read which makes it really useful only in certain matchups.

During pressure, Elphelt can cross-up the opponent with it and make quite a lot of reversals whiff thanks to its invul frames. It will however loses quite badly against 2P mashing so you will have to make sure that your opponent respects your pressure before using it.

Overall, a rather matchup dependent tool.

Launch or SG-S
S with Shotgun
30 Mid S YRP 11 7 7 +3

Doesn't gatling from anything and only gatling into SG-K. Great normal that allow to reset pressure as it is +3. Can be used in neutral with a microdash for more range. Fully untechable on air hit. You can however be thrown or hit out of it quite easily so don't rely on it too much.

During pressure, the fact that it's slow makes it great against opponents who think that they can fuzzy jump SG-D. Use SG-S to prove how wrong they are.

Demolish or SG-D
D with Shotgun
0, 47,16 Ground Throw - YRP 15 3 35 +57 [+46]

Slow command grab that is special cancelable. Generally, your only combo(tensionless) midscreen is SG-D>214K which leads to poor damage but great corner carry. In the corner however, it leads straight into shotgun loops and allows the highest damage output for a command grab in the game thanks to the fact that it only has 70% initial proration. It should also be noted that the loops following SG-D generally allow you to get up to 90% tension. A frightening mixup tool when you consider how strong her stagger pressure is.

Frame advantage listed is when throw is successful. [ ] value is when opponent is in the corner.


Judge Better Half[edit]
Judge Better Half
GGXRD Elphelt JudgeBetterHalf.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20, 140 Mid, All*5 - YRP 3+1 3(3)3,3,3,3,3 43+6 after landing -39

Reversal. 1st hit triggers a cinematic and deals a LOT of damage. Invul seems to disappear a bit before the active frames. Doesn't trigger the cinematic if it trades. Bad hitbox and horrible on whiff or block. If the cinematic isn't triggered, do a shoryuken like move that hits 5 times maximum for moderate damage.Problem is that the opponent can air tech before your face while you're still in recovery allowing some characters to punish you on HIT.

This is probably the worst reversal in the game and if you need to use meter in defense, consider using Faultless Defense or Dead Angle Attack instead. It's good as a combo filler however and will provide you a knockdown.

GGXRD Elphelt Genoise.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
55, 17*5 All - YRP 9+3 - Total:39 +27

Multihit projectile super. Deals okay damage and is + on block. However, you got better option with RC to get more damage and more corner carry. Will have to see how her combo routes evolve to conclude whether this super is worth doing as a combo filler or not.

Instant Kill[edit]

Magnum Wedding
in IK mode: 236236H
GGXRD Elphelt MagnumWedding1.png
GGXRD Elphelt MagnumWedding2.png
GGXRD Elphelt MagnumWedding3.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
DESTROY All - - 9+13[5+9] 4 21 -8

Has fS' animation which makes it quite good. If the opponent is in Hellfire state, it's only possible to combo into it in the corner. The most used Hellfire IK combos are generally throw>RC>IK mode>IK for 100 tension and an unburstable IK combo and anything into Powered SG-H>RC>IK mode>IK which is particularly easy to do.

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