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Slayer wants to lull his opponents into a false sense of security, then punish mistakes with big damage and explosive pressure.

On offense, Slayer can maintain an aggressive posture for quite some time by chaining frame-positive moves into dashes or IAD pressure while mixing up with throws and grounded crossups.

In the neutral, Slayer is hard to pin down thanks to the visual ambiguity of his dashes. Additionally, he can BDC and FDC into jumps, mappas, and dandy steps to vary his spacing and generate pressure.

On defense, Slayer has a powerful option unique only to him. Correct application of BDCs will get slayer out of almost any pressure

General Tactics[edit]

Learn BDC bite. Without it, Slayer is half a character. Practice it with both 6321447H and 44632147H. The timing and spacing are different with both, and both are important. The first gives you a near-instant bite with little movement, the second gives you more invincibility frames and moves you backwards. They are applicable in different situations and should be treated like different moves.

Look for anti-air 5P whenever possible. It's got a great hitbox, and can lead to good damage and knockdown.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

Buffer 632144 on wakeup whenever you're facing an opponents oki.

During the initial frames of the backdash, you can decide between the following options:

  • 7H for bloodsucking universe (beats safejumps and most up-close meaties)
  • 69S for BDC Dead-on-Time (beats everything that isn't blocking/invincible)
  • 7/8/9 into FD (super-safe, often gets you land-throw)
  • 96 for invincible-jump into IAD
  • 85SH for BDC blitz guard (standing OR jumping)
  • 7P/K for BDC dandy (better with meter for YRC)
  • 2369P/K for BDC Mappa (beats meaty pokes with low active frames and medium recovery)

Once you get used to doing this on wakeup, you can start doing this in the middle of opponent's blockstrings. Most of the cast has gatling into IAD pressure, and invincible command grab is a perfect answer to most of it.

Once your opponent learns to respect your bite game, they will give you some space. From there, you can start throwing 2P and 5P and build those pokes into better frame advantage and pressure.

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