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GGXRD Venom Portrait.png

Defense Modifier: x1.03

Guts Rating: 1

Stun Resistance: 60

Jump Startup: 4F

Backdash Time: 13F

Backdash Invincibility: 1-7F

Movement Options
Double Jump, 1 Airdash, Dash Type: Run


Looking at Venom, one can already see his unique weapon, a pool cue, and see how even in the world of Guilty Gear, he stands out. It's not just in aesthetics though, Venom's gameplay is one of the most unique in any fighting game! Venom has the ability to line up pool balls on the screen in various formations. He can then launch them in many different directions and speeds by hitting them with nearly any of his moves! Although this gives him zoning and neutral capabilities, his strongest aspect is actually his pressure game! Venom is an advanced character, you'll have to learn his unique neutral game as well as play strong defense, for he has no reversal (even with meter), but when you put his gameplan together, he is a versatile character who is immensely satisfying to play!


Great pressure. Good pokes, neutral game, and okizeme. Rushdown and zoning are both viable options. Workable mixup. Ball setups allow for extreme versatility.


Low Health. No reversal or pressure escape options except Dead Angle. Although he has several good pokes, they rarely convert into high damage or knockdown. Suffers in neutral against the faster characters in the game, especially if they can stuff his anti-airs, since they don't give him many, if any, opportunities to set up.

Normal Moves[edit]

Ggxrd venom 5p.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
6 Mid CSJ YRP 6 3 9 -2

Not a very useful poke on it's own. It's ability to chain into itself can be useful for burst/dead angle bait combos/pressure. On the other hand, it's very useful to hit balls with. Moves balls near Venom slowly, useful for many zoning and pressure situations!

  • 85% prorate
Ggxrd venom 5k.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 Mid SJ YRP 7 3 15 -8

Recovery is a bit long, but it does in general beat low pokes which can be very useful if you have a read on the opponent. Hit balls faster than 5P would, but not as fast as S normals. Has a pretty good radius below and around Venom for hitting balls as well.

  • 90% prorate
Ggxrd venom cs.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
16x3 Mid SJ YRP 5 2,2,7 20 -8

The main basis of Venom's up close game. Cranks the guard bar with up to 3 level 4 hits (comparable to level 5 in XX). Its speed makes it handy for various links and you can freely chain into and out of it. Sometimes useful as an anti-air (1.1 adds a buff to anti-air hitbox of this move). Excellent for option selecting with forward throws (6S+HS). Since you can't do it from further away, so 2K is often the correct 5 frame move to use in certain pressure and abare situations. An IMPORTANT note is that the last hit now whiffs on most crouching characters. Confirm standing or crouching opponents and proceed with combos and pressure as appropriate! Hits balls directly upward, it will rarely see use for hitting balls being a close slash though.

Ggxrd venom fs.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
24 Mid S YRP 9 2 18 -6

Venom's far slash is excellent for controlling space. Though Venom reaches his vulnerable box forward during use, it's pretty fast and it covers a great distance. If you're at maximum distance, it's a very useful poke that you can generally set a ball safely from. This move hits balls faster than 5K, and is especially great for that when the poke would connect with an opponent, the extra blockstun from the ball gives Venom extra frame advantage while you can special cancel the f.S.

Ggxrd venom 5h.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
42 Mid S YRP 10 7 15 -3

Only staggers on counterhit now, lowering it's overall usefulness in combos. Still, it hits balls very fast, definitely has its uses there!

Useless at normal when not shooting a ball, this move is used in specific combos, as like c.S it combos into QV against a crouching opponent. In the corner it pushes you back far enough for the vs crouching SQV combo to work, that is c.S[2]5H 41236S 6P 96 (ball hits) j.SHD 6H

It's also Venom's strongest starter when the opponent is recovering crouching, like after Sol's Volcanic Viper. A lot of damage but requires point blank range to work- 5H 41236S 6P 96 (ball hits) j.SHD 6H

Ggxrd venom 5d.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 High - YRP 25 3(2)3 15 -9

Venom's dust is pretty standard on its own, and Venom is in a unique situation to take advantage of it. When Venom's dust hits a ball, if it misses an opponent, it bounces off the wall. If Venom hits an opponent and a ball with dust, he can use the bounce property to get a combo with the side followup! Also the ball will help make the dust safer if they block it. It's not to be depended upon for mixup, but it's another option you can keep in mind.

  • 80% prorate
Ggxrd venom 2p.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
6 Mid CS YRP 7 4 10 -4

Not very useful as a poke. But it can be useful to hit balls slowly in places where 5P and 2K can't reach.

  • 80% prorate
Ggxrd venom 2k.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
8 Low S YRP 5 3 9 -2

An effective close range poke. 5 frames of startup and decent range. You'll generally go into c.S to confirm or start your pressure from this. Also Venom's best orthodox tick throw setup. Hits balls slowly that are next to the ground, but this is very rare in Xrd.

  • 70% proration
Ggxrd venom 2s.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
22 Mid S YRP 6 2 19 -7

Venom's 2S is shockingly fast for the space it covers. A great poke! Will hit at match start distance, and immediately establishes your spacing and control. If you do need more range, use f.S. Hits balls decently fast, and you can apply similar techniques with ball pressure as you can with f.S. Do note that low profile moves (Such as Grand Viper) will still go under this.

Ggxrd venom 2h.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20x2 Mid S YRP 7 6,3 21 -7

This move's two level 3 hits make it Venom's 2nd best to raise the guard bar with (c.S being #1). It's also a situational anti-air. Hits balls upwards and fast.

Ggxrd venom 2d.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20x2 Low S YRP 6 1(15)8 14 -8

Venom's sweep is fast and covers a good distance, and generally gives you time to charge a ball for safety. It can go under various moves as well, although this isn't as strong in Xrd. Knocks down and gets you a lot of setup time with them next to you, which is often handy midscreen. You'll generally be confirming into this move on crouching midscreen opponents. Hits balls low to the ground a moderate speed.

  • 7-18 Above Knees Invincibility, 19-29 Low Profile
Ggxrd venom 6p.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
28 Mid S YRP 7 4 19 -9

A serviceable anti-air, but not that great either. Still, it's your primary anti-air regardless. Now gatlings into 6HS, although this only combos on counterhit or hitting them with a ball from 6P. Sends balls upward at a moderate speed.

  • 1-3, 7-10 Upper Body Invincibility, 4-6 Above Knees Invincibility
Ggxrd venom 6h.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
52 Mid S YRP 15 8 21 -10

This move is gigantic! Swats people out of the sky. Can be used as a fair anti-air and aerial denial if you're at f.S range and expect someone may try to jump. Note that it has a dead zone near Venom. It knocks down in 99% of situations, so you can use it to confirm stray hits into knockdowns or finish combos. When the move hits opponents early and in the air, it can combo into QV. Hits balls fast at a variety of angles, but it usually has too much startup + recovery to be useful for that.

Ggxrd venom jp.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
10 High/Air CSJ YRP 7 6 - -

An occasional air to air. Of note is that j.p and j.s chain back and forth with each other, so you can do j.p, j.s, j.p, j.s etc. to try to keep opponents blocking your air strings. Venom's move for getting balls to move slowly in the air.

Ggxrd venom jk.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
12 High/Air S YRP 9 12 12 -

Has a small crossup hitbox. Generally used in combos, hitting balls, or going for air chains, as j.HS is considered the better move for air to ground situations. Hits balls downard at a moderate speed.

Ggxrd venom js.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
24 High/Air SJ YRP 7 5 21 -

Fast normal (as fast as j.P at least) and can hit next to or below Venom. Good crossup hitbox as well, you can jump over people and airdash into opponents, and this move will still hit. Venom's only air normal he can jump cancel on block. Sends balls at a similar angle and slightly faster than j.K.

Ggxrd venom jhs.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
36 High/Air S YRP 10 8 18 -

Useful in air blockstrings, combos, and setups. Also a good air-to-ground poke without a ball. It's closer to the #Reload version in terms of knockdown in air combos, so it will only knockdown when closer to the ground. Hits balls very quickly at a 45 degree angle.

Ggxrd venom jd.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
40 High/Air S YRP 12 6 22+5 landing recovery -

Venom's new j.D covers more than 270 degrees around him, letting him hit opponents below, next to, above, and even behind him. Pops opponents a bit higher in the air making it a critical combo component, or end combos high in the air with it for some extra damage and decent positioning. Hitting a ball with this move sends it upward into the air quickly, then ball then bounces off the ceiling and comes down. Very useful for space control!

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
Ggxrd venom groundthrow.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0,6x7 Ground Throw: 75250 - R - - - -

Venom's throw game is really strong, because he gets immense corner carry from landing a throw. The throw itself does very little damage, but the followup combo makes this one of the most rewarding throws both in terms of meterless damage and oki. While in a corner, your throw combo options change, but you'll have the positioning already, so you'll just need a knockdown. Either way, getting a throw and following it up is a great way to get your corner game started!

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
Ggxrd venom airthrow.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
0,6x7 Air Throw: 192500 - R - - - -

Venom's air throw is somewhat buffed. c.S's third hit seems to reach higher, meaning that most of Venom's air throws at a normal jump height can be followed up with a simple combo ending in knockdown. As Venom, you'll land a fair share of stray ball hits, so resetting opponents with air throws is a stronger option. Can also be used as an anti-air in certain situations.

Dead Angle Attack[edit]
Dead Angle Attack
Ggxrd venom 5k.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
20 Mid - - 13 3 24 -13

A very necessary move for Venom. Lacking a reversal attack, this move is one of your best ways to escape pressure and reset the situation back to neutral. Do note your opponents strings and when it's safe to throw it out, if it gets baited successfully, you've wasted 50 meter and your opponent is still in there...

  • 1-15 Full, 16-35 Throw Invincible

Special Moves[edit]

Ball Set [edit]
Ball Set
214P/K/S/H (Air OK)
Ggxrd venom ballset.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - Y - - 26 (35) -

Places a ball on the screen and shifts other placed balls, location depends on button pressed. Can be cancelled into another ball summon (either by inputting the move or new in 1.1, by simply holding another attack button) or teleport (hold the original button down). This is THE move for Venom. Knowing where and when to place these is absolutely essential. Learn the formations as listed later on the page, experiment, and of course, have fun!

Balls go into the shown formation when you summon a ball with the corresponding button.

For example, doing K summon, then S summon would go into S formation with only the K and S balls available.

YRCing ball set can be a very powerful tool, whether its to give you time to setup more balls or use the ones you have to maximize your space control during the YRC slowdown!

Ball Hit[edit]
Ball Hit
Ggxrd venom ballhit.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
26~50 All - - 1 - - -

The move you hit a ball with changes its speed and direction. Balls can hit other balls and get them in motion as well. This will also change the direction of the original ball as well. When you hit a ball with Stinger Aim or Carcass Raid, the ball shot will no longer be a "hit ball" and move back/push forward (S/HS respectively) a bit in the direction it was traveling, as well as gain a level of charge in 1.1. It cannot be moved with a Ball Set/QV, and will stay in that spot until hit with another move or disappearing naturally.

Ggxrd venom qv.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
25 Mid - YRP 20~83 8 Total 38~101 -4, -1, +1, +5

A new move for Venom in Xrd. You can charge it up to produce balls similar to those shot in charged Stinger Aims. In addition, while charging, it absorbs opposing projectiles. QV also gains an attack level in version 1.1 for each level of charge, increasing it's block stun and thus, frame advantage (numbers coming later). Its primary uses are to end combos with knockdown and balls while squeezing a little extra damage in, or as a combo tool. It can also be used as a meaty oki tool. Charge it up and meaty it so you're plus on block and have an extra ball out, possibly one that deals multiple hits.

Ggxrd venom teleport.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- - - Y - - Total 20 -

Teleports Venom to the newest ball on the screen. Very useful for mobility and positioning. Because it puts you in the air, it lets you make excellent use of Venom's jump normals to hit balls at specific angles to cover space. Unlike past games, Venom autocorrects to face the opponents direction after teleporting. Venom will be able to airdash after recovering, but not double jump.

  • Teleport completed frame 15
  • 7-10 Strike,11-14 Fully Invincible.
Stinger Aim[edit]
Stinger Aim
GGXRD Venom Stingeraim.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
Level (0/1/2/3)
All - YRP 15~26
- Total 43~54
Total 55~75
Total 76~102
Total 77~103
Level (0/1/2/3)
All - YRP 9~20
- Total 44~55
Total 56~76
Total 77~103
Total 104~124

When you don't have a ball on the screen, this is the fastest way to get one up and in motion. YRC and RC are important for this move. YRC a Stinger Aim for a strong approach. As you learn Venom's pressure and blockstrings, you'll learn to YRC a Stinger Aim during a small gap in blockstun to reset your pressure. RC this move after confirming your stray poke into Stinger Aim combo and followup into a full combo and knockdown. Charging it isn't as useful anymore with the reduced frame advantage unfortunately, but it can have occasional niche uses, such as a basic okizeme tool.

Carcass Raid [edit]
Carcass Raid
Ggxrd venom carcassraid.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
S 36 All - YRP 16 - Total 32 +10
H 50 All - YRP 13 - Total 48 -9

The S version is one of Venom's most important specials. Charging down during chain routes isn't easy, and needs careful planning and knowledge, but it's worth it and essential. From point blank to 2S range, 28S provides frame advantage and resets pressure. It can also used instead of Stinger Aim against character that can go beneath it with a low profile move. The longer the distance you use it in, the easier it is to go above it with air movement, which is the move's flaw. But punishing it on reaction (when you are not being predictable) is pretty hard, and with 25% meter, the option to YRC it on reaction if the opponent predicted it makes the move extremely potent for midrange space control. Careful that the charge time is really long, and you'll need to wait some extra frames in between using 2 in a row, unless you use the block lag of a move for extra time (such as 2S, 28S 28S as fast ad possible).

Common places to charge downward for a Carcass Raid S-

1. During oki with a ball cover, 66[3] (2K) c.S[1] 8S.

2. During a jump-in normal or a j236S charge 2 -> land -> (2K) c.S[1] 8S

3. 2K c.S->charge 2 *immediately* after pressing S, during the buffer before c.S even starts on the screen-> press 8S right before/during the very beginning of the 3rd hit of c.S. There's a tiny gap in there, but mixing it with c.S[2]->f.S/2S/2D should keep the opponent scared from pressing buttons.

4. During 28S/28H

5. During 214P, a common corner okizeme setup after 6H ender.

6. c.S(charge 2), after 3rd hit 8S. Venom's midscreen throw combo.

7. 663 2H[2] 8S. Another midscreen throw combo.

8. When poking with 2S/2D/2K->2S/2K->2D

he H version disappears if Venom gets hit. This, and the angle can leave Venom open to frontal attacks. It can be a niche move useful for specific situations- To prevent a cornered a opponent from escaping via super jump airdash above Venom and out of the corner. When spaced correctly, this also give frame advantage. Can also keep the pressure after an air convert that ends with a j.D. It can also be used when people are stalling in the air above you. On occasion, this can get use midscreen in situations where opponents are making air dashes/forward jumps, both in neutral and out of your pressure.

Double Head Morbid[edit]
Double Head Morbid
Ggxrd venom doubleheadmorbid.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
S 15x4 Mid - YRP 9 4x4 18 -8
H 18x4 Mid - YRP 15~34 24 18 -16

Situational move. You can use it to approach when you have multiple balls trailing behind you or if you have the meter to RC. You can also use it to confirm from various pokes and RC for a full followup combo. Hits balls directly upward. Also don't forget to use this move to finish people off in a combo when normally you'd take the knockdown!

Mad Struggle[edit]
Mad Struggle
Ggxrd venom madstruggle.png
Version Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
S 12x4 High/Air - YRP 18 Until landing 6 After Landing +7
H 15x7, 25 High/Airx4 HLFx3 - YRP 16 Until Landing (5)2,6,2 20 -6

A strong move. Overhead and frame advtange when done right. The multiple hits will build a good amount of guard bar too, but scale damage when hitting. Learn to TK this move, both out of your run, and while doing c.S, 5P, and 5K. H version is unsafe due to the flip, so you should usually stick to the S version unless you have meter, or doing a specific combo. It can also be used to bait anti-airs, due to Venom delaying his descent to the ground. Mad Struggle is not without weakness though, it can be vulnerable to being thrown if the last hit is instant blocked. Also keep in mind that no matter how high up, is that it will only do 4 hits in the air.

  • HS Version: 1-7 Strike Invincible after landing.

Ball Formations[edit]

P Formation
Ggxrd venom pformation.png
P will be the formation you probably do the most in any given match. Placing the ball right in front of him lets him tap it with P and get in motion right away, while his other buttons can be used to get it going faster. In addition S>P, dash 5K (5P in corner) is a good okizeme formation. Has uses in combos too. In 1.1 now, 2S will now hit the P ball, strengthening this formation's use in the corner especially. P formation has weaker zoning than in prior games, because the other 3 balls are placed further away from Venom.
K formation
Ggxrd venom kformation.png
K Formation puts a ball above Venom. You'll use it for K Ball oki on knockdowns (description coming later on this page, but it is similar to the one on the +R page). You'll also use it for some combos, especially ones planned in advance (with K ball out, 6P>6HS is a true combo).
S formation
Ggxrd venom sformation.png
Places a ball behind him. Primarily used for QV combos as it can be tapped by 5P while traveling to its spot. You can try to be tricky and use the teleport cancel on summon to create some space. It has some corner okizeme uses but it's the weakest formation in neutral.
HS formation
Ggxrd venom hformation.png
Places a ball in front of Venom. There's a few uses for this formation. You can place a HS ball on oki and safe jump (will make HS Ball Oki writeup as well). It's Venom's best ball for using the new Stinger Aim properties. Because it places the ball further out, your teleport can get behind your opponent more frequently (and it can be pushed even further by a HS Stinger). And last but not least, S>HS immediate 5P is one of Venom's best 2 ball zoning formations.


Dark Angel[edit]
Dark Angel
Ggxrd venom darkangel.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
10x34 All - YRP 7+18 - Total 43 +102

A giant black multi-hitting ball that does large chip damage, can be used to force the opponent to block mixups, carry to the corner, and raises the RISC gauge. Does not affect balls on the screen. Not as useful as game's past. Recovery is longer, and does not drain as much tension as it used to for their FDing. However, 1.1 adds 6 extra hits to Dark Angel (34 hits). At this point, the primary use of the move is to force a corner carry on block after scoring a knockdown. This will allow you to essentially turn your small knockdowns into corner situations plus some chip for 50 meter with no meter gain penalty.

  • 7 Full,8-15 Strike Invincible
Red Hail[edit]
Red Hail
Ggxrd venom redhail.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
30x8 All - YRP 10+0 - Total 91 + 9 after landing -

Subpar, especially when Venom has a ton of other options to use his meter. Pretty much only use if your air combo/chip situation will kill them. These may come up a bit more due to Hellfire state.

  • Shoots every 8 frames
Bishop Runout[edit]
Bishop Runout
Ggxrd venom bishoprunout.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
- All - Y - - Total 13 (Super Freeze 10) -

Woah, this move got changed for 1.1! Absorbs all of Venom's lined up balls to become bigger, and last longer. Will bounce around the screen but after getting hit, and interacts as if it's a ball, but it will turn black and need some cooldown before it can be hit again. However in 1.1, the cooldown time is MUCH shorter, and as a result, BRO is a MUCH better pressure tool, and can still be effective space control in neutral. In addition, unlike 1.0, you can gain meter during the duration, although at a significantly reduced rate. Also handy is that part of BRO counting as a ball is that it will still level up Stinger and Carcass balls hit into it. Detailed sequences coming later in the page...

Instant Kill[edit]

Giga Machina System
in IK mode: 236236H
GGXRD Venom Stingeraim.png
Ggxrd venom gigamachinasystem2.png
Damage Guard Cancel Roman Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv.
DESTROY All - - 9+17[5+14] 4 33 -20

It seems there's been a few ways to combo into this with the opponent in hellfire. If you happen to get into those situations (such as throwing with 100 meter) go for it. If not, don't.

  • 9-45 Fully Invincible[5-38]
  • Brackets indicate stats when your opponent has hellfire.

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