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Gundam, Shooting, Ammo: 3 Shoots its CSa

Guncannon, Fighting, Ammo: 3 Grabs the opponent

Guntank, Shooting, Ammo: 3 Fires its AC

Doans Zaku II, Fighting, Ammo: 2 Does it's EX burst attack (Doans fist of justice)

Chars Zaku II, Shooting, Ammo: 3 Fires it's bazooka twice

Chars Gelgoog, Shooting, Ammo: 3 ???

Zeong, Shooting, Ammo: 2 Launches it's INCOM hands at the opponent and fires.

Gouf, Fighting, Ammo: 3 ???

Gyan, Fighting, Ammo: 3 ???

Dom, Fighting, Ammo: 5 Slashes the opponent for a 6? Hit grind

Zaku II, Shooting, Ammo: 5 Throws a grenade

Zaku I, Shooting, Ammo: 5 Fires its bazooka

GM, Shooting, Ammo: 3 Fires it's Beam gun three times in a slow burst

Ball, Shooting, Ammo: 5 Shoots it's Recoilless Cannon

Magella Tank, Shooting, Ammo: 5 Fires it's cannon?

Chars Z'gok, Fighting, Ammo: 3 Punches with its claws

Z'gok, Shooting, Ammo: 5 Fires torpedos

Gelgoog, Fighting, Ammo: 4 ???

Rick Dom, Fighting, Ammo: 4 ???

Acguy, Shooting, Ammo: 4 Fires it's arm vulcans?

Gogg, Shooting, Ammo: 3 Shoots its mega particle cannon spread shot

Gundam Zeta, Shooting, Ammo: 2 Fires two grenades and then it's hyper launcher

Hyaku Shiki, Shooting, Ammo: 3 Launches the Dodai towards the enemy

Gundam Mk 2 (AEUG), Shooting, Ammo: 3 Fires from the hyper bazooka

Rick Dias, Fighting, Ammo: 3 ???

Methuss, Shooting, Ammo: 4 ???

Nemo, Fighting, Ammo: 5 Slashes the opponent upward

Gundam Mk 2 (Titans), Fighting, Ammo: 3 ???

The-O, Shooting, Ammo: 1 Stuns the opponent with a pressure aura

Messala, Shooting, Ammo: 3 ???

Gabthley, Fighting, Ammo: 3 ???

Marasai, Shooting, Ammo: 3 ???

Hizack, Shooting, Ammo: 3 Launches the missiles on its legs

Asshimar, Shooting, Ammo: 4 Flies towards the opponent, shooting its beam rifle (it doesn't seem to turn to hit the opponent even in red lock. Just flies straight)

Byarlant, Fighting, Ammo: 4 ???

Bolinoak Sammahn, Shooting, Ammo: 5 ???

Palace Athene, Shooting, Ammo: 3 Fires the missiles on it's back?

Phantom gundam (DLC), Extra, Ammo: ? Generates a big I field barrier