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Frame data can tell us how fast things are and how long an opponent is in stun, but things can get more confusing as more variables are put into play. Let's go over how a normal interaction works, then expand.

Hitting the Opponent with a Strike[edit]

Let's look at a simple example. Slayer hitting Venom with his 5K.

  • Slayer hitting Venom picture here
  • Basic Time Chart goes here

The instant Slayer hits Venom, both characters enter hitstop (discussed later). Afterwards, both characters continue as normal, with Slayer continuing with the rest of his 5K animation and Venom entering hitstun.

Notice that while Slayer's 5K still has active frames left, they can't hit the opponent, they have been "spent" and the remaining active frames are basically recovery.


Hitstop is the period of time where both characters are "frozen" in place. This is often used to give attacks the feeling of more impact, but also give players more time to

While most of the time, both the attacker and defender experience the same amount of hitstop, this is not always the case. Some attacks inflict more hitstop on the defender than the attacker, common examples of this counter hit attacks.

Hitting the Opponent with a Projectile/Assist[edit]



Switching Between High/Low Block[edit]

Landing During Air Blockstun[edit]

Proximity Block Animation[edit]


Frame TrapBlockstringOption Select
Using Frame DataHitboxesGame State


Jump-inEmpty JumpTick ThrowCrossupBufferingOkizeme


Hit ConfirmReversalMeatySafe JumpTiger KneeResetGuard SwitchKara Cancel


Fuzzy GuardFuzzy OverheadFuzzy JumpProximity Block Option Select


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