Guilty Gear

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Guilty Gear
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Developer: Arc System Works

Arc System Works (Japan)

Release Dates:

Japan (PS1): May 14th, 1998
North America (PS1): October 31st, 1998
Europe (PS1): 2000
Japan (PS3 - PS1 Classics): May 31st, 2007
Europe (PS3 - PS1 Classics): August 6th, 2009
Worldwide (Switch): May 16th, 2019
Worldwide (Steam): May 16th, 2019

Guilty Gear Series

Preceded By: None
Followed By: Guilty Gear X

The first game of the Guilty Gear series. Guilty Gear was a six-button game: one punch, one kick, two for weapon attack buttons, and the remaining two for special actions. The original Guilty Gear featured ten characters on its roster and three game modes: Arcade, Versus, and Training.

Gameplay-wise, GG introduced one of the series' most famous mechanic, the instant-kill. A big difference from future games in the series is that supers here were called Chaos Attacks. When a character's health was below the halfway point a red aura would surround them and they would enter Chaos Mode in which unlimited Chaos Attacks were available.


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