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Gundam GP01Fb "Zephyranthes" Full Vernian[edit]

Pilot: Kou Uraki

Cost: 2000

Durability: 600

Red Lock Range: 7.2 (Mid-Range)

MA Mode: No

Equip Change: No

Dustloop Thread: GP01Fb General Discussion

JP Wiki: GP01Fb GP01Fb (Combos/Tactics)

Common Nicknames: GP01


GP01 is a lightweight, high-mobility, mid-ranged suit. You don't have any sort of burst damage capacity, but your numerous cancel routes and range of motions from Sub and [BC] will allow you to waltz around the battlefield, frustrating opponents trying to hit you as you lay down light but steady fire.

Changes from EXVS
  • Mobility increased, particularly its turning performance
  • Some cancel routes added
  • CSa: Attack changed to what was previously [BC hover mode]~5CSa. Muzzle correction, startup, guidance all improved.
  • Sub: Attack changed to what was previously [BC hover mode]~4/6CSa.
  • BC: Changed to have 5BC, 8/2BC, 4/6BC directional options.


Ranged Name Ammo Damage Reload/Charge Down Value Notes
[A] Main Beam Rifle 7 70 1 ammo/3s 2.0 Cost-standard BR
[CSa] Beam Rifle Snipe -- 150 2s 5.0 Shoots a focused beam with limited tracking
[AB] Sub Beam Rifle Rapid Fire 1 40-126 7s 1.5/hit Fires four beams while doing a cartwheel.

Can flip left or right depending on direction of the lever.

[AC] GM Cannon II Assist 3 25-120 20s 1.8/hit Calls Keith in his GM Cannon II to fire 3 shots
[BC] Full Vernier Hover -- -- -- -- GP01 will do a flip and then hover in the air.

Initial leap consumes 19% of boost and then continues to expend boost at a rate of 4.76%/s

While hovering it will stay perfectly centered on its target, eliminating out-of-angle

Using anything other than Main or step input will end the hovering

Doing step motions suck as 66 or 22 will make GP01 flip and will cut tracking just like a regular step

[4/6BC] Full Vernier Twirl -- -- -- -- GP01 will do a twirl left or right. Covers a good distance but does not cut tracking.

Consumes 19% of boost, so you can do a maximum of 6 times before overheat

Cannot use while overheat

[8/2BC] Full Vernier Flip -- -- -- -- GP01 will do a flip exactly like when it enters hover mode, but without entering it.

Cuts tracking.

Consumes 12% of boost, allowing a maximum of 9 flips.

Cannot use while overheat



Name Cumulative Damage Cumulative Proration Cumulative Down Notes
5BBB(B) Beam Saber

(→Izuna Drop)

174(237/???) 53%(??%) 3.0(>5.0) Standard beam saber combo ending in a launched knockaway

Gains an extra followup Izuna Drop during EX mode

5BB~8B Derivative Beam Saber 178 53% 3.0
4/6BB Beam Saber Launch 121 65% 2.0 Launches enemy


→Izuna Drop 165






8BB Uppercut 132 65% 2.8
2B Beam Jitte 112 80% 1.0 Counterattack. GP01 parries an opponent's melee then
BD8B Beam Saber Spin 86 80% 2.0 Does a barrel roll while striking with beam saber.
[CSb] A-Parts Attack 134 70% 4.0 1s charge time. Has Super Armor and cuts tracking.

GP01 separates its upper body portion and lunges forward with its beam saber.

[AC] B-Parts Attack 168  ??% >5.5 Can only be performed while GM Sniper II ammo is reloading.

GP01 kicks the target, embedding its leg into them, and then separates its upper body and shoots its legs making them explode.

5BC~8B(B) Full Vernier Spray

(→Izuna Drop)

123(202) 65%(??%) 2.2(>5.5) From hover mode, rushes at the enemy, does an uppercut, then sprays the enemy with vernier.

Gains an extra followup Izuna Drop during EX mode

5BC~2B Izuna Drop 128  ??% >5.5 Same as 4/6B derivative.

Cancel Routes[edit]

[A]→Sub, AC, any-BC

[AB] Sub→A (freefall cancel)

[AC]→Sub, any-BC

[4/6/8/2BC]→A, CSa, Sub, AC, any-BC

[CSa]→Sub, CSb, any-BC


Ranged Moveset Details[edit]


As already briefly mentioned, GP01 carries a large collection of beam-based armaments with light damage and quick rates of fire.

[A] Main - Beam Rifle[edit]

Cost-standard BR in all aspects.

[CSa] - BR Snipe[edit]

Fast-traveling, high-powered beam shot that does a forced Down. Despite the name, the beam is not a literal sniper shot a la Cherudim/Dynamas/Ex-S, but is a beam only slightly bigger than the BR beam. This is your chief damage-dealing source, both from range and even more so in melee combos.

It has ok muzzle correction, but the primary drawback of the attack is that it has very little guidance (particularly noticeable if an enemy steps out of your red-lock into green while firing) and leaves you at stand-still in vulnerable. The stand-still though can be negated easily though by simply canceling into a BC motion.

[AB] Sub - BR Rapid Fire[edit]

Flips left or right depending on input and rapid fires 4 shots. Full hit is forced Down.

Can be canceled into from [A], [CSa], [AC], and any-BC without cancel proration, has a fast startup, and has better tracking than [A], making it an extremely good bombardment tool. However, its red-lock correction particularly at close range is a weak point.

[AC] Special Shot - GM Cannon II Assist[edit]

"Kiiiisu! tanomu!"

Summons Keith in his GM Cannon II to fire 3 shots from its shoulder cannons. Each shot contains 2 beams. Full hit does a forced Down. Keith's unit has its own health pool and can be destroyed very easily (even by just Vulcans).

When the attack's ammo is depleted [AC] will become a melee attack (see melee section).

[BC] Special Melee - Full Vernier Movement[edit]

  • 5BC: GP01 enters into hover mode, hovering in place and consuming boost gauge at a constant rate until canceled either by inputting any-BC again or being hit. The initial jump/flip into hover mode cuts tracking of any incoming attacks. While hovering entering step inputs will cause GP01 to flip into the direction input (similar motion to Sub, plus upward and downward flips for 88/22). Cannot perform when boost is empty.
  • 2/8AC: GP01 will do the jumping flip the same as entering hover mode, but will not actually enter hover mode. Flip cuts tracking of incoming attacks. Cannot perform when boost is empty.
  • 4/6AC: GP01 does a twirling jump into the direction input. The move does not cut tracking of incoming attacks, but has good distance and is very boost efficient. This can technically be used to make your zundas more boost-efficient, but you largely lose the muzzle correction between shots, and the timing between shots is tighter. Cannot perform when boost is empty.

Melee Moveset Details[edit]


5B~ - Beam Saber[edit]

Rather standard 3hit 5B attack with a couple of possible variations:

5B Attack Details
EXVSFB GP01Fb 5B.jpg

Slow rush speed. 8SC is most consistent for stringing combos out of it.

It should be noted using the ~8B downward slash derivative is generally very non-recommended compared to the standard version. The ~8B derivative grounds the enemy out, robbing you of your chance to use a CSa finisher for substantial damage. The only reason you might use it is as a combo finisher or if you want to ground out the enemy, but there are much better alternatives for both of those. You can use it to force a down while in overheat though.

4/6B~ - Side Combo[edit]

Standard attack is a 2hit combo that ends in a slightly launched knockaway (a little lower than 8BB). Can split into Izuna drop from first or second hit:

4/6B Attack Details
EXVSFB GP01Fb 46B.jpg

Note that 4/6B's attack values are the same as the first two stages of 5B across the board. Average startup speed, but has good swerve and rush speed, and the first hit is a special stagger. It winds up being quite strong at winning clashes, especially among all-purpose 2k suits.

As for the Izuna drop derivations, the 2nd stage (6BB) derivation seems to be slightly faster at grabbing, but is inconsistent if the enemy is on a slope of some kind. You need to be extremely cautious that it is quite easy to set off a CSb cancel if you don't let go of the button quickly during the attack, causing the entire attack to stop (and the CSb will flat-out miss as well). Same as 5B, using 8SC is most consistent for stringing together combos.

8BB - Slash→Uppercut[edit]

Similar to most upper attacks but adds one hit before the launch.

8B Attack Details
Stage Hit# Attack Cumulative Damage Stacking Proration Cumulative Down Notes
1 1 Horizontal Slash 76 80% 1.8 Stagger
2 2 Upper 132 65% 2.8 Down

Does better damage than 6BB, 5BB, and BD8B, but poor reach and a forced camera change. Difficult to followup but possible using fuwastep. Different from most 8B attacks that are typically a stab, you can't count on this to be your clash-winning attack. Its best use is in stringing it into 5B or 6B combos along with a →CSa finisher for GP01's top damage.

2B - Beam Jitte (counterattack)[edit]

GP01Fb catches incoming melee attacks with its beam rifle's beam jitte, parrying them and counterattacking.

2B Attack Details
Stage Hit# Attack Cumulative Damage Stacking Proration Cumulative Down Notes
1 1 Jitte Parry 0 100% 0.0 Stun
2 2 Knockaway 112 80% 1.0 Down

Standard melee counter attack, but has some guidance now? Has narrow priority and standard startup, but its true boon is its very favorable proration, allowing you to create a couple combos that can do over 290 damage.

BD Melee - Barrel Roll Beam Saber[edit]

GP01 dashes forward doing a single strike followed by a barrel roll motion.

BD8B Attack Details
Stage Hit# Attack Cumulative Damage Stacking Proration Cumulative Down Notes
1 1 Barrel Roll Slash 86 80% 2.0 Down

Reach and rush speed are good, but poor chase performance.

CSb - A-Parts Attack[edit]

The top half of GP01 separates and lunges at the enemy with the beam saber.

CSb Attack Details
Stage Hit# Attack Cumulative Damage Stacking Proration Cumulative Down Notes
1 1 Stab 134 70%? 4.0? Down

Taken from the attack used to defeat Val Varo. Attack requires close range to hit and does a forced camera change (but only if you are in hit range). Its distinct features are its having Super Armor through the whole attack, and it cuts tracking immediately after startup. It has great rush speed and a quick charge time, but is burdened by poor reach and startup, and also consumes a sizable amount of boost. The lower half's priority has been just a little bit enhanced. Thanks to its guidance cutting it can also be used in green lock as an escape tactic.

The attack is GP01Fb's close-quarters trump card. You can approach an enemy rapid firing BR then cancel into this attack to force a hit. It's now easier to CS-cancel (via CSa), particularly during EX mode, and by using 8SC to tie it to other melee attacks.

After step canceling or CS-canceling sometimes the lower half may not return to the body. If this occurs, you can still use the suit normally, it's just a graphical error.

In short, the attack has great both offensive and defensive applications, and so you shouldn't hesitate to use it.

Be warned though: if you use the attack at point-blank range you may wind up simply flying over the opponent's head instead of hitting them. Also, you cannot →[BC] out of or after it.

0AC - B-Parts Attack[edit]

GP01 kicks into the enemy then separates and shoots the B-Parts, causing them to explode.

0AC Attack Details
Stage Hit# Attack Cumulative Damage Stacking Proration Cumulative Down Notes
1 1 Kick 40 80% 0.5 Stun
2 BR Shot 96 50% 0.5 Stagger
3 B-Parts Explosion 176 ??% >5.5 Down

The attack requires very close range for the kick to connect, and can only be used while AC is reloading, thus making the practicality of the attack quite low. Its reach, guidance, and priority are all quite bad. Even damage-wise there are numerous attacks that perform better. There's essentially no reason you should find yourself using this attack, it just lets [AC] do something while reloading. The only reasonable application of it is using it's 1st stage stun during combos.

[5BC]~8B - Upper→Vernier Spray[edit]

From hover mode GP01Fb rushes at the enemy and does an uppercut, lifting the opponent off the ground, then turns its vernier engines forward and sprays the enemy with the thrust. In EX mode it gains one extra stage that performs an Izuna Drop.

[5BC]~8/2B Attack Details
Stage Hit# Attack Cumulative Damage Stacking Proration Cumulative Down Notes
1 1 Upper 65 80% 1.7 Down
2 2 Vernier Spray 123 65% 2.2 Stun
3 3 Grab 136/??? 55% 2.3
4 Izuna Drop 202/??? ??% >5.5 Down

The 1st stage startup seems slow, and the priority is so-so - it can beat other all-purpose 2k's 5B attacks though. Still, very much considered a joke attack. The positioning required to connect with an opponent from hover can be rather awkward and sketchy to try to use consistently. All-in-all, similar to 0AC, there are extremely few instances where you should expect to use this move.

[5BC]~2B - Izuna Drop[edit]

Same style attack as the 4/6B version

[5BC]~2B Attack Details
Stage Hit# Attack Cumulative Damage Stacking Proration Cumulative Down Notes
1 1 Grab 20 90% 0.1
2 Izuna Drop 128 ??% >5.5 Down

Has weak priority and the same positioning difficulties as the [5BC]~8B attack. Furthermore, it no longer has left/right guidance as it did in EXVS, making it even harder to connect with an enemy. Once more, very rarely will this move be used.

EX Burst[edit]

Ex Burst Attack[edit]

Full Vernier Barrage


GP01 lifts into hover mode, firing 6 shots quickly and flipping between each shot. Pressing left or right will change the direction of the next flip. Similar to Sinanju's EX attack.

EX Burst Selection[edit]

Assault Burst: +7% Damage, +20% Defense

Blast Burst: +0% Damage, +30% Defense

Assault Burst can add some extra kick to your damage that you are lacking as well as offering higher boost recovery, both while still having high defense. However, it's unlikely that you should be in a position where you can reap the benefits of its melee buffs. Also, the shorter Burst time means you have only a small window in which to do this damage unless you save up for a full burst.

Blast Burst doesn't increase your damage, but hastens your reload rates allowing you to lay down an even more substantial barrage of fire.

  • BR: →1 ammo/2.2s?
  • CSa: 2s→1.5s
  • Sub: 7s→4.5s
  • AC: 20s→15s (although this is longer than the 12s Blast Burst lasts on default setting)

Also, as usual you can blue step all of your vernier armaments. This isn't necessarily something needed by GP01 due to the high synergy and boost efficiency of BC with the moveset, but you can now side-step for guidance cutting where [4/6BC] doesn't cut guidance, while still having excellent boost efficiency.

Info and Tactics[edit]


In short, your tactic as GP01 is playing close to your front guard, periodically supporting them with your light barrage capability while looking for landings to punish with CSa. If you get a sneak attack opportunity you can lay down a melee combo, but you never want to stray far from your partner, and want to use your high mobility to avoid conflict and damage. Try to bait an enemy into shooting at you with your high evasive potential, leaving your partner to blindside them.

Of specific note, recall that almost all of your ranged attacks can cancel into BC's, and your BC's can cancel into all of your ranged attacks. This means you can lay down some rather outrageous barrages such as A→4/6BC→AC→8BC→A→4/6BC→Sub→A with good evasion, for extremely little boost as long as you have ammo for it. Be creative, be unpredictable. Be moving and confounding as much as possible. The only ranged attack that doesn't cancel into BC is Sub, which you must either step >5/4/6/8/2BC after it ends, or use your →A freefall cancel (which, can also cancel into a BC, but only if you have sufficient height so that you don't land).

Partner Considerations[edit]

Due to GP01's playstyle it has the ability to mesh well with a large number of suits. One chief consideration though is it's slightly short red-lock range, so playing close to a front guard that can provide strong pressure and Down is your most desirable setup.

3000 Cost[edit]

This is GP01's most desired partner for supplementing his low damage, and protecting him from unfavorable 1-on-1 situations. Because of his strong supporting fire ability and mobility, he can partner well-enough to almost any 3k.

  • Nu: All-purpose 3k suit with a variety of tools for attacking, guarding you and itself, and setting up CSa hit opportunities for you.
  • WZEW:
  • This is maybe the sole 3k you do not want to partner with, as neither of you complement the other's playstyle well.

2500 Cost[edit]

A drop in performance from pairing with a 3k, but a slightly kinder overcost penalty, and is still very doable.

  • GP02: Previously a joke combination combining the two rivals that has gained some increased viability with GP02's cost increase and buffs, as well as GP01's buffs.
  • The O: Will benefit from your goal of staying close to your partner while providing extensive cover fire. Just make sure you stay in his attack line to allow him to soak up any attempts by the enemy to isolate you.

2000 Cost[edit]

No overcost penalty, but this is definitely a less ideal composition compared to the higher two. Already pointed out numerous times in this page, GP01 has low firepower and no burst damage, and there are extremely few 2k options that would be able to elevate this low damage. Furthermore, since neither of you are likely to be able to command red lock well, it's likely that you will both have to largely be individually responsible for yourselves, and (again as already mentioned) GP01 doesn't fight well in 1-on-1 situations. Not impossible, but this comp will require very strong play from both you and your partner to be successful.

  • Zeong: High firepower, but even poorer at 1-on-1 matchups than you.
  • Hambrabi/Delta Plus/Messala: High mobility partner options. The goal here is to be evasive and extremely hard to hit, and to win the shootout.
  • Heavyarms: Great mobility but near zero 1-on-1 performance. Its one strength in partnering with you is that it can penetrate ABC mantles that you cannot.

1000 Cost[edit]

This is a bleak situation. You are not equipped to keep a team from bullying either of you and will not be able to play your support game that you like.


Normal Combos[edit]

  • A number of the BR>>…→CSa share a common problem that CSa will not be finished charging by the time you need it. Your possible solutions for this are to either put a delay between BR and >>, or you need to use the technique where you charge CS, then just before it finishes release, fire BR, and hold A again to finish charging just the tail end of it rather than the whole thing. Given the aggravated nuance of this compared to the higher damage potential of non-BR starter combos, it's usually better to pursue them unless you just need the ranged stagger from BR to make your final approach safer.
Input Damage Notes
[A] BR Starter
BR>>BR>>BR 147 Standard Zunda
BR>>BR→CSa 179 Given the negligible damage increase above the single BR version, essentially a waste of a BR shot.
BR>>BR→CSb 137 Wholly inferior to single BR version
BR>>BR→Sub 131
BR>>BR→AC 139 Downs on first hit of AC.

Given the negligible damage increase over the single BR version, not at all a good use of ammo.

BR>>BR→0AC  ??/???/149 Also not as efficient as single BR version
BR>>(→)CSa 175(175) Chief ranged damage dealer. Does more damage than Zunda.
BR→CSb 146 For if you're at close range. Quick, good priority, forced Down.

1 damage difference from Zunda.

BR→Sub 115 Zunda Down without spending 3 BR ammo.
BR→Sub(startup only?)→BR 133
BR→AC 132 Will Down on second hit of AC.
BR→0AC 98/178/213 The damage varies based on if you just do the kick, ???, or the full kick→snipe/explosion

Best BR> combo, but very improbable you have the chance to use it.

BR(hold A)>>5BB(B)→CSa 210 The input is 5BBB but you have to release CSa before the third slash hits or the opponent will be Downed.

Furthermore, you have to leave a brief delay before the >>5B or CSa will not be charged by the time you need it.

BR>>5BB~8B 181
BR(hold A)>>6BB→CSa 204 Requires an even greater delay than >>5BB version
BR>>6BB~2/8B 188 Only use if you jumbled the CSa hold in the above combo to recover would-be lost damage.
BR(hold A)>>8BB→CSa 210 Quicker end than >>5BBB version, but requires using the Shield~8B technique so you don't perform BD8B attack.

So, input is: A(hold), CC, 28B, B→(release A)

BR>>BD8B→CSa 204 Slight damage decrease from the >>8BB version.

Need to release CSa basically immediately, before the barrel roll even occurs or you will miss.

[AB] Sub Starter
Sub(3hit)>>BR 147
Sub(3hit)>>(→)CSa  ???(203)
[AC] Starter
AC(1hit)>>5BBB→CSa 230
Input Damage Notes
5B Starter
5B>5BBB→CSa 245
5B>8BB→CSa 235 Slight drop in damage but ends faster than above
5BB>6BB~8B 238 You can >CSa before the drop for 232 damage
5BB>8BB→CSa 246 Launched Down
5BBB→CSa 254 BnB combo. Release CSa right as last slash connects.

There are combos that do some more damage, but this is a simple, unconditional, solid damage combo

5BBB(1hit) drops the damage to 238, so learning the timing is important

5BBB>6B~8B 244
5BBB>8B→CSa 264 Adds a little more damage to the BnB combo if you have time
5BBB(1hit)>8BB→CSa 269 Max damage 5B combo

Tight timing on the step cancel though compared to above, for just 5 more points of damage.

If you mess up the (1hit) 8BB will force Down for only 238 damage

5BBB(1hit)>>BD8B→CSa 258 Tricky to use and inefficient
5BBB>>BD8B(immediate release)→CSa 263 Easier to use and better damage, but riskier

If you don't release CSa fast enough BD8B will force Down for only 218 damage

4/6B Starter
6B>5BBB→CSa 245 Same damage as 5B starter version
6B>8BB→CSa 235 Same damage and speed as 5B starter version
6B~8B(max rise)>5BBB→CSa 225
6B~8B(max rise)>8BB→CSa 221 More efficient than above
6BB→CSa 219
6BB>5BBB(1hit)→CSa 245 If you don't get the 1hit will force Down for only 220 damage

Inefficient compared to using >8BB

6BB>6BB~8B 226
6BB>8BB→CSa 246 6B max damage combo
6BB>>BD8B→CSa 244
6BB~8B(max rise)>8BB→CSa 229 Using 6BB→ does 225 and is probably safer
6BB~8B(max rise)>6BB~8B 211 Super Izuna joke combo
6BB~8B(max rise)>6BB~8B(max rise)>CSa 214 Barely raises the damage while killing the joke. Why do this?
6BB~8B(max rise)>6BB~8B(max rise)>0AC(stun)>5BC→2B 217 Ultra Izuna joke combo
6BB~8B(max rise)>8BB→CSa 229
8B Starter
8B>5BBB→CSa 256
8B>8BB→CSa 246
8BB→CSa 230 Launched forced Down
8BB>6BB→CSa 252
8BB>6B~8B 237
8BB>>BD8B→CSa 255
2B Starter
2B→CSa 232 Premeditated attack - have to have CSa charging or charged before counterattack
2B>5BBB→CSa 292 Normal and EX mode death combo.
  • Any BD8B starter combo will require a wall for you to get followup hits (other than CSa)
Input Damage Notes
BD8B Starter
BD8B→CSa 206 As mentioned previously, need to release CSa extremely fast, before barrel roll motion even occurs.
BD8B>5BB→CSa 258 Most efficient BD8B starter combo. Don't waste your time with others since this is a rare chance.
CSb Starter
CSb>BR 83-174 Damage varies based on number of hits from CSb

Use forward fuwastep to hit with BR

CSb→CSa 161-239 Damage varies. CSb(5hit)→ does 201.
0AC Starter
0AC(stun)>5BBB→CSa 220 Opportunities for use are few
[5BC] (Hover Mode) 8B Starter
[5BC]~8BB→CSa 221 Not very practical to use
[5BC]~8BB→CSb 185
[5BC]~8BB>6BB→CSa 243
[5BC]~8BB>6BB~8/2B 228
[5BC]~(8B)B>5BBB→CS 272 Whiff the upper.

High damage, but again, not very practical to use

[5BC]~2B Starter
[5BC]~2B(max height)>6BB~8/2B(max height)>6BB~8/2B 201 Ultra Izuna #2

EX Combos[edit]

  • The key feature here is that 5BBB gains an extra hit that is an Izuna drop, but in actuality it's still better to just do a 5BBB(3hit)→CSa instead of the normal 5BBB(2hit)→CSa.
Input Damage Notes
ABC (EX) 268/247 Damage Reference
EX(5hit)→CSa 278/255
EX(3hit)→CSa 272/255
BR Starter
BR>EX 213/198 Staggers the enemy to better ensure connecting with the attack, but severely diminishes the damage you get out of it
BR>5BBB→CSa 229/214
5B Starter
5BB>5BBBB 252/236
5BBB>5BBB 264/247
5BBB>>6BB→CSa 278/260
5BBB>6BB~8B 266/249
5BBB>>BD8B→CSa 287/268 EX mode unconditional death combo.

Use 7/9>> and remember to release CSa very quickly to get it to hit.

4/6B Starter
6BB>5BBB→CSa 264/247
6BB>5BBBB 252/236
6B~8B(max rise)>6B~8B(max rise)>6B~8B 194/179 Ultra Izuna drop joke combo
8B Starter
8B>EX 256/230? Prorates EX damage less than BR> version
8BB>5BBB→CSa 275/256
8BB>5BBBB ???/???
2B Starter
2B>EX 277?/266? Prorates EX attack the least.

Only >EX finisher combo that lets you do more damage than EX used alone?

2B>5BBB→CSa 313?/292? Normal mode death combo

Death combo but requires baiting someone into your 2B or being very quickly reactive

2B>>BD8B>>BD8B→CSa 313/290 Same note as above
BD8B Starter
BD8B>5BBB→CSa 286/266
BD8B>>BD8B>>BD8B→CSa 276/256 Only does 220/204 without CSa hit
[5BC]~2B Starter
[5BC]~2B(max rise)>6B~8/2B(max rise)>6B~8/2B(max rise)>6B~8/2B 188/??? Ultimate Izuna Drop (4 rises) joke combo.

Astonishingly low damage. Actually does less damage than the 3 rises Ultra versions, but is the only way to get 4 full lifts before drop.

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