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EXVSFB Hi-Nu.png

RX-93-ν2 Hi-ν Gundam[edit]

Pilot: Amuro Ray (UC0093)

Cost: 3000

Durability: 680

Red Lock Range: 7.8 (Mid Range) / (8.7) (Long Range)

MA Mode: No

Equip Change: No

Dustloop Thread: Hi-Nu Discussion

JP Wiki: Hi-Nu (EXVSFB)


The previous game's first press-exclusive DLC, Hi-Nu continues its campaign in EXVSFB.

Hi-Nu is an all-purpose suit, sporting great ranged armaments as well as decently performing melee. Compared to other 3000 cost all-purpose suits though, Hi-Nu's gameplan revolves much more around playing further away from the enemy and using your great ranged armaments, ammo stocks, and sufficient range to move the enemy and control the middle ground.

Hi-Nu lacks any kind of freefall technique that many other units have, and its fall speed overall is somewhat slow, but Hi-Nu sports some of the best pure boost efficiency around.

Changes from EXVS
  • CSa attack added
  • [BC]: After Psychoframe ends you will be left with however many Sub ammo you have remaining (up to 12) instead of ammo falling to 0
  • BD Melee: Adjusted to be more stable


  • Sub: Fin Funnels may be referred to by "FF" in this wiki page
  • [AC]: Hyper Bazooka may be referred to by "BZ" in this wiki page


Ranged Name Ammo Damage Reload/Charge Down Value Notes
[A] Main Beam Rifle 8 75 1 ammo/3s 2.0 Cost-standard BR
[CSa] Beam Rifle (High Output) -- 120 2s 5.0 Single-hit forced Down

No cancel proration

[AB] Sub Fin Funnel 12


30 1 ammo/5s

(1 ammo/2s)

0.9 5Sub holds funnels at neutral alongside Hi-Nu, firing when BR is fired.

Directional-Sub sends funnels to shoot at target.

[AC] New Hyper Bazooka 3 114 5s 1.7+0.3 100/20 shell/explosion damage

62/9 damage if canceled into

[BC] Psychoframe Activation 100


- 30s

(+1s CD)

- Enhances Sub (among other things)

Cannot exit early.

Cannot cancel camera change



Name Total Damage Total Proration Total Down Notes
5BBB Beam Saber 173 53% 3.0
4/6BB Side Combo 171 53% 3.0?
8BB Punch Combo 218 43% 4.3 Good damage, poor reach
2B Spinning Slash 80 82% 1.7 Weak Stun
2B~A →Forearm MG 164? 64%? 5.3? Forced Down
BD8BBB Issen x2→Stab 189 41% 3.2 Good reach, cut resistance, and damage
[BC] Zig-Zag Issen 80 80% 2.0 Special Down

Cancel Routes[edit]

[A] BR → Sub, AC, 2B, BC (during Psychoframe)

[CSa] → Sub, AC, 2B, BC (during Psychoframe)

5B~BB/6B~BB/8BB(after any punch) → BZ

Ranged Moveset Details[edit]


[A] Main - Beam Rifle[edit]

Cost-standard BR (though ammo might be considered just slightly low for a ranged-focused MS). Mixed with FF, BZ, and the new CSa you are much less dependent on it than in EXVS and its ammo can be stretched even further across a battle.

[CSa] - Beam Rifle (High Output)[edit]

Truly the Godsend addition to Hi-Nu in this game.

Vernier (though it does carry momentum and can shoot while gliding), single-hit high-damage Forced Down. The muzzle correction, bullet speed, and tracking are all great; it's useful for punishing landings, and also as a strong combo finisher, and so you should weave in this attack frequently (though certainly you must not become one-dimensional in your use of it).

As seen above it has a rare quality of being able to also cancel into all other armaments except BR, as well as 2B, facilitating using it with a variety of options. Although, you must take caution that while you are holding CSa, you cannot use Sub or BZ, drastically decreasing your overall attack output.

Of particular note is the →2B cancel route; while using it will use some boost it will also take you out of the internal stiffness from using CS via a wide leaping motion, greatly reducing your vulnerability after use without using BD.

[AB] Sub - Fin Funnels[edit]

Top-damage funnel armament with 2 distinct behaviors. Furthermore, Hi-Nu carries a high ammo count on this armament allowing sustained usage over a battle.

  • 5Sub: Standby

By holding Sub up to the max of Hi-Nu's funnels will launch and standby, 3 on each side. The funnels will fire sequentially (rather than simultaneously) the next time you fire your BR.

The angle-of-fire and muzzle correction aren't awful, but the shooting speed and beam density are poor and so you cannot put too much faith in this. You typically can't expect to get a Down out of this formation, and its best application maybe is for okizeme.

During Psychoframe...

  • 4/6/8/2Sub: Deployment

Again by continuing to hold Sub up to a max of 6 Fin Funnels will deploy and fly toward the target, attacking from the direction you input.

[AC] Special Shot - New Hyper Bazooka[edit]

Standard over-the-shoulder BZ armament. While its startup is average, its power, bullet speed, and tracking are all excellent - a high performance BZ armament. Among all other BZ-carrying MS in the game Hi-Nu is the only one that can claim 100/20 shell/explosion damages (with the Down values being somewhat altered in recognition of this). Combined with the BR and CSa cancel routes for ease-of-use (although its performance drops when canceled into), it is truly an overall formidable tool in Hi-Nu's arsenal.

[BC] Special Melee - Psychoframe Activation[edit]

The Psychoframe begins to resonate, enhancing Hi-Nu's performance:

Psychoframe Enhancements
  • Red Lock Range: 7.8→8.7 (equal to WZC range)
  • Mobility increased (walk speed, step speed, BD initial velocity and rotation)
  • Boost efficiency increased (Steps 6→7 in air, rising boost consumption decreased, BD 7→8, BD consumption decreased)
  • When shielding or staggered a FF will automatically counterattack
  • Sub: Ammo completely restored and raised to 18 ammo. Reload 5s→2s for 1 ammo. FF (deployed) fires 2 beams instead of 1.
  • [BC]: Changed to zig-zag issen attack

As you can see, among other things Psychoframe tremendously enhances your Fin Funnels - restoring and increasing the ammo, reloading them faster, and allowing them to shoot an extra time. Moreover, in EXVSFB your Sub ammo remains at whatever ammo you have remaining when Psychoframe ends (up to a max of 12) instead of falling to zero like it did in EXVS - a very gracious change. Because of this, you should not hold back from using FF frequently, as Psychoframe greatly adds to the longevity of the armament. On top of this, it's really imperative that you use the Psychoframe before dying and get the most use out of it as you can, as to not leave attacks (and potential damage) wasted.

Gauge is not restored by using EX, but its reload rate is hastened.

Melee Moveset Details[edit]


Overall Hi-Nu is equipped with a decently nice melee set with its BD melee, 2B, and special BC having notably good startup, reach, and cut resistance. Furthermore, incorporating CSa or BZ allows you to produce some very nice damage in combos. However, you must rely quite heavily on these with almost nonexistent followups (aside from 2B's low damage, forced Down MG) and the priority/reach properties of your other attacks being average-poor. Also, having to rely on CSa and BZ can eat up boost quickly, and you are not well equipped to fight off an attacker when near or in overheat.

As seen above, a number of melee hits can be canceled into BZ, but this is largely a fruitless effort as the bulk of the damage is lost in cancel proration, while still applies the full -40% proration and 2.0 Down (as well as consuming your BZ ammo) that heavily cripples any follow option. Furthermore, even with no pre-charging, CSa will completely charge in the amount of time it takes for you to do 4 quick hits (5BB>5BB. Sometimes it can be done by your third hit, depending on the attack you're using), which does much better damage and Down utility.

5BBB - Beam Saber[edit]

Standard 3-stage, 3hit attack using Hi-Nu's unique double-ended beam saber:

5B Attack Properties
EXVSFB HiNu 5B.jpg

Startup and priority have below-average performance, and is largely less reliable than 6B (even its damage only barely tops 6B, to the point of really being negligible).

6BBB - Side Combo[edit]

Hi-Nu does 2 slashes finished off with a kick-away

6B Attack Properties
EXVSFB HiNu 46B.jpg

Sports one of the best startups among all-purpose suits, but in spite of this has below-average priority, making it unreliable in a clash or rainbow battle. The low Down value from the grind nature of the rising slash, as well as its float effect, make it a useful combo part.

8BB - Punch Combo[edit]

Hi-Nu lifts the opponent a small amount with the beam saber, then punches 3 times:

8B Attack Properties
EXVSFB HiNu 8B.jpg

Its startup and priority are both strong, and is Hi-Nu's top damage output, put its range is basically nonexistent as well as its cut resistance, making it difficult to use for anything other than anti-melee intercept or maybe a quick combo part.

2B - Spinning Slash (→Forearm MG)[edit]

Single slash with a stun effect and a forced Down followup option:

2B Attack Properties
EXVSFB HiNu 2B.jpg

The behavior of the attack actually slightly changes based on your distance from the target. At close-range Hi-Nu will simply do a quick spin + slash. If you are further from the target Hi-Nu will leap forward into the air, doing a slow barrel roll motion that ends with it coming down in a slash. The leaping slash doesn't cut guidance, but it is still possible to dodge BR shots with it. It also can be used as a sort of surprise attack, especially via BR→2B. When used in green lock...

The forearm MG does a forced Down with a little bit of cut resistance in its leap-back motion, and is fun to use, but its damage output is quite bad, making it unsuitable as a combo finisher compared to other choices. You can BD cancel early so that the forced Down won't take place, but again, with the poor damage combined with the strong Down value on the bullets, there's really no productive reason for ever trying to implement this into your gameplay.

Maybe the strongest utility of the attack (besides a stun→easy CS) is the quick drop speed it provides. As already mentioned, Hi-Nu lacks any sort of freefall cancel, so ending a combo with 2B (or even a CS→2B) is about the closest you can get to one, the behavior being similar to Red Frames "Final Cutter" combo tactic. The fall speed is nice, but it doesn't have any kind of landing priority, so you still must exercise some caution in using it.

BD8B - Issens[edit]

Two issens followed by a multihit stab attack:

BD8B Attack Properties
Stage Hit# Attack Total Damage Total Proration Total Down Notes
1 1 Issen 75 80% 1.7 Down
2 2 Issen 131 65% 2.0 Down
3 3 Stab 189 41% 3.2 12hit grind. Down

With considerably good reach and good cut resistance, this is Hi-Nu's go-to melee attack. The priority of the attack itself is only average, but 自機のやられ判定が横にずれる関係上 allows it to be a decently strong anti-melee tool. Similar to Master's 8B, while traveling forward it doesn't cut guidance but is a difficult attack to avoid or fend off?

The first issen has exceptional guidance, however the second one can sometimes miss if you leave to large a gap between the attacks, so you must be very mindful of your timing when using the attack. Curiously, the second issen's performance doesn't seem to be too negatively effected by walls.

Because it travels a good distance at a good speed without additional boost consumption, it can be used in green lock as an efficient movement tool.

[BC] - Zig-Zag Issen[edit]

Hi-Nu moves left-to-right in a く shape (although by doing [6BC] it will move reversely), ending with an issen attack that does a launched non-umeki Down:

[BC] Attack Properties
Stage Hit# Attack Total Damage Total Proration Total Down Notes
1 1 Issen 80 80% 2.0 Launched Non-Umeki Down

The attack itself has comparatively little boost consumption for the amount of motion, and it can be used even in overheat.

一般的な格闘と違い、赤ロック圏内であれば必ず敵機の目の前まで突進して攻撃する。緑ロックで出すと、移動せずその場で斬り抜け動作をする。 後格と同様キャンセルで出すと敵機の方向へ向かうので片追いしたい時、あるいは逆に味方がされてる時に使えるかもしれない。 また、敵機との距離が遠いほど曲がる角度が大きくなる(遠いほど一直線に近い軌道になる)。 どんなに敵機が近くにいても"必ず1度曲がってから斬る"ため、密着状態で使うと"真横に移動→引き返して斬り抜け"となる。

Similar to 2B it can be canceled into out of BR and CSa, allowing you to BR→BC→CS→BC (for stopping internal stiffness and adding cut resistance). Boost efficiency difference between the two??

EX Burst[edit]

"Gundam no chikara wa..!"

"Nu Gundam wa date janai!!"

EX Attack[edit]

"setsuzoku kanryou! hyper launcher shidou suru zo!!"

Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher


A very long range attack in which Hi-Nu becomes surrounded by the FF Barrier while firing a huge, powerful gerobi from the HMBL.

Similar to Nu's FF Barrier, you will be defended from ranged attacks (beams as well as live ammo?), but you are not defended from melee or melee attribute armaments (such as..?). This obviously makes using the attack on the ground rather than from elevation much riskier. The barrier has infinite health, and once deployed is able of withstanding Satellite Cannon or even Nuclear explosions as long as it is deployed.

Caution: if you have 2 or more FFs deployed at the time of use, you will not gain the FF Barrier.

You can try to use the attack with melee for high damage, but the damage will never be as high as if you had just used the beam on its own, and (as already mentioned) likely leaves you at risk from being cut by enemy partner melee.

Burst Selection[edit]

Assault Blast: +9% Damage, +10% Defense

Blast Burst: +0% Damage, +20% Defense

Thanks to Psychoframe no longer leaving you with 0 funnels after it ends, you no longer have to think about using Burst from the perspective of refilling funnel ammo!

Assault Blast as usual raises your damage output, your melee performance, and provides you the larger boost refill. Your BD melee and 2B in particular receive great boosts from this option. As a whole, it briefly sort of radically changes your way of playing the suit if you are using it to quickly deal out some damage while close-range.

Blast Burst centers essentially around you continuing to play Hi-Nu according to normal style, but doing it better. Again as usual, it chiefly provides you the ability to blue-step vernier armaments - of which Hi-Nu has many. It also increases your red lock range. It also slightly buffs your reload rate, and thanks to the longer amount of Burst time compared to Assault this allows you to more easily fight out any period of time in which Psychoframe is on cooldown.

Info and Tactics[edit]



Partner Considerations[edit]

While a decently strong suit, Hi-Nu on its own does not really have the power to swing the momentum or outcome of a battle, and partner coordination is quite important.

3000 Cost[edit]

As ever, 3k/3k is not a comp you want to find yourself in, but it happens. When it does happen, Hi-Nu is capable of playing either the front or the rear guard, depending on your partner, but for the most part you are better suited for playing rear.

Suits you would want to yield the rear position to would be SF (health concerns), WZC (superior range), and Ex-S (superior range).

2500 Cost[edit]

Depending on who you are partnered to your role as a forward or rear guard can vary in this comp.

  • Zeta: Allows you to do even more funnel spam since Zeta can use Methuss in addition to (though not at the same time as) Psychoframe to reload your ammo. Furthermore, it carries a cartridge-reload BR, good mobility, the powerful Hyper Mega Launcher, and a ranged 2B stun. However, Zeta's self-defense capacity is quite poor, so this team requires a strong understanding of your partners intentions, coordination, and regulation of health.
  • Banshee: Strong self-defense capacity, and NT-D has the power to turn the tide of battle quickly that you don't particularly have as Hi-Nu.
  • Sinanju: Flexible to play both forward and back around you, depending on what matchup you are facing, and so is useful in a wide range of battles.
  • Forward guards: (The O, Susa, God, Xenon, DSH, GP02A, X1). While it's certainly foolish for a melee-focused partner to simply rush in front of you and stay there, and the overcost risk and penalty both are high in this comp, these are some suits that you should seek to use your funnels and CSa to force movement by the enemy and create opportunities for them to unload some heavy damage from melee.
  • FAZZ: It's probably more accurate to say that you are a good partner for FAZZ than saying FAZZ is a good partner for you, but your ability to play forward and to keep opponents moving with funnels and your other armaments can offer FAZZ exactly the matchup he wants where he can hang back and unload huge damage while his opponents are trying to deal with the forward guard, without you being at risk of being hit yourself the way suits such as Master or Quanta would be. Furthermore, FAZZ certainly has the power to in just one blow totally change the tide of a battle that Hi-Nu doesn't have. You must make sure though that you are holding the attention of both enemies, because if you allow one of them to flank you unattended and get to FAZZ, it can get ugly quickly for him with his low maneuverability and self-defense.

2000 Cost[edit]

Comp in which you are chiefly the forward guard, but depending on your partner its possible there could be some swapping of positions during the battle, and you want to seek to harmonize your pace with these partners.

  • Kshatriya: The combination of your Fin Funnels and Kshatriya's funnel fences can be hellish for restricting the movement of an enemy team. Furthermore Kshatriya boasts excellent range and a gerobi for burst damage, allowing you much more ability to swing the tide of a battle.
  • X2: Similar benefits to Kshatriya - great range, tools for stopping the enemy's movement, and a gerobi for burst damage. It has good self-defense tools, which is good, because the drawback is that it has very low health if caught without its ABC mantle, and so carries an elevated overcost risk. Hi-Nu doesn't have so many tools for breaking a partner out of combos, so keeping formation in this team is very important.

1000 Cost[edit]

Comparison to Nu Gundam[edit]

Nu/Hi-Nu Comparison

Maybe just leave this in the discussion thread...but check to make sure they match.

[Nu Gundam info]/[Hi-Nu info]


  • BR: identical
  • CSa: identical
  • Sub (Funnel): 12 ammo, 27 damage/hit, 1 ammo/7s, faster startup and travel speed. 12(18) ammo, 30 damage/hit, 1 ammo/5s, can send funnels or hold them at neutral beside you.
  • [AC] (BZ): 104 damage, 6s reload, 2.5 Down, does a backflip motion while firing to add some cut resistance. 114 damage, 5s reload, 2.0 Down, faster firing performance.
  • [BC]: Fin Funnel Barrier. Psychoframe Resonance.
  • Cancel Routes:
  • EX Attack: FF Last Shooting. Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher

FF Barrier vs Psychoframe Resonance


Melee Comparison


EX Burst Attacks



  • Your bread-and-butter combo starters are
  1. BR
  2. BD8B
  3. 6B (to a lesser degree)
  • For any given combo there is basically 3 choices you have for a finisher:
  1. CSa: Your "exclamation point" finisher and #1 choice. Max damage, and a long knockaway, forced Down. It does leave you with some stiffness though, so you should strongly consider using →2B immediately afterwards to help with cut resistance.
  2. BZ: Does a little less damage (~10 or so usually) than CSa, but does a launched Down if that is your desire. CSa charges fast enough though that you should almost never need to use this instead of CSa. Also, you can make a combo slightly shorter and use 2B→CS and get an even higher launched Down.
  3. 2B: Reduced damage compared to the other 2, but it is honestly the one trick Hi-Nu has that acts something like a fast freefall, behaving similar to Red Frames "Final Cutter" tactic.

Normal Combos[edit]

Input Damage Notes
[A] BR Starter
BR>>BR>>BR 158 Zunda
BR>>BR→CS 176
BR>>BR>>(→)BZ 168(155)
BR>>(→)CS 159(159) Second Impact
BR>>(→)BZ>>BR 172(148)
BR→BZ→CS 161 0 boost attack

Using BR>>BZ causes 189 damage

BR>>(→)BZ>>BZ 183(154)
BR→2B~A 156 Can be used as a counterattack or a close-range zunda
BR→2B→CS 194
BR→2B>BZ 183 Launched Down
BR→2B>2B 173 Strongest melee followup, and fast attack speed
BR>>BD8BB→CS(→2B) 205 BnB BR starter combo

(Adding →2B allows you to drop faster)

BR>>BD8BB>2B 191 Fastfall finisher
  • FF can be used as a starter for many combos, though its not exactly a consistent or efficient way of doing things
Input Damage Notes
[AB] FF Starter
FF x2>>BR→BZ 171
FF x1-5→CS 138-180
[AC] BZ Starter
BZ>>BR→BZ 180 BR→BZ has to be cancel or else the shell will fire over the enemy
BZ→CS 186
BZ>>BZ>>BZ 200 High launch, but unwise use of ammo
BZ>>2B→CS 213
BZ>>BD8BB→CS(→2B) 217
BZ>>BD8BB>2B 207
Input Damage Notes
5B Starter
5BB>5BBB 220 Simple, decent damage, but better options
5BB>6BB→CS 230 Launched Down
5BB>8BB(2hit)→CS 242
4/6B Starter
6B>6BBB→CS 242
6BB>6BB→CS 221 BnB 6B starter combo

High launched Down

6BB>6BB>>BD8B 215 Can use >2B for 216 and a fast fall finish
6BB>(8B)B→CS 265? Calculated damage value

Transition should be forward step with longest delay

6BB>8BB(2hit)→CS 240
6BB>2B→CS 224 You can do 2B~A(1hit)>>AC for 226 damage, but it's needlessly complicated comparatively
6BB>BD8BB→CS 236 Adding the last stage of BD8B only adds 1~2 damage

6B BnB #2

6BBB→CS 235 Damage efficient but questionable cut resistance

Release CS as soon as kick connects

  • It's really difficult to find situations to use 8B. While it can put out high damage, its reach is abysmal and its cut resistance poor. Furthermore, 8BB(1hit) does the same amount of damage and proration as BD8BB, which has far superior reach and cut resistance. If you somehow get a safe 8B opening, there's a few ways to capitalize on it:
Input Damage Notes
8B Starter
8B>>BD8BB→CS 230 For if you want to utilize 8B's front priority in a clash, but are worried about getting cut

Must use 7/9BD to transition

8BB(2hit)→CS 240
8BB(2hit)>2B→CS 261 High launched Down
8BB(2hit)BD8BB→CS 262 Need to release CS immediately after second issen or it will shoot over enemy

BD8B does 256 damage

8BB→CS 271 Death combo

Release CS immediately as third punch connects

Very simple, but also very poor reach and cut resistance.

8BB>(→)BZ 262(247) Good damage, but a waste of an opportunity by not using CS
2B Starter
2B~A(?hit)>>BZ 215
2B→CS 179
2B>8BB(2hit)→CS 264 Fast execution time, high damage, but requires very close range and has low cut resistance
2B>>BD8BBB(?hit)→CS 254 You can skip the last hit of BD melee for 243 damage
  • Use any direction step except forward-step into 2B
Input Damage Notes
BD8B Starter
BD8B→CS 171 If you want an immediate Down or think you don't have time for BD8BB
BD8B>6BBB→CS 242
BD8B>8BB(2hit)→CS 247
BD8B>2B>BZ 201 Quick launched Down
BD8BB→CS 209
BD8BB>6BB→CS 240 Launched Down

Easier to hit with than >2B→

BD8BB>8BB(2hit)→CS 252
BD8BB>2B→CS 240 High launched down

Release CS immediately or it will shoot under target

BD8BB>BD8BB→CS(→2B) 248 BnB BD melee combo
BD8BB>BD8BB>BZ 242 For if you want the launched Down of BZ
BD8BB>BD8BB>2B 236 Quickfall finish
BD8BB>BD8BB>BD8B 235 Setsuna combo

Excellent cut resistance, but really no reason to use it instead of other finishers

BD8BB>BC→CS 237 Need to leave a brief delay before releasing CS
BD8BBB→CS 239 Damage and boost-efficient, but sacrifices some cut resistance
[BC] Starter
[BC]→CS 176 Very high launch
[BC]>>BD8BB→CS 236 Fast, good cut resistance, but hard to hit consistently with first stage [BC]

EX Combos[edit]

Input Damage Notes
[ABC] EX 314/291 Damage Reference
[A] BR Starter
BR>>6BBB→CS 227/???
BR>>BD8B>2B→CS 224/???
6B Starter
6BBB>>BD8BB→CS 277/257
8B Starter
8B ???/???
2B Starter
2B>EX 290/269
BD8B Starter
[BC] Starter
[BC]>EX 277/???

Unique Character Dialogue[edit]

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