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Combo Notation Guide
7 InputIcon 7.png 8 InputIcon 8.png 9 InputIcon 9.png
4 InputIcon 4.png 5 InputIcon 5.png 6 InputIcon 6.png
1 InputIcon 1.png 2 InputIcon 2.png 3 InputIcon 3.png
Numbers represent direction on a keyboard numpad. For example InputIcon 2.pngInputIcon 3.pngInputIcon 6.pngD becomes 236D
> = cancel into the next attack
, = link the next attack after preceding move's recovery
jc = jump cancel
hjc = high jump cancel
(N) = only use the Nth attack of the move (for example, if c.S(1) is written, you only use the first hit of c.S)
(move) = whatever's listed in the parentheses is optional
If you have notations that are not listed here but are necessary, feel free to add them as you see fit.

Ethral's Liz guide:



If you do not understand what some of these move terms mean in relation to what this character is doing, please refer to the Move List of this specific character.

These may seem fairly simple, and are for sure not all the potential combos this character has. If you have any more combos to jot down here, by all means, write them down. They may be useful to other players who want to use this character.

By no means are these combos ensured to work consistently. If any of the combos below are inconsistent in any way, please feel free to edit them. It would be very much appreciated to have these combos refined as much as possible.

Combo 1

  • Auto-Combo to Mabufudyne >dc> 5B , 2B > j.B , j.C
This combo is a fairly simple one, consisting of using the basic Auto-Combo until you get to Mabufudyne. Make sure the extra crystals hit, otherwise this combo may not work or may not be as efficient. After dash-canceling when the extra crystals hit, you 5B and let the animation roll through. Use 2B once the disc returns to your possession. Cancel into j.B, and let the animation for that roll through. Once the disc returns, use j.C.
Note: If you want an extended version of this combo, instead of using j.C after j.B, do this (starting from j.B): j.B >air-dc> j.B , j.2B > j.C . This combo may be significantly harder, but it will lead up to much better outcomes in general, and will leave your opponent in a bad position fairly quickly.

Combo 2

  • Ground Throw , 5C > 2C
Albeit extremely simple, this small combo can possibly be used to chain into many other, more creative and flashy combos, all the whilst Elizabeth is just patiently waiting for her time to shine in one corner. If you'd like, you can have Elizabeth advance during the aftermath of this combo to try and get some free damage. If that won't work, then you can still try and make the most of it when you can. This can be used for spacing, such as after a hard-hitting Super you just blocked.
Note: Although it is highly possible certain moves combo from this, it is not certain what can combo off of this. If you have any potential combo material, please jot it down in this section.

Combo 3

  • Auto-Combo to Mabufudyne >dc> 5D , j.2B > j.B , j.2B > j.C
A bit more complicated than the previous combos mentioned here, this can potentially rack up some insane damage. You basically have to do the same thing as in Combo 1, you Auto-Combo until you get the extra crystals and they hit. However, instead of using 5B, you will be using 5D, and only when the frozen opponent lands on the ground. Once the opponent is released from the grasps of Thanatos, you jump and use j.2B, then cancel into j.B, let the animation roll, then j.2B again, then cancel into j.C.
Note: If you are Awakened, then you can One More Cancel into Ghastly Wail after the Fear status is inflicted from 5D, causing extreme amounts of damage. Although it is hard to pull off, if you can pull it off, it can change a game drastically.

Midscreen to Corner[edit]

Corner Only[edit]


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