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Common Oki:

2AB > 2D

Good for damage, inflicts poison

2C > 214D

Gives you mixup options an to pull them back to you from fullscreen

j.A into left/right feint mixups
Doesn't work on kanji, use j.B as a meaty instead.

1hsm 5C>2D

Example: Near Corner: 1hsm>5C>214B>charged 2C>5C>2D



Height dependent, use after 5AA>5B>5C>2C>214AB when catching the opponent in the air. Costs 25 meter and you get a restand. Can also be used with 5AA>2AB>236CD8~2>5B>5C> but costs 50 meter to do total.

Charged 2C

Gives you a lot of frame advantage and lets you have a more Thanatos pressure or mixup potential if you're close. Example: : 1hsm near corner 5C>2C>214B>slight dl>2C charge


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