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Kanji Tatsumi
P4U Kanji Portrait.png

Health: 10,500

Combo Rate: 60%

Persona Cards: 3

Backdash Time: 26

Backdash Invincibility: 1-6

Movement Options: 1 Double Jump/Airdash, Dash type: Run

  • All Jumps have 3F prejump, can not input any commands for the first 2 airborne frames, and have blocking disabled for the first 5 airborne frames
  • All air backdashes are invincible 1-5F


P-1 Climax Nickname: "The Bloodcurdling Beefcake Emperor!"
Persona: Take-Mikazuchi
Arcana: The Emperor
Kanji Tatsumi is known to the town of Inaba as a punk due to his short temper and his fight with a local biker gang, even though he is truly kind-hearted and enjoys sewing as a hobby. In Persona 4: Arena Ultimax, Kanji crushes opponents with his trusty chair and his Persona.


Strengths Weaknesses
  • High Damage Combos and Throws
  • Can Combo into Grabs for Unburstable Damage
  • High Speed Punishes
  • Good mobility for a grappler
  • High Health means more durability
  • Less Persona Cards mean faster recovery from Persona Break
  • Poor Mobility and Generally Slow Attacks compared to the rest of the cast
  • Less Persona Cards mean higher possibility of Persona Break
  • Less offensive and defensive options when Persona Broken
  • Can't microdash due to dash startup

External References[edit]

Normal Attacks[edit]

5A (Normal)[edit]
P4Arena Kanji 5A.png
P4AU Kanji 5AA.png
P4AU Kanji 5AAA.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
5A 250 HLA 6 3 17 -7 Body
5AA 400 HLA 10 3 17 -3 Body
5AAA 0, 1200 HLA 15 3 20 -6 Body
  • Solid 5A. Can't be low profiled in any way, great horizontal range, only 1f slower than being tied for fastest 5A.
  • Kanji's new 5AA is a great addition to his arsenal-While it does lack the vertical hitbox of his old 5AA and is more negative on block than it, the fact it moves him forward ensures he won't be too far away to confirm on a grounded opponent, and leaves him at the perfect spacing to use other normals for frametraps or his grab to open them up.
  • Kanji's new 5AAA is an incredible improvement over his old one-While risky to use as a frametrap, the option is there, and thanks to the movement of 5AA you can confirm into this after almost every major combo route, ensuring you get meter and burst bonus at the end of your combo and still get a hard knockdown from j.214A.

5A (Shadow)[edit]
P4Arena Kanji 5A.png
P4Arena Kanji 5AA.png
P4Arena Kanji 5AAA.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
5A 250 HLA 6 3 17 -7 Body
500 HLA 10 5 12 0 Body
1000 HLA 17 6 26 -13 Body
  • Kanji's autocombo from P4A. All of the same traits apply here, though they aren't as great for tick throwing anymore due to the change in Kanji's 214C. Do note, the proration on 5AAA has been improved since the original, allowing for better damage.
P4Arena Kanji 5B.png
You want none
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
Uncharged - HLA 11 5 13 0 Projectile
Charged 500 HLA 20 5 20 +2 Projectile
  • Kanji's 5B is a projectile attack with no hurtbox that hits both in front of him and behind him, with relatively good numbers on block for setting up mixup. New to P4U2 1.1, it is now special cancelable as well. Partially charging it will result in it being 0 on block, and full charging leaves you at +2, allowing you to stop the opponent from mashing on you quite easily.
  • Can cancel projectiles on hit
  • Causes spinstate on CH, causes spinstate on hit if charged

P4Arena Kanji 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300 L 8 3 12 0 Foot
  • Kanji's fastest recovering normal. Useful for meaties and for stopping the opponent from trying to upback during pressure strings. However, if people are hopping to avoid Kanji's grabs, then 2A will whiff, making it a weaker choice as a meaty.

P4Arena Kanji 2B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
900 AUB 18 3 31 -17 Body
  • Dash Cancel is -16 on block

Kanji's slow, but high damage 2B. It can be difficult to anti air using this move due to it's speed, but on CH it can combo into 5C leading to high damage, and now has the ability to be dash canceled, even on block. 2b > 5b whiff is one way to safely confirm whether your 2B anti aired in time or not.

P4Arena Kanji jA.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
350 HA 10 3 11 - Head
  • A slow, angled punch. Cannot hit crouchers, and quite slow, so while it's one of Kanji's fastest air to air options, it won't see too much use.
P4Arena Kanji jB.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
600 HA 16 3 19 - Head
  • Kanji's j.b is a fantastic poke, having a huge hitbox with very little hurtbox inside of it, but due to the speed of the move it loses to air to air j.as or reactionary rising j.as quite easily. Thanks to the addition of j.236A/B, you can now poke with the very tip of this attack and jump in afterwards to pressure the opponent.
All Out Attack[edit]
All Out Attack
P4Arena Kanji AOA.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300 HA 26 (30) 3 24 (31) -5 (-12) Body
  • Kanji's AOA is mostly the same as it was in P4U, plus the new added ability to hold forward to gain more distance on the attack, albeit slowing the startup down.
P4Arena Kanji Sweep.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
800 L 13 4 35 -15 Foot
  • Kanji's sweep is the only one in the game currently without chest attribute invuln on it, but has gained new use in combo routes due to allowing for 236B followups when hitting an airborne opponent in Fatal combos. Low profiles during recovery.

Persona Attacks[edit]

5C Persona Required
P4Arena Kanji 5C.png
Damage Guard Cancel Startup Active Recovery Static Diff Attribute Invul Hitbox
1200 (1980) HLA - 25 (64) 3 29 -8 Body - -
  • Kanji's 5C is a large, horizontal swing attack. Do note, the attack does not hit any higher than Kanji's head, allowing for the opponent to airdash over it. No longer causes Fatal Counter unless charged until the last frame, but will still combo to 236AB or 2C on CH.
  • Now has a forward dash cancel, and allows for a 2D chain on hit or block. Dash Cancel is -11 on block
  • Paralyzes on hit or block.
2C Persona Required
P4Arena Kanji 2C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
1200 (1800) HLA 31 (64) 2 11 +6 Foot
  • Dash Cancel is -16 on block

Kanji's 2C is a large, sweeping swipe from his Persona with very little recovery. Incredibly plus on block, it puts you at Kanji's mercy in terms of mixup, and is now one of his two primary Fatal Counter starters. Is foot attribute, allowing for characters to hop over it. Moves his persona forward slightly, giving 5C slightly extra range afterwards.

j.C Persona Required
P4Arena Kanji jC.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
1200 HLA 25 5 Until landing + 8 - Body
  • Kanji's primary anti-anti air, causing Fatal Counter on counterhit. Now has Fatal Recovery while landing. Now has an addition hitbox on the inner fist, making it easier for Kanji to anti-anti air people. Slightly slower on startup, preventing him from counterhitting people as he starts to jump.
5D, 2D, j.D[edit]
5D, 2D, j.D Persona Required
P4Arena Kanji 5D.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
300 per bolt HLA 35 (3) 5 5D: 32
2D: 52
j.D: 27
5D: +22
2D: +2
  • Kanji's D button makes Takemikazuchi appear and shoot lightning at one of 3 pre-set locations. 2D being the closest, and j.D being the furthest. Can fire up to 4 bolts total, shocks on hit. No longer has projectile invuln during the lightning strikes.

Universal Mechanics[edit]

Ground Throw[edit]
Ground Throw
P4Arena Kanji GroundThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
0, 1500 Throw 10 3 20 - Throw
  • Kanji lunges forward a fair distance before grabbing the opponent. It is slower than other characters' throws and Kanji's C command grab, but has range comparable his D command grab without being terribly risky.
  • This move will always throw the opponent behind Kanji's current position.
  • Combos into A Additional Cruel Attack. In the corner, you can add a sweep before the Additional Cruel Attack.

Air Throw[edit]
Air Throw
P4Arena Kanji AirThrow.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
1200, 100 Throw 5 2 18 - Throw
What A Pain![edit]
What A Pain! Persona Required
P4Arena Kanji BD.png
You saying I like dudes?
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
1000 HLA 13 28 25 -36 Body
  • Kanji's DP is a guardpoint attack that will shock any attack the opponent makes from any distance, as long as the attack is not 100% disjointed from the character. In this case, rather than the traditional 'disjointed hitbox' meaning of the term, we're talking 'the attack has to be stored in a separate file from the character', ala Persona Attacks, in order to not cause the shock.
  • Causes shock on hit.
  • Fatal Recovery
Guard Cancel Attack[edit]
Guard Cancel Attack
P4Arena Kanji Sweep.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
0 All ? ? ? - ?

Kanji's guard cancel attack. Has guard point, but slow and allows characters to jump over Kanji in blockstrings quite easily.

Skill Attacks[edit]

Cruel Attack[edit]
Cruel Attack
236A/B (air OK)
P4Arena Kanji CruelAttack.png
get bent get bent get bent
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A ground 500, 250 HLA 17 3, 6 37 -3 Head, Body
B ground 1200, 600 HLA 27 6, 6 33 +1 Head, Body
SB ground 1200, 600 HLA 26 6, 6 33 +1 Head, Body
A air 500, 250 HLA 17 3, 6 Until landing +6 +1 Head, Body
B air 900, 450 HLA 24 6, 6 Until Landing +6 +1 Head, Body
SB air 900, 450 HLA 24 6, 6 Until landing +6 +1 Head, Body
  • 236A is a poke that can potentially hop over hitboxes to force crouch, and give a 5AA 2B 236C combo on counterhit. Not very useful otherwise.
  • 236B is a pressure reset move that causes massive damage in combos, but will jack up the proration quite quickly with multiple uses. Can be canceled into j.214A/B/AB on startup.
  • 236AB is a long, horizontal hop that is plus on block, which does not share same move proration wtih 236B, and can be canceled into j.214A/B/AB for a different angle than 236B~j.214A/B/AB
  • j.236A/B/AB are new to P4U2, Kanji leaps forward with his chair similar to the ground version. Button determines distance, all of them are plus on block. Be careful not to whiff, however!
Added Cruel Attack[edit]
Added Cruel Attack
236A/B after knockdown
P4Arena Kanji AddedCruelAttack.png
STAY bent
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 1000 (1500) HLA 27 6 47 (33) - Body
  • Values in ( ) are for SB Version.
B 1500 HLA 40 6 47 - Body
  • 236A is a knockdown followup that deals a minimum of 200 damage while setting Kanji up next to the opponent for more mixup.
  • 236B is a new mechanic given to Kanji in P4U2, which will allow him to deal high damage while allowing for a combo continuation afterwards. Generally only used after Fatal Grab or a sweep hitting an airborne opponent in a Fatal combo.
  • 236AB is a variation of 236A with higher minimum damage (450) and faster recovery, allowing for punishing notechs.

This'll Hurt![edit]
This'll Hurt! Persona Required
P4Arena Kanji ThisllHurt.png
P4Arena Kanji ThisllHurt2.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 0, 250, 3800, 100, 50x5 (0, 250) Throw 5 4 31 - Throw
D 0, 250, 4300, 100, 50x5 (Pbroken: 0, 250) Throw: 100) 24 [28] 4 39 - Throw
SB 0, 250, 4800, 100, 50x5 (0, 250) Throw 4 4 31 - Throw
  • 214C is Kanji's bread and butter command grab, launching the opponent across the screen, setting up for 5D oki or a 236A followup. Fast, but no invuln.
  • 214D is Kanji's slower, invuln command grab. Is only invuln from frame 2 onwards, preventing it from being used on wakeup, but deals more damage in return. Can increase range of 214D by holding forward, but this slows the startup down.
  • 214CD is Kanji's fastest grab, with 1-4 throw invuln and 3-4 full invuln, allowing Kanji to grab the opponent through their attacks. Causes Shock on hit, and deals the highest damage.
  • All 3 grabs can be followed up with 236B if Fatal Counter.
  • All 3 grabs can now be used while Persona broken, throwing the opponent across the screen for around 200 damage.

Gotcha! Persona Required
P4Arena Kanji Gotcha.png
Gimme a big hug!
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 0, 360, 180x8 (1800) Throw 14 11 16 - Throw
D 0, 280, 140x8 (1400) Throw 73 18 31 - Throw
SB 0, 280, 140x8 (1400) Throw 117 16 27 - Throw
  • 236C is one of Kanji's fastest anti airs, with an improved angle from P4U1. Is more advantageous the higher in the air the opponent is, allowing for 5AAAA combos afterwards if the opponent is launched high enough in a corner combo.
  • 236D sets Kanji's persona down, and after a long startup, it will leap out and grab at the opponent if they jump. Not very useful, but can catch opponents while superjumping. Loses to opponents double jumping or backdashing during their jump, generally.
  • 236CD is a much faster version of 236D, tracking the opponent much earlier but cannot catch any superjumping opponent. Great for catching moves like Mitsuru j.C or Liz J.B however.

Primal Force[edit]
Primal Force
P4AU Kanji PrimalForce.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 1200 All 29 15 9 +3 Body
D 1200 All 36 21 Total 52 +10 Body
SB 1200 All 32 21 Total 52 +6 Body
  • Kanji's new Persona tackle. Kanji will cross his arms and pose while Takemikazuchi appears and tackles across the screen with full projectile armor. Very plus on block, this is intended to plow through certain projectile attacks and set up pressure.
  • Can be 5A'd on reaction by most characters.
  • Any Takemikazuchi attacks barring 5/2/j.D will make him attack from where he is on the screen rather than Kanji's location.
  • Causes wallslam on CH.
  • Button determines distance traveled and startup.

Note, there is some sort of input glitch revolving around this move, where you will get this instead of 214C when trying to grab the opponent.

Bet Ya Can't Take This![edit]
Bet Ya Can't Take This!
P4Arena Kanji BetYaCantTakeThis.png
The Wayne Brady.
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A 0, 400x2, 800 Throw 26 until landing 20 after landing - Throw, Head
B 0, 250x4, 800 (1800) Throw 27 until landing 20 after landing - Throw, Head
SB 0, 100x7, 250x2, 800 (2000) Throw 19 until landing 20 after landing - Throw, Head
  • Kanji's infamous air dive. One or two frames slower than in P4U1, this move is unblockable and invincible to throws, but can be crouched and punished easily on reaction.

SP Skill Attacks[edit]

Ass Whoopin', Tatsumi-Style
P4Arena Kanji AssWhoopinTatsumiStyle.png
Blocked chair bounces and hits a second time
P4Arena Kanji AssWhoopinTatsumiStyle2.png
If close enough, Kanji beats them up
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
A/B 700, 800x2 (300) HLA 4+7 until it hits 61 - Projectile
SB 700, 800, 1600 (300) HLA 4+7 until it hits 61 - Projectile
  • Kanji's autocombo super, will either throw a chair at a distance or go into a 3 hit combo if the opponent is close enough. OMCing at the second hit allows you to combo into his grab or his supergrab.
  • Fantastic damage and relatively good p1/p2 scaling, allowing for heavily damaging combos afterwards.
  • Chair will fall ~60 frames after the attack ends.
  • 236236AB will cause wallslams between both walls, similar to Naoto's reversal kick, allowing for Kanji to combo 236C or 5C afterwards.
  • 236236AB causes High minimum damage.

Awakened SP Skill Attacks[edit]

Burn To A Crisp! Persona Required
P4Arena Kanji BurnToACrisp.png
P4Arena Kanji BurnToACrisp2.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
C 0, 1, 0, 1200, 6000 (0, 1, 700, 800x2 (300)) Throw 6+0 9 44 - Throw
D 0, 1, 0, 1200, 6000 (0, 1, 700, 800x2 (300)) Throw 6+10 15 44 - Throw
SB 0, 1, 0, 1200, 7965 (0, 1, 700, 800, 1600 (300)) Throw 6+13 15 44 - Throw
  • Kanji's supergrab, he only has access to this in Awakening. Slams the opponent into the corner from anywhere on screen. Can potentially be followed up based on screen positioning.
  • C version is a fast, invuln supergrab, slightly slower than his 214C.
  • D version has longer startup, longer invuln and goes further than 214214C.
  • SB version does an additional thousand damage over the other two variations, while being the slowest version of all 3 grabs. Moves further forward similarly to 214214D.
  • If Kanji is Persona Broken, he can still use Burn to a Crisp. If the opponent is grabbed, instead of the normal animation, Kanji will perform a special version of Ass Whoopin', Tatsumi-Style.

Instant Kill[edit]

The Man Series: Brofist Persona Required
P4Arena Kanji TheManSeriesBrofist.png
P4Arena Kanji TheManSeriesBrofist2.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Attribute
K.O. Throw 40+31 3 36 - Throw
  • List what the move is used for
  • List interesting properties in bullet points like invul, fatal

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