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Button Priority[edit]

Button priority in this game goes GGD.png > C.png > B.png > A.png, where the letter to the left takes priority over any and all letters to the right.

For example:

  • Pressing B.png + C.png would have your character perform C.png.

Because there are so many commands that are 2 or 3 buttons, the rules for determining what command you get is simple: The command that uses the highest priority button wins. One More! Cancel has highest priority if available.


  • Pressing A.png + B.png + GGD.png would execute a Furious Action (B+D) instead of an All Out Attack (A+B).
  • Pressing A.png + B.png + C.png + GGD.png would execute a Burst (A.png+C.png+GGD.png); if no burst is available, then a throw (C.png+GGD.png).
  • Pressing GG236.pngGG236.png + A.png + B.png with 50SP as Naoto would execute a SB Double Fangs (GG236.pngA.pngB.png) instead of a super (GG236.pngGG236.pngA.png or GG236.pngGG236.pngB.png), or if you have less than 25SP, then you will get an All Out Attack.
  • Button priority is crucial to understanding and executing certain option selects!

Cancels After Hitting a Persona[edit]

Hitting a Persona counts as the attack being "blocked" in terms of P Combo canceling.

For example, Narukami's 5B can be jump-cancelled on hit only, so he will not be able to jump-cancel if the attack only hits the opponent's Persona, but he will retain all of his "cancel on block" options for 5B, such as backdash-cancelling.

One More Cancel Run[edit]

Hold forward or down-forward when doing a ground One More! Cancel and your character will automatically begin running forward!

This is useful for combos where you need to get as close to your opponent as possible after a One More! Cancel.

This trick does not work for backsteps or air dashes.

Recognizing Invincibility[edit]

Notice the white circle on Yosuke?

When your character is invincible and goes through an enemy attack, you may notice that a white circle appears. This is to show that the character was invincible.

Note that this circle doesn't always appear: for example, a ground throw on an airborne opponent will not trigger this effect.

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