Persona 4: Arena Ultimax 2.5

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Persona 4: Arena Ultimax 2.5 is the update to Persona 4: Arena Ultimax that was originally only released for Japanese arcades. This version makes major changes to the systems and rebalances all the characters. In Japan, the game is being released as Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold Remaster while the West kept the original Persona 4: Arena Ultimax name. For convenience, we are using the version name 2.5 to help distinguish between this release and the previous version.


P4AU Margaret Icon.png P4AU Sho Icon.png P4AU Naoto Icon.png P4AU Teddie Icon.png P4AU Yukiko Icon.png P4AU Yu Icon.png P4AU Yosuke Icon.png P4AU Chie Icon.png P4AU Kanji Icon.png P4AU PSho Icon.png P4AU Marie Icon.png
P4AU Ken Icon.png P4AU Yukari Icon.png P4AU Labrys Icon.png P4AU Mitsuru Icon.png P4AU Aigis Icon.png P4AU Adachi Icon.png P4AU Elizabeth Icon.png P4AU Akihiko Icon.png P4AU SLabrys Icon.png P4AU Junpei Icon.png P4AU Rise Icon.png

Changes from P4U2

See P4U2.5/Patch Notes for details on the changes each character got between the previous version of this game, and this current one.

Shadow Type Character

Shadow Type has been changed from the first Ultimax, giving them more flexibility, but also making Shadow Fury more difficult to use.

  • Shadows can now Burst
  • Shadow Frenzy now costs Burst and converts current SP into a timer that works the same as the previous game. The more SP, the longer Shadow Frenzy lasts.
  • Opponent can not Burst during Shadow Frenzy