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 1st arg = Game Code
 2nd arg = Character Name
 3rd arg = icon size (optional)
 "Label" = text override (optional)
 "LinkOverride" = link override (optional)


  • Icon default size is 24px.
   {{character Label|GGACR|Slayer}}
   {{character Label|GGACR|Venom|120px}}
  • Does not work within section headers.
   ===={{character Label|GGACR|Venom}}====

{{character Label|GGACR|Venom|120px|OverrideIconToUse|OverrideNameToShow|OverrideLink}}

  • Can also be used with CLabel shorthand.
   {{CLabel|GGACR|Ky Kiske}}


Venom Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Goldlewis Dickinson Maecenas quis felis volutpat, cursus dolor vel, bibendum urna.
Testament Duis dignissim posuere justo, vitae sodales felis aliquam sit amet.
Happy Chaos Donec efficitur ante ac dolor convallis volutpat.

Example without size value


Example with size value

Ky Kiske

Example with size, and name override values

This links to Ky's page


Example with rectangular size

default size


larger size