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Page Status Completion Score
[[GGACR/{{{Character}}}#Overview|Overview]] {{{OverviewStatus}}} {{{OverviewScore}}}/26
[[GGACR/{{{Character}}}/Combos|Combos]] {{{CombosStatus}}} {{{CombosScore}}}/10
[[GGACR/{{{Character}}}/Okizeme|Okizeme]] {{{OkizemeStatus}}} {{{OkizemeScore}}}/10
[[GGACR/{{{Character}}}/Strategy|Strategy]] {{{StrategyStatus}}} {{{StrategyScore}}}/12
[[GGACR/{{{Character}}}/Frame Data|Frame Data]] {{{FrameDataStatus}}} {{{FrameDataScore}}}/42


Below each cetegory there will be a list of what content will be expected in each page. Next to each entry is a maximum score for that entry. Assign a number of points between 0 and the maximum for incomplete content, and assign 0 points for missing content. If there is ever a case where a listed criteria is not applicable to the respective character, grant them the points as if they had fulfilled the criteria. Decimal values are acceptible, but please attempt to prioritize whole numbers.

Name of Character as it appears in the character's "Overview" page's URL
Sentence describing the satus of that character's "Overview" page
OverviewScore {0~26}
An overview paragraph {2}
Strengths and weaknesses listed {2}
Character data (Defense Modifier, Jump Startup,...) {2}
An explanation of unique mechanics {2}
Colors {2}
Move images {2}
Move explanations (with properties, gatling options, and uses) {4}
Normal move hitboxes {2}
Special move hitboxes {2}
Force Break hitboxes {1}
Overdrive hitboxes {1}
Idle, Crouching, Jumping Hurtboxes {1}
Non-Hitbox startup frames for moves, Hitstun, Sliding, Dizzy Hurtboxes {1}
Headers for each special move, Force Break and overdrive as level 6 header with invisible text {1}
Misc. information as needed per character {1}
Sentence describing the satus of that character's "Combos" page
CombosScore {0~10}
Special move notation with links to each move's invisible header on the overview page {2}
Character specific notation explanation {2}
List of example combos {2}
Combo theory {2}
Video examples {2}
Sentence describing the satus of that character's "Okizeme" page
OkizemeScore {0~10}
Overview paragraph {2}
Theory {2}
Example routes {2}
Section explaining how to pick oki routes {2}
Video examples {2}
Sentence describing the satus of that character's "Strategy" page
StrategyScore {0~12}
General tactics paragraph {2}
Matchup information {5}
Additional learning links {2}
Counter-strategy {2}
Misc information {1}
Sentence describing the satus of that character's "Frame Data" page
FrameDataScore {0~42}
Frame data score is an arbitrary score between 0 and 42. Assign a value which you think best reflects the status of the character's frame data, and associated information.
Write the % of all previous score values {cannot be higher than 100}