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BBCPEX Steam Frame Advantage/Startup Recorder

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Hello guys, not a lot of you may know me, but I've made something functional that may help the frame-data gathering process for not only this steam release but probably for future releases as well.


Note: This program does not record active frames/recovery frames, just frame advantage and startup at the moment.



Step 1: Open up training mode.

Step 2: Run the program as administrator.  If you don't know how to do this, there are plenty of guides online.

Step 3: Have fun data viewing!  If you're on startup mode, set your training dummy to always block everything to get accurate results.


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Thank you for this - it's allowed me to check many things I've wondered about since cpex hit. I was able to gather a lot of information using it. Furthermore it's incredible you made it so quickly.

Unfortunately, I've noticed it no longer works - checking the update history it would seem the steam version of the game was updated on the 18th, and I suspect that may have caused the issue. The program launches fine, but throws an unhandled exception when either the Frame Advantage or Startup radio button is selected. Previously it would work as intended in training mode.

Do you have any plans on updating it to accomodate the patch? Even if not, I greatly appreciate the work you've done thus far.

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