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[P4A] Teddie Vs Naoto

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:ballTD: vs. :ballNA:

Offensive Strategy

  • It generally seems like it's best to play this match up at mid range. At long range Naoto's bullets can be really annoying to deal with. However, at mid range Teddie generally has the advantage with 5B 5C/j.C and IAD j.A.
  • Naoto's anti air options are really bad if she's not in her stance, so j.A and j.B are very strong against her.

    Defensive Strategy

    • If Naoto is shooting bullets at you, try to DP one of them before she fires the last shot. Most of the time Teddie will end up behind her while she's still stuck in her stance. This pretty much gives you a free 5B counter hit.
    • You can also punish her with SB Teddie Vision if she tries to stagger her shots.

    Match Up Specific Notes

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