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[P4A] Teddie Vs Elizabeth

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:ballTD: vs. :ballEL:

Offensive Strategy

  • SB Teddie Vision is a very good tool against Elizabeth. Make sure she's scared of you when you have 25 or more meter.
  • Elizabeth can't do much to compete with your 5B.
  • Jump her R-Action to punish her. The move is very slow. Be sure to remember this when going for a punish. It's a techable grab, so it's not much of a threat unless you're Feared.

    Defensive Strategy
    • If you DP her Maziodyne, you'll end up behind her.
    • If you block Maziodyne, it's very negative so you can try to close in on her.
    • If Liz tries for Maziodyne or EX Maragidyne and you are in Awakening, you can Circus Bear D for a guaranteed 3.6k damage.
    • You can SB 2D Teddie to avoid Maziodyne.
    • If Elizabeth makes Thanatos roar near you, 2A or 5A him after you block it to kill a Persona card. Be very careful trying to hit Thanatos out of anything else.
    • When blocking Thanatos, watch Elizabeth to get an idea of what's going on. If she crouches, expect 2C. If you see a card float in her hand that means 5D is coming so jump.
    • Her corner pressure is extremely scary. Do not hit buttons recklessly or you'll die super fast. Do a well timed DP to get out.

    Match Up Specific Notes

    [*]Most important basic strategy against Elizabeth is to keep her at max 5B range, watch her, and match her movements.

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I find it's better to watch Liz rather than her persona to see what she's doing. If she puts the card out, she's going for a grab, otherwise, block and then hit the persona on its recovery (watch for OMC though). Also, you can do Teddie Circus to punish Maziodyne and Maragidyne. This will take away some of her long range options.

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Really I usually just react by whatever she says. Though then again I also use Elizabeth so it might not be as effective for you guys.

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