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[P4A] Teddie Vs Teddie

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:ballTD: vs. :ballTD:

Offensive Strategy

Defensive Strategy

  • Bearscrew A and B are punishable on block. SB Bearscrew is not.
  • You can 2D Teddie under 5B.
  • After blocking C and D TV, you can 5B Teddie for a free CH. You can hit Teddie after blocking SB TV, but it's not in counter hit state and hard to punish if he's not in 5B range.

    Match Up Specific Notes

    • This is a beary silly match up. Items are the same color no matter what color Teddie you are. So there will likely be a lot of stuff flying across the screen. Make sure you keep track of your own items.

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I would say it's almost un-bear-able. Mostly because it's (for me anyway) hard enough to keep track of what item you're on much less where in the item queue your opponent is AND unless I really missed something (unlike say your more traditional projectiles) there isn't much distinguishing yours from your opponents. The good news is that it's looking like it will be a fairly rare matchup.

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