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[CP] Valkenhayn Video Thread (Updated 3/21/14)

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4/19 Astral Heat

Kiba (VK) vs DonkeyKnifer (TK)

Kiba (VK) vs EXonestar (LI)

Daedron (TS) vs Kiba (VK)

Kiba (VK) vs DragonlordZ (BA)

Kiba (VK) vs Ixis (MU)


-Please stop failing wolf brakes...!!

-Stop dropping combos.

-Barrier against Bang pressure.

-Stop dropping combos

-Jubei Mod

-Stop dropping combos.

-Stop dropping combos.


Anyway overall I feel meh about it. At the end of the day I won but I have my problems. Im sorry guys, I know. I know.

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