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[P4AU] 1.0 Teddie Final Changes

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these are changes derived from the frame data. there'll be obvious details if they aren't listed in the frame data (like if a move hits completely differently)


Teddie notes:
5AAA (shadow) p2 reduced by 200
5B now chest attribute
j.A startup from 6 to 8
j.a p2 reduced by 100
j.b 1f faster
AoA 1f more recovery
universal(?) aoa proration change - rage drink AoA reset now does drastically less damage basically
j.2D added
j.D startup reduced from 18 to 10 (could just be the attack hitbox and not the item throw)
j.C SMP reduced by 100
5C damage reduced by 100
universal airthrow proration change (p2 up by 200)
DP blockable, 1-65 inv instead of 1-100. -65 on block.
b bearscrew from 50 smp to 500
bearscrew recovery changed to have universal x recovery + x landing frame recovery
SB bearscrew projectile invuln, p1/p2 swapped (500/300 instead of 300/500)
puppet teddie is now safer on block, A series fatal counter
Television warp nerfed, recovery up ~10f for everything (tv-less version has less recovery)
22A recovery buffed by 1, inv added (if it wasn't listed before)
D tomahawk from 7+14 to 7+2
ik startup 1f slower, 1f less invuln
green robot starts up 2f faster(?)
dr salt neo 1f faster
dr salt neo lasts 20 frames less
muscle drink active 1f faster, less duration
barrel active for 10f longer praise satan
red robo 1f faster
mystery food x duration from 250 to 186 2f faster startup. cycles between fear/silence/poison
edit: 5C/2c > aoa cancel added

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Some other stuff that I can get looking at the frame data on the wiki:


-5C/2C dash cancellable (don't know if this is an error)

-AoA's guard point starts on frame 12 instead of 17

-Sweep has chest invul

-Ground Bearscrew A has 1f more recovery

-Ground Puppeteddie A recoves 6f faster

-All versions of missile have some invul: ground C has 32, ground D/SB has 30, all air versions have 7

-Kamui Kablooey starts 1f slower and has 1f less invul, hah


The DP and j.A. nerf hurts, but SB Bearscrew looks finally worth using more now, and Puppeteddie A is more viable, not sure if any potential FC combos from it though outside of corner.

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