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  1. itsme

    [CS1-CSE] Valkenhayn General Discussion

    Alright, thanks.
  2. itsme

    [CS1-CSE] Valkenhayn General Discussion

    Oh neat, thanks. I actually thought it would be faster than the rising jC instant overhead (11f start up + 4f jump start up). EDIT: Wait, so is the human rising jC 14 frame start up or 15 frame start up? I'm not sure if the jC comes out right at the 4f mark or right after the 4f mark.
  3. itsme

    [CS1-CSE] Valkenhayn General Discussion

    How fast exactly is Valk's w[5C>CA] instant overhead?
  4. itsme

    [CSE] Hakumen Combo Thread

    That's kind of hard to do with low mags since an opponent who is used to Haku pressure will easily jump out once they know where the holes in your pressure are. 2A>6B/2B>Kishuu>2B,6B,2A/5A>tick throw/TRM,5A whiff>grab/6B,5B>special/jc etc.; 2A>step 2A/2C>Kishuu/Guren,2B,6B etc. are some low mag using mix up/pressure blockstrings that can work out but as Hakumen you really should concentrate on keeping the opponent honest more so that you can get more free mix ups and pressure on them. If you start noticing them blocking every bit of your mix up, then maybe you should start doing more different kinds of stuff, if they still mash out or jump out of your pressure then you shouldn't be afraid of wasting meter on your blockstrings into Renka, Tsubaki, Hotaru and maybe Zantetsu to keep them more cautious of your options.
  5. Kiba

    Fair enough. How about a cool looking Valkenhayn Avatar?

  6. -33, damn. Is it like Haku's counter where she's invincible until neutral on block or is she flat out -33 and is going to eat hard hitting starters?
  7. itsme

    >You're trying to kill us all with that avatar aren't you? In my defense, I'm trying to figure out what to use next and having nothing there seems boring considering how many seizures I must have caused with it.

  8. Kiba

    You're trying to kill us all with that avatar aren't you?

  9. itsme

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Guard point is when a character is guarding during a move i.e. Bang's drives, Hakumen's drives, Tager's 6A, Tager's sledge for projectile GP, Litchi's Itsuu, etc.
  10. itsme

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Regarding OD and DD, I'm not sure how much of the info is true since I haven't touched the game obviously (the videos and research seems to be done by hen, the guy who runs the Unlimited characters community in JP) but from the sound of it all DD are set to their OD version by default and doing OD only buffs their damage. Regarding Haku's Yukikaze, it auto starts even without the catch just like in CS but it only does the single strike, while actually catching something activates the OD version. Also, hopefully his super Hotaru didn't replace Haku's super Renka, I also hope if they still have it in the game that they made it special cancelable. EDIT: Also, there seemed to have been rumors going around that U. Haku's jC was auto kill a la EX Johnny. Seems that was proven false after hen posted the video.
  11. itsme

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    Yup, I like how they tried to balance it with the wolf mode lock but no one is going to survive wolf mode if they can't mash out of it. Also, the U.Bang video got up on Nico and it seems from it that his FRKZ got moved back to DD and also I think all U. characters have their OD moved to just buffed damage and higher auto meter gain + unburst-able combos and time freeze. I assume Daisharin and AB2 are going to be DDs as well.
  12. itsme

    [CP] News & Gameplay Discussion (Old)

    It apparently locks him into wolf mode but with GP until the wolf meter runs out (not much info on the GP aside from it) and I hear the JP players saying it's one of the most broken shit ever in UMM.