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  1. edit: darn double posted because i refreshed the page
  2. Messenga can be meatied, since it does not have start up invul in bbcpe though. It does have invul frames later on
  3. timestop command throw can combo into itself
  4. If you are talking about the end, then it was not a crush trigger but an exceed accel
  5. Her command throw DD seems viable, if it has invul frames
  6. Not sure if everyone has seen it yet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3VlZhw_XIk
  7. Well Central Fiction is central to loops https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz4NIxPEizQ
  8. There should still be smp on some specials (i have seen a BBCF Mu-12 proration table in which she still has smp on her old specials that had smp, reducing the proration value to 30 if used multiple times in the same combo), but apparently they seem to be removed from normals
  9. Those Tager and Naoto OD combo's look possible on a punish. More so with Tager , since if he gets to hit you with a 5c during OD Raid you are losing alot of life
  10. Also his 8k+ OD combo from day 1 Naoto , which was mentioned in the tweet before https://twitter.com/sugi_vs/status/667363247041835009
  11. And Naoto doing slightly over 10k with an OD combo https://twitter.com/sugi_vs/status/667649457719119872
  12. i could record the timeshift since i was too late to watch the stream in time myself
  13. Correct, both were revealed in some kind of magazine in october of 2012, which was 1 month before the actual arcade release. However they were not present in the loketests and also not present at the initial start of the arcade release
  14. most of us already knew that when the movelist was shown, which was months ago