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    [P4A] Teddie - Gameplay Discussion

    I love that 22A/B/AB doesn't get hit by at least Yu's DP. I would assume it's the same for all actual DP furious actions. It seems like 22A has faster startup than 22B. Was this general knowledge?
  2. xeedoc

    [P4A] Teddie - Gameplay Discussion

    I've got a sweet scrub killer btw In awakening normal jump C missle into circus bear behind them. Hold the missile and time it so if they stay on the ground, the explosion keeps them in blockstun for the circus bear. I've done it numerous times for the win and even if someone managed to not get stuck in it, I've never been punished, haha. That's mainly for online though, I'm sure people that play offline are a little smarter than that, haha
  3. xeedoc

    [P4A] Teddie - Gameplay Discussion

    Alrighty, let's get some trial 30 talk in here. I'm getting around 8k with my idea, but I can't get the last part very consistently as well as the burst that puts you on the other side. (in the corner prep with fear puppet) 214214C... falling j.B j.A(1 hit, land) 5B 5C 2B j.A j.A (B or A drill, B is harder to time though) Drill one more burst (if done correctly, can put kuma on the other side, making you in the corner) 2B j.A j.A 236A 236236C(land) 214214D The next to last super you bounce them on the missle so that the ball hits them, just like in the earlier trials. I'll be working on getting the damage for this as soon as my execution isn't ass and I figure out everything. Let me know what you think. Edit: I've also thought about doing some powerups before that. ex. muscle drink to make kuma do more damage as well as poisoning the dummy. The poison seems to work, but I'm pretty sure the rage goes away once the super starts.