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  1. This thread concerns Elphelt 1.10 only. Not Elphelt 1.0 . For 1.0 videos, post them in their respective thread. You can discuss about videos here if you feel like it but please don't go overboard. [info="Matches"] :AXL: [collapse="vs Axl Low "] [/collapse] :BED: [collapse="vs Bedman "] 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs Abe (BE) [/collapse] :CHP: [collapse="vs Chipp Zanuff "] 03/19 Niito (EL) vs Dora (CH) 03/21 Suke (EL) vs Jonio (CH) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Jonio (CH) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Yuusuke-chin (CH) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Endou (CH) [/collapse] :ELP: [collapse="vs Elphelt"] 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs Suke (EL) [/collapse] :FAU: [collapse="vs Faust"] 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs Nage (FA) [/collapse] :INO: [collapse="vs I-No "] 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs Otouto (IN) 03/21 Suke (EL) vs Osca (IN) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Osca (IN) [/collapse] :KYX: [collapse="vs Ky Kiske"] [/collapse] [collapse="vs Leo Whitefang"] 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs Satoge (LE) [/collapse] :MAY: [collapse="vs May"] 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Himi (MA) [/collapse] :MIL: [collapse="vs Millia Rage"] 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Nakamura (MI) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Karinchu (MI) [/collapse] :POT: [collapse="vs Potemkin"] 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Konsomme (PO) [/collapse] :RAM: [collapse="vs Ramlethal Valentine "] [/collapse] :SIN: [collapse="vs Sin Kiske"] 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs Trust (SI) [/collapse] :SLY: [collapse="vs Slayer"] 03/19 Fumo (EL) vs Taka (SL) [/collapse] :SOL: [collapse="vs Sol Badguy"] 03/19 Shuumatsu (EL) vs Mugen (SO) 03/19 Niito (EL) vs NOB (SO) 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs NOB (SO) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Ogi (SO) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Sendu (SO) [/collapse] :VEN: [collapse="vs Venom "] 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Keiichi (VE) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Kamego (VE) [/collapse] :ZAT: [collapse="vs Zato-1 "] 03/21 Suke (EL) vs Akroma (ZA) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Akroma (ZA) [/collapse] [/info] [info="Notable Players"] [collapse=Sharon] 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs Suke (EL) 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs Trust (SI) 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs Abe (BE) 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs Satoge (LE) 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs Otouto (IN) 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs NOB (SO) 03/19 Sharon (EL) vs Nage (FA) [/collapse] [collapse=Fumo] 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Konsomme (PO) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Jonio (CH) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Osca (IN) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Akroma (ZA) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Ogi (SO) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Sendu (SO) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Yuusuke-chin (CH) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Nakamura (MI) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Karinchu (MI) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Keiichi (VE) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Himi (MA) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Kamego (VE) 03/21 Fumo (EL) vs Endou (CH) [/collapse] [collapse=Niito] 03/19 Niito (EL) vs Dora (CH) 03/19 Niito (EL) vs NOB (SO) [/collapse] [/info] [info="Other Videos"] [collapse="Combo Video"] [/collapse] [collapse="Other"] [/collapse] [/info]
  2. Please post here any questions directly related to Elphelt. We will try to provide you with the best answer possible. The first post will be updated with a FAQ in order to avoid redundant questions. FAQ[collapse] How do I unlock Elphelt ? Elphelt is a DLC character. She can only be bought december 18th. There are, however, some ways to have her for free and before the 18th but it depends of which version you own or plan to get. JP version: She's free only for preorders both physical and digital. If you didn't preorder, gotta wait december 18th to buy her. HK version: She's free up to december 17th. No need for preorders or anything like that. The HK version was available the same day as the JP version: december 4th. US version: She'll be free to download for anyone from december 16th to January 5th like you can see here Price: 800Y for the JP version, 7,99$ for the US version. Yeah, our waifu is quite expensive but at least, she's worth it ! [/collapse]
  3. PS3 and PS4 Rev are both up on the JP PSN now.
  4. You will generally buffer jP right after doing jS as it's just not possible to hitconfirm with jS alone. To be honest, it's same thing as the AA routes really. jS>jP>jS>djK>jS>delay jH>delay jD is what you will go for most of the time. If they are too high jS>jP>jS>djS>delay jH>delay jD If they are too low jS>jP>jS>djS>jP>jS>delay jH>delay jD All should result in knockdown most of the time. If it's jS from an IAD, then jS>jH will knock them down at IAD height.
  5. Information If you'd like to contribute, please feel free to do so! Just post the combos you created, but please write them properly. If you are unsure on how to write combos properly, then read the wiki page here. Make sure to read the Notation Used section in this post so that you understand the specific notations used for CHARACTER. Also refrain from using move names and abbreviations. Please refrain from going off topic in this thread. If you have a doubt, post in the gameplay thread instead. Unless a specific name is mentioned, the indicated damage is based on Sol with 100% health in order to make it easier. If for some reason the combo doesn't work on Sol, the training dummy will be specified right after the damage value. Collapsed: Notations Used: [table] >Gatling/cancel the previous move into the following move. ,Link the previous move into the following move. |>After landing. jJump sjSuper Jump adAir Dash iadInstant Air Dash jcJump Cancel sjcSuper Jump Cancel jiJump Install CHCounter Hit MCMortal Counter RCRed Roman Cancel YRCYellow Roman Cancel PRCPurple Roman Cancel [ ]Hold Input (N)Attack must deal N amount of hits. [???] xNRepeat ??? N amount of times. SG-XShotgun stance normal. PoweredWait a bit to get powered state in shotgun/rifle stance[/table] Collapsed: Guide Specific Notations Used: Notations in red are for prefixes only. Notations in blue are for suffixes only. [table] [sS]Side Swap combo [sT]Standing Opponent [CR]Crouching Opponent [AA]Anti-air or Air-to-Air [N%]Tension used [N/N%]Damage/Tension Gain %[/table] General Theory[collapse] [/collapse] Universal BnB[collapse] Midscreen[collapse] 2P>cS>2D>214K [74 dmg] [sT] 2P>cS>fS>5Hx5 [84 dmg] [sT] 2P>cS>fS>5H>214K [78 dmg] [CR] 2P>cS>fS>2H>2D>214K [103 dmg] [AA] cS>jS>djK>jS>delay jH>delay jD>(j236P)>(236H) [129 dmg] (Check Character specifics section for more details) [/collapse] Corner[collapse] 2P>cS>2D>214K [74 dmg] [sT] 2P>cS>fS>5Hx5 [84 dmg] [sT] 2P>cS>fS>5H>214K [78 dmg] [CR] 2P>cS>fS>2H>2D>214K [103 dmg] [AA] cS>jS>djK>jS>delay jH>delay jD>(j236P)>(236H) [132 dmg] (Check Character specifics section for more details) [/collapse] [/collapse] Mid-screen[collapse] Normal Starters 2H CH>5P>cS>jK>jS>jH>jD>(j236P) [116 dmg] 6H CH>236P>dash jP>jS>jH>jD>dash 1/3P>fS>2P(toss)>delay 6H>214K [168 dmg] [AA] cS>jP>jS>jH>jD>(j236P) [103 dmg] [AA] cS>jK>jS>djK>jS>jH>delay jD>(j236P)>(236H) [132 dmg] [AA] 2S CH>236H>dash SG-S>SG-P>SG-H>(46H) [97 dmg] [CR] cS>fS>2H>2D>jS>jP>jS>djS>jP>jS>jH>jD [179 dmg Faust] [Millia/Faust only] [sT] [50%] fS>5H(x5)>RC>IAD>jK>jS>jH>2P>cS>jS>jP>jS>jH>jD>(j236P)>(236H) [148 dmg] [sT] [50%] fS>5H(x5)>RC>dash 2H>cS>jS>jP>jS>djK>jS>jH>jD>(j236P)>(236H) [151 dmg] [sT] [50%] fS>5H(x5)>RC>dash 2H>236P>cS>jS>jP>jS>jH>jD>5H>2P(toss)>6H>(236P) [153 dmg] [sT] [50%] fS>5H(x5)>RC>dash 2H>236P>cS>jK>jS>jH>jD>5H>2P(toss)>6H>(236P) [157 dmg] Note: RC>dash 2H route might not work on Faust [CR] [50%] fS>2H>2D>214K>RC>dash cS>jS>jP>jH>jD>2H>cS>j8S>jP>jS>jH>jD>(j236P) Low starter 5K>2D>jP>jS>jD>(j236P) [105 dmg Millia] [Millia/Faust only] 5K>2D>j.P>j.K>j.S>j.H>5K>fS>nj.D [122 dmg May] [Potemkin/May/Chipp only] 2K>cS>2D>214K [70 dmg] [50%] 5K>cS>2D>632146H>dash jP>jK>jS>jH>2P>cS>fS>jD>(j236P) [148 dmg] [50%] 5K>cS>2D>214K>RC>dash cS>jS>jP>jS>jH>jD>dash 2P>cS>jD>(j236P) [182 dmg Millia] [50%] 2D>214K>RC>2H>236P>cS>jS>djK>jS>jH>2P(toss)>jS>Berry explode>djK>jS>jH>delay jD>(j236P) Overhead starter [50%] 6P>632146H>dash jP>jS>jH>jD>(j236P) [120 dmg] 5D>jD>jD>jS>jP>jS>djS>jP>jS>jH>jD>(j236P) [115 dmg] 5D6>jS>(slight delay)djK>jS>(slight delay)jH>jD>land 214K/(fS>5Hx5) [100 (110) dmg] Explanation Stance Starters Throw Starters (Round start position) [50%] Ground throw>RC>236H>dash 214K>{SG-H>46H}x6>(236P) [163 dmg] Special Starters Berry(explode)>cS>jS>jD>236P>jS>jD>c.S>jK>jS>jD>4P>6H>(236P)>(236H) CH 214K>cS/fS>5H>214K>2P>fS>5H>214K>2P>5HxN Overdrive Starters - [/collapse] Corner[collapse] Normal Starters 2P>2P>2K>2D> [CR] [50%] fS>2H>236H>SG-H>RC>dash 5D6>236H>{Powered SG-H>46H}x2>Powered SG-H>fS>jD>(j236P) [193 dmg] Low starter [50%] 5K>cS>2D>632146H>dash 6H>214K>cS>jP>jS>jD>(j236P) [142 dmg Potemkin] [50%] 5K>cS>2D>214K>RC>236H>{Powered SG-H>46H}x3>SG-S>{SG-H>46H}x4>(236P) [206 dmg] [50%] 2D>214K>RC>dash 2H>236P>cS>jS>djP>jK>>jS>jH>2P(toss)>6H>Berry explode>236H>SG-S>{SG-H>46H}x3>(236236D)>(236P) Overhead starter 5D6>236H>{Powered SG-H>46H}x2>Powered SG-H>fS>7jD [150 dmg] 5D6>236P>6H>236H>{Powered SG-H>46H}x2>SG-S>2P(toss)>Berry explode>SG-S>{SG-H>46H}x6>(236P) [186 dmg] [sT] [50%] jS>jH>cS>5Hx5>RC>dash 236H>{Powered SG-H>46H}x4>(236P) [197 dmg] [sT] [50%] jS>jH>cS>5Hx5>RC>dash 236H>{Powered SG-H>46H}x2>Powered SG-H>dash cS>jP>jS>jH>(j236P) [203 dmg] Stance Starters {Powered SG-H>46H}x2>Powered SG-H>RC>dash 236H>{Powered SG-H>46H}x3>SG-S>{SG-H>46H}x4>(236P) [317 dmg] SG-D>214K>{SG-H>46H}x5 [161 dmg] SG-D>Powered SG-H>jK>jS>jP>jH>jD>fS>632146H SG-D>Powered SG-H>2H>cS>jK>jS>jH>jD SG-D>236P>236H>charged SG-H>46H>charged SG-H>6H>2P>Berry explode>jD>(j236P) [176 dmg] SG-D>236P>SG-S>{Powered SG-H>46H}x2>2P(toss)>Berry explode>SG-S>{Powered SG-H>46H}x2>SG-S>236P>{SG-H>46H}x4>2P(toss) whiffs [221 dmg] [50%] SG-D>Powered SG-H>jK>jS>jP>jH>jD>fS>632146H Throw Starters [50%] Ground throw>RC>236H>SG-K>{Powered SG-H>46H}x3>SG-S>{SG-H>46H}x4>(236P) [50%] Ground throw>RC>dash 236H>Powered SG-H>cS>jS>jD>j236P>jS>jD>6H>(236H)>2P Special Starters - Overdrive Starters - [/collapse]
  6. Depends really why you picked her. If it's just for casuals, yeah I guess you can skip them. If you want to be competitive with a character, mastering everything it can do in order to fully optimize your decisions is kind of a given. You can win without that but you're definetely missing on an important part of her okizeme. Besides, they aren't really that hard to pull off. Compared to what some characters require like Potemkin's 6K loops, Elphelt is quite easy.
  7. Hima (VK) vs Souji (AR) Hima (VK) vs Minami (HI) ---- 2nd match ---- 3rd match ---- 4th match ---- 5th match Hima (VK) vs Minamo (NA) ---- 2nd match ---- 3rd match ---- 4th match Hima (VK) vs Minami (HI) Hima (VK) vs Minamo (NA) ---- 2nd match ---- 3rd match
  8. Magaki

    [CF] Valkenhayn Combo Thread

    Day one CMV By Hima Doesn't seem like the wolf combo rate nerf is affecting us that much. We have however more time it seems to combo with S starters resulting in more wolf gain. Corner carry this time seems better too though the routes aren't anything new and throw combos look stabler. Looks like Valk is still sitting strong on his top tier throne and won't retire at all.
  9. Magaki

    [Xrd 1.10] Elphelt Video Thread

    New elphelt tech video made by Alioune: The combos shown use routes known for being universal so obviously all the ones shown are both practical and recommended.
  10. Magaki

    [Xrd] Elphelt Sniping 101

    Matchups where sniper use is particularly effective: Very strong: Bedman, Faust, Leo Interesting for specific situations: Venom, Axl, Elphelt (read on neutral berry plays), Ram (Good against players who abuse sword summon in neutral though 5h and jD are better imo) Not that useful: Chipp, Millia, Sol, Ky (S stun edge doesn't disappear on hit) , Slayer(dash k mappa cancel to punish sniper stance), Potemkin(Hammerfall Break will tank a hit) Edit: Alioune's list Very strong: Faust Bedman Axl Elphelt Sol Venom specific situations: Leo Potemkin May Ky Ram Not that useful : Chipp Sin Millia A section that I believe should be added or elaborated even further: Rewards: On normal sniper shot with no CH you will get no specific properties or additional untech time. Not much you can do with that. On CH the opponent will be launched upwards for a ton of untechable time. Generally in neutral, that's the main reason why you would want to go into sniper stance as it provides you a lot of time to get in safely and get her game going. It's possible to combo and get a knockdown from sniper stance alone off CH shot uncharged by doing CH sniper shot>reload>move cursor close to the ground>sniper shot Will give you a KD but like you can guess the rewards aren't that great and just getting the CH then getting in is much more efficient especially on characters with poor defensive options like Faust and Venom. With RRC, sniper shot becomes much more efficient as a CH sniper shot RRC will allow you to dash in and combo for great rewards +oki. Even non CH sniper rrc can be useful as it will allow you to get in and possibly combo if you're close though it's not that common. Another section that might be interesting to add: Slip up: Sometimes it happens when you guessed wrong and your opponent is getting in. In that case leaving stance and choosing to block to avoid getting punished might be the smartest choice. If you're not in any recovery but still in sniper stance, whiffing a sniper shot yrc to leave stance and get the slowdown is very useful. In some cases you can even poke out right afterwards with 2S or AA cS if you got dem balls of steel. Without tension, entering shotgun stance will allow you to block faster than pressing D. You can attempt a YRC>236H too if you're already in recovery due to a reload but if you're doing that on reaction and get a PRC due to being too late, you will end up taking more time to recover due to PRC startup + 236h startup so watch out for that. Nice and interesting guide. Pinning it. Looking forward to more discussion on that subject.
  11. Planning to step up your game to a new level but don't really know where to start with ? Feel free to post your performances here in order to receive the help you seek for.
  12. Powered SG-H is +5 without reloading but here's the tricky part, you can reload faster with Powered SG-H than with normal SG-H. To be more specific, Reload is always the same recovery but the window to cancel Powered SG-H happens faster than with normal SG-H. Or at least, that's what it mentionned in the frame data that Kedako provided concerning Elphelt. I need to dig into my computer to find it again so I'll be able to give the right answer after calculating it. That or if I don't find it, will need to run some tests to figure it out. I'm not surprised the frame data is wrong though. Kedako's frame data excluded, there were 3 other frame datas that had some discrepancies in it. Old time lurkers on the El board probably remember the first one that indicated that 2H was jump cancelable. If you take a peek at the wiki page though you will notice it's the right frame data (Yeah I know. Kinda ironic that the frame data page itself got misinformations regarding its purpose while the wiki page get it right). Might be someone who edited it and added incorrect data. Dunno. I'll look for Kedako's again and take care of it by myself to make sure it's done right this time. Thanks for notifying me and offering your help though. I appreciate it.
  13. I actually was mostly joking about that but if you would like to talk about it, sure. First, thing you need to keep in mind is that it's not because a character got moves obviously designed with questionable designs that he's gonna be godlike as his strength will obviously be a matter of synergy with his moveset and his matchups. Also, it's not because a character isn't broken that you have to ignore decisions made concerning said character's direction with "Ohh but he's shit so who cares". Especially if they could have done something else. Would you consider that Dog's 2D being unblockable in every versions before +R was a great choice that led to smarter plays ? Something that was actually removed in +R most likely due to corner fS>dog 2D already being a hilarious yet efficient way to wrap up a round that became even better with the puddle getting a hitbox. Would you also say that Dog being able to attack while you were in blockstun was an interesting idea ? Would you mention that having an FRC point on Sword 623H was a good idea while neutral and conversions with the swords prior to +R truly weren't that great making it the worse summon ? I sure remember Mitsurugi canceling it almost everytime he ended up with it. Was Raoh's super and its huge chip damage and range great design too ? Not to mention its rewards on hit either. While its true that prior to +R, instant Raoh combo were either situationnal or required a lot of tension; Raoh himself got a very good tension gain which coupled with Zappa's high tension pulse allowed to get back the tension used to get him quite fast. And thus, finally, is it smart to give him a backdash that can only be punished on one specific frame ? Speaking of Mitsurugi that I mentionned above, remember how much he loved backdashing like crazy in the corner and punished the opponent afterwards for whiffing a move ? He sure had and still have quite a lot of very weird design choices that were indeed quite useful prior to +R to win rounds while making your opponent ultra salty. Points that I actually loved to use as I've mained him since #R. Whether I love it or not though, you don't need to be a genius to figure out that they could have chosen to tone down all those options and improve his summons better. Something that I would have loved to see them do. Which they did in +R. And in that version, it clearly was too much. And finally, what kind of argument is that ? "see how many frames you spend not blocking every time you try to churn out a backdash" As if mashing 44444 was the only way to use a backdash. Ever heard of defensive options like fuzzy backdashes ? Or IB backdash ? Obviously if you don't use correctly a defensive option or vary them you're gonna get blown up. Same logic as if you use a character wrong or become too predictable result in you losing hard. I would also like to point out that even if you do manage to punish his backdash which will require a hard read, you won't even get a counter hit and you will be quite far unless the backdash was done in the corner. And not every character can punish that tensionless and get a knockdown afterwards. Or even get enough damage to make the Zappa player think that backdashing is a very bad idea. But the worst thing isn't that the backdash only got 1f of punishable recovery but it's a combination of both a VERY FAST backdash and a timing of 1f to punish it. If it had 25f duration for 24f invul, this would have been different but it isn't. Also, it's not a backdash that is specific to just one summon like the defensive options the sword and the dog provides but it's UNIVERSAL for ALL HIS MODES. That means that if you just look at the backdash's frame data itself, you're doing it wrong. You need to consider that he can also fuzzy jump, mash, DP, DP RC, Super(which had and still got a hilarious pushback while only being -15 meaning not everyone can punish it on block), 6P to beat body attacks/5K to beat feet attacks AND backdash. All of those are his defensive options. Does he really need that backdash this badly ? Before +R, do you really think that toning it down and improve other points were a decision that was unthinkable for the devs ?
  14. Most likely the same guy who thought that giving Zappa an 11f backdash for 10f invul was a great and fair idea.
  15. SG-H is -2 without reloading and -1 with it. Reloading basically just make you recover 1f faster.
  16. Thanks but the issue concerns links posted with the [ url= ] command or shortened by [ ... ] . In those 2 cases, it's not possible to salvage them (not necessarily true for the former but those are exceptions). Check the video thread for examples of unsalvageable lnks.
  17. Magaki

    XRD Matchup Directory

    Elphelt vs I-no appears to be missing.
  18. Magaki

    XRD Matchup Directory

    Elphelt vs Axl Elphelt vs Zato Elphelt vs Potemkin Elphelt vs I-no Elphelt vs May Elphelt vs Millia Elphelt vs Sol Elphelt vs Chipp Elphelt vs Slayer Elphelt vs Leo Elphelt vs Sin Elphelt vs Bedman Elphelt vs Venom Elphelt vs Ramlethal Elphelt vs Faust Elphelt vs Ky Elphelt vs Elphelt
  19. About SG-D and shotgun loops: I would suggest you to read this shotgun loop guide I wrote. Should be more than enough to know exactly what to go for in most situations. About air routes: Here's an air combo comparison showing character specifics and the required height. About standing punishes: On standing without CH, you generally want to go for cS>fS>2D>214K. With a microdash, you can add a 2S between fS and 2D to get more damage. 2D is generally the last normal you want to use before going into 214K simply because it's one of her most damaging normal and allow to get a slightly better okizeme because 214K will make them float a bit more thanks to 2D. If it's against Millia, Faust, Potemkin, May or Chipp, you want to do (microdash) cS>2D>air combo instead. Scroll up to check the optimized combos on them both midscreen and in the corner.
  20. Links being dead is a big issue caused by the new forum update so nah, it's not you. Link isn't salvageable either sadly. And no, it's neither optimal nor the new BnB in japan. Optimal conversion into shotgun loop is: 214K RC>dash 236H>Powered SG-H>(Walk shotgun loop or SG-S link if combo was short before the RC) Other combo from there you can go for is UB setup. ...>214K RC>(dash) delay 2H>cS>hjSPSD>j236P>jKH>(2P toss>236S>UB shot) As a rule of thumb, 214K has to be the fourth hit or less to make it work. Being the fifth hit works too but it's not universal in that case.
  21. Concerning the video links, it looks like recent ones are still salvageable if they were timestamped. Copy/pasting an exampe from the Elphelt video thread to show some weird changes: Edit:
  22. I tested in training mode by double tapping H like you did to check if it could be some kind of bug but I still get Powered SG-H everytime. Pretty sure you just ended up not delaying enough and did SG-H. That's the only explanation I can think of.
  23. You mean you do the second Powered SG-H but it doesn't wallstick ? There are 2 SG-H for 4 possible results: SG-H and Powered SG-H If SG-H hits close, it will knockdown. If you hit with it far, it's considered to be a normal hit. If Powered SG-H hits close in the corner, you get a wallstick. If it hits far, you get a knockdown. So, for your problem, there are 2 explanations: Either you're too far and you did Powered SG-H resulting in the far version which means no wallstick. Or you just did normal SG-H because you pressed H too soon. There is a notable difference in the visual aspect between both SG-H and Powered SG-H so you should be able to figure it out easily.
  24. Different post for a different combo and subject. How much damage and tension gain could possibly be achieved in 1.1 after a corner/near corner throw RC is a recurring topic on the Elphelt skype group so I ran some tests to see the maximum we can get with it. Optimal tension gain + damage combo is: Throw RC>dash 236H>[Powered SG-H>46H>walk slightly]x3>Powered SG-S>214K>[Powered SG-H>46H>walk slightly]x3>SG-S>[sG-H>46H]x5 (207 dmg, 50% tension used, ~48% tension gained back) Without the SG-S link though, rewards are far from being as good as with it: Throw RC>dash 236H>[Powered SG-H>46H>walk slightly]x5>SG-S>[sG-H>46H]x5 (191 dmg, 50% tension ued, ~20% tension gained back) Finally, without walk shotgun loop and just basic loop: Throw RC>dash 236H> [Powered SG-H>46H>]x3>SG-S>[sG-H>46H]x5 (182 dmg, 50% tension used, ~10% tension gained back) PS: You can get even more by adding a 214K after any SG-S that hits the opponent quite high. Becomes more complicated though as the maximum height that determines whether a character gets hit by the close or far version of Powered SG-H or SG-H is character specific so it's better to stick with universal combos.
  25. Found an anti-Faust tech guys. Basically, if he's close to the corner, after a 2D it's possible to do: ...>2D>jS>djKSD>j236P>jSH Which is an UB setup like you can guess. There are 3 situations where you can pull it off. Crouching confirm: cS>fS>2H(1)>2D>jS>djKSD>j236P>jSH 177 dmg If you need more confirm, it's possible to also do something like: 2P>cS>fS>2H(1)>2D>jS>djKSD>j236P>jKH 128 dmg Make sure to only hit once with 2H as it makes the combo MUCH more stable. I recommend learning that and abusing it as even if you don't want to go for UB, it still deals great damage. Standing confirm: 2P>2D>jS>djKSD>j236P>jKH 110 damage 2P can be replaced by 2K, 5K or 2S If you add a microdash, you can add one more 2P/2K/5K 2S CH confirm It's possible to do 2S CH>microdash 2P>2D>jS>djKSD>j236P>jKH Thing however is that if the opponent is staggering at level 2 or above, they will recovery in time to block 2P. Though, technically, if they can recovery that fast, it's impossible to link anything after 2S CH. Only choice is to do 2S>5H>214K or 2S>5Hx5 so it might not really be an issue that big. Also pretty tough to even react in time and at least reach stagger level 1