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Celica A. Mercury

General Tactics

TL;DR (For Beginners)

Important Moves

  • 5A: Jab, hits crouchers
  • 6A: Overhead
  • 6B: Antiair
  • 5B: Primary Poke
  • 6D: Good for hard knockdown
  • j.C: Air to air
  • j.B: Jump-in attack
  • 236B: Fireball
  • 236C: Reversal

Celica is a beginner friendly character. Her defining factor is her Drive. Celica must balance her Recovery Cap between recoverable health and her enhanced specials. In general, it's often good for Celica to opt for enhanced specials, because she can still increase her blue health after using an enhanced special. While Celica's health recovery is useful, she loses out on oki if she decides to go for it, so care must be taken when choosing enders. You can also opt to cancel a drive ender with 236B in order to gain blue health with decent oki.

In neutral, Celica has good pokes like 5B and j.C to keep opponents at bay. She can also space out with 236BB; if her opponent tries to jump in, her 6B is a great antiair. If she faces pressure, Celica's main reversal is her 236C. However, it is not invulnerable against throws so she's still forced to try and jump against characters with command grabs. Her backdash is also useful for this because it's fast and covers a decent distance. On offense, her pressure is rather limited. She relies on staggers and the threat of big damage from hits like enhanced 214B to keep her opponent from disrespecting her. She also has her 6A to function as another overhead.


Like many Blazblue characters, Celica's blockstrings aren't set in stone. She lacks safe special cancels. As a result, she relies on stagger pressure. Stagger pressure works by delaying gatlings. This introduces gaps that are long enough to let the opponent start an attack, but short enough that your gatling will still stuff it and counterhit them. Stagger pressure is useful to make opponents scared of counter attacking. Once they play more passively, you can microdash and 2A to reset pressure!


Celica's oki is relatively standard for Blazblue. On hard knockdowns she can catch rolls with 2A or 2B. One of the most common ways for her to get a hard knockdown by using 3C > 6D. 3C will float the opponent so that 6D will cause hard knockdown. It's a relatively easy gatling that fits into most of Celica's combos.

Safe Jumps

Celica usually uses her j.B in order to safe jump. The most common setup is 3C > 2D > 236B.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use 214C to blow up projectiles at midscreen
  • 632146A is very strong for recovering health
  • If you want to end a combo with a drive ender without going into the healing, cancel it into 236B.

Fighting Celica

  • Celica has many gaps in her pressure. Fast reversals are a good way of calling out resets.
  • Celica's reversal still loses to throws. Because it guardpoints, you can also RC if you hit her during startup!
  • Blocking Drives is a strong option. They're very negative on block, and she has no safe special cancels
  • 214B loses to Foot property moves. You can mash 2A or throw!


Celica A. Mercury
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