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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does PS3/PS4 version not having rollback?

There is no official statement on why PS4 does not have rollback, though one speculated reason is that there is PS3 crossplay, and PS3 softwares can no longer be updated to compensate.

Does that mean PS3/PS4 version is a no-buy?

This would depend on the regions you live. If you live in Japan, the PS4 BBCF is still active and most of the time the connection would be good enough without rollback. Also, PS4 version have lower input delay than PC; this might be a deal breaker if you want to attend (PS4) local competitions.

What are the optimal Settings for PC?

The optimal settings for BBCF for PC are

  • Anti aliasing off
  • Vsync off
  • Bloom off
  • Fullscreen

This lowers native input delay of 5.5 frames to 3.5 frames. (The PSN version has 2.5 frames of input delay.) Source

How Balanced is this Game?

Good enough that you can get good and blow up anyone with any character.

I hear this game is very difficult.

On one hand, not really. In terms of execution difficulty, most of the cast's moves, combos are not as hard as you might think (of course there are exceptions). There is also a fully comprehensive tutorial mode that you definitely should check out if you are playing this game first time.

Of course on the other hand, the game can be real difficult when you are in an actual match. BlazBlue's cast ranges very differently, from a common Shoto to some character that is basically playing a shoot'em up with you. Lacking the match-up knowledge can make the game unfun. Unfortunately, that difficulty is part of the game.

What should I focus on then?

Early on, it's best to start with actually figuring the game out. Focus on starting small. Work your way up from the basic mechanics to the crazy stuff later. Make sure you're having fun.

You can (and should) go through the Tutorial mode the game has provided; it is a bit wordy but well-written nonetheless. The best thing about BBCF is that it has individual tutorial for each character. Definitely check those out if you want to try out all the characters and understand their plan fast. There is also Combo trials if you want to take a shot on how combos for each character works. They are not the most optimal but should give you an idea on how links for this character works.

Once you found your character, get used to your character's buttons and inputs first. Get used to figuring out what to do in neutral. Learn to mix Barrier with regular blocking. Get familiar with movement.

There's no reason to overload yourself with the hard stuff first. If you want to be a lab monster, that's absolutely fine. If you want to be a player, it's best to start with actually figuring the game out. You can start in the lab and get an idea. You can start by playing and figuring it out as you go. You can start by watching footage and gleaning that way. Regardless of how you do it, it's best to get into the cycle of doing all three. All you need to do is start.


How different is this game from other ArcSys games?

Every ArcSys games are wildly different from each other, in short. You don't necessarily compare them for the sake of "game X is better than Y". Nevertheless if you are still curious, we have compiled the differences of some commonly compared games:

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

BBTAG is its own beast basically. ArcSys basically merges some aspect of each game and combines them to a package called BBTAG.

As Partner is not part of mainstream BB, most difference related to Partners will not be listed.

  • There is now universal overheads/lows (5C/2C).
  • There is universal DP (Reversal Actions).
  • EX moves exists for all characters, which costs 1 bar (25 Heat equivalent).
  • Only 3 different ground options on knockdown (Forward/Backward/Neutral Tech); all of them are fully invincible.
    • No delay ground tech; you automatically tech as soon as you can.
  • Reject Guard is BBTAG's answer to Barrier; 1 bar required.
  • Burst (Cross Burst) deals damage (will not kill), but costs Partner gauge and is not fully invincible (can be anti-air'd).
  • Resonance Blaze replaces Overdrive as a universal install when there is only 1 character left.
    • No changes on moves however.
    • Specials are Super-cancelable.
    • Astral available on 9 bars and opponent has only 1 character left; no minimum health requirement for opponent's character needed. All Astrals are comboable (even Hakumen).
  • No barrier; almost all attacks can be block mid-air except Ground Reversal Actions.
  • No Rapid Cancels.
  • No Chip Kills.
  • No Instant Block.
  • No Fatal Counters.
  • No Crush Trigger.
  • No Counter Assault.

Guilty Gear Series

While Blazblue is mostly known as a successor of Guilty Gear, they still diverse wildly in many ways. While Gear Series are known for their knockdown-Oki gameplan and BlazBlue also follows, 4 different ground tech options makes the guessing game continue even after knockdown. BlazBlue characters are also less system-mechanic reliant; they have their own Drive that helps them achieve their own goal.

We only mention the common differences across all main version of GG (+R, Xrd and Strive).

  • There is no universal overheads/lows (D buttons in GG).
  • A new attribute system on all attacks.
    • Invincibility now depends on the attributes of incoming attacks rather than hitbox interactions.
  • Faultless Defense is replaced by Barrier which has its own gauge.
    • Negative Penalty depletes Barrier instead of Heat (aka Tension).
    • Corresponding, there is universal "guard break" option (Crush Trigger, 5A+B).
  • Rapid Cancel is the equivalent of Roman Cancel, though you can only cancel on hit/block (aka only Red Roman Cancels). Also as in +R, no slowdowns on RC.
  • 4 different Ground options on knockdown instead of "nothing you can do" in GG (Rolls, Quick Tech, Neutral Tech).
  • Normal throws have way longer startup and tech window (7F startup, 17F tech), however it is comboable almost anywhere.
    • One can also throw character in hitstun/blockstun (30F tech).
  • Astral Heat is the equivalent of Instant Kill, though it can only be activated upon 100 heat, match point and opponent has low health. No need for IK mode though, and most casts' AH can be comboed into.
  • Burst shares the same meter with Overdrive (Blazblue ones).
    • Burst only happens when on-hit; on block and neutral you will get Overdrive. Hence there is no Gold Burst.
    • Burst always depletes the Burst gauge rather than "keep 1/3 on hit".
    • Burst is not throwable.
  • BB has Fatal Counters, which increases the hitstun/untech by 3 frames for the rest of the combo.
  • No RISC gauge, so blocking longer won't increase the damage you take.
  • No stun values (so no dizzy).
  • No staggers; a similar effect would be Crumple, which does not require you to shake the joystick (press a button is enough).
  • No Tension Pulse; every Heat gain is static.

Persona 4 Ultimax Series

They have a better page.

How do I perform Rapid Cancel/Burst/Overdrive/EA more smoothly?

BBCF provides macro for ABC and ABCD combination, so use it if you want.

If you don't (or can't, for example in arcades) want to use macro, refers to here to see how to activate OD simpler. If you are using a keyboard, check if your keyboard supports pressing all buttons at once. If you can't, use a macro.

As for RC/Burst/EA, unfortunately there is no such shortcut; you need to input all 3 (or 4) buttons in a continuous 3F window (the input buffer) in order to perform RC/Burst/EA. As EA overlaps everything, it is also not recommended to do special cancel EA when having more than 25 meter, as it will probably do any funky things that is not EA (CT, RC) when not using macro.

Keep practicing!

Why are my half-circle motion not working?

In BBCF, half circle specifically is not lenient. You need to input the full 63214 without missing any of the direction; 6324, 6214 are invalid. It will not be changed and will remain as-is.

However, half-circle that returns to the original positions (632146 for example) still allows you to miss one direction except start and end (63246 works, for example).

(PC) How do I do high jumps more consistently if I am using WASD (or similar)?

Your space bar is automatically bind to jump. So for high jumps, you can opt S~Space. Forward jump would be S~[D]~Space, and backwards would be S~[A]~Space. The latter might be more troublesome than just S~[A]~W, so pick one that is more comfort for you.


How do I reset to Center and Corner quickly in Training mode?

Hold one Direction while pressing the Reset button you've assigned will reset you to different positions:

  • Left + Reset to reset both characters to the left corner (P1 in the corner);
  • Right + Reset to reset both characters to the right corner (P2 in the corner);
  • Down + Reset to reset both characters to round start position.

What is the meter that runs below the combo counter in Training Mode?

It is the hitstun/untechable timer. Full gauge is 30 frames (the untechable can exceed but it will not show). Some moves will have several different hit effects; in such case, the timer will take several resets.


Are there Dubs in this game?

No, and it will probably never have one. There are custom mods that take Dubs from older titles and BBTAG to fill it up, but for other characters there is no luck for you.

Will they add X in this game on future updates?

For QoL additions, maybe. For gameplay changes (dash button for example), never.

How do I get access to Unlimited Characters?

There is no official way to do such in BBCF. You can modify the files to play offline with yourself, but don't bring them online; this ruins everyone's experience and it sucks.

In other versions, you can exchange the characters via Gallery using P$. BBCSEX will require you to reach certain level before you can exchange.


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