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Character Hashtags

With the ease of posting videos and discussion to twitter, it can be helpful to know how to track this information down. Each character in the game has a specific hashtag which people should aim to use when posting tweets for ease of searching. Older character hashtags used "BBCF_XX" as a pattern, though sometimes things will still be posted with this format. As of CF2 the pattern was changed to was changed to "BBCF2_XX". The current list of hashtags is as follows:

Character Hashtag
Ragna the Bloodedge #BBCF2_RG
Jin Kisaragi #BBCF2_JI
Noel Vermillion #BBCF2_NO
Rachel Alucard #BBCF2_RC
Taokaka #BBCF2_TK
Iron Tager #BBCF2_TG
Litchi Faye Ling #BBCF2_LI
Arakune #BBCF2_AR
Bang Shishigami #BBCF2_BG
Carl Clover #BBCF2_CR
Hakumen #BBCF2_HK
Nu-13 #BBCF2_NU
Tsubaki Yayoi #BBCF2_TS
Hazama #BBCF2_HZ
Mu-12 #BBCF2_MU
Makoto Nanaya #BBCF2_MK
Valkenhayn R. Hellsing #BBCF2_VK
Platinum the Trinity #BBCF2_PL
Relius Clover #BBCF2_RE
Izayoi #BBCF2_IZ
Amane Nishiki #BBCF2_AM
Bullet #BBCF2_BU
Azrael #BBCF2_AZ
Kagura Mutsuki #BBCF2_KG
Kokonoe #BBCF2_KO
Yuuki Terumi #BBCF2_TE
Celica A. Mercury #BBCF2_CE
Lambda-11 #BBCF2_LA
Hibiki Kohaku #BBCF2_HI
Nine the Phantom #BBCF2_NI
Naoto Kurogane #BBCF2_NA
Izanami #BBCF2_IN
Susano'o #BBCF2_SU
Mai Natsume #BBCF2_MA
Jubei #BBCF2_JU

Recognizing Invincibility

Notice the white circle?

When your character is attribute invincible to an enemy's, you may notice that a white circle will appear.

Note that it doesn't always show, for example, ground throws vs airborne opponents won't show this circle.

Instantly Stopping a Run

While running, a throw totally halts your character's momentum. This throw can be kara canceled into Barrier (done via [BC] > 4ABC) to immediately come to a stop, avoiding the sliding momentum that a regular Barrier run stop would have. The difference isn't normally worth it given the execution requirement but it could have situational applications or be used in precise spacing games.

Character Priority

Some mechanics in the game depend on priority, notably same frame situations such as throw trades. Character priority is determined by the latest player to strike the other, including with projectiles. The sprites of the character with priority will be displayed in front of the sprites of the lower priority character. This is inconsistent and priority can be gained or lost by doing actions such as walking or crouching.

Projectiles and dolls are always lower priority than characters. If a character's attack and a projectile hit on the same frame, the character's attack will be applied last. If a projectile and throw occur on the same frame, the throw will be applied after the projectile but will not purple.

Input Requirements

For all the moves that require an direction combination first, the game looks at your input history to see what motions you might have performed. Not all of the motions shown in game, or even this wiki, show what the engine itself is actually looking for:

(All of the following inputs also apply to their mirrored versions)

  • The following motions require every direction input, as written
    • 236. There is a maximum of 10F between each direction pressed.
    • 623. The timing is even more strict, allowing only 7F between 6 and 2, and 3 and the final button press. The 2 input can be held for 12F, strangely.
    • 41236 motions, also 10F between directions at most.
    • 6428 motions, with 12F between each input
    • 22 and 66 motions are better throught of as 252 and 656 motions respectively, with 10F between each step, including neutral.
      • For dashes performed with 66 (and 44) motions, a diagonal must not be seen just before the final direction. That is; 6536 is not a valid dash, however 6356, 65356 and 65326 are valid.
    • 28, 646 and similar rocker motions have 12F between inputs.
  • Other, longer motions, don't require diagonals at all (12F gap between inputs):
    • 632146 may be input as 6246
    • 236236 may be input as 2626
    • 2141236 may be input as 2426
    • 1632143 may be input as 16243
    • 64641236 may be input as 646426
    • 41236 41236 may be input as 426426
  • Spin inputs also do not look for diagonals, but use an overall time for inputting the spin instead of a maximum a gap between inputs.
    • 360 spins are any ordered sequence of all four cardinals or diagonals in either direction, you have 30F to input the spin after leaving the initial direction
    • 720 spins are two identical 360s in a row, (So same start point and spin direction), 45F to perform the input
    • 1080 spins are three identical 360s, with 75F to perform the input.
  • Charge inputs have their own rules, the charge time is specific to the move so isn't mentioned here:
    • [4]6 only looks at the horizontal direction throughout, so [1]6, [4]3 etc all work. There is a 10F gap between the two directions
    • Similarly, [2]8 and [8]2 motions only look at the vertical motion.
    • [4]1236 motions only look at the horizontal motion for the charge, but the start of the slide must be seen as a separate input (So [1]41236 is valid, [1]236 is not)

For all inputs, the first direction may be held for as long as you like before performing the rest of the motion. For example, you can do 2C 36A and get that character's 2C and 236A special. For all inputs that also need a button press, which is most of them, the button may be pressed on the same frame as the final direction input, or with a gap equal to the usual input gap for that motion. In most cases, excess or intermediate inputs that happen in the gap between the required inputs do not break the pattern. For example, it is perfectly acceptable to do a 623 input by doing 65123, as long as it's quick enough.

Direction inputs use the current facing of the character at the time the final input is pressed. Therefore if both players swap sides and turn around while a player is performing a direction input, the entire input will be read mirrored if they then press a button. For example, if an Azrael player starts inputting 236C but Azrael turns around before C is pressed, that will be seen by the game as 214C, giving Sentinel Dump instead of the intended Tiger Magnum. Note that the character facing isn't always towards the opponent; turning around can't happen while a player is performing a move, for example, so the inputs need to take this account to get the move you actually want.

Input Priority

When you press a button or multiple buttons, there are often various interpretations the game can make as to what move it should activate, if any. In order to feel consistent, and also to make inputs feel more responsive with mutliple buttons, the game uses a system of command priorities to ensure consistent move interpretation.

After pressing a button, the game tries to activate a move in this order:

  • Barrier
  • Overdrive/Exceed Accel
  • Counter Assault
  • Rapid Cancel
  • Astral Heat
  • Distortion Drive
  • Special move
  • Normal Throw
  • Crush Trigger
  • Normal move
  • Super Jump
  • Jump
  • Dash
  • Walk
  • Do nothing

Within each category there is also a set of priorities:

  • If multiple buttons are pressed at the same time, the strongest one is read in preference, while still obeying the above order.
    • For example, if you input 214 A+B+C while playing Ragna, you will get Gauntlet Hades (214B) since that overrides Hell's Fang 214A and Ragna has no special or higher priority move mapped to 214C.
  • For moves in the same category, move priority is determined by the order which moves are defined in the character script. In most cases, moves with more complicated/longer inputs have priority.
    • For most characters, doing 6236 with a button or button combination that has both 623 and 236 specials as options will result in the 623 special.
    • Mu and Makoto both have 236A specials with higher priority than their 623C. Because of this, inputting 6236A+B+C will result in 236A
  • For normals, there is a system of direction priority so that a move will always activate even if you don't hold the exact direction needed for it:
    • When grounded; If you press a button holding a downwards diagonal direction and there is no move specific to that diagonal, the game will try to interpret that as just downwards (So inputting 3B will be interpreted as 2B rather than 6B)
    • Similarly, if you're holding 6 or 4 and press a button and there isn't a valid move that needs that directional input (Such as Ragna trying to press 4A), the game will try to activate the direction neutral version instead (So Ragna would perform 5A)
  • In the air, things are quite different:
    • Pressing any j.9X or j.7X without a specific move for that diagonal will try to do the j.8X version if there is one, if not, then the j.X5 Direction, it will not try j.6X or j.4X in any instance
    • Pressing j.3X will give j.6X in preference to j.2X if there is both. Similarly j.1X will give preference to j.4X instead of j.2X if there is one. if there is no j.4X or j.6X move, then you will get j.2X
    • This priority list also applies when giving commands to Ignis or Nirvana.

If for some reason, the game reads a valid input for a move but the player cannot activate it (For example, trying to activate a distortion drive without enough heat), then the game will try to activate the next move it can in the order of priorities and repeat this process as many times as necessary.

Kara Cancels

In order to make multi-button presses and other inputs a little easier, the game has some leniency when it comes to activating moves. Some moves can have their first 3 frames of startup cancelled into certain other actions, when performed from a neutral state (not cancelled into from another move). For most normal moves and throws, you can cancel into any action with a higher input priority; notably this includes Barrier Block, Overdrive and all specials/supers. (Certain normals such as Hakumen's Drives cannot be kara cancelled.) Crush Triggers can also be kara cancelled but only into Barrier, Exceed Accel and Overdrive. This can even be done if the first frames of a move are extended by a super freeze; if you are in the startup of an attack during the freeze of an opponent's reversal super or Overdrive activation, you may still be able to kara cancel into barrier or an invincible option of your own to avoid a punish!

Note that the buttons used in the move being cancelled aren't important. For example, it's possible to press 5A~B+C and kara cancel 5A into a throw, despite the throw input not containing the A button.

Certain moves may have the property that they can be cancelled into another specific move(s) on startup; mechanically, this is not the same thing as a normal kara cancel, though it is functionally similar. The window for these startup cancels will depend on the move.


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