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With high health, huge damage, and big buttons, Susano'o is a fan favorite addition to Central Fiction. Susano'o has a wide variety of special moves to aid in combos and neutral. However, all but one of these specials moves are locked at the start of a round. Susano'o's Drive unlocks each of his special moves. He can also "level up" these moves for added properties and damage. Despite his seemingly unwieldy Drive, Susano'o has a simple gameplan with low execution requirements. If all else fails, Susano'o's Overdrive unlocks each of his specials for its duration. With Overdrive, he can convert even the smallest hits into big damage and unlock numerous specials.

Unfortunately, Susano'o is not without his weaknesses. His large hurtboxes and slow speed can make it difficult for him to contest at close ranges. Additionally, while some of his tools are very powerful, he still needs to go out of his way to unlock them. He also lacks high/low mixup due to his lack of safe lows. As a result, it can be difficult for Susano'o to take back momentum without his Overdrive. With enough patience, Susano'o can make his way through neutral and space out opponents with his huge normals. Susano'o is a solid character with the damage and utility to help anyone succeed.
Susano'o is a high damage rushdown character who slowly builds momentum until he can overwhelm his opponent. Players with good awareness and flexibility can compensate for his lackluster mobility and defense.
Pros Cons
  • Easy: Despite his large movelist, Susano'o has a very simple gameplan. He has low execution requirements, easy conversions, and great frame data.
  • Close Range Brute: High damage, exceptional normals and a variety of wide-use specials make Susano'o dangerous up close.
  • Mixups: Strong mixup game between fuzzies, damaging lows and large overheads.
  • Large Health Pool: High health helps compensate for diminished defenses at round start.
  • Seal Flexibility: Has a tool for nearly every situation when unlocked. Seal specials also grant good conversion potential off most normals.
  • Shrieks of the Entombed: A strong Overdrive that temporarily unlocks all of Susano'o's seals, opening the door to huge combos.
  • Reliance on Seals: Susano'o needs to unlock all of his best tools, which makes him very weak at roundstart. No DP and poor air conversions without proper seals.
  • Long Dash Startup: The dash has a startup of 16 frames which renders microdash pressure impossible and makes him reliant on Seal specials in neutral.
  • Skewed Mixup Potential: Lacks safe low options which tends to make him reliant on overheads to open people up.

Drive: Divine Warrior

When on P1 side, icons order is left-to-right. On P2 side, it's reversed

Susano'o has eight special moves and starts every round with only the first special move unlocked. Each time he lands a hit with a normal move, a cursor cycles through the eight icons/seals above his Heat Gauge in numerical order. He begins with no icon highlighted, so for example doing 5A > 5B > 5C, would highlight the third icon (Megalith).

  • When a Normal Drive move hits (or is blocked by) the opponent, the currently highlighted icon becomes unlocked and the cursor is reset.
  • Certain icons can be levelled up by unlocking them multiple times, changing their properties and damage.
  • If the icon is both unlocked and at max level (if applicable), the next icon is highlighted instead, just like a normal non-drive hit would.
  • Special moves, Exceed Accels and Distortion Drives do not increment the highlight nor unlock any seals, even if they use the D button to activate them.
  • Special moves are available instantly when unlocked and can even be special cancelled from the drive move that unlocked it.

Overdrive: Shrieks of the Entombed

Susano'o can use all specials at their highest level while Overdrive is active, even if locked, with exception to 236236D, which still requires 236D (8th seal) to be unlocked. He also gains access to a Distortion Drive that instantly unlocks all of Susano'o's specials for use outside of Overdrive. Susano'o's Distortion Drives also receive buffs.

Normal Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
450 All 8 5 6 +3 B
  • Very slow jab, but +3 on block
  • Hits crouchers
  • His outstretched arm has no extended hurtbox.

Doesn't gatling into itself, is the slowest 5A, and has limited use as an anti-air. In exchange, it hits everyone crouching, is exceptionally plus on block, and has a uniquely disjointed hitbox. A very good choice for going into frame traps due to its frame advantage, and also serves as one of his only jump cancelable normals on block.

Amazing move to just throw out in neutral as a counterpoke, you can beat Azrael's 236A, Mai's 236A, stuff a ton of air approaches and because it has a tiny 6F of recovery you most likely won't be whiff punished for it either.

The strongest aspect of it however is the ability to do completely safe meaties and bait most reversals in the game extremely easily, because of its large amount of active frames and meager 6F recovery you can just meaty 5A and block to bait every 9F reversal in the entire game, and most reversals in the game have 9F startup so this is an incredibly strong tool to have and will get you a lot of respect on wakeup to abuse as you see fit (until they have 50 meter, but you still get to block).

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Normal 2 100 85 +8


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
770 Mid 9 6 16 -5 B
  • The hitbox actually goes farther than it seems, allowing Susano'o to hit enemies with 5B at round start where most characters can't really do much about it except jump away or take a huge risk trying to beat it.

One of the best buttons in the entire game, a fantastic starter, used in many standard combos. Its great startup (only one frame slower than his 5A) and good recovery make this move great in neutral, outranging the majority of similar moves. This will be one of your go-to buttons in many situations. Similar to Ragna's 5B, the hitbox does not fully extend until frame 11, so bear this in mind when using it at farther ranges but it also becomes slightly disjointed on later frames as well, making it even stronger at the tip.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 3 90 89 -4


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000 Mid 17 6 18 -5 B
  • Steps forward and performs a side kick.
  • Best damage opener for up-front damage and P1/P2 combination.

Due to its range, this can be used as a very long poke, but its startup and lengthy recovery make it risky to use outside of combos. Susanoo's best punish if you aren't going to get a counterhit, if you are, use 6B instead for its Fatal property.

By plinking C before B, you are able to cancel the start up of 5C into a throw, giving you a little more throw range than usual (a kara throw).

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 4 100 92 -14


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
300 All 7 2 10 ±0 F
  • Chains into itself 3 times on whiff, block, and hit

One frame faster than his 5A and neutral on block, making it the best tool Susano'o has for poking his way out of situations in general. Also great for stagger pressure due to its gatling window. can be useful to mash at the start of the combo to select the seal you want later in the combo.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Normal 1 100 80 +8


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
720 Mid 10 3 19 -5 F
  • Hits mid

Unfortunately, Susano'o is saddled with a 2B that doesn't hit low. While 5B is an overall better poke, 2B does have its place in neutral. The hitbox is static unlike 5B so you get its max range immediately (5B doesn't fully extend until frame 11), and it can be used as a situational anti-air due to its hitbox and Susano'o's lowered hurtbox. Good blockstring filler if you don't want to use your 5B gatlings too early.

It has foot property, which allows it to stuff moves like Litchi's 421C, Hakumen's 623AA, Carl 236X and more, which is very useful because while 3C can do this that is a much larger risk (for more reward) that you don't want to take as often.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 3 90 89 -5


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
700×2 Mid 10 3(2)5 22 -10 B 10~15 H
  • Anti-air
  • Untech time lasts until the opponent touches the ground on Counter Hit.

Susano'o's dedicated anti-air, but doesn't gain head invulnerability until the active frames begin, however it shrinks Susano'o's hurtbox similar to crouching before the invul kicks in.

Most anti-air 2C hits can be be converted into an air combo or 6D depending on positioning and the unlocked specials, but scoring a Counter Hit (which, due to this move being two hits is easy to confirm) enables you to go straight into a standard ground combo for solid damage regardless of resources. Also facilitates ground-to-air combos very effectively for both a little extra damage and more hits with which to cycle through seals.

Finally, being jump cancelable on block gives it a lot of use during pressure and makes it fairly safe if blocked. 2C moves Susanoo forward slightly and has useful gattlings into his overhead and low, making it a good centerpiece for your blockstrings.

Overall a fantastic button owing to its large hitbox, good recovery (relative to its size) and obscene damage on CH or a regular hit with the right seals in stock.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 3 90 89×2 -15


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
800 All 16 3 Total 52 -10 P
  • Fires a wisp of dark energy that instantly travels across the screen.
  • Has zero vertical coverage, and opponents may low profile it.
  • Odd interactions with projectiles; Will remove one hit from any projectile, regardless of level. Can even destroy one of Hakumen's FuumajinsBBCP Hakumen Fuumajin.pngGuard:
    . If a projectile is hit, this move cannot then hit the opponent. The opponent's projectile is considered blocked rather than clashed, so they may be able to cancel their projectile into others depending on what was blocked. Will defeat strike+projectile moves however.

Susano'o's answer to long ranged zoning. Horribly unsafe when used too close to the enemy and doesn't combo into virtually anything. However, it does cancel into 4D, and so can be used to quickly unlock or level a special - usually his DP or Sundering Claws. It's a decent poke for this purpose, but be careful not to whiff. Also good for heckling opponents staying at a distance before closing in; you have plenty of time to begin your dash once you land a hit.

Just don't get carried away with it, as it is very very easy to punish if they happen to airdash over it and you will probably also get counterhit.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Normal 4 80 92 -26
  • The shot has armor against other projectiles, and will cancel out one hit of opponent's projectiles, regardless of projectile durability level


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
800×2 Mid 18 4 (11) 5 10 +4 B, B
  • Fatal Counter
  • Hits twice.

The go-to big punish starter and a very obnoxious normal to throw out from time to time.

This attack moves Susano'o forward a sizeable amount, allowing him to stay in his opponent's face. If you abuse it too much savvy opponents will manage to jump over it and punish, but for many characters this is a huge risk as getting hit by it in the air is an outrageously easy convert for Susanoo and he will almost certainly end the combo in the corner. It shines in pressure thanks to good frame advantage (+4!!!) and gatling options. Due to generous untech time as well as a very good P2, this normal is also virtually omnipresent in all of your strongest combos.

If the opponent isn't good at instant blocking this move will destroy them, as if you press 5B afterwards it only leaves a 5F gap on normal block (8F on instant block) meaning they can't do anything but block as almost every 5F move in the game will trade in Susanoo's favor.

If they do instant block it like most players familiar with Susanoo will, then you can make use of your great gatlings and +1 on block situation after it to still exert pressure on them.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 4 100 92×2 -21
  • Fatal Counter


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1120 High 25 4 20 -3 B
  • Hits high.
  • Forces crouching on ground hit and hard knockdown on air hit.

Slower startup than his 6D (though see notes on that move too), but significantly safer on block; even if you block it, he has access to 5D, 2D, and 6D. 6C>5D is a true blockstring even on instant block, though it can be highly vulnerable to OD. You'll use this in mixups as well as combos, such as to convert stray Counter Hits on an airborne opponent into a ground combo. 6C has 20 frames of blockstun on normal block, so it allows you to make your opponent block the initial part of 6D if you chain into it immediately, thus forcing them to react to a 20f overhead (with very little animation that early) instead of a 26f one and if you hold Crush Trigger as the 6D it hits, you don't even need to hitconfirm it to get massive damage.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Normal 5 90 94 -22
  • Can cancel startup into Inevitable Calamity (CCCC...)


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
800×2 Low 12 4(8)4 23 -8 F
  • Hits low, and hits twice.
  • Has soft knockdown on regular hit and hard knockdown on Counter Hit.

An invaluable mixup tool despite its shortcomings. Use it to keep your opponent honest amidst the plethora of overheads at your disposal. Unless you score a Counter Hit, you'll need your Crush Trigger or other tools like upgraded 236A, 236B or 236D to earn any strong damage from connecting with this.

Due to its overall long animation it sees limited use in neutral, but it can see occasional use as a very long-reaching, low-hitting attack that also puts Susano'o relatively close to the floor.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 4 90 82×2 -24


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
450 High/Air 8 5 15 H
  • This move has a diagonal hitbox extending across both hands.

Very good air normal due to its hitbox and active frames. This is your main air-to-air option and hits in certain spots that j.B can't. while also being your primary choice for fuzzies due to its speed.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Normal 3 80 89


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
740 High/Air 10 4 22 H
  • Decent diagonal range.

A hitbox slanting downwards makes this good for jump-ins, though it doesn't fare well against opponents higher than Susano'o and might not hit opponents below him if they're too close. A lot of Susano'o's basic normals are jump-cancellable, so you have a lot of opportunities to use this for jump-in pressure. Also serves as decent air combo filler, and can be used for fuzzies if you want a higher reward.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 3 80 89


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
770×2 High/Air 12 2(2)3 23 H
  • Hits twice. Second hit leads to soft knockdown.

An absurdly good air button, how you use this move can dictate a lot of the match as many characters have to play around and deal with this move very carefully so as to avoid getting swatted out of the air at any point, it hits both above and below itself at different points and as such covers a gigantic portion of the screen, simply doing air dash and then j.C is a very strong play so long as you don't get too predictable with it, as it allows you to get in quite easily from a variety of screen positions while the opponent has to be ready for it.

In combos it is a great tool for cycling through seals to get what you want before going into j.D to unlock/upgrade a special. Keep in mind that the lower part of the hitbox does not become active until frame 16. In normal air combos you'll want to ensure the second hit comes out to push them downwards so j.D connects.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 4 80 92×2

Drive Moves


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1100 Mid 17 3 28 -10 B
  • Wallbounces on air hit.

Gatlings into 6D and 2D - and unlike those moves, also has special/OD cancels available on block. Due to its slow startup and long recovery, it is dangerous to use in a blockstring if your opponent has OD or resources. However, if they don't use or have said options, it has good enough pushback to be a decent blockstring ender despite being negative on block - moreso if your opponent likes to barrier. If they start attacking you after blocking this you can use 2D or your special moves to frame trap them for attempting to punish you or make yourself safe.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 5 100 84 -21


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1080 Low 16 5 22 -10 F
  • Hits low.
  • Hard knockdown

Fills a similar niche to 3C as one of your very few lows, and also puts Susano'o fairly close to the ground. However, 2D can only cancel into specials and Overdrive on hit; if your opponent blocks, the only way to cancel is with a Rapid. Since its knockdown is the same on regular and Counter Hit, unlocks or other resources will be necessary to convert a 2D hit into anything meaningful. While you can hardly afford to disregard the low options you get, hold onto this one until you know you can catch someone sleeping on it and turn it into something big.

Regardless of its utility as a mixup, it makes for a good combo tool later into the round thanks to its hard knockdown enabling you to go into many specials off it without much concern.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 3 90 79 -16


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1150 High 20 3(3)1 26 -14 B
  • Initial hitboxes are above Susano'o's head and may send airborne opponents flying behind him. Not a worthwhile anti-air.
  • Crumples on ground hit on frames 20-22, hard knockdowns for the rest of the active frames, and groundslides on air hit.

This move cancels well into many other useful moves such as Crush Trigger, Sundering Claws, Hunter's Fang, and Dancing Dual Kick. As a result, many combos go into this before branching into whatever specific route is available in the situation, making this a staple in your extended combo game. Keep in mind where your opponent is when you use it, as your available routes may depend on the type of knockdown you get (e.g. 6D > Crush Trigger/lvl 1 Hunter's Fang will fail if they groundslide away midscreen).

Because its initial hitboxes are very high up, you'll only hit opponents who are crouching or a distance away with the later hitboxes, effectively giving this move 26 frames of startup and making it -8 on block. While 6D has similar shortcomings to 2D in its lack of cancels on block, its good range and pushback can also make it a deceptively good overhead, though spacing will be necessary if you plan to use this in pressure without getting lit up. Beware of Overdrive if your opponent has it, as 6D's slow startup and overall long animation makes it easy pickings.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Normal 4 90 82 -26
  • 1 hit max
  • Hits crouching opponents on last active frame therefore startup 26, frame adv -8


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
  • Behaves like all other Drive moves, but does not require an attack to hit or be blocked

Typically used as a followup to 6A on hit and block, or to quickly grab a highlighted icon in neutral if you have a moment. However, you can also use it to cut most combos short if you desperately want access to a certain special and other Drive moves might not yield it for one reason or another. Puts the pressure on your opponent to come towards you while at long range neutral since they'll unlikely want to watch you slowly unlock every special move.

When using this at long distances, you want to go for unlocking major specials like Dancing Dual Kick, which lets you handle routing without much trouble.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
  • Unlocks on 16F


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1100 All 15 6 21 H
  • Has hitboxes all around his body, but short range in all directions compared to his other air normals.

You'll use this as an air combo ender more than anything else to unlock seals or tack on damage without Hunter's Fang, as ground-to-air combos give you great control over which seal you want to unlock. The nature of its hitbox also makes it good for the occasional crossup, though it doesn't have the bonus of also hitting high like most air crossups. It also doubles as his overall safest option to unlock during pressure. While it has landing recovery, your frame advantage can range from negative on block to a maximum of +9 on block when done perfectly.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 4 80 82

Universal Mechanics

Forward Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0×2, 1500 Throw 7 3 23 T
  • 100% minimum damage
  • Launches the opponent high in the air

Untech time lasts until the opponent touches the ground, so you can go for a standard combo from the ground or jump into an air combo to begin with if Hunter's Fang is unlocked. Also combos effortlessly into his Astral if it's available.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Normal 0×2, 4 100 50 -6
  • Minimum Damage 100%: 1500

Back Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0×2, 1500 Throw 7 3 23 T
  • 100% minimum damage
  • Grabs the opponent and drops them behind himself before turning and punching them in the gut. Wallbounces at midscreen, wallsticks in the corner.
Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Normal 0×2, 4 100 50 -6
  • Minimum Damage 100%: 1500

Air Throw


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0, 1500 Throw (120) 7 3 23+3L T
  • 100% minimum damage
  • Launches opponent in the air
Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Normal 0, 4 100 50
  • Minimum Damage 100%: 1500

Counter Assault

6A+B while Blocking

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0 All 13 3 31 B 1~20 All
  • Uses 5D's animation

Susano'o usually has to work for his defensive options, and this is no exception. The good news is that it shares its animation and hitboxes with the fairly generous 5D, so you can use this to get out of a sticky situation if you don't mind spending the meter.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Very Short 4 50 92

Crush Trigger

5A+B (Chargeable)

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
5A+B 1000 Guard Break 32/Barrier 20 1 25 0 B
5[A+B] 1000 Guard Break 60/Barrier 30~61 1 25 0 B
  • Causes Guard Crush on normal block. Will drain a portion of the Barrier Gauge when Barrier Blocked, and can be charged to drain even more.
  • Hard Knockdown on air hit

Links into 6B during combos on all characters. Susano'o has good meter gain and it isn't difficult to incorporate this move into most of his combo routes, so you can get good mileage out of his Crush Trigger if you want to. Useful after Drive buttons as it'll allow more flexible control over which seal to unlock next. Note that a slightly or fully charged Crush Trigger has significantly less proration than an uncharged Crush Trigger, so use the former in combos whenever possible. As an actual guard crushing move, it gets rendered rather redundant if you have megalith powered up, but its uncharged version is particularly useful for setting up an untechable throw, seeing as Susano'o moves forward quite a bit during this attack, putting him in the ideal range for it.

Version Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
5A+B Normal 80 60 -19
5[A+B] Long 80 100 -29~-60

5A+B: 5[A+B]:

Special Moves

Sundering Claws

BBCF Susanoo SunderingClawsIcon.png 236A First Seal

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
236A Lv1 900 All 15 6 19 -3 B
236A Lv2 900 All 15 12 19 -3 B
236A Lv3 900×2 All 15 12 [(10)4] 19 [12+16L] -3 B
  • Short dashing shoulder tackle (Shoulder bite?)
  • At level 2, the lunge covers much more distance, more active frames, and links into 2A in the corner.
  • At level 3, Susano'o automatically follows up on hit with a launching slash and links into 5A/2A anywhere.
  • Recovery frames immediately begin on hit/block.

Opponents won't be able to punish this without instant blocking. You can occasionally try using this to frame trap opponents after more negative moves such as 3C, but don't expect to get away with it forever.

You'll likely use this as a combo ender early into a match if you can't go into an air combo route. Once leveled up, it instead becomes a good combo extender that lets you get a strong confirm off almost any hit. Keep in mind that depending on your opponent's height when Sundering Claws connects, you might be able to link moves at levels you would otherwise be incapable of.

Version Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
236A Lv1 Long 3 80 79 -13
236A Lv2 Long 3 80 79 -19
236A Lv3 Long 3 80 79 -19

236A Lv1:

  • On block, immediately enters recovery animation

236A Lv2:

  • On block, immediately enters recovery animation

236A Lv3:

  • On block, immediately enters recovery animation
  • Only does follow-up hit on hit (not blocked). Values in [] are for follow-up.

Towering Flame

BBCF Susanoo ToweringFlameIcon.png 623C Second Seal

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1400 Mid 12 12 Total 70 -28 P1 1~20 All
  • Reversal
  • Has a hitbox that extends behind Susano'o
  • Treated as a projectile.

A massive reversal mercifully placed on this second seal icon that strikes the fear of god into most characters pressuring you once you unlock it, entirely changing Susanoo from a "very easy to pressure character" to "risky to pressure for too long".

This move is utterly huge, is dripping with invul, does big damage and can lead into 5K+ damage very easily with 100 meter + OD, which isn't as situational as it might sound at first and even with less resources a simple combo like DP > rapid > 5B > 2C > air series does over 3K and gets real oki without seals. A fairly strong mixup is to simply walk up to your opponent as they tech and do 623C > rapid > throw, this will beat most of the reversals in the game and it will also make anyone using the throw OS get a Throw Reject Miss, if the DP hits you will whiff throw and still have time to press 5B for a full combo as they come down.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Very Short 4 60 92 -44
  • Counterhit state for entire move
  • reversal


BBCF Susanoo MegalithIcon.png 214A Third Seal

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
214A Lv1 900 All 20 4 Total 42 +1 P1
214A Lv2 1000 All 30 4 Total 52 +8 P1
214A Lv3 1100 Guard Break 30/Barrier 30 4 Total 52 +12 P1
  • Fatal Counter
  • Level 3 guard crushes normal guard.
  • Guard crushed opponent recovers 20 frames after Susano'o.
  • Ruptures the ground with a powerful kick, creating a wave of dark energy.
  • Hitbox extends as far out horiziontally as the projectile suggests, but also as tall as Susanoo's foot, giving it a slightly deceptive hitbox in the far upper corner.

Level 1 version is very good at helping making certain normals safer to use such as 3C and 5D, as well as giving you access to an option with frame advantage from normals that would otherwise lack such an option. It helps that your hurtboxes don't extend forward too much. However, it has a lot of pushback on barrier guard, limiting its use as a pressure extender. Very plus on block at higher levels, but becomes very slow as well. Can be used in combos but mostly corner combos. Level 3 version can be used in specific midscreen combos, but these are mainly reserved for OD.

Version Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
214A Lv1 Long 3 80 89 -16
214A Lv2 Long 4 80 92 -26
214A Lv3 Long 5 80 94 -26

214A Lv1:

  • Fatal Counter
  • Counterhit state until 10F after active frames

214A Lv2:

  • Fatal Counter
  • Counterhit state until 10F after active frames

214A Lv3:

  • Fatal Counter
  • Counterhit state until 10F after active frames
  • On Guard Break, opponent frame adv +20

Hunter's Fang

BBCF Susanoo HuntersFangIcon.png 214B (Air OK) Fourth Seal

Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
214B Lv1 840×2 High/Air 23 5, 3 24 -10 H 5~(until L) F
214B Lv2 840×3 High/Air 23 5, 3 [8] 24 -10 H×2, P1 5~(until L) F
j.214B Lv1 660×N, 660 All 9 Until L, 3 24 -10 H
j.214B Lv2 660×N, 660, 660 All 9 Until L, 3 [8] 24 -10 H×N, P1
  • Susano'o performs a falling spindash that carries the opponent to the ground for a hard knockdown. Hits high.
  • Grounded version has foot invulnerability while Susano'o is airborne. Air version hits multiple times.
  • At level 2, lands with an additional plume of energy that knocks the opponent into the air. This projectile spawns on the frame Susano'o lands and persists for 8 frames.

A powerful move with many applications worth investing into for the aggressive Susano'o. It can be used at any level to confirm air-to-air hits into ground combos, to replace j.D as an air combo ender for more damage, and as an overhead starter that leads to huge damage.

At level 1, its bounce always links into 5B, and 2C on most characters as well as being a nice air ender. At level 2, this move is utterly deranged and you can be a complete and total degenerate in how you choose to abuse it, the projectile it creates hits essentially the entire screen vertically where it appears. If only the projectile portion connects, Susano'o will not experience hitstop, effectively reducing the move's recovery by 11 frames and making it go from -10 on block to +1. Spacing it far enough for this to occur is very easy, just do a long blockstring ending in 5D/3C, if your opponent barrier blocks it becomes even easier to space this.

The massive projectile is also very easy to convert from on hit, stray hits depending on height can go into 6B, 6D and 2C and from the overhead itself on the ground you get great damage on an extremely easy to confirm hit.

Both in neutral and in pressure, Level 2 is one of the most obnoxious moves in the game as your opponent has to be extremely prepared to deal with it while it really isn't a crazy risk to just throw out there, just don't assume it will play the entire game for you since it CAN still be avoided, albeit at that stage they have to be doing some risky movement in anticipation.

Version Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
214B Lv1 Normal 3 90 79 -28
214B Lv2 Normal 3 90 79 -28
j.214B Lv1 Normal 3 80 79
j.214B Lv2 Normal 3 80 79

214B Lv1: 214B Lv2:

  • Projectile appears 4f after Susanoo lands regardless of hit or whiff, has 8 active frames, 8F hitstop

j.214B Lv1: j.214B Lv2:

  • Projectile appears the frame Susanoo lands, has 8 active frames, 8F hitstop

Dancing Dual Kick

BBCF Susanoo DancingDualKickIcon.png 236B Fifth Seal

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
390×5, 780 Low/Air×5, All 18 4×5(18)4 19+11L -15 F×5, B
  • Susano'o charges at the opponent and then performs a powerful kick that knocks them into the air. Hits low.
  • Jump cancelleable on final hit.

Often called Ground Viper, named after a special attack from Guilty Gear's Sol Badguy. This move's blockstun forces opponents to block every individual hit but the last as a low, also making it one of Susanoo's few low hitting attacks. Arguably, one of Susanoo's more important unlocks as it allows him a lot of control over which seal he is able to unlock next. While slower on startup and significantly worse on block/whiff than level 3 Sundering Claws, this special only needs to be unlocked once to be used at full power, tacks on a good amount of extra damage, and serves as a strong combo extender.

Extremely useful to catch people doing fuzzy jumps or anything that isn't exclusively holding downback during your pressure, just don't do it too often without 50 meter to cancel it.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Normal 4 80 94×6 -63

Inevitable Calamity

BBCF Susanoo InevitableCalamityIcon.png Mash C Sixth Seal

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
570×N All 6 3×N 20 -7 P2
  • Generates a stationary projectile orb in front of Susanno that hits repeatedly
  • C must be mashed at least 4 times within approximately 30F for the move to activate. The startup of 5C and 6C can be cancelled into this move, making it possible to activate at neutral and also causes Susano'o to step forward somewhat before the move activates, depending on how rapidly you mash.
  • Mashing C extends the duration of the attack. Pressing B+C+D will end the attack and go into recovery.
  • Absorbs projectiles and has good chip damage, but high pushback.
  • Awkward input that can be tricky to activate on demand and can also activate accidentally if you aren't being disciplined with your inputs during other combos.
  • In spite of all this, Susanno's fastest move.

A good move to go for due to its fast startup, and the ability for you to cancel it whenever you like by pressing B+C+D. While it's frame advantage is lackluster, the pushback on block combined with the ability to cancel makes it rather safe. Sees limited use during combos due to its scaling. It is -6 on block if canceled with B+C+D. You have good control on when the move goes into recovery so it allows you to cover holes in pressure. Also one of the more damaging hits during Strike of the Possessed God (See below)

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 3 100 89×N -1
  • Mash C for more hits
  • Press B+C/C+D to stop and go into recovery
  • Chip Damage 15%: 85×N
  • Earliest onODR is under the assumption that CCCC is canceled with B+C+D as early as possible

Splintering Thrust

BBCF Susanoo SplinteringThrustIcon.png 63214C Seventh Seal

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
0, 1800×2 Throw (70) 30 16 37 T
  • Susano'o pauses for its startup and then charges at the opponent. If it connects, he slams them into the far wall and punches them in a damaging explosion.
  • Combo "throw", will not cause purple !! marks for any reason, but does not have 100% minimum damage either.
    • As a result, it will deal 2160 outside of combos rather than 3600.
  • Can only hit Standing or Crouching opponents.
  • Somewhat deceptive animation where the pause at the start looks a bit like his dash startup.
  • Certain Counter Hits will combo into it, notably 6D and 6B (first hit) Counterhits
  • Can only be followed up with a Rapid cancel, Inevitable Calamity or if it was hit after the first hit of a Fatal 6B.

Has exceptionally long range for a command grab, but horrible startup (The 30 Frames listed is only true at point blank range, where you'll likely never use it). This is also coupled with no invulnerabilities, guardpoints or low profiling so you'll have to treat this differently from most commands grabs to get any mileage out of it. Also note that it will generally lose to other command grabs that have greater reach, such as both of Tager's 360s, since Susano's hitbox is pretty much touching range when using this move. However because it can never be throw rejected for any reason, it can be a powerful tool when your opponent is teching since it's easy to get a meaty hit (Where they must start jumping or using a reversal as soon as possible to avoid it). Very powerful if you do land a hit with it since you're guarenteed to corner your opponent with them teching at your feet.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Normal 4 100 100, 100, 60 -57
  • Counterhit state for entire move

Blade of Judgement

BBCF Susanoo BladeOfJudgementIcon.png 236D Eighth Seal

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1650 All 19 3 24 -6 B
  • Wallbounces on Counter Hit.
  • Uses the D button but doesn't unlock anything, unlike other drive moves.

A very high priority special worth unlocking as soon as possible. Pressing buttons while grounded becomes scary for the opponent, as a Counter Hit Blade of Judgement will wallbounce them directly into Susano'o for a free combo. Because of your newfound ground control, be prepared to deal with air approaches once your opponent sees that you have this.

The sword's hitbox extends behind Susano'o. As a result, you can can use it to catch enemies thrown behind him by 6D for certain combos and also catch out characters with grounded crossups, such as Azrael's dash.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Normal 5 80 94 -19

Distortion Drives

Liberating Dagger

236236D (Requires Eighth Seal)

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
2800 [3500] All 7+(75 Flash)+8 6 55 -20 B 1~20 All
  • Requires Blade of Judgement unlocked.
  • Can function as a reversal super
  • Minimum damage: 1120 OD: 1400

Great for dealing with zoners. A big factor in why Blade of Judgement is such an important unlock. This attack has a huge horizontal hitbox that completely covers the ground, hitting the opponent no matter the distance between them and Susano'o. You can use this as a reversal in some situations, as well as easily blow up anyone who tries to use a super at range. Has better minimum damage than 632146D until he has a certain amount of seals.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Very Short 5 70 94 -49
  • Values in [] are during OD
  • Only available when Blade of Judgement is unlocked
  • Minimum Damage 40%: 1120 [1400]
  • Counterhit state for entire move
  • reversal

Strike of the Possessed God


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
1000, see notes All 5+(40 Flash)+11 4 40 -23 B 1~19 All
  • General purpose reversal super that can add good damage to many combo routes. Very easy to combo into.
  • Damage increases depending on how many seals are unlocked/upgraded.
  • Overdrive does not automatically enable all parts of this move to activate, Susano'o will still only use the special moves that have actually been unlocked.
  • Overdrive only improves the damage from the final beam cannon and Blade of Judgement (if unlocked)
  • If the initial strike finishes the opponent off, the rest of the move is not performed.

Can be Rapid Cancelled after the first hit for specific combos, but the opponent will either be put in stagger or bounced high into the air depending on which specials are unlocked. If Sundering Claws is above level 1, the first hit will always stagger the opponent. Because each unlocked seal has its own minimum damage, you may want to capitalize your combo in order to unlock the strongest seal if you plan on ending with this super. The minimum damage for each seal and their respective levels are as follows:

-Initial Strike and laser: 499 (OD 765)

-Sundering Claws: 0 / 75 / 150

-Towering Flame: 75

-Megalith: 75 / 90 / 105

-Hunter's Fang: 120 / 210

-Dancing Dual Kick: 180

-Inevitable Calamity: 312

-Splintering Thrust: 150

-Blade of Judgment: 225 (OD 300)

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 5 100 60 -33
  • Values in [] are during OD
  • Minimum Damage range: 499 - 1876 [765 - 2217]
  • First hit and final part (the laser) have Minimum Damage 10%. All other hits Minimum Damage 15%
  • Performs the following parts only if the matching seal is unlocked. (Final part always activates)
  • P2 only applies to first hit, all other hits have 95% P2
  • 1st part does 0 damage if Lv1, 500 damage if Lv2, 500×2 if Lv3
  • 2nd part does 500 damage iv Lv1
  • 3rd part does 500 damage if Lv1, 600 damage if Lv2, 700 if Lv3
  • 4th part does 100×5, 300 damage if Lv1, 100×5, 900 if Lv2
  • 5th part does 200×6 if Lv1
  • 6th part does 350×6 if Lv1
  • 7th part does 500×2 if Lv1
  • 8th part does 1500 [2000] if Lv1
  • final part does 190×21 [190×35]
  • Counterhit state for entire move
  • reversal

Collapsing Resentment

[2]8D during Overdrive

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
10+(60 Flash)+26 1~Flash Guard BP
  • Unlocks all of his specials for the remainder of the round. Will not upgrade any specials.
  • Guard Points against Body attacks on frames 1-10.

While Susano'o suddenly gaining every special in one fell swoop is a very nice tool to have, the fact that your unlocked specials will still reset at the end of the round as well as requiring Overdrive, on top of its total duration, makes this a fairly situational super. However, using this can be good if you have been put at an early disadvantage to try and get back into the game or as a reason to get good milage out of a short overdrive, since unlocking all of your specials is similar to just having a permanent overdrive. Your opponent may fear trying to punish this since you'll still probably be in overdrive and have access to your exceed accel afterwards.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
  • Unlocks all Special Attacks to level 1
  • Counterhit state for entire move
  • On Guard Point, hitstop for Susano'o reduced by 1F. Opponent hitstop unchanged
  • Guard ends 9F before super flash ends

Exceed Accel


A+B+C+D during Overdrive

Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
600, 500, 210×5, 0, 1000
{600, 500, 210×14, 0, 2000}
All 20 [10] 3 34 -10 B 1~22 All
[1~12 All]

Puts Susano'o into Active Flow if he hasn't already entered it once in the round. Has full invulnerability but cannot be Rapid Cancelled. Deals significantly more damage if Susano'o is already in Active Flow.

Difficult to punish on block without a fast, long reaching poke like Relius or Ragna's 5Bs.

Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 100 100 -30 [-20]
  • Minimum Damage 10%: 315 {604+59}
  • Counterhit state for entire move

Astral Heat

Roar of the Mad King


Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery On-Block Attribute Invuln
99999 All 4+(50 Flash)+12 3 36 -21 B 1~18 All
  • Susano'o slams the opponent to the ground before knocking them away with a burst of dark energy. He then gathers a massive amount of dark energy into a huge sword and cuts downwards, causing a multitude of dark beams to slash across the screen.

Note that it has a very strange hitbox that stretches to either side of Susano'o, and can be easy to whiff unless the opponent is very close to Susano'o.

Combos from pretty much anything. Susano'o's Astral Heat is a realistic and practical way to end a match.

Combos From...

  • All Throws
  • 3C
  • 5B
  • 5C
  • 6B
  • 5D
  • ...And a lot more!
Starter Rating Level P1 P2 On-ODR Cancel Timing
Long 5 -28
  • Counterhit state for entire move


BBCF Susanoo color 1.png
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