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Press A/B/C to perform normal attacks. Depending on the current state of your character (standing, crouching, jumping), your character will do different attacks. As a general rule, A attacks are weak and fast, C attacks are strong and slow, and B attacks are somewhere in between.

Normal Attacks can usually cancel into one another, generally following the order A.png > B.png > C.png > GGD.png. However this is not a steadfast rule. Consult the Revolver Action section of your character's frame data for exact details.

Command Normals

Every character has additinal normals by pressing a direction + a normal that have special properties such as overhead, anti-air, or stronger longer reaching attacks.

Nearly every character has a sweep with 3C.


Drives are the unique abilities of each character in the game. Some Drives are atacks with special propeties: Ragna's allows him to regain life by hitting the opponent; Tager's magnetizes the opponent and pull them closer to him; and Carl's allows him to control a second character on the screen for tandem attacks. Other Drives do other unique things: Rachel's blows a gale of wind that affects some of her specials as well as her opponent; Tsubaki's charges a gauge that she can later use to power up some of her attacks.

Each character's Drive is very different and is explained in more detail in each character's page.


Special attacks are performed by performing a special directional input + a button. These attacks are fancier attacks that have special properties such as invincibility or unique movement. For example, Jin can ride along the ground for a long range low attack by pressing 214B. Special attacks typically do 5% of their base damage as chip damage even on block (unless the opponent uses Barrier), but some attacks do higher percentages (most notably Amane's Drills).

Each character's special attacks are unique and are explained in more detail in each character's page.

Distortion Drive

Distortion Drives (commonly called Super Attacks) consume 50 Heat and are an even stronger version of Special attacks that deal large amounts of damage or have other special properties like invincibility or powering up the character.

Each character's special attacks are unique and are explained in more detail in each character's page.

Astral Finish

Ragna's Astral: Black Onslaught

Astral Finish is an attack that can instantly defeat the opponent. To use an Astral, there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled first:

  • 100 Heat
  • You are on match point (if you win this round, you win the match)
  • Opponent's health is below 35%

Your portrait will flash if you can Astral

Note you CANNOT use your Astral in a combo if the opponent started the combo at > 35% health. However you CAN use your Astral in a combo if you started the combo with less than 100% Heat and get up to 100% by the time you want to use your Astral. Once you perform you Astral (hit or miss), you will lose 100 Heat.

Because of these restrictions, Astrals are usually only used as fancy finishing moves to humiliate the opponent.


Throws are unblockable attacks with some restrictions in place.

  • Ground Throws can not hit airborne opponents or opponents who are in jump startup
  • Air Throws can not hit grounded opponents
  • Throwing an opponent in blockstun or hitstun (or 6 frames immediately after either) will result in a purple throw which are usually very easy to escape.

Normal Throws

Ragna showing off a normal ground throw and normal air throw.

To perform a normal throw, press B+C when near the opponent. There are 3 different types of normal throws: forward throw, back throw, and air throw.

  • To perform a forward throw, press neutral or forward +B+C while standing on the ground.
  • To perform a back throw, press back + B+C while standing on the ground.
  • To perform an air throw press B+C while airborne.

Many normal throws can be canceled into specials and can net you a combo!

Command Throws

Tager's GETB and Hazama's Bloody Fang are 2 examples of command throws.

Command throws are a special type of throw that are performed like specials and supers like Tager's Genesic Emerald Tager Buster and Hazama's Bloody Fangs.

Command throws normally can not be escaped unless you use a command throw while an enemy is in hitstun or blockstun (or 6 frames immediately after either). In this case a purple throw occurs, which is escapable.

Priority of Strike vs Throw vs Command Throw

When two strikes hit each other, either a clash happens or both characters get hit, but what happens when throws are added to the mix?

  • Throw vs Strike: The throw will always win.
  • Normal Throw vs. Normal Throw: A Throw Break occurs.
  • Normal Throw vs. Command Throw: The Command Throw will always win.
  • Command Throw vs. Command Throw: Both throws whiff for that one frame. Meaning a Command Throw with more Active Frames will win in the end.

Throw Counter

You won't be able to break a throw if the opponent throws you while you are attacking them.

Throwing an opponent in CH state will result in a Throw Counter. A big red X will appear when you are thrown and "Throw Counter" will show on the side of the screen. Throws during CH state can not be escaped, but are otherwise identical to a standard throw, so it's safe to use throws as a punish tool!

Throw Reject Miss

TRM Baby!

If an opponent inputs a throw break (such as when blocking), then they will be unable to break throws for a while afterwards. This is used offensively by faking a throw (and getting your opponent to attempt a throw break), then instead making them block an attack, then canceling the attack into throw. The throw will show an exclamation mark with a red X overlayed on top of it.

The most common example of this is to 2A, run up pretend to throw, then perform a 2A > throw! If the opponent fell for the fake throw and entered a throw break, then they will be unable to break the 2A > throw.

See the Throw Reject Miss in the Defense section for more details.

Crush Trigger

Guard Crushes and useful in combos to boot!

Crush Triggers cost 25 Heat and are performed by pressing 5+A+B while standing. If the opponent does not use Barrier to block the attack, then they will be Guard Crushed! Crush Triggers qualify as Special Attacks, which adds to their utility as a mixup tool because players can cancel into a Crush Trigger from most normal attacks.

Crush Triggers drain a portion of the opponent's Barrier Gauge if they Barrier block it. The amount of Barrier drained varies from character to character.

Crush Triggers are also very useful in combos and are often used mid combo. Some character's Crush Triggers force a hard knockdown, some ground bounce, others float the opponent very high. Whatever the case, they are all useful to help extend combos and deal more damage!

Crush Triggers ignore character combo rate and have SMP, so it's best to only use one per combo.


invincible startup! None Shall Escape!
Overdrive lasts longer the less health you have left

Press A+B+C+D while standing or airborne to activate Overdrive. Overdrive costs an entire Burst Gauge and places the character in a temporarily powered up state.

  • Overdrive activation is fully invincible
    • This makes it useful as a reversal if timed properly (otherwise you will get a Burst!)
  • Normal Overdrive activation has startup 1+15, Overdrive Cancel activation has startup 1+5
  • The timer is paused while Overdrive is active
  • Character's Drives are powered up. See each character's page for details.
  • Some specials and supers gain additional properties during Overdrive (usually more damage and easy to combo after)
  • Combos done during Overdrive are UNBURSTABLE
    • Activating Overdrive when an enemy is already in hitstun will also disable their burst until they return to neutral.
  • The Burst Gauge resets to 25% full after Overdrive ends

Overdrive lasts longer the less life you have remaining. The duration of Overdrive is calculated by the following table:

Remaining Health vs. Overdrive Duration (in Frames)
100 - 90% 89 - 80% 79 - 70% 69 - 60% 59 - 50% 49 - 40% 39 - 30% 29 - 20% 19 - 10% 9 - 0%
Ragna 120 210 210 270 300 390 420 450 480 600
Jin 180 240 300 360 420 480 540 600 660 720
Tager 180 210 240 300 360 420 480 510 540 600
Litchi 180 210 240 270 300 390 420 450 600 600
Bang 120 120 180 240 240 300 360 360 600 600
Hakumen 120 150 180 210 240 300 360 420 480 540
Nu 180 210 240 270 300 420 480 540 600 720
Amane 180 210 240 270 300 420 480 540 600 720
Tsubaki 180 210 240 270 300 390 480 580 630 780
Makoto 180 210 240 270 300 330 360 420 480 600
Bullet 180 210 240 270 300 360 390 420 540 600
Azrael 180 210 240 270 360 390 420 480 600 720
Everyone Else 180 210 240 270 300 390 420 450 480 600
  • Everyone Else = Noel, Rachel, Carl, Mu, Valkenhayn, Taokaka, Arakune, Hazama, Platinum, Izayoi, and Relius
  • Values for Kagura, Terumi, and Kokonoe are currently unknown

Overdrive Cancel

Very useful for combos. Make them go home with their Burst!

You can cancel into Overdrive almost anytime you could cancel into a Special Move. While this is indeed very powerful, doing so cuts Overdrive time by half! Oftentimes Overdrive Cancels can be used mid-combo to make a combo unburstable.

OD Cancel has startup 1+5, making it much faster than the normal version.

You will see the words "Cancel Over Drive!" appear on the screen when one is performed.

Overdrive Cancels are great for baiting Bursts! Bursts have 6F startup, so if one is performed at the same time as a Overdrive Cancel, the Overdrive's recovery will not be over when the Burst activates. However, if you get counter hit by an attack of level greater than 2, the hitstop will increase, and the Burst itself will take longer to start up. You can use this to your advantage by confirming the counter hit into a Overdrive Cancel so that you would completely recover before the burst hits, thus countering the Burst.

Accidental Rapid Cancel instead of Overdrive

Players that don't use button macros (or play in arcades) sometimes accidentally get a Rapid Cancel instead of an Overdrive by mistake because the button commands overlap. To bypass this problem, hold down A or B or C, then press the remaining buttons!

When you press a button, the game check if all 4 buttons are held down and if so, counts it as an overdrive activation. This means you don't need to press all of the buttons at the same time to go into Overdrive!

Example: hold C, then press A+B+D to activate overdrive
Example: hold C+D, then press A+B to activate overdrive
Example: press and hold each button in rapid succession: [A]~[B]~[C]~[D]

Make sure you're holding down A or B or C and then press the remaining buttons and you'll never accidentally get a Rapid!

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