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Types of Blocking

Blocking is an integral part of any traditional 2D fighting game. In BlazBlue, there are quite a few different types of blocking: BBBlocking.png

High Block Hold back to block high and mid attacks.
Air Block Hold back to block attacks when in the air. Some attacks are normally unblockable in the air unless you use Barrier Block. In addition to that, some attacks are completely air unblockable like Carl's (or rather Nirvana's) Fermata.
Instant Block Begin blocking within 8 frames before the attack touches you. You will flash white if you did this correctly. Note that for multi-hit attacks, IBing the first hit will automatically cause you to IB the rest of the hits in the 8 frame window, but your heat gauge will NOT increase for any of the hits past the first.
Barrier Block When blocking, hold A + B. You should see a green barrier appear if you do this correctly. Barrier Blocking consumes the Barrier Gauge.
Regular Instant Barrier
Prevent Chip Damage No No Yes
Guard Stun +0 Ground = Recover 3 Frames faster

Air = Recover 6 Frames faster

Recover 1 Frame slower
Pushback Normal Reduced Increased
Meter Gain Small Large Small

Instant Barrier

It's possible to do both Instant Block and Barrier Block at the same time! In addition to getting the benefits of both, there is one difference: pushback is even more than Barrier Block! This makes it even more useful for pushing the opponent away to escape pressure.

Guard Bonus

If you are stuck in blockstun for over 6 seconds straight (meaning there's not even a 1 frame hole in the opponent's attacks for 6 seconds), you automatically begin instant-blocking all attacks and the words "Guard Bonus" will appear on the side of the screen. This doesn't happen often, but it's good to keep it in mind.

Break Burst

Ragna performing a Gold Burst and a Green Burst

Break Bursts (normally just called Bursts) are a special type of attack in BlazBlue; they do no damage, are invincible until recovery, and can be done at almost anytime. You start off the match with 1 Burst, and if you lose a round then you get another, but you do not get one if a round ends in a draw. Note that you can only have 2 bursts total in the entire match, regardless of how many rounds are in the match.
To Burst, press A+B+C+D. There are 2 different types of bursts in the game: Gold and Green.

P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv. Untech Notes
Gold Burst 65 110 22 6 27 +4 300
  • Projectile
  • If your opponent is hit, they will be launched high into the air and fall straight down, making them easy to hit.
Green Burst 10 80 22 6 27 -16 20
  • Projectile
  • You lose half your maximum Guard Primers rounded up for the entire round. (Ex: 5 primers becomes 2)

Note: Frames 1~48 are completely invincible; recovery for mid-air bursts is until landing.

When You Can Burst

You can burst most of the time. Depending on the situation, you will get either a Green Burst or a Gold Burst.

  • You get a Gold Burst if you burst when you are at neutral (meaning you can move freely and attack).
  • Bursting at any other valid time gives you a Green Burst (generally getting hit or blocking any enemy's attack).

When You Cannot Burst

  • While in any sort of hit state or knocked down, from the moment a throw attack, super, or Astral Heat starts (superfreeze included) until it ends
  • After getting thrown, being hit by a Distortion Drive, or Astral Heat, and until being hit by another attack
  • While performing any attack

Barrier Gauge


Hold A+B while blocking to Barrier Block. Barrier Blocking consumes the Barrier Gauge, prevents Guard Crush, chip damage, pushes the enemy further away, and increases block stun.


  • The Barrier Gauge is 10,000 units when full
  • Each usage of barrier block instantly consumes 130 units. For each frame past the initial expenditure (hitstop included), 20 units are consumed per frame.
  • If you barrier block an attack, the amount of barrier used up is equal to 10% of the incoming attack's base damage value
  • The Barrier Gauge starts to recover 124 frames after deactivation at the rate of 16 units every 10 frames.
  • If you use barrier to protect your last guard primer, you use up 3194 units of barrier.
  • When the Barrier Gauge is completely drained, you will be put in the Danger State for 600 frames. After this time is up, you will no longer be in Danger State and your Barrier Gauge will be restored to half full (5,000 units).

Counter Assault

Counter Assaults allow you to perform an attack while blocking. This is useful for an enemy's pressure. See this section for more information.

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