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Iron Tager is a Sector Seven professor who has been mechanically enhanced to perform field-work. Originally the leader of a Sector Seven assault team sent to retrive Nirvana in the 4th Hierarchical City of Naobi, Tager suffered a mortal wound during the mission, and due to being the only survivor, was forced to withdraw. He was revived as an enormous cyborg by Kokonoe, whom he pledged loyalty to afterward. After his revival, he bears a similar resemblance to a demon, which resulted in him dubbed as the "Red Devil of Sector Seven". He is feared by many, but in truth he is very calm and calculated, only engaging in violence when necessary.
Drive: Voltic Battler

Tager can magnetize opponents for a small duration by landing these attacks on hit or block. If the opponent is already magnetized and gets hit by a magnetism attack, the duration increases (max 960F). When the opponent is magnetized, certain attacks will pull in the opponent. The magnetism duration normally reduces at a rate of 1 point per frame, but if Tager is taking damage, the rate changes to 1 point per 2 frames (when Tager performs a tech, the rate goes back to normal). Magnetism duration does not decrease during superflash or hitstop.

In addition to magnetism, Tager has an extra gauge: the Spark Bolt Gauge. This gauge fills up at 1 point per frame (freezes during hitstop and superflash) and has a maximum of 1200 points. When the gauge is full, Tager can use the Spark Bolt attack.
Iron Tager

BBCSE Tager Portrait.png

Health: 13,000
Guard Primers: 10
Movement Options: No double jump or air dash, Dash-type: None, backdash only

 Iron Tager is a grappler

  • Really good close range game
  • High damage command grabs
  • High meter gain on magnetized opponents
  • High level pokes for easy confirms
  • Fairly large hitbox moves
  • Backdash has many invincible frames, useful for getting out of nasty situations
  • Very effective at punishes
  • Possesses the fastest projectile in the game
  • Big hit box, allowing for easy fuzzy/unblockable setups
  • Lack of mobility
  • Has trouble against zoners
  • Spark Bolt not always accessible
  • Gameplay revolves around corner and magnetized opponents
  • Requires knowledge and a lot of patience to win at high levels
  • Magnetized foes can sometimes work against you, pulling foes in to confirm an attack they might have whiffed otherwise

Move List

See also: Tager Full Frame Data

Normal Moves


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
460 190 80 86 7 3 7 +4 Click!

Staple standing jab. Cannot gatling into itself anymore.

Tager's 5A is slower than most characters, but it compensates with higher base damage, range, and level. Due to its range, you can stuff other characters jabs and pokes with it, but don't try to attempt this too often, as it is a bit slow. Even though the move is not self-cancellable anymore, it does have a very nice frame advantage.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
480 215 80 89 10 3 14 0 Click!

Standing low. Jump cancellable on hit or block.

Because of its ability to hit low, this move is particularly good for Tager's throw mixup game, and is effective for forcing opponents to respect your pressure. Keep in mind that it is a little slow for its use, so keep its use in moderation.

The move is able to combo into 3C on hit, so you can go for easy hitconfirms off of a 5A hit, and is especially effective if the opponent is magnetized.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
1000 414 100 92 15 4 18 -2 Click!

Combo fodder, but also one of Tager's best starters.

Tager's 5C has a huge hitbox, so this move is particularly versatile. Just like his other moves, it is a bit on the slow side, but it also has a fairly quick recovery, giving the move a relatively safe frame advantage. While it may have a fast recovery, characters with fast and powerful footsies can whiff punish Tager for using 5C recklessly, such as Ragna. In these cases, be sure to use these moves in moderation.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
400 165 80 86 8 3 9 +2 Click!

Staple crouching jab. Can only be used three times at most in any gatling.

This particular move can be used as an anti-air due to Tager's low-profile hitbox during the move, but because the move does not have any invincibility frames, you shouldn't expect the move to work all the time. At best, it's a situational anti-air. Outside of this, the move doesn't see much other use.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
600 269 85 89 11 3 9 +5 Click!

Staple crouching low. Gatlings to and from 5B so it has a strong place in repeatable low/throw mix ups.

Because of its frame advantage, this move is particularly effective for pressure, especially tick throws.

This move also acts a good meaty because of its short recovery and high frame advantage. However, if you ever mess up a meaty (accidentally or intentionally), you can still use that situation to your advantage. For the same reason that meaty 2B is good (short recovery), 2B on whiff is very scary. If 2B ever whiffs on the opponent, you can go straight into B Gigantic Tager Driver; this works because the opponent sees 2B being done and blocks low. Command throws cannot be blocked low, so you trick the opponent into blocking low in order to take advantage of the command throw. Just be careful about your spacing; 2B does reach quite a distance, so if you end up missing with 2B, there's also a good chance that you'll miss with the command throw as well. This isn't so much of a problem when the opponent is magnetized, since using A Gigantic Tager Driver can easily close in the space, but it's a tad bit slow, so keep that in mind.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
1200 496 90 92 15 2 39 -22 Click!

Tager's official anti-air. Invulnerable to head attacks for frames 11~14. Forces aerial state on opponent. Fatal Counter possible.

This anti air is very high-risk high-reward, in that the damage off of this move is great, but it leaves Tager very open for punish on whiff. Because of the nature of this move, you should only use this move when you know for sure that it will hit the opponent. The duration of head invulnerability will often create situations where the attacks will trade, but it will often be in Tager's favor. If the opponent manages to block this move in the air, you can simply cancel into Atomic Collider, which is guaranteed to land, and you can still get some decent damage off of it. Should the opponent force you to completely whiff the move however, you're left to wait until the animation is finished, and the recovery is quite lengthy. Be careful when using this move.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
800(1000) 331(414) 80 89(94) 19(52) 7 37 -27 Click!

A unique move that utilizes "super armor." Read below for more info on how it works. Pulls in opponent on hit or block. Super armor threshold is 1600 points. Super armor in effect from 18F until end of active frames. Values in () refer to fully charged version. Attack is automatically performed after holding button for 52F.

Tager's 6A works in a very strange manner. It has a special mechanic that no other move in the game has: super armor. The way 6A's super armor works is that for as long as it's active, Tager cannot be hit out of the move. There are some boundaries as to how effective the super armor will work. Tager will still receive damage while in super armor (half of the received attack's base damage), and the limit of how much damage he can take while in super armor is 800 HP (note that this value is half of the super armor threshold value). If the total damage during the single instance of 6A super armor exceeds 1600, then Tager loses super armor and the latest attack will inflict a Counter Hit.

Getting hit during armored frames causes extended hitstop and armor is ineffective against lows and (of course) throws. This makes the armor easily defeated on reaction and very weak in application.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
960 397 70 92 24 2 28 -11 Click!

Overhead. Can gatling into itself indefinitely for as long as you make contact with your opponent. Fatal Counter possible.

6B can combo into 6C (or 236A if too far to follow up 6C) for a combo, but all combos from 6B are massively prorated and don't do good damage even on fatal counter. Can be canceled into 4D on block to make it safe.

24 frames is quite slow and can be stopped on reaction with some practice. 5B/2B have better mix up options on block and comparable damage with less risk. 360B would hit for more damage if they were crouching and cannot be stuffed without some prediction. Tager's mixup aside from his overheads is quite strong, so you will most likely find yourself not needing to use the move very often, if ever.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
1500 621 90 80 28 2 33 -16 Click!

Incredibly slow overhead. Mainly used for combos. Ground bounces opponent on hit. Breaks 1 guard primer. 55% repeat proration. Jump cancelable only on hit.

The slowness of this move makes it incredibly weak for mixup and should be avoided when used in such.

The repeat prorate is significant, but 6C has so much untechable time that even at the end of a combo 6C - Magna Tech Wheel will work. Plus, Magna Tech Wheel has minimum damage, so repeat proration won't matter in that case.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
760 314 90 88 14 3 22 -6 Click!

Trip move that causes an emergency tech state. Tager's most important combo tool. You'll find yourself using this move in just about every combo you perform. 10% repeat proration.

This move mostly functions as a combo tool, as the options after 3C are unsafe for the most part. On magnetized opponents, special cancel into Atomic Collider; this will cause the opponent to fly into the air, and because of the huge amount of untechable 3C has, you will still be able to combo after Collider finishes.

Many combos use 3C twice, which enacts the 10% repeat proration. After using 3C the second time, special cancel into Gadget Finger. The move is guaranteed to work after 3C, regardless of how prorated the combo is.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
500 207 90 86 7 3 9 -- Click!

Staple aerial jab.

Surprisingly enough, Tager's j.A is just as fast as most other characters' j.A, which means that this move can effectively serve to stuff air-to-air attempts, especially since Tager's j.A has a relatively big hitbox. The proration values aren't that bad either, so you can still get a full, damaging combo even from a j.A starter.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
700 289 90 89 12 9 12 -- Click!

Double downward palm thrust. Primary non-combo use is for approaches from air-to-ground.

You shouldn't ever find yourself in the air too often as Tager, since his aerial game is pretty weak. However, for what his aerial game is worth, j.B does serve as an effective air-to-ground move due to its hitbox. This move also gatlings into j.A, so you can create some situations that utilize tick throws.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
1050 434 90 92 13 5 12 -- Click!

Aerial headbutt. Moves Tager forward. Can be used as an air-to-air tool.

Using this in conjuction with a normal jump is a good way of closing the space between the opponent from far away. Keep in mind that this move is fairly slow, so any moves that are done afterwards can be easily disrespected.

The forward momentum from this move can also be used in combos. The most prominent example of this is using it after Atomic Collider in order to be in range for relaunches.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
1200 496 90 92 21 till L+2 18 -- Click!
1200 496 90 92 5 2 8 -1 Click!

Normal Version "Just-Frame" Version Flying elbow. Breaks 1 guard primer. Downs opponent on hit with enough hitstun to be able to followup in most cases. If the move is performed 3F before landing, the move is changed to its "just-frame" version (the distinction between the two is that for the "just-frame" version, Tager does not say anything).

This attack also completely stops your momentum in the air for a brief moment before dropping. This particular characteristic makes it good for baiting anti-airs, but there exist many ways around it, such as air throws, air-to-air moves, and even just blocking. Therefore, only use the move if you know that the move will work.

Counter Assault

Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
0 0 50 92 16 2 37 -20 Click!

Counter assault. Fully invincible for frames 1~20. Downs opponent on hit. Does indeed hit high. 180F heat gain cooldown.

Tager's counter assault is probably one of the worst in the game; it has a small range, few active frames, and the fact that it hits high adds nothing. As a Tager player, superior defense should be a necessity in order to survive the matchups. With that said, a good defense usually won't warrant the need of a Counter Assault, so it's best to stay away and keep the meter for other purposes.

Drive Moves


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
1100 455 85 92 23 7 20 -4 Click!

A fierce punch that inflicts magnetism on opponents. Launches opponent backwards on aerial hit. Causes wallbounce on CH. Adds 360F to magnetism duration. Pulls magnetized opponent in for frames 16~23.

Add descrip.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
1200 496 100 92 26 10 24 -1 Click!

A crouching charge that covers quite a bit of distance. Launches opponent backwards on aerial hit. Followup possible on CH. Adds 360F to magnetism duration. Pulls magnetized opponent in for frames 13~26.

Tager's 2D covers about half a screen on use, and the magnetic pull on it is quite strong, which makes this move is good for closing the distance between the opponent if the opponent is magnetized. If spaced properly, you can make the move safe with up to a +8 frame advantage. However, the move has a lengthy startup and recovery, which means that opponents can easily see the move coming and easily punish the move if it is badly spaced. In other words, this move requires a good sense for spacing. Unless you are confident in your ability to play footsies and manage spacing, you shouldn't use this move too often, as this move entails quite a bit of risk.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
800 331 60 80 13 5 20 ? Click!

Magnetic palm blow from the waist. Launches opponent backwards on aerial hit. Causes wallbounce on CH. Smaller hitbox on last two active frames. Adds 240F to magnetism duration. Pulls magnetized opponent in for frames 7~13.

Because of how versatile the gatling options into this move are and how fast this move is, 4D is great for ending blockstrings. The frame advantage off of this move also makes it a safe option to use whenever; it can even be plus if you space the move correctly. Keep in mind that there are no gatling options after 4D, and it is only ?. Opponents can disrespect the mixup afterwards should they have the tools for it, and are more inclined to do it when they IB the move.


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
1120 463 100 92 21 3 18 -- Click!

Magnetic clap in the air. Decent aerial combo ender. Adds 360F to magnetism duration. Pulls magnetized opponent in for frames 13~21.

Because of how slow this move is, you shouldn't use this move outside of combos. If you do ever land this move as a CH starter, you can get some very good damage off of the following combo, but don't let that be the reason to throw it out whenever.

Using this as an aerial combo ender does have its benefits; because it adds magnetism, you can utilize the opportunity to apply tech traps and tricky oki after you land. Be wary of using this tactic against characters with aerial DPs.


Forward Throw

Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
0, 1900 0, 786 90 100, 55 6 3 15 -- Click!

Launches opponents away from Tager. Now special cancellable in Continuum Shift Extend.

Use B Sledge after using this throw, regardless of being in midscreen or corner position. If in the corner, cancel B Sledge into its Hammer followup; otherwise use 5C after B Sledge.

Unlike Tager's command grabs, these normal throws don't always guarantee damage when landed. Just like everyone else's normal throws, the opponent is able to tech out of Tager's normal throw. While it may seem a little redundant and pointless to have these kinds of throws when command grabs exist, there are some benefits to using these over the other kind. The recovery on Tager's normal throws are considerably shorter, which makes punishing whiffed normal throws less likely to happen than punishing whiffed command grabs. Because of its scarily fast recovery, this move is something that you can throw out whenever without having to worry too much of risk.

However, normal throws defeat the purpose of a grappler, and Tager is no exception. Therefore, these moves should not be the emphasis with your gameplan.

Back Throw

Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
0, 1200 0, 662 90 100, 55 7 3 15 -- Click!

Ground bounces the opponent behind Tager. Can be followed up from anywhere.

Use j.2C to followup when in midscreen, or A Sledge when the opponent ends up in the corner.

Air Throw

Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
0, 1900 786 100 100, 55 6 2 10 -- Click!

Ground bounces on hit.

Use j.C just before landing. If you perform this move at a low enough height, just-frame j.2C can (sometimes, should) be done, which is followup-able.

As mentioned in a few other move descriptions, Tager's gameplay relies heavily on him being grounded for the majority of the match. Thus, you most likely won't ever need to resort to using an air throw. This is doubly true with the fact that Tager also has a ground-to-air command throw that serves as somewhat of an effective anti-air. Tager has plenty of ways to disrespect someone's aerial game that doesn't include his air throw, so don't try to capitalize your approach with it. It is at best an option for if you end up in the air (perhaps from after a combo), and nothing more.

Special Moves

A Gigantic Tager Driver


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
0×3, 2700 1117 100, 82, 100, 48 G.Throw 11~31 1 40 -- Click!

Tager's 360A is a command grab that does about as much as a combo but for exchange the options you have afterward is limited. Thankfully you can always use gadget after 360A. 360A is invulnerable on frames 3-11 so you can actually input this during a distortions super flash and grab some characters. You can also use this move as a reversal of sorts as well, on occasion using 360A beforehand. 360A can be held down to pull in magnetized opponents.

B Gigantic Tager Driver


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
0×3, 3700 1531 100, 82, 100, 60 G.Throw 6 2 29 -- Click!

Tager's 360B is a high damage command grab that comes out as fast as a normal grab, this move is very beastly. Fast and can be held down to increase active frames and it always grabs an opponent when they are pulled into range unlike 360A and collider. Another good thing about this move is that it hurts more than 360A, unfortunately follow potential is just as limited as 360A.

Atomic Collider


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
0, 1600 993 100, 60 100, 20 16 4 19 -- Click!

Atomic collider is another one of Tager's situational anti air's but this one works differently. Atomic collider grabs opponents out of the air yes but what makes this move stand out above the other two is that it sucks in magnetized opponents toward the collider itself grabbing people who just jump to beat spark bolt magnetized. Do this a few times and people will be scared to jump. Sadly atomic colliders 20% repeat move proration keeps you from doing really amazing combos off of repeated use.

A Sledge


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
980 405 70 92 20 3 18 -2 Click!

A sledge is a slow attack that moves you forward and auto guards projectiles. Barely unsafe on instant block (-5). Can be followed up with hammer which is a overhead. Use this mostly in combos or beating full screen projectiles.

B Sledge


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
1100(1500) 455(621) 70 92 35(70) 6 15 +1 Click!

B sledge is much slower but covers a lot more distance than A sledge. You can hold this down to increase the range and damage of it too. It has more recovery than CS2 so it is not as safe as before, can be followed up with hammer.


236A after Sledge

Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
1200 496 100 85 21 16 20 -17 Click!

Follow up to sledge and it is a overhead that has really good starting proration making any follow ups lead to really good damage. Moves forward and has projectile armor till a few frames before it goes active. Ground bounces on hit, but can only be comboed off of on counterhit or with an RC. On counter hit the move still ground bounces and gets a decently long untechable knock down. Has really long active frames. Can be used in corner combos.

Gadget Finger

22D on downed opponent

Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
0, 100 538 100, 60 D Throw 7 1 16 +3 Click!

Can only be used if the opponent has been hit by 3C or knocked down and only before they recover. Hits downed and airborne opponents. Magnetizes and stands the opponent. Leaves you +3 leads to one of Tager's main mix ups.

Voltec Charge


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
-- -- -- -- -- -- 39-113F -- Click!

Voltech charge is used to fill up the electric gauge. The longer you hold it the more meter you get. After some vulnerable start up it gains auto guard against body and head attribute and if your opponent hits the auto guard you can use hammer (236A) out of it. If you cancel into 236A you don't get the bonus magnetism.

Spark Bolt


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
1100 455 65 80 13 -- 48T +1 Click!

Spark bolt is the only projectile Tager has and it is only available when the electric gauge is full. This projectile is big and is the fastest non DD projectile in the game. This move undergone some changes from the previous game. It has worse starting proration and has been given less wall bounce and the wall bound property. Wall bound usually gives attacks that has this property a lot of untech time. This eliminates the normal combos we have for this attack unless near the corner. On hit and block magnetizes the opponent.

Distortion Drives

Magna Tech Wheel


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
40×19, 2891 0 88(once)x19, 70 88(once), 70 7+12 4, 2×18(15)3 72 -55 Click!

Tager's common reversal DD. Pulls magnetized opponents and hits 1-19 will pull on hit or block. Hit 20 is an overhead that ground bounces on hit. This move is used at the end of combos or as a reversal that can be RC'd for a 50/50. There is a way for you to have this move cross up on the last hit, catching unsuspecting players. Note: When your opponent is magnetized you move towards them while spinning.

Terra Break

236236B during Magna Tech Wheel

Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
3500 0 100 45 9+25 3 43 -27 Click!

Magnetech wheel follow up, use this after MTW only. It has a small bit of invulnerability but it is not reliable. 45 P2 limits further combo potential.

Genesic Emerald Tager Buster


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
0×3, 5620 0 100, 82, 100, 92 G.Throw 5+0 5 41 -- Click!

Tager's most powerful grab and fastest move. This move steals wins and puts your opponent in a really bad condition afterwards. Deals 5600 unburstable damage off a successful throw which stops the clock to prevent time out. What makes this move dangerous is that it is completely invulnerable during start up and has very long reach. This move can also pull in magnetized opponents even during start up. This move can be used as a reversal and punish moves that are -5. Deals the full 5.6k on guard crushed foes. Switches sides with the opponent and has too much recovery for a follow up.

Astral Heat

King of Tager


Damage Heat Gain P1 P2 Startup Active Recovery Frame Adv Hitbox
death -- -- UNB 5+16 4 76 -- Click!

Tager's Astral. Use this move on weakened foes. This move is unblockable and it can be combo'd into. So if you filled the conditions then outside of execution issues and not having a burst, you don't have a real reason to not do it. But if you don't prefer to do it then you don't have to. Note: Has really strong pull on magnetized opponents.


Tager's strength is in his unintuitive and fast mix up. Throws are much faster than overheads so sitting and waiting to react is not an option. Your opponent is forced to make guesses sometimes even when you're the one on defense. Play smart and think hard to win the battle of wits that ensues.


Mix Up After Gadget finger(22D):5A, strong and relatively safe option. It stuffs pokes and jumps. On block it leads to another mix up and you'll recover safely if they backdash (and vs some reversals!). Collider still gets more damage on a predicted jump, but 5A is much safer.

360A, can be used to beat pokes and catch them when they are too content blocking 5A. 360B can be used for the same things, but if you do it with reversal timing to beat pokes it will purple if they decided to block and it won't beat pokes if you delay it to catch them blocking.

5C, one your tools for punishing backdashes. Depending on the back dash it might require some delayed timing, but it is a decent starter that is easy to combo from for good damage. It is relatively vulnerable to other options, but beating one of their safest options time to time is important.

22D, one of the most randomly useful follow ups. If you GF immediately it'll come out after a successful GF. It beats some jumps, some back dashes and even some moves, because it catches airborn opponents. Definitely not a universal option, but it is the only way to catch certain backdases (Lambda Arakune).

Low/Throw mix up Off of a blocked 5A, 5B, or 2B Tager can chain into a safe 5B or 2B with no gap or go for a tick throw. If they suspect a throw and they mash backdash, hold jump or buffer a reversal then they aren't blocking low. Since there is no gap, if you go for the low they just get hit! This mix up can also be done with 6A>3C (and technically 5C>3C if you're really close), but 3C has worse combo potential and isn't as safe on block even with the new special cancel. Remember than 2B and 5B chain into each other without limit so you can reset the mix up off the low if you're close enough. You can even slightly delay the low to confuse them.


In neutral Tager doesn't have much to work with defense wise, he doesn't have spark bolt at the beginning of the round and his anti air's are situational. His ground footsies are decent to bad depending on the match up. On normal rush down characters 5A, 5B, and 5C are the normals to use more for 5A and 5C good range on both and great depending on the spacing. jumping when someone runs in works on occasion but some characters can use 5A to anti air you for it.

Once they have you in a block string Tager's primary defensive options are:

Instant Block, Important for any character, but if Tager can create a big enough gap then your opponent has to risk 360A/720. Trying to avoid this throw often puts them at risk for other attacks like collider, or at least puts a break in their pressure.

360A, Aside from the above mentioned use, 360A has another distinction on the defensive. If you see a slow grounded overhead, rather than blocking it is much better to stuff it. Tager doesn't have much in the way of fast moves, but 360A goes invincible after only a few frames which gets the job done. 360B is more vulnerable but more damaging if you can use it.

Backdash, Good, but not great. It has a lot of invincible frames, but it is still vulnerable at the end for a good chunk. Since the backdash takes so long you have to either do it early (Not something you can control if they are already on you) or only against moves with very bad recovery. Otherwise you're likely to get punished when they recover before you do. Still it gives you the chance to punish predicted DPs and other long recovery moves easily.

(Instant) Barrier, The increased push back for instant barrier is noteworthy. characters often whiff their next move in a guard string if you properly instant barrier. The frame advantage on a whiff is always significant. Tager also benefits from magnetized punishes or 720 follow ups if the resources and/or spacing allow it.

A/Bsledge, Has some use under pressure. Several characters use projectiles in block strings, but some times they are covered with normals (Carl does this well). Still this option should at least make them think a little harder about it. Bsledge is very slow and should only be used against projectiles with a lot of recovery like Ragna's Deadspike. Asledge isn't exactly fast either, so don't get over confident.

Note:Tager has a long jump start up, so jumping out of pressure won't typically work and situations it does work in you usually could have used a throw or collider.



- = normal gatling or perform the move after preceding move's recovery
> = cancel into followups of the special move
jc = jump cancel
hjc = high jump cancel
dc = dash cancel
CU = cross-under (mainly for after A Ice car in the corner)
(N) = only use the Nth attack of the move (for example, if 5B(1) is written, you only use the first hit of 5B)
(text) = whatever's listed in the parentheses is optional
Blue text = opponent must be crouching for combo to work
Red text = requires 50 heat in order to use the combo
Purple text = requires both crouching opponent and 50 heat
Green text = combo is character specific; check the notes to see who it works on
Turquoise text = requires crouching and is character specific
Yellow text = Fatal Counter combo
Orange text = requires Fatal Counter and 50 heat




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