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Physical Clash


Occasionally when 2 physical attacks touch, they clash. When a clash occurs purple lightning will appear on screen and a clapping sound can be heard. During a clash, both you and your opponent's attacks are negated, and you each can cancel your attack into another attack at no cost (but not a jump, dash, block, etc.). If the clashed move has multiple hits and you do not cancel your attack, the latter attacks will come out.

Projectile Clash

When 2 projectiles clash, you will see a purple circle as well as hear a clapping sound. All projectiles in BlazBlue have a durability level as noted in the frame data. If no level is listed, then it is assumed to be level 1 (the lowest). If the projectiles are different levels, then the projectile with the lower level is destroyed. If the projectiles are the same level, then they both lose 1 hit. If a projectile has no hits remaining, it disappears.

Super Freeze Buffer

"Superfreeze" is the interval of time during the beginning of a Distortion Drive and Astral Heat where the passage of time is halted for both characters. During superfreeze, the character which is not performing the super is subject to Advanced Input, and should be careful not to hit any buttons they will regret after the superfreeze.

That said, it's possible to "overwrite" an attack input during the superfreeze, subject to the following rules:

  • Normal attacks can be overwritten by special attacks or barrier usage
  • Special attacks can be overwritten by barrier usage

On a related note, if you are at close range, then instead of using barrier, you can just use normal blocking to "overwrite" any attack input.

Should you wish to, it's possible to use the superfreeze to your advantage and advance input a counterattack with some invincibility. However, if you wish to "overwrite" a special with another special, you have to first overwrite it with barrier, then do the other special's input.

Incidentally, should you wish to gold burst during the superfreeze, you MUST hit all 4 buttons simultaneously, without even a single frame of delay between the button pushes, or you'll get a throw instead. To prevent this, hold back and then drum your fingers across ABCD -- however, because the Drive attacks of Taokaka, Bang and Hakumen can't be canceled on frames 1-2, drumming your fingers will cause a D attack to come out.

Poison and Life Drain

Ragna showing off poison and life drain

Bang's Poison Nail slowly drains the opponent's life until either the maximum amount of life has been dealt (800 damage) or the opponent hits Bang. Poison can also never kill the opponent. Bang's Poison Nail is currently the only attack that deals poison status in the entire game.

Ragna's Blood Kain drains his life until his Blood Kain meter is depleted. Ragna can also not die from this life drain effect.

Hitting Two Opponents With the Same Attack

Ragna hitting Carl and Nirvana with 5B

Attacks can hit multiple targets assuming they are within range. For example an attack can hit BOTH Carl and Nirvana.
Normally, when an attack touches the opponent, the remaining active frames are converted into recovery frames. However, if there is a second hittable character, then the remaining active frames can still hit him!
This even applies to projectiles like Jin's Hishouken, but since the projectile will shatter the instant it touches Nirvana or Carl, this effect is much harder to take advantage of.

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