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Basic Movement

Ground Movement

Hold either left or right to walk forward/backward. This is the least effective form of movement, but also presents the least risk.

To run forward, press 656 in quick succession when on the ground, and keep holding 6 to continue running forward. You can cancel the run into attacks, jumps, and Barrier Guard. If you stop running and don't cancel into anything, you will slide to a stop. This slide animation is completely vulnerable.
Note that some characters like Carl and Hazama perform a short step forward instead of a run. This means that you will move forward a set distance unlike a typical run.

Run/Dash Brake
Because runs normally have a vulnerable sliding animation at the end, players typically cancel the run into Barrier Guard briefly, then continue doing whatever they wanted to do. This is a very powerful technique to maintain a specific range vs the opponent, and you should be in the habit of doing it every time you want to stop running.

To perform a backstep, press 454 quickly. Most backsteps have a bit of invulnerability at the start, so they are useful for escaping enemy attacks if timed correctly.

Momentum When Running
Some momentum is carried over when performing attacks and jumps while running. This allows you to jump and attack further than you would normally.
Running forward then forward jumping will make the jump travel much farther than if you were to do a normal forward jump, allowing you to move farther and get closer to the opponent more quickly.
Performing an attack while running will slide a bit while performing an attack. This property is used often in combos to give them more reach.
An advanced tactic is to do a small, near imperceptible run/dash then attack/jump to gain the momentum from a standing position.

Air Movement

To jump, hold the joystick in any upward direction. In general, when you jump, you will go through a jump start-up phase and then leap up.
While in jump start-up, you can not block, your hitbox is considered grounded, you are invulnerable to ground throws, and it's possible to cancel into things like special attacks or gold burst.

High Jump
Start from neutral (5), then quickly press any downward direction, then any upward direction to high jump (also known as super jump). High jumps have startup just like normal jumps.

Double Jump
Press any upward direction, when in the air to double jump. You can not perform a double jump if you already performed an air dash. Taokaka can triple jump, and Tager can not double jump at all (poor Tager).

Air Dash
Press 656 or 454 twice in quick succession when in the air to air dash. Note that you can not air dash when you are very close to the ground, there is a minimum height off the ground you must be in order to perform an air dash. Bang and Taokaka can double air dash, and Tager can not air dash at all. While air dashing, you can not block at all; you need to wait for your air dash to end before you can block.

Instant Air Dash
This is a technique that allows people to perform an air dash almost immediately after jumping. To instant air dash press 956 to IAD forward, press 754 to IAD backward.

Air Movement Rules
Whenever you go into the air you can do either an air dash or a double jump, but not both. Being able to do either command is called having an "air option".
You typically do not regain you air options until you touch the ground again. The exception being if you break an air throw/have your air throw broken. Unlike Guilty Gear, you do not regain your air options when you air tech.


Canceling is the act of bypassing (canceling) the animation of one attack and starting up another immediately. This makes it so that actions come out much faster and is the basis of combos, defensive options, etc. in BlazBlue. Typically, a cancel is done by making the opponent block (or get hit by) an attack and then canceling into another action. Note that most attacks need to touch the opponent (they either hit or block the attack) in order to make it cancelable. Some attacks can only be canceled if you actually hit the opponent.

Ragna canceling 5B into 5C as is allowed by Revolver Action
Revolver Action
Many normal attacks can cancel into each other typically from A to B to C, however the finer details differ greatly from character to character. Study your character's Revolver Action to figure out when you can cancel into desired moves like overheads or jump cancelable moves. If you study your opponent's Revolver Actions, you can find out at what times the opponent can cancel his attack into an overhead or a low, thus making blocking less guessing, and more anticipatory.
The "routes" are fixed, and there are also attacks that have a limit on the number of times they can be used in one sequence/chain (of revolver actions).
For example, take Ragna's 5C or 2C: these can't be thrown out more than once per sequence/chain, so although 5C > 2C and 2C > 5C work, 5C > 2C > 5C does not.
Moreover, there are also attacks that have a limit on the number of times they can be self-canceled, so check your character's Revolver Action Table beforehand.
The general rule is that Revolver Action cancels can be performed anytime after the attack hits the opponent. This is useful for creating frame traps in blockstrings and causing your opponent to second guess himself.

Jump Cancel
Ranga jump canceling 6A
For certain regular and special attacks, the recovery can be canceled on contact by jumping. If you jump cancel, you can smoothly combo into air attacks, so it's very handy for air combos.
Jump canceling inherits the properties of jumping, so you can use jump canceling to connect attacks into special attacks that would have otherwise been impossible (save for RCing), as well as canceling attacks into gold bursts.

Dash Cancel
Ragna dash canceling 5D
Similar to jump cancel, a dash cancel is canceling your first action into a dash. Note that while the animations look the same, this isn't canceling into a run; you are only running a set distance and you must wait for the dash to finish before performing any other actions.

Rapid Cancel
Ragna RCing Inferno Divider
A Rapid Cancel (RC) is performed by pressing A+B+C after your attack touches the opponent and consumes 50% of your Heat Gauge. Note that some attacks can not be RCed, such as Tager's Gigantic Tager Driver, but they are rare.
Rapid Cancels allows you to immediately interrupt your current action, and is useful for allowing follow-ups to special attacks, or enhancing combos.
When you Rapid Cancel, the only thing possible on the next frame immediately after hitstop ends is guarding -- even if you RC and connect as quickly as possible into the next attack, there will be a 1F delay, so keep that in mind.
For ground attacks that make you airborne, if you RC, then aside from being able to use aerial attacks, you can also use double jump and air dash. Not only that, but RCing attacks with landing recovery also gets rid of said landing recovery, so RCing makes it easier to combo into ground attacks.

Advanced Input

When you press and hold a button down, the game automatically repeats the button press each frame for up to 5 frames. This means that if you need to perform a link (do one move right after another without using cancels), it's best to press and hold down the button a little before the exact time so you can take advantage of the advanced input.
Note that Advanced Input won't help in cases where you can input a move too early.
Advanced Input is also a common reason why people who mash all the buttons accidentally burst.

If you input 66 ("forward", twice in a row) within 5F of the end of an attack's recovery, then regardless of the stick's direction after that, you will dash as soon as recovery ends. For dashing out of a crouching attack, however, you have to keep holding forward or it won't be able to come out. This technique is useful for linking together combos and counter attacks because it gives your attacks more range for free.

For backdash or "step type" (excluding Hazama), the advance input window is 3F. Moreover, you need to keep the stick in the desired direction until the movement comes out.

Example: on counter hit, Jin can combo from 623C into 5C midscreen by doing a dash 5C as soon as the first attack ends. Jin players can take advantage of this advanced input dash+attack to more easily perform the combo.

This technique isn't only for linking combos together, but also for counterattacking, so make sure to master it!

Teching/ Recovering

Ground Rolling

Unlike most other 2D fighting games, you are vulnerable when you are lying on the ground. However, you can roll in different directions to escape an approaching opponent. You will automatically perform a Quick Tech if you do not pick any roll after a certain amount of time (68 frames).
When Knocked down:

Forward Roll

hold 6 while pressing A/B/C

  • 1~3F Completely invulnerable
  • 4~17F Throw invulnerable, if hit you will be in the air
  • 18~30F Guard possible, if hit will be in crouching position
  • 1~10F can pass through the opponent
Back Roll

hold 4 while pressing A/B/C

  • 1~10F Completely invulnerable
  • 11~17F Throw invulnerable, if hit you will be in the air
  • 18~30F Guard possible, if hit will be in crouching position
  • 1~10F can pass through the opponent
Quick Tech

hold 2 while pressing A/B/C

  • 1~13F Throw invulnerable, if hit you will be in the air
  • 14~19F Throw invulnerable, guard possible, cancellable into any grounded attack, if hit will be in standing position
Neutral Tech

don't hold any direction while pressing A/B/C

  • 1~32F Completely Invulnerable
Emergency Tech
When you are hit and falling from the air, press any button (except D) the moment you touch the ground and you will automatically do an Emergency Tech. The properties of an Emergency Tech are the same as a Neutral Tech.
The only difference between neutral wake-up and "emergency" tech is input timing -- they are otherwise the same. Both have a total animation time of 32F, and are completely invulnerable. During either of these, you will green burst, but if you let the animation complete, there is a 2F window immediately afterwards wherein the burst will be gold, instead.
Crumple tech
Some attacks place the opponent in a stagger state such as Ragna's "Not Over Yet". While in a stagger state you are vulnerable to attacks and after a period of time you will fall to the ground if you do not recover. To recover from stagger, press any button except D. Stagger recovery takes 8 frames, you can cancel into gold burst during this time.
Moreover, if you are attacked while recovering from stagger, you will be forced into the appropriate guardstate. Furthermore, if you are thrown during frames 6-8 of recovery, you will be considered out of hitstun (for the purpose of differentiating between green and purple throws). If you are thrown by a command throw during frames 6-8, it will be throw unbreakable, so watch out!

Air Teching

When you are in the air and get hit, you are stuck in a vulnerable similar to hitstun. To recover from this state, press any button (except D) to "air tech". You will flash white when you do it and you can tech in 3 different directions: forward by holding 6 when teching, backward by holding 4 when teching, and neutral by holding no direction when teching. When you air tech, you are invulnerable to attacks (but not throws!) for frames 1~15 and you can only burst during that time. If you do not tech, you will eventually fall to the ground and become knocked down. The following section explains the situation in more detail.

Midair Knockdown
When you are in an untechable state and touch the ground (such as after sweeps and air combos), you will be knocked down if you don't do anything. The following time table shows your options and status during a knockdown.

Hitting a downed player when they could have used an emergency tech counts as a blue beat combo whilst combo proration is still in effect. Certain moves prevent emergency teching however, such as Ragna's 6B. Therefore using such a move, and then hitting the player again before they have a chance to use a wake up option is considered a legitimate red beat combo.

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