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Character Unlock Codes

Hakumen and Nu-13 need to be unlocked in the arcade version via inputting a sequence in TEST MODE. These characters are available by default in the steam and console ports.

To unlock Hakumen, go to TEST MODE, then go to SCREEN ADJUSTMENT.

- Using 1P's control, hold Start for 5 seconds (Coin Inserted chime)

- Tap Button 4, Right, Button 2 (Coin Inserted chime)

- Tap Start, Left, Start, Up, Right, A (Coin Inserted chime)

- Tap Left, Down, Right, A, Start (New Challenger chime)

- Select YES at the "SPECIAL CONTENTS SAVE OK?" screen

To unlock Nu-13, have Hakumen unlocked already, go to TEST MODE, then go to BOOK KEEPING.

- Using 1P's control, hold Button 1, Button 2 and Button 4 for 10 seconds (Coin Inserted chime)

- Tap Right, Start, Down, UP (Coin Inserted chime)

- Tap Button 1, Left, Up, Right (Coin Inserted chime)

- Hold Start and Button 3 for 5 seconds (New Challenger chime)

- Select YES at the "SPECIAL CONTENTS SAVE OK?" screen

PC Netplay

The steam port of Calamity Trigger had its online functions removed along with Games For Windows Live, and you cannot connect to other players without use of Parsec or Steam Remote Play.

You can patch your game to restore its previous GFWL functions including online connectivity, though this process is dubious and not well researched at this time. The steps for doing so are able to be found in the Guides section of Calamity Trigger's Steam hub.

Arcade & Home Port Differences

Along with the aforementioned character unlock differences, arcade differs from other releases in the following ways:

  • Most characters do not have an Astral Heat at all. Ragna, Nu-13 and Rachel all have an Astral they can use innately so long as Astral Requirements are met. Later releases give the rest of the cast an Astral, but they must first be unlocked by beating that characters' arcade mode.
  • Unlimited versions of characters can only be fought against within Arcade Mode in the arcade version, being Rachel, Hakumen, and Nu-13. Later releases including the steam port allow you to unlock the prior characters plus Ragna as selectable characters, with all others being DLC. European ports do not require DLC. Unlimited characters are signified by a glowing pink name during matches instead of a standard grey one.
  • Console ports have the additions of music, animations, backgrounds, JP/EN voice select, and a story mode. Console exclusive color packs are also available for purchase. The steam version has a bug where music does not play during the VN sections of the story mode, which is fixable with a hex editor or Cheat Engine.